Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sakura Confesses / Naruto Has Talked To Hinata Already

Sakura confessed to Naruto, but it only pissed the fans and several Naruto characters too. Too bad for Sakura, it all sounded wrong and deceptive! So, there's a strong chance, it will be a Naruhina pairing. Hinata plays her cards right.

Yes, I know Sakura want to spare Naruto from further pain, but it sounded wrong. There's also a possibility she is starting to like Naruto too and doesn't know it.

By the way, Naruto has talked to Hinata (after her confession) and it will be explained in the manga (comic book) soon. The UNDERDOG HAS A STRONG CHANCE!

Updated: 11 - 7 -09 Last paragraph. No evidence yet to support it sorry Naruhina fans. I was caught up.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Jpop Brutally Thrases Kpop in Channel V Battle of Bands

When I first learned Channel V pitted (Japanese Pop) Jpop vs Kpop (Korean Pop), I was hesitant for I thought Southeast Asia is Kpop country. Every success Kpop has in Southeast Asia is reported religiously.

To my shock, Jpop artists thrashed their Kpop opponents in voting. Wow, it's unbelievable! I didn't expect that since Jpop isn't exactly the toast of most Asian entertainment sites (they usually concentrate on Cantopop and Kpop). The number of websites devoted to Kpop alone are many and regularly updated compared to Jpop ones. So, it's a great achievement as far as I'm concerned. The voting wasn't even close (with the exception of TVXQ, the only Kpop band who won), the margin of victory is about 3,000 (I'm too lazy to compute it this is an estimate). Of course, this is not an accurate measure of popularity in the region, but at least with Channel V audience it is.

Scandal defeated Girls Generation 10251 vs 8729. A very unlikely victory by Jrock chicks known for the opening song of Bleach

Yui beat Wonder Girls 12024 vs 7456. The margin of victory is astonishing. I'm starting to be a big fan of Yui anyway. The girl never seems to run of out of great songs.

Ayumi Hamasaki vs Boa 9859 vs 6945.

Mika Nakashima vs Rain 10253 vs 6542. The biggest surprise of them all. For some people, Rain rules Asia so I didn't expect this.

W-inds vs SHINEE 10639 vs 9276. Just look at W-inds and you know why they are popular with girls. They are also dressed up rather nicely.

Kat tun vs BigBang 14346 vs 10986. Battle of Boy Bands with Unique Fashion Sense. Whoever thought of pairing them is a genius!

Arashi vs Super Junior 37171 vs 33464 - This is probably the biggest match in the series. Arashi fans promised to make themselves known and they have succeeded. Congratulations! Make no mistake, Super Junior fans shouldn't be underestimated - they are many and loyal. They recently propelled their idols to top a music channel daily charts. However, this time they got beat.

In the leaderboard, Japanese boybands, Arashi and Kat-Tun place first and second in overall voting over TVXQ. Wait a minute, is this for real? Yes, it is. The fans of the two Jpop bands feel strongly enough to vote for their idols.

What is the moral of the story? Don't underestimate Jpop, just because it doesn't make much noise doesn't mean it's dying. Silent water runs deep, as they say.

I conclude Jpop is still strong in Southeast Asia (or wherever the scope of Channel V is) and has many loyal fans, capable of amassing together and influence online popularity voting.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Smart Gilas vs Talk N Text / Should We Expect Another Rumble?

Smart Gilas will play Talk N Text today at 2:30 pm. Should we expect another rumble or is just one of those ordinary Philippine Basketball Association games where everyone plays hard and shakes hand after game? On this matter, I don't know but this I know referees will closely inspect Smart Gilas again.

The battle for PBA Pride is still ongoing and any team in the league that loses to the development team will be the butt of jokes of Gilas' fans and scorn by PBA supporters. I'm sure Talk N Text don't want to be the first professional squad to fall to Smart Gilas so it will be another hard-fought game and probably with the same intensity as a playoff match. A practice match between the sister clubs was stopped after a brawl ensued with four Talk N Text players ganging up on CJ Giles. I do hope it won't happen again as much as I like boxing it has no place in the basketball court. I like physical games not dirty ones.

If Smart Gilas defense doesn't improve Talk N Text guards like Jimmy Alapag, Mac Cardona, and Jason Castro will eat them alive. It will be fun to see the best point guard in Asia, Jimmy Alapag vs Andy Mark Barroca, touted by some to be the "Mighty Mouse" successor.

Smart Gilas's shooting disappointed me the last time as it was so POOR. (except Jvee Casio). They uncharacteristically missed so many open shots I can't believe it. The development team should be at its best against the DEFENDING Champions Talk N Text as the latter loves to score and plays like Gilas too (matching excellent ball movements and pick and roll plays).

The PBA said it will investigate what happened in the Burger King Smart Gilas match for possible lapses and I agree. I'm hoping they will release their findings soon.

Update 10 - 22 -09: Talk N Text destroyed Smart Gilas 103 - 70

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Smart Gilas vs Burger King A Public Relations Disaster

Two days ago, the Burger King Whoppers scored a massive victory over Smart Gilas, 105 - 95. Immediately, some people think with this victory, Burger King and the Philippine Basketball Association trumpeted their superiority over the young upstarts. I'm sorry, but truth be told the game between Burger King and Smart Gilas was a PUBLIC RELATIONS DISASTER for the PBA and Burger King! If the franchise is using the PBA as a marketing vehicle, it should seriously rethink the image its projecting. With this spectacle, do you think neutrals would feel like eating in Burger King?

The first quarter of Smart Gilas vs Burger King match was a sorry sight. Four flagrant fouls were called in the 1st half alone. I've never seen this kind of thing happening in the PBA before. Even veteran commentator Andy Jao was shocked by what he's seeing (great job by Mr. Jao and Coach Del Rosario in calling the game). There's just a huge difference between hard-nosed defense and downright dirty. Luckily, in the second half, the referees gained control of the game. No more untoward incident happened.

Don't misunderstood me, I'm not pampering the development team. The Smart Gilas team is tough. They faced the likes of Jackson Vroman, Beshara, and other tough Asian cagers but didn't back down. Smart Gilas IS TOUGH, QUINITO, if they weren't they would react in an immature manner to every hard foul they received, INSTEAD, the players brushed it off. Wynne Arboleda can't even stand a heckling fan. In contrast, Smart Gilas cagers withstood being hit in the face, elbowed and undercut while making a layup without whining about it to the referees.

However, the intimidation tactics worked. "Our players became hesitant to drive to the basket and dive for the loose balls." wrote Chris Tiu in his blog.

