Thursday, April 30, 2009

Japeth Aguilar Invited To NBDL

According to, Jim Kelly (Raptors' Director of Player Personnel) invited Smart Gilas' new recruit Japeth Aguilar to the National Basketball Association Development League (NBDL) pre-draft camp on June 19 -21, 2009. This after Kelly watched Aguilar play in Las Vegas this week esp. when he led the country to victory against Las Vegas Aczes. This is great news of course! Being invited alone is already tough that means Jim Kelly sees Japeth Aguilar's potential. I have no illusions --- getting into the NBA is HARD. I've seen other talented players not getting into the league for one reason or another but if Japeth Aguilar works hard, thinks positive, and prays hard we might make it. But right now he has to attend the camp first and strut his stuff. Remember it was Japeth's dream to play in the NBA that motivated him to fly 8,000 miles and play college ball in the US.

Chris Lutz, Sean Anthony and Japeth Aguilar were chosen in the Las Vegas camp organized by SBP. When will they play for the country? Until all papers and their commitments in college are over and in order.

I saw a video of Smart Gilas match against IMPACT and I saw Japeth leading the attack. As usual, Barroca is fast. This team has great potential.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Filipino Television Dramas Shown Abroad / Khmer, Mandarin, & English Versions

I have written several blog posts about Filipino television dramas shown abroad of which some are quite successful. Of these dramas sold abroad, it was only Chances I saw being dubbed. Few days ago, I stumbled upon this video showing Khmer, Mandarin, English, Turkish, and Bahasa versions of various Filipino dramas. Yes, it is quite amusing at first but this is something to be proud of.

There are GMA series screened abroad too but I haven't found video clips of those yet.

Filipino dramas in Khmer, Melayu, Mandarin, and other languages

Pangako sa 'Yo in Malay language

Monday, April 27, 2009

Smile Dorama Offends Filipinos? Does It Discriminate Against Filipinos?

Are Filipinos offended with Smile dorama? Nah, you bozos. Most of them liked the drama (see forums) but the term "yarou" or "b@staRd" is what they hate (esp. Filipinos in Japan) as it does hurt esp. to those you've experienced being told so first hand. They don't hate the Smile dorama in fact most understand the necessity of using the term "yarou" (to realistically portray racism in Japan). But the term still hurts and they have a right to complain about it. It is better to make your feelings known than to hide it.

I commend the producer and the writer for coming up with a very relevant drama as Japan tends to turn a blind eye on most of its problems like everything is fine but it is not.

If Jun Matsumoto is half-white in the series, he would be treated differently. There are many half-white actors successful in Japan like Eiji Wentz and Yuu Shirota - their ethnicity isn't hidden but to half- Japanese half-nonwhite percentage - its a HUGE PROBLEM. With the exception of Leah Dizon (who looks white), no other Japanese actors are brave enough to claim Filipino ancestry. Not that there aren't but it's akin to career suicide.

What I'm saying:

It is the pejorative term used that Filipinos in Japan are angry NOT the Smile Dorama. I have proof.

They have right to express their feelings as the word does hurt. You cannot take it anyway just as you can't take the pain out of the word "ch-nk", "j@p" or other racist terms. Why on earth are some people being defensive on the drama? No drama is perfect with the kind of subject it is bound to hurt people even when it's not intended. The producers have to live with the criticism as they took the risk to make it in the first place. What I'm saying is whether justified or not the affected people have the right to respond whether in anger or other negative emotions as long as they don't hurt anybody.

Why do you think the producers made the lead character Filipino? Because if its Korean or Chinese, there would have been a rally in Seoul or Beijing right now. Give us more credit for maturity here.

If you want to read sober and in-depth reporting about Japan read Japan Times and Mainichi Daily News but if you want cheap and sensational news read Japan Today.This is based on my experience reading both newspapers online.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Penalosa vs Lopez Result / Penalosa Outworked Again!!!

