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Mayweather vs Marquez Watch 24 - 7 Schedule / Prediction / Analysis / Update

Mayweather vs Marquez 24- 7 New Schedule / Preview... Mayweather vs Marquez 24 -7 New Schedules

Since Mayweather's rib injury is now healed (some say miraculously) the fight is moved to September 19 in an effort to sucker in Mexican fight fans to buy the match in their Independence day celebrations. Now, Mexican fight fans are smarter....smarter than some Mexican-American boxing writers. I wonder how many of them will bite the bait and watch the fight. Brave predictions of "Mayweather will wipe Marquez off the floor" came out long before the Mayweather vs Marquez match materialized. Make no mistake, Marquez is the heavy underdog not just because of the weight difference but in his last match he made a very poor start. Yes, Marquez is a noted slow starter but he was unusually sluggish in the fight against Diaz. Diaz hurt him bad in the first few rounds. Inexperience, naivety and poor judgment eventually led to Diaz's knockout loss. Marquez did recover I give him that but Mayweather is completely another fighter - a world-class one with an ability to finish.

Mayweather vs Marquez 24 -7 Schedule
Aug.29 Saturday 10:15-10:45 p.m. ET/PT
Sept. 5 10:00-10:30 p.m
12 10:00-10:30 p.m
18 9:30-10:00 p.m

Mayweather vs Marquez is on Sept 19 9:00 p.m. (ET)/6:00 p.m. (PT) on HBO PPV

Mayweather vs Marquez Prediction:
Right now among fans and so-called boxing experts Floyd Mayweather is the heavy favorite....+353

Note: Skeds and other info are bound to change without prior notice...

2NE1 Fire English Translation (Sub) / Manufactured Ghetto

2NE1 (pronounced as 21) is a Korean girl band made up of Sandara Park and three other dots.

2NE1 Fire English Translation (Subs)

I go by the name CL of 2NE1
It's been a long time comin' but we here now
And we 'bout to set the roof on fire baby (Uh oh)
You better get yours, cuz I'm gettin' mine

eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh (2NE1)
eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh (You gotta ring the alarm)
eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh (We 2NE1)
eh eh eh eh eh eh HEY HEY HEY HEY

COME IN COME IN COME IN into another world
Turning back from the tiresome worries
LA LA LA LA to my candid song
HA HA HA HA so that no one can ever sneer at you

NOW LET'S dance dance dance (wanna get down)
Have a rather big dream dream dream
Cuz I can do whatever I want with the world, for the great freedom TONIGHT TONIGHT oh

my eyes are filled with shining stars
even the light burning in my heart
won't be forever, there's nothing to lose oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh YEAH

I wanna go go go go go go go crazy
I wanna make a step step step step step step step faster
to those high buildings
to the blue sky
I wanna shout shout shout shout shout shout shout loudly

You got the FIRE my heart goes bump bump bump
don't try to stop now OOH
The FIRE my mind goes bump bump bump
Don't stop (hey)

GET UP GET UP GET UP even when I fall many times
even when the trusted world betrays me again
I I I I don't cry like a fool
Oh no no no I don't act like a hypocrite like others
I'll bring you all the way to the end FOLLOW FOLLOW ME

my heart dancin' after I run out of breath
somehow I don't hate it I'm having fun
Don't be afraid LET IT GO
to a better tomorrow LE LE LE LE LE LET'S GO

my eyes are filled with shining stars
even the light burning in my heart
won't be forever, there's nothing to lose oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh YEAH

I wanna go go go go go go go crazy
I wanna make a step step step step step step step faster
to those high buildings
to the blue sky
I wanna shout shout shout shout shout shout shout loudly


eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh (2NE1)
eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh (You gotta ring the alarm)
eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh (We 2NE1)
eh eh eh eh eh eh

So that your hair flutters flutters flutters flutters in the air
Shake your booty gently gently gently gently
So that your hair flutters flutters flutters flutters in the air
Shake your booty gently gently gently gently


I wanna go go go go go go go crazy
I wanna make a step step step step step step step faster
to those high buildings
to the blue sky
I wanna shout shout shout shout shout shout shout loudly

I always wanna be free as today

credits: 2NE1 notes facebook

A local video music channel always play this video. In the video they look like punk rockers but they are more of a hiphop group. Yes, Sandara Park is now a HIPHOP artist - I'm not joking. At least that's how they are marketed but we all know they are sugar pop.Their video has two versions "space" and "street". Street as in hiphop kind of street. As much as I like Sandara - she's sweet not street. 2NE1 is quite successful already and congratulations to them. Manufactured Ghetto...nobody cares about credibility anymore?

For the life of me, there are people who don't understand what sugar pop or bubblegum pop is!!! No it's not a jingle for candy and sweets geesh.