Smart Gilas still has a long way to go.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Watch Bernabe Concepcion vs Yuriorkis Gamboa (Where) / Another Huge Test For Bernabe

Oh no, it seems after fighting Steven Luevano, Bernabe Concepcion (27 wins 3 losses 15 Kos) will face another formidable opponent, former Olympic gold medalist (Cuba) Yuriorkis Gamboa (16 wins 0 loss 14 Kos) on the 23rd of January, 2010 for the World Boxing Association World Featherweight Title. Concepcion vs Gamboa looks promising, and this will be the Filipino's second chance to win a Featherweight title and I do hope he takes advantage of this opportunity or he'll find up like Mayol and Rubillar, perennial title contenders and never the winners.

For Concepcion vs Gamboa, if the fight does materialize, the former should work on his defense as Yuriorkis Gamboa is one offensive-minded boxer and a powerful puncher (only two opponents survived him rest were kayoed). The good news for Concepcion is he won't have to chase Gamboa around as he can be sure the Cuban will confront him head-on. Besides, Concepcion has power too. He staggered Luevano in the last fight though he wasn't able to follow it up and finish the title holder. In his career, Gamboa has shown propensity to go down - Adailtan De Jesus, Darling Jimenez, and Marcos Ramirez (elbow) have knocked down the Cuban. However, Gamboa has shown resiliency to come back and win the fight. But, the point is Gamboa can be exposed. Unlike Gamboa's previous opponents, Concepcion fists' can end the fight fast.

Concepcion has many things to worry about Gamboa, the latter has speed, quickness, power and all other physical gifts. But in the ring, it only takes one good punch to finish your opponent off. Yes, this is a huge test for Bernabe Concepcion, but winning a world boxing title is never easy and he has to be confident with his ability. He can do it.

Where can we watch Concepcion vs Gamboa? So far, nothing has been finalized yet.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Japeth Aguilar Is Finally With Smart Gilas

The longest running basketball soap opera known as Japeth Aguilar is now solved! A week ago, many were shocked when Aguilar signed a one-year contract with Burger King but some experts already know what's going on. They reckon Japeth will sign with BK and will be traded to Talk N Text. It is actually one of the proposals fans came up when the hullabaloo broke out two months ago. So, it has come to fruition. Now, we waiting for the trade. Red Bull will allegedly act as the third party as direct trade between sister teams is not allowed in the Philippine Basketball Association. What will happen then? Talk N Text will release Japeth Aguilar, then he will be free to play for his favorite team, the Smart Gilas. No, this is the last part of Japeth Aguilar's long journey.

This is what I said back in August:

Remember this person - Manny V. Pangilinan. He owns Smart Gilas team and has shares in Burger King. He WILL sort this thing out. For an accomplished business executive, this conflict is nothing new to him. He will solve this crisis, most likely behind the scenes. Trust me. Everything will turn out fine in the end.

MVP convinced Japeth to sign the contract with BK as the young man is at fault too. I think MVP assured Aguilar that in the end he will get to play for Smart Gilas so he signed the contract and ta-da his dream of playing for his country is now fulfilled. In conclusion, the plan SAVED THE FACES OF EVERYONE! Congratulations to the person who came up with the plan! Why didn't they do this much earlier? There was so much vitriol thrown around because of this mess. *sigh*

Monday, October 12, 2009

Watch Philippine Patriots vs Singapore Slingers

Finally, the match up I really anticipate Philippine Patriots vs Singapore Slingers in the ASEAN Basketball League. The game is on October 18,2009 at 4:00 PM in Singapore. This is a great time too, for the Patriots to prove some people wrong and win the game. There are Filipino basketball fans who don't rate the Patriots highly esp. after its defeat against Smart Gilas. I think the line-up is good enough to beat the Slingers. Baguion, Coronel and Ybanez have the ability to contain any of the Slingers' guards esp. Al Vergara. Vergara is the Slingers' team captain and a strong play maker. He knows when to pass or shoot. I like it when he makes his opponents look better due to his pinpoint passes. The homegrown Singaporean guards still have a lot of growing up to do, basketball wise. But, it is better for the Philippine Patriots not to underestimate the Slingers as it has a 2-1 record over Philippine Basketball Association squads. They have what it takes to win.

Philippine Patriots need to tighten up on defense (like what they did to Satria Muda) and handcuff Jeffers and Leblanc. Satria Muda's import Alex Hartman was just limited to three points in the final half if the Patriots display this defensive intensity again they can stop both Jeffers and Leblanc. I would also be nice if Rob Wainwright stop forcing his shots as he tends to miss his open team mates.

So far Bajar, Vergara and Avenido are the best performing Filipino imports in the ABL.

We can watch Philippine Patriots vs Singapore Slingers on ESPN.

Philippine Patriots Asean Basketball League Schedule

Here is the Philippine Patriots schedule in the Asean Basketball League.

Philippine Patriots Schedule

10 6:00 PM @ Satria Muda Britama
18 4:00 PM @ Singapore Slingers
25 4:00 PM Thailand Tigers
31 4:00 PM Brunei Barracudas

7 4:00 PM Singapore Slingers
15 4:00 PM @ KL Dragons
21 4:00 PM Satria Muda Britama

1 4:00 PM Thailand Tigers
5 4:00 PM Satria Muda Britama
13 4:00 PM @ Brunei Barracudas
19 4:00 PM KL Dragons

6 8:00 PM @ Singapore Slingers
9 8:00 PM @ KL Dragons
17 4:00 PM @ Thailand Tigers
24 4:00 PM Brunei Barracudas

Source: Anthony Servinio
Note: Skeds subject to change without prior notice

I saw the Singapore Slingers against Brunei Barracudas game yesterday and I thought the Philippine Patriots have a chance of winning the championship. Some people say the Slingers are one of the strong favorites to win the first ABL championship along with Satria Muda and the Philippine Patriots are just the dark horses. Why do I think the Patriots can win it all? Against Singapore, Brandon Powell and Jason Dixon can neutralize Jeffers and Leblanc (Slingers' imports) which is important because the Slingers tend to rely on them for scoring most of the time, the locals are still raw. Pathman and Ng didn't deliver much in the game against the Barracudas. The Patriots' local players are stronger and more experienced than the Slingers. Not only that I think they are motivated to win. I saw that against Satria Muda where the Philippine defense is intense (almost all shots are challenged) and players dive for loose balls including the imports. If the Patriots continue with this attitude, they can win it all.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Smart Gilas vs Philippine Patriots / Line Up

Smart Gilas manhandled the Philippine Patriots 87 - 66. The team is still on a roll, since the Philippine Patriots will represent our country in the Asian Basketball League - I wish them good luck too.

Philippine Patriots Line Up

Khasim Mirza, Rob Wainwright, Froilan Baguion, Ricky Ricafuente, Erwin Sta. Maria, Nat Cruz, Dino Daa, former La Salle star Jerwin Gaco, Mark Andaya, Hafer Mondragon, Neil Raneses, Warren Ibanez and Christian Coronel and two imports Jason Dixon and Brandon Powell. The coach is Louie Alas.