If this fight happened ten years ago Penalosa vs Lopez fight result would have been different - a lot different. Penalosa gave a good account of himself on this one but it wasn't enough. Gerry Penalosa is really fearless going toe to toe with Lopez. All those erks saying Juan Ma will kill Gerry in the first round were silenced since obviously they don't know Penalosa that much. As I've said before he is too smart to down like that -- He did. Unfortunately age caught up with Gerry Penalosa his speed was gone and the fact that he moved up to 122 lbs didn't help. But enough of that, if this was ten years ago Penalosa would beat Juan Manuel Lopez. I mean the aging veteran's rights still gave Lopez some problems. Gerry's punches were slowing Juan Ma too - but Penalosa got hit many times by so-called power punches. Juan Ma threw more than 100 "power punches" in two rounds but Gerry was still standing up and fighting back. It was such a shock for Juan Ma he asked his corner if he was winning just to be sure. Other boxers Juan Ma faced folded up quickly ( to think they're younger than the Filipino) but this Gerry Penalosa is one tough nut to crack. However, Roach had seen enough and stopped the fight.

Whatever. Gerry Penalosa still gave a good account of himself. Thank you Gerry!

Tributes pour in from fans in -

You made us proud.Your courage, heart, and will gave us something to admire.Even though we lost and fell to a defeat, we hold our heads up high, knowing one of our own, showed the HEART OF A FILIPINO CHAMPION -pinoyflipboi

Again as said before, being old and much stripped off his KO punch, I consider this a win for Gerry. His defensive skills are great but his counter-punches doesn't have their sting anymore. Hats off indeed. - vimboy

was a well fought battle. heart a pinoy champion on display -noizmaker

Thank you Gerry!

Gerry should now concentrate on developing more fundamentally sound boxers like him in the Philippines.

Gerry Penalosa won't retire and instead will fight the winner of Montiel-Morel fight on June 27 in Atlantic city according to a Philstar report. Well, he still wants to fight and he thinks he can do it. Our stand on this issue doesn't matter

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Team Pilipinas vs North All-Star Result: What Did The Nationals Learn?

Team Pilipinas vs North All Star Result? Team Pilipinas destroyed North All-Star team 98 - 80 in a very lackluster game to post its first win in the 2009 Motolite Philippine Basketball Association All-Star Weekend. The match was competitive - in the first few minutes as the North All-Star posted a small lead (18 -2 ). Lack of teamwork took its toll on North All-Star as the better prepared Team Pilipinas took initiative and when they seized the lead 28 -23, Team Pilipinas never looked back. It was a beating from then on even with Tiras Wade and Jahmar Thorpe leading the way for the North All-Star. Yes, the North All-Star team is talented but with virtually no teamwork it is no match for Team Pilipinas which is in training since January. Frankly speaking, Team Pilipinas learned nothing of significance from this game maybe except some ego boost or false sense of security whatever you call it.

I'm a big Team Pilipinas fan and I want them to succeed. I think Fiba-Asia Club Championship (May 12 - 20, 2009 I think) would have been a better training ground for the Nationals and I wonder why they didn't take on the invitation. Rajko Toroman's Team Pilipinas (composed of amateurs) will be the ones playing in the tough tournament instead when in the short term it is the PBA Team Pilipinas which needs it the most.

What about the 1990 PBA-reinforced national team? Yes, Robert Jaworski's squad had two weeks training and got the silver medal at the Asian Games, what about it? Is silver medal enough? Their target was to win but didn't accomplish it. (Besides, that was nineteen years ago the basketball world evolved so much. Back then USSR, Yugoslavia and the USA dominate the world basketball stage. Now, only the United States is left and new countries emerged such as Spain and Argentina.) West Asian countries weren't as tough then as they are now - in short the Asian basketball wasn't as competitive then as it is now. Today, Western Asian teams have European coaches and their players have solid basketball fundamentals. In fact, Iran defeated Serbia on pre-Olympic tune up match and even played in the NBA Summer League. We can't afford not to send our team to more international basketball competitions anymore esp. if the country is serious about winning or at least qualifying for the 2010 FIBA World Championship in Turkey - play more tournaments abroad. I know the PBA bigwigs are well aware of this but due to commercial considerations it just can't or won't do it.

Man, the Fiba-Asia Club Championship would have given Team Pilipinas an idea on where their preparation level is at the moment and how would they fare against top regional squads. They can correct any deficiencies the team has --- at an earlier stage of preparation than in the Jones Cup in July (the continental championship is on September). Playing against mediocre squad (Sharks from Australia) and hastily formed opposition like the North All-Star with players clueless with the international rules as some in the national team brings almost no benefit at all. Don't be afraid that the other teams might scout Team Pilipinas in the club championship as we get to observe the opponent too. Yes, it may not be the other countries' real national team but most of the squads involved (like Lebanon) have players in the respective NT. It goes both ways.