Where on earth is Sandara? LOL

Monday, June 29, 2009

Brazil vs USA 3 - 2 Result / Brazil Restores Order

In the first 45 minutes, Brazil looked like emulating Spain down 0 - 2 against the Americans. But unlike the Spaniards, Brazilians are made of sterner stuff, retaliated and scored three straight goals to send USA to heartbreak land.

Even with the tournament win, Brazil's defense look weak. They basically allowed Dempsey to attack and the guy took advantage of the situation and scored...shocking the Selecao. It seemed the South Americans never learned and Landon Donovan slipped another goal. USA basically took a page from Brazil - launching into a quick counterattack that tore the Brazilian defense.

After halftime, Brazil went on attack mode (like most in the match) and this time made it count. The relentless pressure paid off in the 46th minute Fabiano scored - he trapped the ball, turned and shoot despite the pesky defender hounding him---- Howard had no chance with that screamer. Empowered, the Selecao continued the barrage leveling the match on the 74th minute. Lucio finally snatched the win for the Brazilians on the 84th with a powerful header. Such a great comeback and deserved victory for Brazil! Great game too displayed by the Americans. The 2009 Confederations Cup was a great tournament- plenty of action, surprises and most importantly goals.

Brazil dominated possession 59 -41 percent according to Fox Sports. Basically, the game was played mostly in the USA side of the field.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Footy Watch: Brazil vs USA Confederations Cup Finals / Prediction / Result

Brazil vs USA in Confederations Cup Finals (Predictions / Result) --- Yes, you read it right. Who would have thought? I don't think even the staunchest USA supporter could have dreamed of it earlier in the competition. Judging from the forums, I think their only dream was to have coach Bradley replaced but its all changed now. Two massive wins seem to mask the the problems of the team. Same with Dunga (Brazil's coach), few months back Brazil struggled and his side was criticized severely and talks of firing him were all over. Then something changed, Brazil kept on winning again. They won their last three South American Qualifying matches, a spectacular victory over Portugal in a friendly and is undefeated in the Confederations Cup (15-game unbeaten run in all tournaments plus friendlies) Brazilian fans are in a good mood and would like to win another tournament before the World Cup. Although no team has won the World Cup after topping the Confederations Cup - there's always the first time.

Brazil vs USA will be on Sunday and it has making of another great match. The five-time World Champions better get their A-game ready for a determined USA squad will give it their all. This is a much different USA from the one earlier in the competition. Same with the US, they shouldn't forget what Brazil is in football or they'll be destroyed. What I'm saying is respecting opponents prevent unnecessarily humiliation in the football pitch.

Maicon, Kaka, and Robinho will be a constant threat to the United States all game long. The Brazilians are also dangerous in set pieces so the US better not give them any and resist reckless tackles (BS conspiracy theory FIFA is not NBA). The Selecao counter-attacking is devastating any more of those wayward passes and ball control failures will be punished much like the first time they met. But Brazil has this defensive frailty - Santos is the weak link in the left. As Egypt showed, sustained attack makes Brazil vulnerable. Brazilians should frustrate Onyewu and Dempsey - as they are the key to US attack. Mark them like what they did Argentinian playmaker Riquelme in the 2007 Copa America.

The Americans will again rely on their mental strength - that strong sense of belief which makes them win despite their backs against the wall and hard work in defense. USA will focus on defense against Brazil but this team isn't afraid to counter. US should clog the midfield like the South Africans for it gave Brazil fits. The lack of space proved to be an uncomfortable experience for some of them (rendered Maicon useless). I'm sure the Brazilians are wary of USA after the latter's victory over Spain. The element of surprise is gone I'm wondering how the United States will adjust to a squad well-prepared for them.

Brazil vs USA Prediction / Result

Experts predict Brazil will win 3 -1 over USA (not me)

I looked at the past winners of the Confederations Cup France and Brazil has won the tournament twice and it has the most wins. Mexico also won the Confederations Cup in 1999. Denmark and Argentina are the other tournament winners.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Manny Pacquiao's List of Achievements So Far / Oh Yes Pacquiao is Overrated Part 3

These are some of Manny Pacquiao's achievements in his career so far: People who say Pacquiao is overrated usually use nicks to AVOID the embarrassment. The statement is SO embarrassing! For it exposes one's lack of boxing knowledge. Nobody ever wants to do that (to say these things publicly and get laughed at).But then not all people are smart. Anyone who thinks Pacquiao is overrated should eat more peanuts - it's good for the brains.