Oh boy, The Singapore Slingers is the toughest team in the ABL, at least on paper. It faced three Philippine Basketball Association teams and lost only once to Ginebra San Miguel. Besides, they have been training for months and the players are quite familiar with each other. Kyle Jeffers (6-9) and Michael LeBlanc (6-6) are the Slingers' imports.

Updated 11 - 07 -09
Nonoy Baclao and Elmer Espiritu were recently added to the Patriots. They have been an excellent reinforcement.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Smart Gilas vs Powerade Team Pilipinas Result: Respect

Smart Gilas vs Powerade Team Pilipinas Result. What a great show of team basketball, hard nosed defense and determination Smart Gilas displayed last night? I never expected them to win - THAT BIG!!! The combo of CJ Giles and Japeth Aguilar is a huge headache for Powerade. It could really be frustrating playing against Smart Gilas. CJ Giles manning the paint and blocking shots. Everyone in Smart Gilas CAN SHOOT.

When Smart Gilas built a huge lead by halftime, I knew it would be hard for Powerade to recover because of the latter's poor shooting. James Yap and Jared Dillinger didn't give up, as usual, but one-on-one plays don't work against a well-oiled machine like Smart Gilas. Taulava and Thoss went missing too. It was Casio who was steadily held Gilas' wits in the early minutes of the first quarter when some of his team mates were lost. Quinito Henson was gloating in the first quarter when the "men" seemed to dominate the "boys" of Smart Gilas. But two straight three point shots wiped out Powerade's lead in the first quarter and Henson shut up. With nothing to talk about as "the boys" were whipping "the men", Quinito enumerated all the controversies the Gilas players got embroiled too. So this coming Philippine Basketball Association conference, Smart Gilas has to put up with bias refereeing and commentary. If they keep it up it will only fuel fan support for Gilas.

Smart Gilas boys' eager to prove something continued to rack up the points, putting up a twenty point lead in the third quarter. There was no let up in defense either as the paint was effectively covered forcing Powerade to shoot from outside or rely on occasional intrusions, the team totaled eight block shots in the game. Powerade seem to be clueless in defense failing to defend either on Ababou or Tiu who hit their shots. Aldrech Ramos also joined in the shooting party in the fourth. A Chris Tiu - CJ Giles alley op play basically finished Powerade with 2:16 left in the last canto, 90 - 67.

Days before the game, Coach Yeng Guiao was quoted as saying, "
When the game starts, there's really no holding back," said Guiao. "We will definitely go for the win badly as there's so much pride at stake. They (Gilas) want to earn respect, but we won't give it to them. If they were in our shoes, they would do the same."

It is fair to say, Smart Gilas got the respect that they deserve now.

This is a sad end to the Powerade Team Pilipinas. It seemed that people's frustration with the PBA was vented on them. When Andy Mark Barroca challenged Willie Miller to a one-on-one and won, I remembered Powerade's game against Chinese Taipei, when Miller did a crossover against Tien Li and nailed a three-point shot to win the match. It was a great day for Philippine basketball, I will never forget that. The defeat to Smart Gilas marked a sad end for Powerade Team Pilipinas, a team which was never given a decent shot to succeed in Fiba-Asia Championship.

I'll let Quinito Henson's comments pass. I will give him another chance. It doesn't sound good hating on the National team,
Mr. Henson.

Next game:

Smart Gilas vs Philippine Patriots 6:30 pm San Juan Arena

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Smart Gilas vs Powerade Team Pilipinas / Battle of Attrition

Smart Gilas vs Powerade Team Pilipinas though organized for a good cause, make no mistake, this is a chance for some people to get given and pawn somebody. Now, if that is the case, then the game is worth watching. Yeng Guiao, coach of Powerade, has been dishing brutal shots at Rajko Toroman ever since the Serbian took the job as Smart Gilas "project director". Though silent, Toroman proved his doubters wrong by leading the RP Developmental Basketball team to notable performances from winning the first competition it JOINED (ASEAN-China) to 5th place in Fiba-Asia Champions Cup. The two coaches met again when Burger King faced Smart Gilas in an exhibition match last February. Nothing was settled as the match ended up tied 95 - 95. Now, scores will be settled. Smart Gilas and Rajko Toroman take their basketball seriously. To them, there's no such thing as an exhibition game. They give their best.

"It’s all about winning. It’s a charity game but we will go out there to give them a very good fight. We will try to be competitive in the game and this is a big challenge to the young guys.” Toroman told the Business Mirror last Wedsnesday.

And if you don't agree with my assessment here's Coach Yeng Guiao, "Kapag nag-umpisa na, there’s really no holding back. It cannot be denied, there’s a lot of pride involved between these two national teams. It is also for bragging rights.

Though most Philippine Basketball Association teams don't take exhibition games seriously (Alaska Aces lost to M.Lhuillier team in Liga Pilipinas), the game against Gilas is a different thing. Some people reckon the PBA's pride is at stake - a defeat to Gilas is a disaster. It became more apparent last Saturday when news reports leaked that several Talk N Text players ganged up on Smart Gilas reinforcement CJ Giles. It was only a practice game between sister teams and if I'm not mistaken they do play together a lot. Rick Olivares reported that TNT was getting frustrated in the paint by the combo of Giles and Japeth Aguilar. Worse, Gilas was leading by ten!

"Sayang. We looked up to them (Talk ‘N Text) as big brothers practicing with them from the start, idolizing them on television. Nakakawalang respeto" unnamed Gilas' cager told Olivares.

I do hope this nonsense won't happen tonight. I want to see a great basketball game.

Smart Gilas vs Powerade Team Pilipinas: Battle For Respect

Here another quote from Coach Yeng: "When the game starts, there's really no holding back," said Guiao. "We will definitely go for the win badly as there's so much pride at stake. They (Gilas) want to earn respect, but we won't give it to them. If they were in our shoes, they would do the same."

Don't worry Coach, they will earn your respect, just like the rest of Asia when they played in the continental club championship.

Match ups

Taulava, Thoss, & Raymundo vs Giles & Aguilar
Arboleda vs Barroca
Yap vs Ababou

Smart Gilas should be wary of Cyrus Baguio's quick counter attacks, Yap's three point shooting and De Ocampo's elbows. Powerade is squad not just brimming with talent but with experienced players like Taulava, even Thoss could pose a problem for Smart Gilas as he is quick, agile and most importantly have great timing to grab those rebounds. The development team has the advantage of being together for so long. It will not be as easy as most people think this game will be. A very determined squad of PBA veterans is hard to beat, just ask Chinese-Taipei (see story below) and Japan. Hopefully, the young ballers of Smart Gilas will learn a lot from this game and prove some people wrong.

