Sunday, June 7, 2009

Danzo - The Sixth Hokage Naruto 450 / His Days Are Numbered

Danzo was chosen as the sixth hokage after his very brash self-promotion mostly seen in real life politicians (Naruto 450 ). He is hawkish and with a very Redneck view of the world. How did he win the position as hokage? By being a classic politician of course, he put down the achievements of the third Hokage and discredited the latter's ideas and those who follow it (Jiraiya and his pupil Minato, Minato's pupil Kakashi - a nominee in the Hokage race). Danzo promised to "get rid of this wretched situation... bring change to the ninja world and reinforce laws". Like Obama, he promised change (he's no Obama though). Danzo successfully convinced one adviser who agreed with his views. The Daimyo (leader of the fire country) quicky concurred without hearing the other side. Shikaku Nara protested but his view wasn't heard. Maybe they thought change is necessary...change is necessary but Danzo isn't the one to bring it unfortunately. Besides they didn't have any idea what Danzo is doing behind their backs.

Earlier, Shikaku Nara nominated Hatake Kakashi. The Fire Daimyo didn't have any problem with it but Danzo quickly turned the council's attention to him and his hawkish ideas.

I think Danzo's position is contingent until Tsunade recovers and take the leadership role again. Of course, Tsunade is in grave danger as Danzo will do everything to keep himself in power even at the extent of killing her (its possible).


Naruto finally got acknowledged by the people of Konoha. One of his dreams was fulfilled thanks to his victory over Nagato. Even Nagato was happy about this outcome. His own dreams live through Naruto. The happiness of this chapter was cut short by Danzo.

Danzo might not even last long!!! Why? Sasuke is coming back to punish those who sinned against him and his people. I wouldn't be celebrating that much if I were Danzo. His days are numbered.

The two elderly advisers didn't protest Danzo's appointment.

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Sinapat said...

Very much agree with your article. Sasuke is not coming to Konoha. But I guess that the two main character will join forces to kill Madara. What yours?