MANNY PACQUIAO 49-3-2 (37 KOs)

* WBC world flyweight champion
* IBF world super bantamweight champion
* WBC world super featherweight champion
* WBC world lightweight champion

* OPBF flyweight champion
* WBC international super bantamweight champion
* WBC international super featherweight champion
* IBO world light welterweight champion

The Ring Magazine titles:

* World featherweight champion
* World super featherweight champion
* World light welterweight champion

Lineal Championship titles:

* World flyweight champion
* World featherweight champion
* World junior lightweight champion
* World junior welterweight champion

* 2006 & 2008 Ring Magazine Fighter of the Year
* 2006 & 2008[73] Boxing Writers Association Of America Fighter of the Year
* WBC Emeritus Champion
* The Ring Magazine #1 Pound For Pound
* 5-Time PSA Sportsman of the Year
* 2008 University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) Honorary Award for Sports Excellence[74]
* 2008 BoxingScene.com Fighter of the Year[75]
* 2008 Sports Illustrated Boxer of the Year[76]
* 2008 SecondsOut.com Fighter of the Year[77]
* 2008 TheSweetScience.com Boxer of the Year[78]
* 2008 WBC Boxer of the Year[79]
* 2008 Yahoo Sports Fighter of the Year[80]
* 2008 ESPN Star's Champion of Champions[81]
* 2009 TIME 100 Most Influential People (Heroes & Icons Category)[82]
* 2009 Forbes Magazine Celebrity 100 (ranked 57th) [83]

Source: freewheeze@philboxing.com

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Manny Pacquiao Is Overrated Part 2 So Says Noobs

Funny, while most boxing legends like Lennox Lewis, Evander Holyfield and Sugar Ray Leonard are heaping praises to the Pound for Pound King boxing noobs still say Manny Pacquiao is overrated. There is a vast chasm between those who know the tough sport of boxing thru ring experience and those who know nothing about the sport but owns websites. It seems Pacfans know their boxing after all LOL.

Buster Douglas Giving Manny Pacquiao A Shout Out

Accolades just come for the guy:
Greatest Southpaw
Greatest Boxer under 147 lbs
Greatest Asian Boxer

These accolades only arouse jealous from certain types of people. No Mexican boxing hack (I refer to the bias ones) or British one (those whose eyes are closed) can ever diminish the accomplishments of our champ. At the end of the day, nobody remembers critics LOL. If anything, they only embarrass themselves for showing their ignorance. The damage Pacquiao done to the psyche of some Mexican writers ARE unbearable that they still hold a grudge against him. There are decent Mexican boxing writers but they far outnumbered by incompetent ones. Haha...I wonder how they felt when some people name him the greatest.

On the other hand, he doesn't even need their praises anyway after earning $ 40 million last year and getting his second BWAA Fighter of the Year award. I think Manny is just happy impressing the fight fans -- and they deliver giving him 850,000 PPV buys in his last fight!

Yeah, most criticisms against Pacquiao are RACIALLY MOTIVATED. The best fighter in the world is ASIAN, live with it.

SNSD / Girls Generation Genie English Translation / They'll Fulfill Our Fantasies!!

Snsd girls say they'll fulfill our fantasies and dreams LOL. To save me time trying to figure out what they are saying I decided to post SNSD Genie song English Translation here. Credits to allkpop for sharing...what's wrong with that? Look at them they are all good-looking.

Genie English Translation

Turn it up, just turn it up! That’s right, come on!
Tell me your wish! Tell me the wish that is in your heart.
Tell me what is on your mind. Look to me, I’m your Genie, your Dreams, your Genie

Ride your dream car, I’m next to you in the passenger seat.
Before we go, throw everything into wherever your heart leads.
Even though feel as if your heart is about to explode, even though feel like being swept up by the winds,
right now, this moment, the world is yours.

Yes, I love you. Trust me anytime. Dreams, passion, I want to give them to you.
I am a girl that wants to grant your wish.
Tell me your wish (I’m Genie for you boy!) Tell me your wish (I’m Genie for your wish)
Tell me your wish (I’m Genie for your dream) Tell your wish only to me (I’m Genie for your world)

Tell me your wish! Aren’t you tired of boring days?
Are you used to a normal lifestyle? Wake up already. I’m your Superstar, shining star, superstar.

The sound of your trembling heartbeat’s Harley (Davidson motorcycle for those of you who don’t know what Harley is) Trust me with your body. Now, this world is your stage.
A wave that’s like a sea of cheers, in my heart you’re warm. I’m your road. Forever your biggest fan

Hey tell me what you need. Tell me what you hope.
DJ! Put it back on.
Yes, I love you. Trust me anytime. Dreams, passion, I want to give them to you.
I am a girl that wants to grant your wish. Tell me your wish!
I love you. I’m your Music. I love you. You’re my Joy.
I love you. I want to be your good fortune.
(Tell me your fantasy without hiding it, I’m a Genie, I’ll show you the way
Tell me the wishes that you hold without hiding it, I’m your Genie, ill grant them)

Tell me your wish (I’m Genie for you boy!) Tell me your wish (I’m Genie for your wish)
Tell me your wish (I’m Genie for your dream) Tell your wish only to me (I’m Genie for your world)
Tell me your wish (I’m Genie for you boy!) Tell me your wish (I’m Genie for your wish)

Translation by kpxsammyboy

Tell Me Your Wish is the first single off SNSD / Girls Generation new mini-album (after Gee). Get their original CDs if available in your area. I feel like an owner of a record label I'm not LOL. The album cover is spectacular!!