Watch Smart Gilas vs Powerade Team Pilipinas

CS9 / BTV will cover the game. I'm not sure when. Please check this site

Try CS9 at 6:00 pm Tonight.

Friday, October 2, 2009

The Moon Eye's Plan / The Five Kages vs The Akatsuki

Naruto comic (manga) 466... So it all comes down to this: The Five Kages vs The Akatsuki! I didn't think they would meet this soon, but I'm not complaining. It means more action-packed chapters ahead, although seriously I prefer the fights in anime as it is more exciting plus there's this sound effect that adds up to the excitement. Naruto fans with High Definition Television will definitely enjoy this, as soon as it comes out in anime though.

As expected the Kages are tough, though none of them have impressed me so far. It is because we haven't seen them fight in full gear yet and they didn't notice the Aloe Vera, I mean Zetsu, who almost put their lives at risk. Yeah, they also had no idea about Danzo's mind control.

"I want to tell you my goal, the Moon's Eye Plan." Uchiha Madara.

Reflecting on Madara's statement amused me. Why? Well, he just announced his plan to his opponents. In the next chapter, he will even tell us about it. How convenient LOL! Maybe, he is THAT CONFIDENT about his plan or after telling them HE WILL WIPE THEM OFF. It actually makes sense!

We will talk about the match ups next week G.w. I would like Uchiha Madara to fight the Raikage and spank him hard. Don't you agree?

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Watch Bleach Fade To Black (Where Can I Do That?)

Anybody knows where I can watch Bleach Fade To Black English Subbed? I scrambled fast when I saw a video of it on youtube but there's no english translation. All I see are Chinese subtitles. Boy, those people are quick! I hope by weekend an English translation will be released. Some fans estimate subbers release to be 2 - 3 days after the raw comes out. I hope they are right. I don't know about French, Spanish, and German translation release though.

There are sites where we can actually watch Bleach Fade To Black but all of it are still in raw form.

Bleach Fade To Black movie first came out in Japan last December, 2008. The story seems promising that it got me waiting for it. I do hope its worth the wait.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Klitschko vs Arreola Results / Klitschko Stops Arreola

Klitschko vs Arreola Result - I think I've seen this fight before where Klitschko basically pummels his opponent down to submission. Vitali Klitschko systematically destroyed Cristobal "Chris" Arreola and the match ended via tenth round TKO. The Ukrainian's long reach was too much for Arreola to overcome. Klitschko's successfully avoided Arreola's attacks and at the same time unleashing those jabs that troubled Arreola IN THE ENTIRE MATCH. To his credit, Arreola didn't give up and managed to hurt Klitschko in the fourth. But that was it. Klitschko stuck to his gameplan and clinically began dismantling Arreola - with jabs then followed by straights, or combos that violently sways the latter's head backwards. In the seventh round, Arreola was bloody and looks wretched. The Mexican-American ate a lot of jabs. It was a beating and Arreola's corner saw enough and surrendered. Arreola burst into tears but for his safety and well-being, the fight must be stopped.

Klitschko at 38 never grew old in this match and was in fact still quick, and his experience is still a huge factor in winning the fight.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mayweather vs Marquez: Boxing Resurrected / PPV Buyrate

Yup, Mayweather vs Marquez generated 1 million pay per view buys. HBO confirmed the news. As a boxing fan, I'm happy. I do hope there will be no more "boxing is dead" write ups. Some say most people who bought the fights were Mexicans hopeful that Marquez, their man, would beat Floyd Mayweather Jr. I don't think this figure will be broken down. It doesn't matter, it is clear that Floyd Mayweather is boxing's main attraction at the moment. This is his third fight to breach the 1 million pay per view mark. I also noticed how humble Mayweather was after the victory over Marquez. I hope he keeps it up. He has all the right to gloat about these numbers but he didn't. He told Espn's Brian Kenney that he will change himself for the better and no more of that lavish lifestyle. His keeping only one Rolls Royce, a brand new one. Congratulations, Floyd!

Update 9 -27 - 09

Let's give Marquez his credit too...I can't say how much he contributed to the PPV sales but the most important thing is he did. He is half of the attraction / fight card. This is in reaction to Dr. Ed de la Vega's article in Philboxing. I will give Marquez his due.

Mizukage Has Hots For Sasuke / Mizukage vs Sasuke / Yondaime Mizukage

It seems Mizukage still likes men, despite her aversion of the word earlier in the Naruto manga (Japanese comic) chapter. She complimented Sasuke as "handsome" but her hatred for Atsuki didn't diminish. Again, Sasuke's in trouble I reckon the Mizukage is one tough woman. Nah, Sasuke can handle her, but his target is Danzo who seems to have escaped.

If Mizukage vs Sasuke occurs, the fight won't be concluded much like in the Raikage match up. Sasuke just wants to finish off Danzo.

Raikage, Mizukage, Deidara, & Orochimaru - Sasuke's opponents are formidable. Presently, he is 2 -0 and one, not yet concluded. I can't wait for the Raikage vs Sasuke in anime and watching it on television.

Why do they have to fight? I kinda like the Mizukage, she retains her feminine charm despite being the strongest Ninja in her village. The good news is, we will see what her techniques are.

Naruto manga issue 45 is second in New York Times manga list (Sept 13 - 19). I missed every weeks of the anime already.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Boxing Watch Vitali Klitschko vs Chris Arreola Online / Prediction / Analysis

I'm going to watch Vitali Klitschko (37 - 2, 36 KOs) vs Cristobal "Chris" Arreola (27 - 0, 24 KOs) next week (boxing). No joke I think this is a great fight! But where can we watch Klitschko vs Arreola online / live streaming? Yeah, hold on. I'm not sure whether Yahoo will stream some of the fights in this card. I'll update the article soon if I get more info. The match will be on the 26th of September, 2009 at the Staples Center, Los Angeles. This is good news as I missed most of Klitschko's fights recently because of time difference between Asia and Europe. And no, I don't like waking up early. Since this is in the USA, I will watch this he he.

Physically, Klitschko is taller than Arreola and has longer reach too. In addition to, the Ukrainian has far more ring experience than the young upstart. Most boxing experts reckon Klitschko might become "old" come fight night. At 38, he has had his share of ring battles. Maybe, although I think Klitschko's ring smarts and experience may mitigate that, if ever he becomes "old" all of a sudden. Besides, he is not naive. Klitschko's main weapon is his pesky jabs which serves to make his opponents weary (try eating jabs all night, it's not fun) and to set up his right. For Arreola to win, he needs to neutralize the jab or it will be a very LONG night for him.

Chris Arreola wants to become the first Mexican and Mexican-American World Heavyweight Champion and his record is spectacular 27 wins 24 via KO, in a division accused of being the most boring in boxing recently. He is aggressive and offensive-minded, which is good. Arreola has this explosive quickness which makes it easy for him to suddenly unleash a barrage of punches to his opponents - overwhelming them. However, his defense is porous that Williams and McCline hurt him although the Chicano recovered and destroyed the two. He can't do that against Klitshcko or he'll find himself sprawling on the canvas come fight night.

