Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bleach Episode 233 Hollow Ichigo vs Zangetsu / Zanpakutou Rebellion Facts

Did you enjoy the latest Bleach episode? Yup, Hollow Ichigo vs Zangetsu excited a lot of fans. The fight ended abruptly though. The show left me hanging there. No spectacular revelations. I was waiting for Muramasa to at least say whose Zanpakutou he is. But it never happened...ugh. The prospect of Shinigami fighting their Zanpakutou really arose fans' interest.

Zangetsu becomes an enemy, indeed. He said he is sick and tired of living in Ichigo's head LOL (after the end credits).

There are many interesing facts about Zanpakutou
  1. They have their own soul.
  2. They have their own wills.
  3. Disturbingly, they desired this rebellion

So, its Ryujin Jakka that's loyal to his wielder so far. He and Yamamoto have been together for centuries so its understandable.

This is the most interesting Bleach anime filler. There are more fights in store so look forward to the next episode G.w.

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