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UFC Watch St.Pierre vs Alves Prediction / Analysis / Update / Result

This is UFC Watch St. Pierre vs Alves Prediction / Analysis / Picks / Result - St. Pierre vs Alves is the co-main event of UFC 100 - as I've said before WOW!!! So who will win St. Pierre vs Alves? Calm down. Let us first examine our fighters.

Georges St. Pierre is one of the most complete fighters in the UFC today. He can kick, wrestle, box and has jiujitsu skills too in his arsenal. In short, he is truly a Mixed Martial Artist and will use whatever weapons he has depending on his opponent. In addition, St.Pierre works hard in the gym which pays off whenever he fights.

Thiago Alves is a Muay Thai expert with powerful knee with EMPHASIS ON HIS KNEE. Many have tasted how devastatingly strong his knee is....the victim's list is long. Don't forget his striking is also deadly, quick and precise. Besides, he has a tough take down defense which put Josh Koscheck at bay. Alves' bad side are he once tested positive for a banned substance according to MMAweekly (diuretic) and was three pounds overweight against Matt Hughes back in UFC 85 (he made weight on his last fight against Koscheck though).

So what does this description mean? It means we will see a GREAT FIGHT!

Most experts' predictions and picks tend to sway on St. Pierre. However, I think Alves has a strong chance of scoring an upset esp. if he uses the his explosiveness which might even take St. Pierre by surprise. In his last fight against Josh Koscheck, Thiago Alves looked like a faster version of GSP. But St. Pierre always finds a way to beat his opponent. We'll see what will happen this July 11th.

St Pierre vs Alves Prediction

Betting Odds
St Pierre -270
Alves +190


It means if you bet 100 dollars on Alves and he wins you'll get 190 dollars in return.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili: The Real Scandal

This is the real Kho-Halili scandal! I am NOT afraid to post it here. The video is an OUTRAGE to anyone with common decency. The performance deserves to be investigated!!! It is such a pain and heartbreaking to see this sad excuse of a performance. Tsk Tsk Tsk....

Who are the singers nowadays? Who are the dancers these days? No wonder there is such a commotion weeks ago... I agree an investigation is in order.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Orthros no Inu / Hideaki Takizawa & Ryo Nishikido New Drama

Orthros no Inu is the two-headed dog in Greek mythology but is also the name of a new Japanese dorama starring Hideaki Takizawa and Ryo Nishikido. It is very interesting:

Hideaki Takizawa = bad guy (simply put of course, we will know exactly when the drama airs) but has the ability to heal through contact. "

"Mysterious, ambitious man with a wicked heart" is his character according to Tokyograph

Ryo Nishikido = good guy with the ability to kill, again through contact. He is a teacher "with a gentle heart".

Orthros no Inu will air on Friday nights on TBS every 10:00 pm beginning next month (July).

When it comes to ambitious characters with criminal tendencies, nobody can portray it better than Takizawa or Tackey for short.

When it comes to brooding, hotheaded characters nobody can portray it better than Ryo Nishikido but his role in Orthros no Inu is of a person with "gentle heart". So we'll see how he tackles this.

Can you imagine having an ability that doesn't suit your disposition? How will you handle it? Will that ability change you? Expect a whole lot of emo (just kidding) from Ryo next month.

Yep Buzzer Beat and Orthros no Inu are the Japanese doramas I'm looking forward to next month.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Taishou Yakyuu Musume / Baseball Babes / 2009 Summer Anime Preview

Taishou Yakyuu Musume - After being told by a baseball player that women's place is in the household and academic records mean nothing to women, Akiko decided to form a baseball team and got her friend Koume to join. Its the year 1925 (year 14 of the Taishou period) and the girls don't know anything about the sport! The obstacles seem insurmountable for even trivial things like running is considered unlady-like and is discouraged. The girls struggle against stereotypes, forming a team and learning the sport. This is the story of Taishou Yakyuu Musume.

Women won the right to vote in this country only in the 1930s just to put things in perspective...this is an anime remake of Atsushi Kagurazaka's novel of the same name.

Taishou Yakyuu Musume (Taishou Era Baseball Girls) is now airing in Japan

Taishou Yakyuu Musume Trailer

Winter Sonata Anime / Tear Fest Anime Style / 2009 Summer Anime Preview

Whew...so it materialized! Winter Sonata Anime...the story is based on the hit Korean drama of the same name. It is about a good girl and bad boy falling in love in high school. Yes, it is in mingling with the girl that the boy's character slowly changed. The boy got into an accident and disappeared. Years later, the girl and boy meet - although the boy has no idea who she is. Welcome to the roller coaster ride of emotions that is Winter Sonata!