Klitshko vs Arreola is more exciting than the mismatch that happened yesterday. This is a Heavyweight vs Heavyweight fight and hopefully (knowing the win-loss records of the two) a KO will occur.


Where to Watch Klitschko vs Arreola?
On HBO Sept. 26 @ 10:00pm ET / 7:00 pm Pacific also available on HBO Latino. I'm not sure whether this fight will be streamed in the US.

If ever some legal streaming happens in other countries (like in the UK) I'll update this post.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mayweather vs Marquez Result: The Rib vs Pee-Pee

So, what will be the Mayweather vs Marquez result (boxing)? Most people predict Mayweather will win this match EASILY. The keyword there is easily. I think Floyd Mayweather Jr. may beat Juan Manuel Marquez but it will be hard. Give the lightweight champion of the world some credit. Yes, I agree with most assessments Mayweather is bigger, stronger, and faster than Marquez. Worse, I wonder if Marquez can carry his power two weight divisions up from his normal one. Juan Manuel Marquez won't surrender though, oh he will fight to the bitter end.

Floyd Mayweather is still the overwhelming favorite in this fight and maybe this is what is wrong with this fight. Most casual boxing fans tend to agree that's why they won't buy the match on pay-per-view according to some experts. Not even Golden Boy Promotions exhortations of a competitive fight, Mayweather's fragile rib and his long layoff didn't convince many fans about the match's balance. Despite that Mayweather has a lot to lose. It will be a disaster if Marquez beats him and in defeating a smaller guy, where's the glory? People say Marquez has a lot to lose too. I say nah. At least in my book, he has nothing to lose. He fought a bigger guy - that's courage.

Marquez will get knocked down in this fight. It will be great if he survives but Mayweather is not as naive as Juan Diaz. The American will finish him off if that happens. Remember Juan Diaz hurt Marquez badly in their encounter, but the latter survived and beat the former.

If Marquez does catch Mayweather and lands punches on the American's ribs, it will be interesting to see what will happen though I think he will eat a lot of jabs before coming anywhere near Money's body.

The two maybe counterpunchers but I feel Marquez will push the action esp. if he finds himself behind in the latter rounds. If none of them press the fight, this will be a boring match. Mayweather promised to be offensive-minded though.

I will post the Mayweather vs Marquez Result after the fight. I don't mind posting play by play action come fight night.

The UFC is trying to convince me to watch Franklin vs Belfort. I'm sure one of them will sprawl on the canvass, but I'm not sure who.
I think I can watch two fight cards in one day. I'm a fight fan.

Update 9 - 20 -09

Mayweather vs Marquez Results

Katsidis defeated Escobeda via split decision. Whew! It is a fair result. Katsidis still a warrior. Congratulations Katsidis!

John vs Juarez

John systematically destroyed Juarez. Although the Indonesian's legs gave away in the last round. Luckily, he survived, but still John dominated the fight from the start. He boxed magnificently, kept distance from Juarez but attacked when opportunity came. Congratulations Chris John!

114-113 (?), 119-109, 117-111 for Chris John. What on earth is this 114 - 113 score? It wasn't a close fight!

Mayweather vs Marquez

Floyd Mayweather wins via unanimous decision.

The world lightweight champion gave it his all but it wasn't enough. Most predictions of Marquez getting KO'd didn't happen but the so-called boxing experts still got it right. Man, Marquez was knocked down in the second round (just as I predicted) but didn't give up. Juan Manuel Marquez fought ferociously but Mayweather was too much. Mayweather should have finished Marquez but it doesn't matter now as the American still won. Congratulations to Floyd Mayweather Jr.

The fight of the night?
John vs Juarez
Chris John displayed his boxing skills and was too much for Juarez. Today, he was a prime example of accurate punching and shot selection...and also carelessness or courage since he was almost knocked down. I could have ran away and elude Juarez in the last round like other boxers but he didn't. He was still aggressive even in the last round. Chris John is deserves a fight against another excellent technical fighter, Steven Luevano. John vs Luevano...hmmm interesting fight, right?

Thanks to Chris John's excellent performance I ignored the UFC main event LOL.

Donnie Nietes: Deserves A Title Defense In His Country

All this news about Bautista, Banal and Gorres will not deter me from praising the BEST BOXER in ALA stable - Donnie Nietes. The underrated and often overlooked four time World Boxing Organization minimumweight champion, has yet to defend his title here in the Philippines. Nietes deserves a lot of praise as HE SURVIVED BLATANT CHEATING IN MEXICO (when the round suddenly went more than three minutes against Ramirez, this is not the UFC folks) and he has to defend his title twice in enemy territory. How's that for mental toughness? Not even Pacquiao did that. FYI, Nietes is undefeated in FOUR YEARS. Yes, I know his boxing division (minimumweight) gets the minimum attention and probably minimum return but it is not an excuse as he is a World Champion. I do hope his handlers do something about it. The publicity and write up is so few that I didn't know he was fighting until last Saturday when it was too late to write an article. I think Donnie Nietes deserves a title defense in his homeland. If it's not economically viable even as a undercard fight, I will accept that.

Congratulations to Donnie Nietes!

Here is the account of the desperate cheating in Mexico:
"Starting in the first round, Nietes sent Ramirez to the canvas, yet Ramirez survived the count. There was a slight delay when the challenger spit out his mouthpiece. Boxer AJ Banal in Nietes’ corner was using a timer who alerted main trainer Edmund Villamor that the round had lasted 4 minutes and 30 seconds. In the second round, he timed it again, lasting this round 3 minutes and 23 seconds. AJ notified the boxing commissioner after which the correct time was being done. Assistant trainer Jeremiah Quijano calmly told the team not to worry but to concentrate on the fight. All action packed rounds ensued including a 5th round rally by Nietes who sent the challenger down for the second time."

Seriously, Nietes deserves to defend his title in the Philippines.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Boom Boom Bautista vs Rachamongkol Sor Pleonchit / Watch Bautista vs Pleonchit / Result

Bautista vs Pleonchit: Hamon Sa Kampeon. Rey "Boom Boom" Bautista has another opportunity to redeem himself and win a world boxing championship. I know its cliche, but that's the situation. Bautista lost to a Heriberto Ruiz last November and he was effectively ostracized by some people as "bum". He said his hands hurt and was again easily dismissed by some as an excuse. It turns out, it was the truth as doctors soon discovered a rotting bone in his left hand. Ronnie Nathanielz reported that it was replaced using a bone from his hip. According to him, Bautista's hand wasn't completely healed though he was booked to fight on the 16th of October, 2009 in Waterfront Hotel and Casino, Cebu. Boom Boom's opponent is Rachamongkol Sor Pleonchit, the reigning World Boxing Council International Featherweight champion. It means he is the top guy for boxers ranked below the top ten in that division. The Thai has an eight wins, one loss record with five knockouts. His record surprised me, Pleonchit earned the title by knocking out the Korean, in the latter's hometown. He may be inexperienced, but the victory shows the fighter has the power and courage to win. Boom Boom should be wary as he gets excited easily.