If they want to measure their progress, our squad should play the best opposition available.

Let me make this clear, I'm not hating - these type of write ups often lead to ugly internet brawls between keyboard warriors. It is mostly due to misunderstanding for some people view these kinds of articles as unpatriotic instead of what it is --- an advocacy.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Fuss Over Shojo S (English) / Hottest Bleach Opening Yet

Bleach Opening 10 is Shojo S by Scandal. Just look at Rukia and Orihime let it all go dancing like there's no tomorrow! This is the new Bleach opening for episode 215. Some Bleach fanboys don't like it even with Rukia and Orihime dancing. What on earth do you want? Ichigo and Ishida shaking their booties instead? HA! Crazy otakus! Some say Kon made the video. Kon is Tite Kubo - he made the character anyway. Nah, I'm playing.

Shojo S must be the hottest Bleach opening which is apt for its SUMMER!!! Yeah enjoy Rukia displaying a bit of her s-xuality normally absent in the series. Yes, Naruto Shippudden ladies got into dancing several episodes ago but NOT LIKE this. I will post Shojo S music video once available. I'm interested.

I don't remember any hot Bleach opening maybe because I'm tired? I'll try to recall some but for now this is the show's hottest opening song yet. I'm sure many more will follow.

In case you're wondering what the band is saying (like I did) here's a translation

Shojo S English Translation

by Scandal

I guess I'm trying to say thank you?

I only let a tiny bit of honesty show through

As the days wind down trying to blame someone else is just running away

Anyways, I'm sorry. Goodbye


I wanna hold your hand when you're gone. I'm selfish like that.

(Never gonna let it go. Never gonna give it up)

I wanna know what love and friendship mean

(I don't dig how. It's always so vague.)

Someday you will bust the lock on my heart

The door to my heart is closed up tight

Waiting for you to knock

I don't need anything else

I wanna believe in tomorrow

(subs credit: HissouBuraiKen / Dattebayo)

This is Shojo S English Translation please enjoy it Bleach fans (courtesy of Dattebayo). It is still incomplete as the song's single is yet to be released. I will update this and find a full translation soon.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Donaire vs Martinez Result / Donaire Too Powerful For Martinez

Donaire vs Martinez Result? Donaire overwhelms Martinez. With that performance I don't blame Darchinyan for avoiding him. Nonito Donaire was impressive. He floored Raul Martinez twice in the first round but the Mexican survived. In the 2:42 of the fourth round, another Donaire shot felled Martinez - the referee quickly stopped the boxing match. Donaire was too powerful for Martinez.

Nonito Donaire is unbelievable. He basically toyed with Martinez and I'm not exaggerating.

In the interview, Nonito said he is looking to move up the weight class and fight Montiel - another spectacular match hopefully held in the US.

Viloria vs Solis Result / Viloria Redeems Himself

Viloria vs Solis Result - a massive Viloria right ended Solis dream of retaining his IBF light flyweight crown with 2:56 left of Round 11. Viloria dominated the fight early but slowed down as the match wore on and with Solis borderline low shots. Viloria's corner reminded him not to throw away his fight. Taking the advice to heart, Viloria relentlessly attacked Solis at the start of the eleventh much to the delight of the crowd. Then, a well-placed right from Viloria decked Solis winning the title in the process.

Congratulations Bryan Viloria!!! The knockout was spectacular - Brian Viloria has been hitting Solis with his right all night but the last Right hit the jackpot and the Mexican fell. Brian Viloria redeemed himself. Ah...another boxing world champion thank you!

Viloria vs Solis Result: Vilora wins via Round 11 Knock out

Again I don't want to read like my newspaper this is a blog so I changed my style. Thank you very much for the support.

Next stop Donaire vs Martinez - another great boxing matching up. I'm missing UFC 97 for this!


Watching Silva vs Leites right now. Donaire update to follow!

Viloria vs Solis

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Yammy Arrancar O / Yammy Is The Strongest Arrancar?

