Thursday, October 25, 2007


October 21, 2007
Today is the highlight of the Masskara Festival. I think Masskara is better this year for me, as I have seen some events. The two giant networks sent some of their biggest stars to the Festival wowing the crowd.
The theme of this year’s Masskara is “Bacolod Icons” which are many. Notable icons include the San Sebastian Cathedral and the Provincial Capitol of Negros Occidental once branded as an “architectural wonder” by a national daily. The building is well maintained and it still retains original splendor.
Another great city icon are the people, known for their gentle nature and creativity. Creativity displayed with the inauguration of a new Masskara event – the Electric Masskara. It is a night street dancing event held in Lacson Street. Neon lights are strapped around the dancers’ bodies as they performed around the avenue. The electronic beats and the numerous spotlights gave the event a disco feel. The event energized the city’s business district last Friday. Electric Masskara was reportedly organized after some visitors would ask for more after the afternoon street dancing. To satisfy their need, the organizers came up with this idea of night street dancing. It mesmerized the crowd and judging from the response the Electric Masskara is here to stay.
Masskara would have been much better and more family-oriented had the city government eliminated the drunkard-producing kiosks which cause nothing but trouble. Beer is bad news when will they realize that. Finally, there should be a proper stage for performers to strut their stuff, as the plaza is not big enough to handle the huge crowd anymore. I see no other problems beside those mentioned. The beat should always be in Hiligaynon and reflect the culture of our city.
Brgy. Alijis won the open category while Brgy.23 won the Barangay category. The organizers call this year’s Masskara – the best ever.

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