“He is ready for Oct. 16. He is close to 80 percent in hitting the bag. On Saturday he’ll go full blast. He’s sparring now mainly to improve his footwork and defense. Next week, we will up the intensity,” said ALA Promotions president Michael Aldeguer told SunStar Cebu a week ago.

If Rey Bautista wins, he might get a crack at the legitimate WBC featherweight belt soon (not necessarily after winning). I'm hoping his handlers have worked on Bautista's weaknesses which are poor head movement and poor defense. He gets excited easily in exchanges. He is willing to trade, but sometimes his chin can't take it and he falls down [against Medina, Ponce De Leon (KO loss), Ruiz for example]. Bautista should be wary of these exchanges and improve on his defense. His offense is still okay. The power is still there and I noticed he is a lot quicker now than before. Bautista can win this fight provided, he patiently works on his offense and doesn't get desperate for a KO win which often that not leaves him vulnerable. It will come. Bautista should be fighting smart right now. ALA fighters who suffered cruel setbacks like Banal & Gorres are now bouncing back I think its time Boom Boom should join them too.

Bautista vs Pleonchit Notes:
  1. Pleonchit is taller ( 5 - 9 vs 5-6) than Bautista
  2. Bautista moved up from 122 to 126 lbs (super bantam to featherweight)
  3. Bautista should be careful of the Thai's left as that reportedly KO'd his Korean opponent to win the vacant WBC Int'l Featherweight title.
Bautista vs Pleonchit
Time: 5pm
Date: Oct.16
Venue: Waterfront Hotel & Casino

Where can we watch Bautista vs Pleonchit online / live streaming? So far, even the broadcaster hasn't been announced. Stay tuned.

Update: 9 - 16 -09
Pleonchit got injured and Bautista is now looking for a new opponent.

Monday, September 14, 2009

The 2009 Eurobasket on Basketball TV Schedule / Will France Win It All?

As usual, Basketball TV will cover the 2009 Eurobasket starting in the quarterfinals and I diligently got the schedule for our benefit. Yes, the games are pretty intense and high quality. Man, I just like the way the Europeans play basketball. It is the passing game that excites me. There are about three to four passes per play. I don't see this much passing in the National Basketball Association (NBA) anymore esp if Lebron James is on the floor. France, as of press time, is still undefeated. Diaw, Turiaf and Parker are leading the country back in basketball glory. Yes, France reorganized as more than a year ago even Lebanon defeated it. So, it's nice to see the 2000 Olympic silver medalist back in the groove. Will France will it all this year? I'm not sure, anything can happen in one-game playoff matches (starting in the quarters). France will play another serious championship contender, Greece tomorrow G.w. We'll see what France is really made of.

Sept. 19
2009 Eurobasket Quarterfinals

03:00 live

11:00 replay

21:00s second replay

Sept.20 & 21 (Semifinals/ 3rd place playoff & Finals)

03:00 live

11:00 replay

21:00 replay

Friday, September 11, 2009

Chapter 463 Sasuke vs Raikage

Sasuke vs Raikage - Naruto doesn't have to worry about Sasuke. He can perfectly handle himself. He is giving the Raikage a hard time in this Japanese comic (manga) chapter of Naruto. Sasuke has two class S ninja victims - Orochimaru and Deidara. He is pretty confident and fueled wonderfully by rage. Man, Raikage just made a World Wrestling Entertainment move and Sasuke's still OK. Yeah I'm rooting for Sasuke. Raikage needs to be taught a lesson - on humility.

Due to time constraints, I'll update this post tomorrow G.W.

9 - 12 - 09
Okay. The Raikage's all talk, all muscle and Sasuke will surprise him. I think the Uchiha boy will beat him though not kill the Raikage. I also reckon Masashi Kishimoto (Naruto's author / artist) will not put him in deeper mess than he is already now.

The New York Times Manga Best Seller List (Aug. 30 - Sept 5) puts Bleach Issue #28 on top while Naruto issue # 45 is third. Manga (Japanese comic) has attained enough popularity to have its own list separated from Graphic Novel and other art forms category.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Watch Mayweather vs Marquez Online Live Streaming / Skycable Season Pass Schedule / Where To Watch

If you are in the United States, why would you want to watch Mayweather vs Marquez online / live streaming when it is available via HBO Pay-Per-View (boxing)? No matter, during Pacquiao vs Hatton fight streamed some undercard fights free worldwide! I'll try checking that out, come fight night. The quality depends on your internet connection.

I have to look for some legal sites which streams Mayweather vs Marquez online. You can actually watch Ultimate Fighting Championship online for a fee, but not boxing. It seems promoters are still not taking advantage of modern technology. For Filipinos, Mayweather vs Marquez will also available on Pay-Per-View via Sky Cable Season Pass. The fight will air on the 20th of September at 8:00 am. UFC 103 is free on Balls Television (yes, that's the name of the channel). I can't assure you that the fight is worth it though.

Mayweather vs Marquez Pay Per View Telecast will be on HBO and aired on Sept 19th at 9:00 pm ET / 6:00 PT.
Suggested Retail Price: $ 49.95
Available: 71 million homes

Mayweather vs Marquez is also available on select theaters with ticket prices ranging from $12 - $15!

Chris John vs. Rocky Juarez II

Michael Katsidis vs. Vicente Escobedo

Zab Judah vs. Antonio Diaz

Well, whenever there's Michael Katsidis, there's blood and it won't be any different when he meets Vicente Escobedo on 19th of September! I'm expecting one of them will be knocked out (most likely Katsidis).

Chris John vies for a second win against Rocky Juarez hopefully the judges will see it this time. If John can pound Juarez to smithereens, he should do it as there is no assurance the Indonesian will win on the scorecards in enemy's territory.

My message to John and Katsidis is to knock out your opponent guys. You saw what happened to Paulie Malignaggi weeks ago, right? Make your victory so obvious nobody can deny it esp. the judges. For reference, see Pacquiao vs Barrera, that's the way to win a fight in hostile territory!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Rodel Mayol vs Ivan Calderon 2 Rematch / Result / Mayol In Lions Den

Mayol vs Calderon 2 Rematch / Result (boxing) - Rodel Mayol is given another chance to put Ivan Calderon to sleep, but it won't be easy as the degree of difficulty went up. Ivan Calderon is already hard to beat, but can anyone beat him in his hometown? Yes, Mayol vs Calderon 2 is in Coliseum de Puerto Rico "Jose Miguel Agrelot"on the 12th of September for the World Boxing Organization light flyweight division. Most boxing fans and expert agree the only way Rodel Mayol can win this match is to destroy Ivan Calderon - meaning knock him out. Mayol can do it, of course, but he must penetrate that fortress-like defense that the Puerto Rican has.