In a twist that took many by surprise including the know-it-alls in Bleach forums, Yammy is the strongest Arrancar (sero). I had a bad feeling about it when Yammy got underestimated by Sado. People always thought Yammy is just Ulquiorra's side kick and the fact the former got beaten by Ichigo in their first meeting didn't bode well for his reputation. Yammy released his power pushing his rank from 10 to 0 shocking Renji, Rukia and Sado. In Bleach, it doesn't pay to underestimate your enemy.

This is the second time it happened. Most thought the leader of Akatsuki was Pain but it turned out to be Tobi. I like Tobi ever since I encountered him. But I never expected him to lead a notorious group.

What a twist! It seems Japanese writers / cartoonists want to surprise their readers most of the time and -- adhere to this "Never judge a book by its cover!" So, never judge an anime bad guy by its looks. Additionally, never judge a book while its covered.

Yammy is the strongest when in released form.


Code Geass is now being streamed on Crunchyroll - months ago it was only available on Youtube. Bandai Entertainment (copyright owner) has changed its position on Crunchyroll as the website is now legit. I hope the site shows Dragonball anime too.

Fans Mourn Son Goku's Death / Son Goku (1984 - 2009) / Funeral

Sayonara. Son Goku (1984 - 2009)

Fans mourn the death of one of anime's strongest warrior Son Goku. Son Goku is just no match to a plague that stole his life.

Son Goku's death isn't usually news as he could be revived but not this one. A plague finally finished him off.

"Goku never submitted to Freeza, Cell, or Buu, but succumbed to the producers of Hollywood"

"No pudieron Freezer, ni Célula ni Boo con él… pero ha sucumbido a los productores de Hollywood"

Son Goku is the lead character in the Japanese anime Dragonball. Hollywood through Fox recently made a live-action version of the beloved anime. Fans didn't like and Dragonball Evolution bombed. Fans are contemplating whether the franchise suffered a huge blow courtesy of the movie (damage might be to non-fans).

Nah, with loyal fans such as these, Son Goku will live on. Akira Toriyama - show's creator - is still around and could make a new story arc if he wants to. Goku is alive and not the overhyped and uncreative Hollywood can dent his impact or existence.

Even Moby and the lead singer of Greenday attended the event (lookalike). If you take this seriously, it is better to get your head examined.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pervs Angry At Philippine Congress For Banning Hent@i Anime

There are pervs angry at the Philippine Congress (House of Representatives to be exact) after it passed a bill banning p-rnogr@phic anime. Nobody claims to be righteous here but I can tell you frankly hent@i esp. animated children p-rnogr@phy is DISGUSTING. UK has banned it along with other countries with semblance of decency left. The country has its own set of values that it adheres to and no pervs are going to change that. No, the age of imposition from some Western nitwits is over. Yes, the Philippine House of Representatives and the entire Congress for that matter is not the bastion of morality and I'm not saying they are one but who cares? The most important thing is this new avenue of perversion is stopped. What about the law's implementation? We will deal with that later as long as there's a law in place that protects the rights of children and send pervs to jail. Huff and Puff all they want but one thing's for certain our Congressmen don't care. Not all countries enjoy schoolgirls flashing their und!es. Do you enjoy that? Get some professional help.

Oh they should stop using freedom of speech to mask their perversion. It's getting old.

The bill is still pending and hopefully will be signed into law soon.
Technically the correct term should be l-li but our Congress used Hent@i - whatever it is, it is still p-rn.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lessons From Dragonball Evolution / The Real Goku Is A Good Fighter and Lover

There are many lessons learned from the Dragonball Evolution disaster so I listed down some things I thought I would say to Fox executives on their film's flopping (lol).

On anime live-action remakes
If you can't do it, then don't do it. Don't give fans trash.

lessons from Dragonball Evolution

If you do it, then make it faithful to the original as much as possible. What's the point of remaking it if it is not almost the same as the source material? If you won't / can't do it closer to the original for one excuse after another, then make your own original story so nobody will question your idea.

lessons from Dragonball Evolution

Don't tamper with the original writer's idea. Don't ever think your writer is better than him / her. For example Akira Toriyama's Dragonball manga sold over 150 million copies what makes you think you're writer is any better? Next time, get him involved or don't do it.

lessons from Dragonball Evolution

Don't mess with a beloved character that has a huge and loyal fanbase. I'm glad the fans hit 'em where it hurts --- their pockets.