Winter sonata drama is very convoluted...with some highly predictable twist I wonder if they'll do the same in the anime. Why was it made into an anime? The drama was a hit in Japan back in 2002 registering 20% ratings consistently and earning billions of yen to NHK. It defeated Japanese doramas who linger on weird stories and very Westernized plots that alienated the Japanese viewers. Well, to earn money and to reach out to much younger fans are the reasons for this anime -- I think. Yes, Winter Sonata was popular in Japan - to elderly folks and bored housewives. The drama was aired 11:55 pm on Saturdays according to my research. So why not target the younger audience too? This is assuming the anime will be aired on kid friendly times. If not, my hypothesis miss its mark.

Winter Sonata started the craze on everything Korean in Asia or what is called now as "Korean wave". Winter Sonata set the standard for Korean dramas and sad to say most of the dramas that came after it can't measure up. The story is cliche but the presentation of the drama is outstanding. The producers put a lot of effort into it and it showed in the drama.

Winter Sonata anime is definitely about romance, and one thing about romantic animes is the general mood of sadness which I don't really like - that's just me. I'm guy and get uncomfortable with mushiness. EEEEEEE!

I'll watch the first episode - out of curiosity. I have a feeling this will be a short one. I'll review the first episode too I hope you look forward to it. I'm hoping the anime measures up to the drama.

Here's the actor of the series Michael Jackson... I mean Bae Yoon Joon promoting the anime.

Winter Sonata Anime Trailer

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Powerade Team Pilipinas in 2009 Fiba-Asia Championship: Just Got Lucky?

Powerade Team Pilipinas is said to have a good draw in 2009 Fiba-Asia Championship. I agree after all we need only at least one win to qualify. This is our bracket:

Group B
Sri Lanka

We CAN beat Korea and Japan - this is on neutral territory. Rest assured those two countries can't do what some people say "cheat". But can Powerade Team Pilipinas actually win? In 2007 Jones Cup the very beatable UNIVERSITY GAMES representative of Japan beat us after leading almost 3/4 of the game. Yes, these two teams are beatable but our team shouldn't fall on complacency and overconfidence as accidents do happen.

It is imperative that we win all our games in Group B and get a 3 -0 record. As per Fiba tournament format the victory over eliminated team will be excluded so it will appear as 2-0 in the crossover playoffs. Our opponents in the next round are tougher so Powerade Team Pilipinas must have some buffer by piling up wins.

These are the teams the Nationals will likely face on the crossover playoffs
From Group A

Group A-B combined will form Group E in the crossover players
Group E - the battle is win all games and avoid China & Lebanon

Group F ( C& D groups combined)
possible ranking after crossover

Powerade Team Pilipinas will have to scout these teams already:
Sri Lanka ( to avoid surprise)
Chinese Taipei

In the quarterfinals, everything will be harder then on.
If we finish first: we face Kazakhstan - no easy task 0-4 after 1998 Bangkok Asiad
If we finish 2nd: Jordan or Lebanon
3rd: Jordan or Lebanon
4th: China and bye-bye

To avoid China in the semis, we should get into 1st and 2nd place in Group E.

Better lower your expectations, since PBA players tend to fold up under pressure. There's no greater pressure than the Fiba-Asia Championship. They aren't Manny Pacquiao our basketball players fold under pressure. So its better TO HOPE FOR THE BEST BUT prepare for the worst.

I remember the anguish of Chino Trinidad in the 2007 Fiba-Asia Championship. His frustration is with our players inability to adjust to the international game. Maybe he should start on his own turf the PBL - and let them play Fiba rules - that's better than whining on national TV. They will still have that same problem again. Why? Lack of international exposure and difference between PBA and International rules - it is still present. Sad. Smart people don't need to be told twice or make the same mistake again.

Some people will say, " Be grateful that PBA is representing the country. It is not their responsibility." My take is if you want to represent your country at least prepare hard and properly. Just imagine if all leagues in the world believe it is NOT their job to play for their country. Try telling that to Ricky Rubio, Fadi El Khatib, Bahraimi and others and they'll probably laugh in your FACE.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lesnar vs Mir 2 UFC 100 / Preview / Fight Analysis / Prediction/ Live Streaming

Lesnar vs Mir 2 Preview / Fight Analysis / Prediction --- The fight that will headline UFC 100 is Lesnar vs Mir...WOW! Frank Mir, the Ultimate Fighting Championship interim Heavyweight champ, will get the chance to regain the real Heavyweight crown he once had when he faces the reigning king Brock Lesnar on July 11th, 2009 at the Mandalay Bay Center, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Brock Lesnar has a simple way of winning - take down the opponent and brutally pound them on the ground. It is mostly successful but it didn't work on a Jiujitsu expert like Frank Mir who simply turned the tables around and submitted Lesnar via knee bar in their first fight (first ever UFC fight for the latter too). Relying on his size and wrestling alone isn't enough for Brock to beat Mir. He has won his two other fights since then. On the other hand, Frank Mir is on a rampage and has three straight wins (including Brock) and a massive victory over Mixed Martial Arts legend Antonio Noguiera.