Where can we Watch Mayol vs Calderon 2? I'm looking for some legal online streaming sites where we can watch boxing.


In their first fight, it was so obvious Mayol won rounds 1 to 3. Ivan Calderon was busy evading Mayol during those rounds anyway so how can he possibly win those rounds? The Ring Magazine, Top Rank and Boxingscene scorecards had Mayol ahead. Mayol had the Puerto Rican in the ropes, but couldn't put him anyway. It is perfectly understandable as this is Calderon and not some any other boxer. Clash of heads in the fifth round really bothered Calderon and it seemed he lost interest in the fight, he was barely punching. According to Boxingscene, the TV panel suggested Calderon was initiating the contact and he got what he wanted when he and Mayol clashed again. The accidental headbutt stopped the fight in the sixth round. When the scores came in, it was a technical draw ( Paolilio 58 -56 for Calderon, Schreck 58- 56 Mayol, Weisfeld 57 -57). Mayol should use this as a motivation to win the fight in Puerto Rico. I'm sure Puerto Rican fight fans appreciate warriors and hate injustice.

I'm sure Team Mayol knows what to do, but I'll add my own:
  1. Mayol should open the cut Cazares inflicted once on Calderon. Though its more than a year, repeated blows should open the cut again. Calderon, like Cotto, seems to have extreme aversion seeing his own blood like the first match.
  2. Mayol's right lead, left hook troubled Calderon in the first match and he should keep this up barring adjustments, of course, from Calderon. The Filipino should continue to be aggressive like in the first match though it is a much different Calderon he will be facing as it is the Puerto Rican's turf.
Ivan Calderon is confident as they are fighting in Puerto Rico, but don't be too sure, Mayol's fist of vengeance and power is waiting to surprise "Iron Boy". Roach is plotting Iron Boy's downfall and its up to Mayol to carry it out. Iron is vulnerable to rust too.


Update 9 - 14 - 09

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I didn't see the fight. Mayol lost again. Calderon got cut and won again! Thankfully, underrated and often ignored Filipino fighter, Donnie Nietes won in Mexico via split decision and Z Gorres thrashed his opponent. Maybe its time for Donnie to defend his crown in the Philippines. He deserves it.

Boom Boom will also be back in action and I will write about that.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Marvin Sonsona vs Jose Carita Lopez Analysis / Result / How "Marvelous" Is Sonsona?

Marvin "Marvelous" Sonsona, allegedly one of the rising stars of Philippine boxing, will go up against veteran Jose Carita Lopez (39 - 2 32 KOs) of Puerto Rico in Ontario, Canada on September the 4th (Sonsona vs Lopez: Rumble at Rama IX). Yes, I want to believe that he is for real. With a 13 - 0, 12 knockout record, the 19 year old kid has the potential. However, has he bitten off more than he can chew? There are many so-called next "Manny Pacquiaos" out there, however, most have been a disappointment. Sometimes, the promoter's public relations machine is stronger than the actual product. Though tempted, I refuse to turn against the boxer if he doesn't live up to the potential or hype, whatever you prefer to call it, I'll just have to be a bit skeptical until he proves himself. Sonsona has the chance to prove himself not just to Filipino boxer fans, but most importantly to himself as victory over highly touted Lopez will do wonders to his career.

Jose Lopez is not a bum or a journeyman, he is the defending World Boxing Organization junior bantamweight champion (115 lb). He was set to fight another Filipino, Nonito Donaire, but Carita bolted out of the match. Some say Carita avoided Donaire. Lopez is said to be a formidable fighter (last defeat was in 2001) but his main asset over Sonsona, is experience. If Sonsona does trouble Lopez, Carita will definitely use all the boxing tricks (not necessarily dirty) he knows to throw off the challenger. Is Sonsona prepared for it? Most Filipino boxers don't know how to counter or react to "rough" boxers (I'm not saying Lopez is one just to clarify). Can Sonsona neutralize Lopez's tricks when it comes down to it? Marvin Sonsona hasn't gone past five rounds so far in his career, Carita said he will exploit that inexperience.

I admire Marvin Sonsona for taking on a real fighter unlike other boxers who pad their records using journeymen and bums which backfire on them in the end. Lopez described Sonsona has a "technical fighter" which is a good compliment, but what stands out for me, is the latter's power. Hopefully, it will come out on fight night. Most people say Sonsona should get more experience and I AGREE, but since opportunity came he should also take advantage of it. The kid has a lot of heart and Filipino boxing fans wish the gamble will pay off.

Sonsona vs Lopez
Date: Sept 4 (Sept 5 Phils)
Stake: World Boxing Organization's Junior Bantamweight
Place: Rama, Ontario, Canada

The post will be updated on fight night....

Update: 9 - 05 - 09

Unconfirmed reports say Jose Carita Lopez KO'd Marvin Sonsona in the 2nd round.

Do you want to see the fight? It's now showing on CS9. Right now.

I'm looking for more details...

Second Update 9 -05 -09

I should've known better than to listen my countrymen on these matters. I'm glad I wrote "unconfirmed reports". You know how many people get banned in Pacland before a Pacquiao fight for spreading misleading information?

I'm watching it on CS9.

Round Three: Sonsona's jabs troubling Lopez!

Round Four: Sonsona KD's Lopez

Round Five: Sonsona's power is real but he can't seem to finish off Lopez. The action mellowed down a bit. Sonsona should be more aggressive. We have a potential here!

Round Six: Lopez's tricks now appear, gives Sonsona a low blow. Why am I not surprised? Sonsona trapped Lopez in the corner and PUNISHES Lopez severely.

Round Seven:

Round Eight: I smell victory for Sonsona! Lopez is waiting as if getting wary of Sonsona's power. Lopez deducted for low blow. Canadian commentators pro-Lopez.

Round Nine: Lopez hits Sonsona with another low blow! Sonsona still delivering straights to Lopez's face LOL. The Filipino kinda lost steam but still fighting.

Round Ten: Sonsona traps Lopez delivering left and right. Sonsona hammering Lopez to a pulp. Biased TSN commentator scores it for Lopez for getting hit.

Round Eleven: Sonsona toying with Lopez. His reach advantage is too much for Lopez LOL. Lopez shots mostly missed. TSN should stick to hockey coverage they seem to be blind on who's winning.

Round Twelve: Yeah, I notice too he fights like Donaire. Sonsona picks his shots hurting Lopez. He looks like a veteran. He is so well-prepared. Sonsona is the real deal. Lopez is a legitimate champion. Scores to be announced...

