Friday, October 2, 2009

The Moon Eye's Plan / The Five Kages vs The Akatsuki

Naruto comic (manga) 466... So it all comes down to this: The Five Kages vs The Akatsuki! I didn't think they would meet this soon, but I'm not complaining. It means more action-packed chapters ahead, although seriously I prefer the fights in anime as it is more exciting plus there's this sound effect that adds up to the excitement. Naruto fans with High Definition Television will definitely enjoy this, as soon as it comes out in anime though.

As expected the Kages are tough, though none of them have impressed me so far. It is because we haven't seen them fight in full gear yet and they didn't notice the Aloe Vera, I mean Zetsu, who almost put their lives at risk. Yeah, they also had no idea about Danzo's mind control.

"I want to tell you my goal, the Moon's Eye Plan." Uchiha Madara.

Reflecting on Madara's statement amused me. Why? Well, he just announced his plan to his opponents. In the next chapter, he will even tell us about it. How convenient LOL! Maybe, he is THAT CONFIDENT about his plan or after telling them HE WILL WIPE THEM OFF. It actually makes sense!

We will talk about the match ups next week G.w. I would like Uchiha Madara to fight the Raikage and spank him hard. Don't you agree?

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