Thursday, October 2, 2008


Number of Filipino men married to Japanese women: 117 (2003)

Total No. of Filipino men married to Japanese women: 13,700 (as of 2000)

(I don't intend to write fiction like what Christian Science Monitor did years ago nor am I like Western Men in Asia who think every Japanese women are drooling at them (with disgust is more like it). But in reality, Japanese women don't like Western Men and I don't intend to manipulate data just to prove it. The writer of CSM article watched too many Karate Kid movies. It's a movie. It's fiction for crying out loud.)

Hard is it for some people to believe but it is happening. The Filipino men - Japanese women relationships may not be very visible but it exists and in hundreds too as the numbers above show. These relationships do happen and the numbers don't lie. Why act surprised? Filipino men are not financially well-off but still oozing with charm and appeal (hell yeah!). It is a fact. Live with it.

Our national hero - Jose Rizal - even had a Japanese girlfriend with the name of Osei-san or Seiko Usui.

So three truths are established today

Koreas 2,235
China 890
Phil. 117
Thai. 62
USA 1,529

But considering that the total number of marriages involving Japanese women in 2003 amounted to 712,310, the percentage of Japanese women marrying foreign men amounts to only 1.1% of the total, and the percentage marrying so-called Western men is at most 0.6%. So how you get from this data to the title "WHAT JAPANESE WOMEN WANT--A WESTERN HUSBAND" is really beyond me.

CSM = Fox News = Al Jazeera = Xinhua = KCNA (North Korean News Agency)

THE data about Australians is negligible and was rightly ignored.

  • Japanese do allow their daughters to marry men Filipino men. If you have any problem regarding this: just look at the numbers and do what you have to do.
I hope you are love your Japanese girlfriend because you really love her - no explanation necessary - not for the reason that you have some Japanese women fetish like most Westerners do.

  • Ticket sales reached US$ 17 m last week.
  • The New York press conference was successful today!
  • There's no stopping the meeting between the Pound-for-Pound King vs. The Box Office King despite GAB's misgivings.
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2000 data:

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