There's still a possibility Lesnar will resort to takedown and ground and pound again but he should be wary of Mir's submission. For Mir, he should survive the initial Lesnar attack. Once he does, he should continually look for openings and submit the former NCAA Wrestling heavyweight champ again. Yes, Lesnar is a skilled wrestler and has punching power too as Randy Couture knows by now but no one can say for certain whether Lesnar's submission defense has really improved and this is where Mir can take advantage.

I wrote it down as if it is that simple, no it isn't. It will be a hard fight for the two warriors and as a MMA fan I know that. I hope the two give us a great fight and nobody gets seriously hurt or injured.

Lesnar vs Mir 2

Frank Mir's Strengths --- Experience, Jiujitsu, Tenacity
Brock Lesnar's Strengths - Size, Punching Power, Wrestling Skills

Lesnar vs Mir 2 Betting Odds as of June 4, 2009

Frank Mir (within the range of) + 185 (you bet $ 100 you win $ 185)
Brock Lesnar -(within the range of ) -225 (you have to bet $ 225 to win $ 100)

Lesnar is the heavy favorite

Odds: If its Stand Up = Lesnar
If its on the ground, Mir assuming Lesnar submission defense is still weak.

Lesnar vs Mir Watch / Live Streaming

It will be on Balls TV on July 12.

For United Kingdom / UK: Lesnar vs Mir Free Live Streaming and other info

Monday, June 15, 2009

Mayweather vs Marquez Postponed / Cancelled / Injury In Ticket Sales

The Mayweather vs Marquez fight is postponed for "Mr. HBO" himself Floyd Mayweather Jr. hurt his mouth from talking too much trash...or his wrists from throwing away those fake 100-dollar bills LOL - just kidding. Sorry, Mr. Money Mayweather injured his ribs while training according to people from Golden Boy Promotions.

Weeks ago someone in Philboxing.com, a purported insider, posted this info last June 5, 2009:

Golden Boy Promotion has to make a major decision this coming weeks for profit reasons. The proposed mega ppv fights between pbf vs. marquez is not selling well not only in tickets but also to the regular boxing sponsors tecate, cervesa and budwieser who doesnt like to back up the fight. Even the MGM grand didn't hold even a single ticket for the fight for their retail selling with hotel accomodation, while before the MGM always wanted to buy all the tickets in any major bout. According to Brad, less than 300 tickets has been sold as of this time. And theres no indication that it will surpass to 1,000 tickets this weekend. A very dismal showing for a mega fight or a ppv fight. So GBP is planning to move the schedule to August 8 and instead of PPV it will be shown for free viewing.

GBP is not new to this problem, in two weeks or three GBP will have a major announcement to move the fight because of injury to either marquez or mayweather as the reason to move the fight. They always done this every time they smell something wrong at the box office.


So its an injury caused by poor ticket sales IF we are going to believe the poster..The ticket sales receipt must have knocked Floyd Mayweather Jr. out cold....along with GBP.

But the official statement still stands...meaning the fight is postponed because Floyd Mayweather got injured in training.
They will move it to a latter date. It means we have to wait longer. I want to see this fight. As a boxing fan, I'm intrigued about the match up of two excellent counterpunchers. I mean you could even bet who would throw the first punch too anyway. I just love boxing that's why I'll watch this.

Mayweather vs Marquez Postponed! Will GBP move this from PPV to World Championship Boxing? We'll see.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cotto vs Clottey Result / Update

Cotto vs Clottey Result: Cotto won, of course, he's fighting in his virtual hometown. Kidding aside, I agree Cotto did win...Clottey just relaxed in some rounds where he should have been aggressive. He forgot he was in enemy's territory. Yes, Cotto won but I think the fight is closer than some judges scored it: Don Trella 116 -111 (!), John Mckaie 115 -112 for Cotto and Tom Miller 114 - 113.

Update: There was no domination! There was a fair number of rounds which could've gone either way. How can you score 116 - 111. My scoreline is 115 - 112 Cotto. I gave the eleventh round for Cotto while HBO gifted it to Clottey - that's how tough the fight was to score. Cotto vs Clottey result is definitely much closer than what the judges think. Cotto won via three points...five points is to suggest Clottey barely fought and got outclassed which didn't happen. Tsk.

Mayol vs Calderon Fight Result: Technical Draw

Yup this is the Mayol vs Calderon result. With this outcome, Ivan Calderon retains title. Why? Accidental headbutt cut the fight short for it bloodied Calderon. It doesn't look bad I've seen worse but that's the referee's decision.

