Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bleach Episode 230: Who Is Muramasa? / Materialization of Zanpakutou /

You saw Bleach episode 230? Yes, interesting episode isn't it? Too bad it's filler. Then, you have encountered Muramasa - the guy who forgot to cut his nails in the episode. Apparently a fan of Nine-Inch Nails, Muramasa also seems to lead the Zanpakutou rebellion. Man, the Shinigamis are really dependent on them and looked powerless - at least in the first episode of the arc (The Captains and VCs have other weapons like Kidou). Many Bleach Fans like the dude even comparing him to Aizen (he makes Aizen look like a saint). Just because of the nails? LOL I'm kidding. I hope HE HAS VALID ISSUES rebelling or he'll look like a wimp.

Most Interesting Theory on Muramasa:

(Sob) Muramasa is Kenpachi's Zanpakutou - he is allegedly Kenpachi's would have been Zanpakutou - too bad the guy doesn't know how to release it - that's why he is rebelling (bo-ho). He's bored and felt useless.

First Impression of Muramasa:

Emo. What goth rock band does he play in? LOL. Why are bad guys so cool (at least in looks)? Asked an anime fan. Bad guys have all the fun some people say but good guys win in the end - that's all that matters.


My Theory on Muramasa

I don't want to predict as its the easiest way to getting PAWNED but...maybe he is a maltreated Zanpakutou out to deliver his vengeance on the Shinigami or self-styled Freedom Fighter who got sick of what he perceives to be Shinigami oppression of his kind. Any theories on Muramasa's origin is acceptable right now but come next episodes I hope more info will be available about him. This is assuming he is a Soul Slayer too.

Ichigo will most likely go back to Soul Society (again) and fight the Zanpakotou rebels with Kenpachi (he can fight without releasing his sword anyway). Ichigo to the rescue!

Notes On Materialization of Zanpakutou:

Rukia has the most beautiful humanoid Zanpakutou as she has the most beautiful Soul Slayer in all of Soul Society.

Tobiume (Hinamori's Soul Slayer) resembles a Jigouko Shoujo character and looks compassionate but enjoys harming people.

Kazeshini & Houzukimaru are doing most of the damage in the first episode of the arc and seems to love violence. Kazeshini & Hisagi are complete opposites and Houzukimaru and Ikkaku are made for each other.

Haineko has the same personality as her wielder Rangiku Matsumoto (lazy, impatient etc.,)

Ashisogi Jizou looks creepy....mommy

Ukitake's Soul Slayer is a twin kid. Hmmmm

Suzumebachi is like Tinkerbell...a straight one.

Mr. Tite Kubo - this is one interesting filler arc! More filler arcs like this sir! (In the future of course, as I want to see Ichigo vs Ulquiorra.) Most likely it will be twenty plus (20+) filler arc episodes again or a span of five months one episode a week. So the anime will return to the main story in November-December 2009? I don't know but I do hope it will be shorter than the Bounto and Amagai fillers. If this filler arc is that GOOD, then I won't mind. In fact, as of now, I excited about the next episode.

Bleach is available both in manga (comics) and anime (cartoon). Created by Tite Kubo

Muramasa famous Japanese swordsmith of the 16th century. Remember Mifune of the Land of Iron? They are based on real life people or inspired by them.

My bad, I typed swordsman instead of swordsmith -- Thanks Chris.

I'm still waiting for Bleach Fade To Black I Call Your Name, are you too? I hope our long wait will be worth it.

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ChR!S said...

The real Muramasa was a swordsmith in Japan back in the 1500's. His swords were believed to be filled with evil spirits and were bloodthirsty.

Amanda Grace said...

Why is EVERY filler arc and EVERY movie about a cadre of disgruntled people seeking to exact final vengeance on Soul Society, and of course in the end failing?

Can't they come up with anything else?

Oresama Baganihan said...

Even the fight patterns are getting obvious:

Ichigo fights a stronger opponent and he gets beaten up.

Then suddenly he recovers and becomes more powerful than the enemy but it is not him fighting anymore.

He gets back to his old self and barely defeats his enemy.

As much as I love Bleach I do hope Tite Kubo breaks free from this predictable stuff.

Anonymous said...

Its driving me mad about whos zanpaktou Muramasa is, becaaause, from what i've seen so far by looking at speculation, its between Yoruichi and Kenpachi BUT IT CAN'T BE, because, and I quote:

"My wielder? My wielder died by my hands"
Bleach episode 232

Ther wielder of Muramasa is DEEEAAD! So it can't be them, right?
Sorry, had to get that out of my system as no one was saying anything and yahoo answers wouldn't let me post a reply >_< anyway, i dont mind the filler, its been good so far (though I agree the Bounto arc was a biiit long :/) looking forwards to the next episode :D

Anonymous said...

My bad, its in episode 233, maybe it hadn't gotten to that when this was started @_@ gomen ne? But wonder who it was....o_o i wanna knoooow!

Oresama Baganihan said...

Don't worry please relax we will know all we need to know about Muramasa soon. I believe most Bleach fans are dying to know who Muramasa is but all we can do is wait. Hang in there.

The fans' speculations I've written about was after episode 230 before Muramasa's stunning revelation. But I'll update this post once a major development happens. These theories and speculations are fun though I find them very entertaining and educational.