Just How Tough Is Goku? Fans were pissed the Hollywood Goku is a DORK. The Real Goku was always tough, strong and skilled they say AND I AGREE even when he was young.

Goku defeated the entire Red Ribbon Army -- as a child!
He defeated Kao Pay Tek (Mercenary Tao for US viewers). Tao is the second strongest opponent Goku has ever faced (my opinion). Tao created such a strong impression on me that no other Goku opponent ever had except for Vegeta. If I remember correctly, Goku trained for three days to beat Tao. I wasn't satisfied with the latter's end though - as he disintegrated.

Goku is so skilled fighter, Chi Chi was all over him -- as a child and adult. He attracts women not repels them --- and a gentleman too unlike the Hollywood Goku who begs his master to teach him how to talk to girls instead of martial arts. Go to a date instructor or buy a book! Geesh Hollywood Goku is so dense.

Okay, it brings us to the last lesson: don't relive your writer's teenage years to other people works. Now, I know there are more but these are some of the things I could think of at the moment.

This is the Last Dragonball Rant hopefully.

Smile Dorama Update

Smile Dorama is one of many spring dramas about to air in Japan. Here is the synopsis: Bito Hayakawa is a half-Japanese man (Filipino father, Japanese mother) who meets life challenges with optimism. He meets a young woman Hana Mishima (Yui Aragaki) with a speaking disability but befriends her. Bito is drawn by the young woman's beautiful smile. One day, he gets wrongly accused of a crime.

Casts: Eiko Koike, Hidenori Tokuyama, Suzunosuke, Shun Oguri, Masanobu Katsumura, Yui Aragaki

Airing Time: Friday 10:00 pm TBS

Premiere: April 17

Monday, April 13, 2009

Dragonball Evolution Reviews & Testimonials

Here are some Dragonball Evolution reviews from fans like you and me. I prefer fans' reviews than critics since most of the time the latter don't even know what they are saying. Fans' reviews are brutally honest and not sugar coated so as to make headlines. Most of the time, fans are right as in case of Dragonball. The "leaked" trailers gave many Dragonball fans the premonition that the movie won't reach their very high expectations. One critic from ANN dismissed their views but it turns out THEY WERE CORRECT!

"You may want to walk out on this movie" LOL

He spent 9 bucks to see the movie. "The movie s--ks. The acting is terrible."

SonRyu Youtube
And thats why this movie made money, because people actually bought tickets. Thank GOD I didn't pay to see this b--------. Bootleg-bootleg the hell outta it. Good job, thanks to 'fans' like you, they're making 2 sequels.

Cute Girl Reviews Dragonball Evolution

Not all reviews are bad of course just check out the comments section of Dragonball Flops post. I'm not discouraging people to watch the movie I'm telling them to. If you have time and money (its recession) to spare go watch the movie just don't forget to upload your impression on - good or bad.


Warning: Strong Language

Friday, April 10, 2009

Dragonball Evolution Flops And Bombs At The Box Office; Hopefully Goes Away

Despite Fox's alleged plan not to have the movie screened by film critics, Dragonball Evolution BOMBED AND FLOPPED in North America. YAHOO!!! Despite being shown in 2,181 theaters, the pathetic movie earned $ 2,075,000 according to Serves you right Fox for totally destroying our beloved anime! Los Angeles Times reports some Dragonball fans were so angry at Fox they began downloading the pirated version of Wolverine just to punish the company. Too bad IMDB deleted the posts. (Obviously, reviews from Asian countries where the movie was first shown reached North America.) Dragonball Evolution made one of the most spectacular box office bombs in years.

But I'm glad Dragonball Evolution will soon be forgotten and the movie will be placed where it ultimately belongs ---- in the trash can. Who wants to watch 84 minutes of pain anyway? I suppose those who watch the movie may demand their money back!

Thankfully, the Dragonball Evolution experience has one Japanese animation company wary of live-action remakes. Sunrise has introduced checks to ensure quality of the upcoming Cowboy Bebop Live Action movie.