Scorecards: Tony Paolillo 58 -56 Calderon, Tom Schreck 58 - 56 Mayol, Weisfeld 57 - 57.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Buzzer Beat Gakeppuchi No Hero (Dorama) - Yamapi & Keiko Ex-Lovers New Drama

Alleged Ex-lovers Yamashita Tomohisa and Keiko Kitagawa will star in a new drama with working title "Buzzer Beat Gakeppuchi No Hero". It is about a salaryman (Yamapi) who plays for his company's basketball team. He chokes at clutch moments of his life be it romance or work. Keiko Kitagawa plays a cheerful and spirited girl who isn't straightforward.

To act the part properly, Yamapi is undergoing training for two weeks (most likely in basketball).

Other actors include:
Saki Aibu (Yamapi's GF in the series)
Hideaki Ito (simply put the other guy)

Japanese dorama Buzzer Beat will air in July.

Keiko Kitagawa is one of the most beautiful Japanese actress and I first saw her in Tokyo Drift. I don't see her much in Japanese Doramas and I only saw her in Mop Girl and one-time in Sailor Moon. She looks good in Sailor Moon costume.

Buzzer Beat ~Gakkeppuchi No Hero~ - I'm looking forward to this drama. I'm hoping this will be a light drama with many comic scenes. I can't confirm this "ex-lovers" tag but some fans insist that they were a couple. We'll see. Buzzer Beat got my attention as is it about basketball - one of my fave sports - and Keiko. Again, the producers have to ensure that it is still basketball and not some Nickelodeon version like in this drama where the players jump so high they can touch the sky. In short, make it realistic!

More updates will follow...

Buzzer Beat CM

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cotto vs Clottey Prediction / Result / Pre-fight Analysis

Cotto vs Clottey result / prediction: So who will win this match up of two welterweight champions? Miguel Cotto (Puerto Rico 33 - 1 27 Knockouts) is the WBO king while Joshua Clottey (Ghana 35 - 2 20 KOS) rule the IBF organization. Most experts think Miguel Cotto will win and the betting guys seem to agree as the Puerto Rican is a 3 to 1 favorite in this match. The reason Cotto is the favorite is he fought the best boxers in his division (either as jr. welteweight or welterweight Torres, Quintana, Maussa, Malignaggi, Judah, and Mosley to name a few) and only lost once (to Antonio Margarito a questionable one for some people though). Miguel Cotto is also one of the best body punchers in the boxing business and inflicted some incredible body shot knockouts in his career. But his KO power disappeared against Malignaggi, Mosley and Margarito if anything it should console Clottey.

So is Cotto vs Clottey a tune up match for the Caguas, PR native? Not really, Joshua Clottey is known for his massive defense and strong chin. He won the early rounds in his match against Margarito even connecting with several punching combos. Clottey troubled Margarito and wasn't Ko'd. The Ghanian boxer can mix it up with the best of them.

However Clottey is slow and unlike Cotto hasn't fought top opposition regularly (fouls in up when he has a chance DQ loss to Baldomir, Lost to Margarito due to alleged hurt hand). In addition, Clottey is a bit tentative on offense which is good news for Cotto who is always aggressive. If Clottey wants to win, he should be aggressive and use his size advantage (bully his way, mix head and body shots like Margo did to Miguel months ago). Most importantly, Joshua should throw more punches as this is not Zab Judah he's fighting.
Clottey defense is tough to break down but sometimes leaves his body open (hands way up). Miguel Cotto punishes slow boxers with a variety of punches from the head to the body so the Ghanian should be aware of that.

But this is boxing...all it takes is one punch to change the flow of the fight.

Updates will follow...

Cotto vs Clottey Result: Experts' pick Cotto (majority)
Cotto vs Clottey Result: Bettors pick Cotto 3 -1 favorite

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Danzo - The Sixth Hokage Naruto 450 / His Days Are Numbered

Danzo was chosen as the sixth hokage after his very brash self-promotion mostly seen in real life politicians (Naruto 450 ). He is hawkish and with a very Redneck view of the world. How did he win the position as hokage? By being a classic politician of course, he put down the achievements of the third Hokage and discredited the latter's ideas and those who follow it (Jiraiya and his pupil Minato, Minato's pupil Kakashi - a nominee in the Hokage race). Danzo promised to "get rid of this wretched situation... bring change to the ninja world and reinforce laws". Like Obama, he promised change (he's no Obama though). Danzo successfully convinced one adviser who agreed with his views. The Daimyo (leader of the fire country) quicky concurred without hearing the other side. Shikaku Nara protested but his view wasn't heard. Maybe they thought change is necessary...change is necessary but Danzo isn't the one to bring it unfortunately. Besides they didn't have any idea what Danzo is doing behind their backs.

Earlier, Shikaku Nara nominated Hatake Kakashi. The Fire Daimyo didn't have any problem with it but Danzo quickly turned the council's attention to him and his hawkish ideas.

I think Danzo's position is contingent until Tsunade recovers and take the leadership role again. Of course, Tsunade is in grave danger as Danzo will do everything to keep himself in power even at the extent of killing her (its possible).


