Sunday, July 26, 2009

Manny Pacquiao vs Miguel Cotto Update / Analysis / Prediction / Result

Pacquiao vs Cotto Fight Update, Analysis, Prediction, and Result of the most anticipated fight of the year (or the last half of the year) is here...

Pacquiao vs Cotto was tentatively called "Power Surge" (this reminds people of Systems Losses). Others in Pacland have great titles like: Pacquiao vs Cotto The Real One (real number one that is), Pacquiao vs Cotto Thunder in November (MEG) and Pacquiao vs Cotto Top Dogs (seniorchief). Or the old title a Paclander gave Pac's previous fight "Never Back Down". Well, Bob Arum and his staff has came up with a much better title "Fire Power" than what they previously floated around. It means expect fireworks or explosions come fight night.

So who's going to win Pacquiao vs Cotto? After spectacular victories over the bigger Oscar De La Hoya and the former 140 pound king (some English dude who fell like Michael Bisping last May), made him a clear favorite in the fight for most fans -- forget those wannabe experts. Why will Pacquiao win the fight? First, his speed. Pacquiao was so fast he made Oscar De La Hoya, David Diaz, Erik Morales, Marco Antonio Barrera look like punching bags. But speed without direction is useless and that's where Team Pacquiao comes in. Yes, the boxer, the trainer and his assistants form a Team - a bitter Brit in Bangkok doesn't understand that. The biggest asset to Team Pacquiao is Coach Freddie Roach. His strategies are effective and Cotto doesn't have that ---- a top caliber coach yet (as of July). In addition, Pacquiao has power in BOTH HANDS now as he showed against that Englishman and has developed patience - no more careless all out attack which is suicide against Cotto.

Some say Miguel Cotto is a tune up for Floyd Mayweather or he is just a tailor made fighter for Pac. I disagree -- a match up with Miguel Cotto is a fight in itself. One of the world's top pound for pound boxers he doesn't deserve to be disrespected. He is also a gentleman and will talk trash when necessary but a warrior in the ring. Obviously, Miguel Cotto is bigger than Pacquiao (HBO Commentary team can attest to that). Pacquiao only reached 148 lbs maximum in fight night against that Englishman last May and come fight night Cotto might go as high as 154 lbs (from 145 lb catchweight). The Puerto Rican has sheer size advantage. It remains to be seen whether Pacquiao can take a punch of a legitimate Welterweight. As I've said before Miguel Cotto is also one of the best body punchers in the boxing business and inflicted some incredible body shot knockouts in his career. However, close examination shows Miguel Cotto's punching power fizzles out against top opponents - Malignaggi (as jr. welter), Margarito, Mosley and Clottey survived the Puerto Rican. Besides, Cotto was so slow in his last match against Clottey I can't believe the Ghanian his beating him to the punch! He is getting a dose of his own medicine. Clottey didn't throw enough punches in that fight though and he lost.

A Ring Magazine writer said if Pacquiao wins against Cotto there'll be no question and the Filipino effectively cements his legacy. This guy is naive. As I've said before, you can find a loophole in a boxer you don't like. But I agree with him Cotto is the toughest boxer Manny Pacquiao has faced so far in his career and Freddie Roach has set up an eight-week training camp to put his ward into fighting shape.

Pacquiao vs Cotto is a non-title fight as the latter won't stake his crowns despite that the match is generating more buzz than Mayweather vs Marquez. Fight fans expect a war and most likely they will get it - this is the drawing power of Pacquiao vs Cotto.



It is now a title fight after an uproar from Pacquiao's fans forced Arum to reconsider. Cotto's welterweight titles are now at stake.

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This my opinion who ever wins with this fight of century will be the best fighter of all time... that's why i can't even help myself to watch every progress of the fight and I even create a blog for it just to keep updated. see the updates here:

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Pacman will definitely destroy Cotto. ..

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