Major Complaint About Dragonball Evolution:
Bad Story -- Hollywood Goku is a wimpy American high school student. I wonder who gave them the idea, Spiderman? This type of storyline is getting OLD already. The rabid Westernization caused many fans to be alienated. No understanding of what the Dragonball story is all about which explains why Klilin isn't there and Piccolo is again the enemy. But turning the tough Goku into the typical high school character stereotype really pissed many fans off. Dragonball Evolution is so bad I will not blame anime fans if they are resistant to any more live action remakes. The experience is horrifying and I'm glad it BOMBED. Ka-BOOOM!!!

I don't care how spectacular the Special Effects are (it is) but what they did with the great story. Special Effects won't blind me from seeing what the movie really is --- a huge farce.

However the Good News is the Dragonball Evolution flop means there'll be no more sequel to this movie. As you remember the sequel is already written (according to MTV). It is the fans' way of saying "NO THANK YOU!!!" That's a relief!

Rottentomatoes consensus: Executed with little panache or invention, Dragonball Evolution lacks the magic that made the books upon which it was based a cult sensation

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Full Metal Panic Live Action / Zac Efron as Sousuke / Possible Script

Full Metal Panic Live Action will reportedly star Zac Efron as Sousuke Sagara! NO! NO! NO! Stick to the status quo! Anime fans are united when they say "Hell NO!!!" Sousuke Sagara is a tough dude and he will not break into singing any time soon.

Internet reports say Mandalay Pictures grabbed the rights to destroy Shoji Gatoh's anime. Full Metal Panic is about a teenage anti-terrorist operative Sousuke Sagara who is tasked to protect a high school girl, Kaname Chidori.

Don't try on some idiots' report about the anime for there are old people in Full Metal Panic.

Sousuke Sagara as an anti-terrorist agent carries a gun to school and this will not bode well in the US. School shootings have recently victimized the country. Guns and US High School is a sensitive topic but Mandalay honchos seem to miss it. Better not do Full Metal Panic Live Action at all! This is my biggest concern and not because Zac Efron is in the movie. But movie executives have no hearts anyway so...

Hollywood is losing creativity? You can't lose what you don't have...

Full Metal Panic Live Action will it be like Rambo or Cody Banks? Why do I have the feeling it will be Dragonball Evolution all over again? Maybe Chidori is a girlfriend of the school bully (what's Hollywood teen movie without them) and Sousuke is your typical pre-makeover dude. And Chidori is a popular girl and cheerleader (ughh - the horror) talks like one of those girls on MTV ("as if!"). If Hillary Duff plays Chidori that will be fine with me.

I mean Hollywood formula has to be there - their executives will insist on it. This is how they make money. I call it the Spiderman Formula!!!

"What about us? What about everything we've been through (DBE etc)?" Fans
"Gotta do my own way" Mandalay Pictures executives

Update: Nothing is final yet. Updated reports say most likely Zac Efron will not be in the movie

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Valero vs Pitalua Fight Result: Valero Behind Schedule Destroys Pitalua In Two

Valero vs Pitalua fight is Edwin Valero's chance to break out in the world of boxing at least in the sport's largest market United States. This after he was cleared by the Texas State Athletic Commission to fight in its jurisdiction months ago. Thanks to his knockout videos in Youtube, Edwin Valero assumed mythical intrigue and is often paired up with other top notch boxers in his weight class but so far nothing has materialized. The fight will strengthen Valero's reputation assuming he wins again via knockout.

Edwin Valero 24 (24) - 0 vs Antonio Pitalua 46 (40) - 3

Frank Erwin Center, Austin, Texas
WBC Lightweight championship

Valero vs Pitalua - Lightning Lightweights

Fight notes:

Round 1 Valero vs Pitalua Fight Result
Fight started slowly...Valero is keeping his hands down but Pitalua is not taking advantage. A looping left from Valero tags Pitalua...end of first round.

Round 2 Valero vs Pitalua Fight Result
Valero violently attacks Pitalua hurting the latter...Valero whips Pitalua left-right combos, rocks Pitalua's head. The referee stops fight as seven unanswered punches drops Pitalua. Valero is behind schedule another knockout victory for the Colombian.

0:49 of the second round official time
Edwin Valero wins the WBC Lightweight Championship.