Naruto finally got acknowledged by the people of Konoha. One of his dreams was fulfilled thanks to his victory over Nagato. Even Nagato was happy about this outcome. His own dreams live through Naruto. The happiness of this chapter was cut short by Danzo.

Danzo might not even last long!!! Why? Sasuke is coming back to punish those who sinned against him and his people. I wouldn't be celebrating that much if I were Danzo. His days are numbered.

The two elderly advisers didn't protest Danzo's appointment.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mayol vs Calderon Power vs Skill / Pre-fight Analysis & Prediction

If Mayol vs Calderon is the main event I would call it power vs skill. With a 25 - 3 19 KOs record, Rodel Mayol (of Pilipinas) statistics speak for itself while Ivan Calderon of Puerto Rico's 32 - 0 6 KOs is a testament that technical proficiency or skills can make up for lack of power esp. if a boxer fights smartly.

Rodel Mayol's career was on a downward spiral before Manny Pacquiao got hold of it. Now, Mayol has a chance to revive his boxing career with a victory over Ivan Calderon. Easier said than done, since Calderon just happens to be the most technically sound boxer in the planet at the moment (accdng to Espn) and is undefeated in four title defenses. Calderon is fast and sleek, knows how to pick shots, when to run and box. In short, he has this great ability to control the tempo of the match (fighting style resembles Floyd Mayweather). Formidable but not unbeatable. Calderon was knocked down twice in his carreer so he's susceptible to power shots once in a while. Now back to Rodel, Mayol usually starts fast - against Eagle Kyowa and former champ Ulises Solis. He troubled those world-class fighters in the early rounds, then like magic Mayol fizzles out in the end. His lack of stamina is his undoing (like most Filipino boxers). Now, Freddie Roach is supervising his training and hopefully polish him into a great boxer Mayol was touted to be. Hopefully, the hall of fame trainer can amplify the power that Mayol has - and refine his ability to finish off an opponent. He rocked Kyowa and decked Solis but can't put them away.

Rodel Mayol has four inch height advantage over Ivan Calderon but the Puerto Rican is used to fighting boxers taller than him. Mayol (27) is seven years younger than Calderon who at 34 told reporters last week he took a much longer break than he would've liked (heal his injuries he incurred in the Cazares fight).

Ivan Calderon told Boxingscene last month he would attack early,"I can not fight with fear of opening a wound but, if anything, I'm going to go out and win the early rounds to take the advantage on the cards if something happens." This is good news for Mayol who starts explosively.

If Mayol wins, he will be listed in the world's top ten pound for pound list esp. with an impressive win plus get the much coveted lineal championship Calderon currently possesses. If Calderon wins, he said he would like to fight Brian Viloria (IBF light flyweight champ) and avenge his two defeats to the Filipino way back as an amateur.

Mayol vs Calderon is the second Pilipinas vs Puerto Rico match with PR leading 1 - 0 after Juan Ma's victory over the aging Gerry Penalosa.

Most "experts" pick: Ivan Calderon

Possible Scenarios:
Mayol will hurt Calderon in the earlier rounds but the later will recover and win on points.
Calderon will meet Mayol head on in the early rounds and suffer a stunning KO defeat.
Calderon turns out to be a much tougher foe than expected and will school Mayol in the entire 12 rounds.

Mayol unexpectedly is a much different fighter more patient and prepared surprising Calderon. One head shot at the sixth ends the match for the Puerto Rican.

Mayol vs Calderon June 13...

Rodel Mayol joined Manny Pacquiao's "biggest loser" challenge. He lost 18 lbs from 130 to 112 as of April 27, 2009 according to Abac Cordero of the Philippine Star. Mayol fights in the 108 division but BALLOONED TO 130 lbs!!!

Just so anyone gets an idea on how tough Calderon is ---- Roach picked him as one of ODLH's sparring partners for the Mayweather fight. "Calderon slapped Oscar around like it was unbelievable." said Roach as quoted by Boxingscene.


So where can you watch Mayol vs Calderon live or its free streaming? Don't fret. It is available through CS 9. Solar Sports will cover the Cotto vs Clottey match live on Sunday
at 10:00 am. Check local listings as schedules are bound to change without prior notice.

The Legend of The Gutsy Ninja

The Legend of The Gutsy Ninja is the book which was the key to peace in the Naruto World. It was one of the factors that renewed Nagato's faith towards peace - that it is achievable. He inspired one of the dialogues in the book. Sadly, real life took its toll on him and he lost faith - he pursued another path towards peace - a destructive kind. His inability to be steadfast towards his belief led to many deaths and senseless destruction. In Naruto 449, he finally understood it. Nagato paid it with his life - his atonement for his mistake.

The Legend of The Gutsy Ninja parallels Naruto's life story. Its his story. The book binds students Naruto and Nagato with their teacher Jiraiya.