The heck Pitalua looks older than my grandpa...Valero should fight Katsidis and Juan Diaz next. I'm not yet convinced about the Colombian though for one thing how can Valero keep his hands down most of the fight and not be punished? Any world-class fighter could do that but Pitalua couldn't - he was too intimidated with Edwin. But it is a great show for Valero if he keeps it up he'll develop a huge fanbase.

Change of style I don't want to look like a newspaper report. On a lighter thought, I'm thankful I did Valero vs Pitalua fight and not the Holt vs Bradley. I don't like typing that much LOL.

Valero's first US fight in five years
...his last match in the country was in 2003 according to Boxrec.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Valero vs Pitalua

Edwin Valero will fight Antonio Pitalua tomorrow. The Colombian boxer Valero is still undefeated in 24 fights - all won via knockout. I wonder how much of a challenge this Pitalua is. His record on paper is excellent although I can't say for certain the quality of his opponents (Same with Valero just how much bloated both boxers' fight records are?). We will find out tomorrow in Austin, Texas, United States. At stake is the WBC Lightweight title.

Holt vs Bradley will also fight tomorrow. There has been plenty of trash talking among the two boxers which means as per experience the boxing match will be boring.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What Dragonball Evolution? It's More A Retrogression

There has been numerous negative feedback about the movie Dragonball Evolution from fans since the movie came out. I knew from the beginning it would be bad but not this bad. The story is the source of anger. Yes, there were internet reports that said Hollywood Goku is an American teenager who gets bullied in school - since when did Goku become a wimp? Oh yes, it happened when Hollywood got hold of him! In the anime, ever since he was a boy Goku was already tough. I mean he singlehandedly destroyed the Red Ribbon Army for goodness sake! And Chi Chi (Goku's love interest) is a girlfriend of a resident high school bully (I've seen this a thousand times before and sick of it)? No wonder it became an epic failure because Hollywood insisted on its cliched plot. The 20th Century Fox executives think they could come up with a better script than Akira Toriyama! HAHAHA! This is not Spiderman and no not a video of an EMO song. Keep Emo out of Dragonball LOL! They should've put Goku's face with a makeup to make it complete. Hollywood Goku is all angst. Just don't get pissed off as this is Hollywood Goku is not connected with the Real one. The real one is too tough to be pushed around.

I hope their arrogance backfires on them as Dragonball Evolution will be screened in the US on April 8th. Dragonball Evolution's producers disrespect towards the spirit of the manga hopefully will come and get them. Out of curiosity, the movie earned $ 10 m in this continent. Asian audiences were had and completely fooled (days later DBE experienced astonishing drop example a week after release Japan it dropped from third to eighth spot at the box office). Now Dragonball Evolution movie reviews are reaching North America and Europe - I wonder how the movie will turn out there.

It is not advisable to anime fans to watch this movie as it will destroy Dragonball and Goku forever. Goku has always been tough. I wonder when will this penchant for the loser-becomes-a-winner cliche in Hollywood movies stop - it's getting really old. I hope they won't try their cliched script on another Asian story classic. Don't watch it or else the sequel will come out!

There's no evolution here only retrogression as Hollywood insisted on its surefire plot that insulted the fans. You know why Goku isn't Asian in the movie? Well, the movie is made by 20th Century Fox - the conglomerate of rednecks - yes, it is the same company as Fox News and Fox Sports. Read handles' comments in Fox Sports website and you will think US is still being run by Hillbillies. I saw one call Usain Bolt a monkey during the Olympics and despite the complaints it wasn't deleted. Weeks later, it was still there. I know websites have disclaimers that opinions of handles are their own and not the company but at least delete it. The World Baseball Classic was disparaged too by Fox hillbillies for their team USA couldn't win the said tournament despite the excitement felt world wide of finally having a real World Championship not just a World Series between "the United States of America and Toronto". If 20th Century Fox does the live action of Afro-Samurai, I will not be surprised if they use Daniel Craig for the role. Afro and Goku are just drawings after all.

Update: US airing moved to April 10th

Even Adolf Hitler is MAD!!! And that's just the TRAILER lol!

Why high school? I don't know somebody please kick Rupert!!!

20th Century Fox is looking to fool some tools on April 10th