114 - 111, 115 - 110, 116 - 109 (

Sonsona wins by unanimous decision. YAHOOO!!!! Sonsona is the second youngest Filipino World Boxing Champion. yahoo!!! Praise the Lord!

Marvin Sonsona YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! World Boxing Organization super flyweight (jr bantam) world champion.

Sonsona vs Lopez Analysis

What can I say? Sonsona is the real thing. Yes, he still has many weakness but at this age he is smart, punches hard and has a lot of heart. He didn't let his age be a liability, he attacks when he sees opportunity but the thing that impresses me most is his ability to see where Lopez's punches are coming and ducks at the right time, as if Lopez's telegraphing most of it. Sonsona is hard to hit and has the chin to withstand Lopez. This guy should have been with the Amateur Boxing Association of the Philippines for he has the making of an Olympic gold medalist - tall kid with long reach and technically sound fighter. Too bad the new management of ABAP didn't get him or missed him as they only took over the organization recently. Manny Pangilian would have gotten this guy. Unlike other young Filipino boxers, Sonsona will not force the issue if not warranted, he moves away then comes back for another onslaught. As a result, he made Lopez wary.

So it is 1 - 1 -1 as far as Philippines vs Puerto Rico (boxing) is concerned. The next match up for the two countries is Mayol vs Calderon this September 13.

Lopez def Penalosa
Calderon Mayol draw
Sonsona def Lopez

So will Marvin Sonsona move up or stay in superfly division? If he stays in the division, will the Japanese boxers fight him? They tend to fight each other so the title will stay in the country. They are afraid to go out of their country. It's a fact. Donaire repeatedly challenged them but unlike in ninja or martial arts movies where the one being challenged respond, they are mum.

The camera shot of Sonsona shows it all (see Philboxing).

Marvin Sonsona is indeed "Marvelous".

For being the world champion, Sonsona has his own separate thread in WOW! Congratulations!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Watch World Cup of Pool on CS9 For It Is A Devastating Experience

Yes, watch the 2009 World Cup of Pool on CS9...if you can. Calling the attention of people from Solar Entertainment, what is wrong with CS9? Please tell the government television station to fix their signal. Pretty please. I missed the first day of the World Cup of Pool thanks to CS9. It has been a long time since I saw Francisco Bustamante and Efren Reyes, the two billiards legend, together. I also missed out watching Team Korea in action yesterday. Yes, they are women but they play great pool.

Why is CS9 perennially broke?

Let me enumerate the sporting events I missed due to CS9:
  1. Games 5,6 & 7 of last month's PBA Finals
  2. Powerade Team Pilipinas first round matches
  3. 2009 Philippine Basketball Association Draft
  4. 2008 Olympics and many more I can't remember
You know what, CS9 tends to break down just in time for a big event. I'm calling your attention sirs so you could do something about it. I think I reached my limit. Don't give me that beggars can't be choosers argument since I have cable television now and it doesn't carry Solar Sports. I know how responsive Solar Entertainment is to its public and I'm confident the problem will be solved soon. Thank you very much in advance.

Solar Entertainment has block time slots in the government station called RPN now renamed CS9 if it carries its shows.


Broke again

Monday, August 31, 2009

2009 World Cup of Pool Full Schedule / Philippines

Here is Team Philippines' schedule for the 2009 World Cup of Pool. The country is represented by the inaugural World Cup of Pool Champions Efren Reyes and Francisco "Django" Bustamante ( Team B) and Dennis Orcullo and Ronnie Alcano (Team A). Boy, I do hope we win again. It was ten years ago when Efren Reyes won the World Pool Championship in Wales and it was one of the greatest performances in pool ever. Tsk if things go well Team Philippines A will face Taiwan in the quarterfinals. Team B will meet England in the same phase of the tournament. Hopefully, it will be an all-Philippine finals, as the tournament format makes it possible.

Now Team Philippines A & B Schedule for the 2009 World Pool Championship

Tuesday, September 1
12pm - France v Canada then Korea v China
3pm - Australia v Spain then Indonesia v India
6pm - Malta v USA then Qatar v Philippines B

Wednesday, September 2
12pm - Sweden v Finland then Austria v Italy
3pm - Croatia v Japan then Hong Kong v Germany
6pm - Malaysia v England then Thailand v Philippines A

Thursday, September 3
12pm - Singapore v Taiwan then Belgium v Poland
3pm - Denmark v Russia then Vietnam v Holland

Last 16 (race to eight, winner breaks)
6pm - Malta or USA v Indonesia or India
then Qatar or Philippines v Austria or Italy

Friday, September 4
12pm - Korea or China v Sweden or Finland
then Hong Kong or Germany v France or Canada
3pm - Singapore or Taiwan v Belgium or Poland
then Croatia or Japan v Vietnam or Holland
6pm - Australia or Spain v Malaysia or England
then Denmark or Russia v Thailand or Philippines A

Quarter-finals (race to 9, winner breaks)
Saturday, September 5
2pm - Quarter-final 1, then quarter-final 2
6pm - Quarter-final 3, then quarter-final 4

Semi-finals (race to 9, winner breaks
1pm - Semi-final 1, then semi-final 2

Final (race to 11, winner breaks)


From Sept 1 - 4 the sked is 12 - 3 pm CS9, 3 -9pm S o l a r... I'll update this

Sept. 5 both S o l a r & CS9 2 - 5 pm 6 - 9 pm

Sept. 6 both S o l a r & CS9 1 - 4 pm 6 - 8 pm

Where To Watch 2009 Fiba Europe / Eurobasket 2009 Online Live Streaming

Yipee! The 2009 Fiba Europe / Eurobasket Championship (Basketball) is just around the corner, specifically this month from Sept. 7 - 20, 2009 in Poland, but where can we watch it? As usual the American basketball fans will be the luckiest as it will be streamed online / live on in select internet service providers. Espn 360 is a great streaming sports site it's just too bad I'm not in the United States. Look at the collection of sports matches it covers live - a sports' fan dream website! For the rest of the world, the 2009 Eurobasket / Fiba Europe Championship is available on for a fee though.

In the Philippines, the tournament WILL definitely be available on Basketball TV / CS9. I will post the schedule here once it is available.

2009 Fiba Europe / Eurobasket Championship

Of all continental basketball tournaments, Eurobasket is the most exciting and competitive. Need I explain? There are many countries capable of winning the title. It is the domain of Eastern European countries, but Western Europe is mounting a strong challenge. Spain is the defending World Champion and Olympic runner-up. Most likely, Spain is the team to beat. What makes it strong is their teamwork and execution plus abundance of basketball talent like Fernandez, Gasol brothers, Navarro, and Rubio. Pau Gasol injured himself while training weeks ago I'm not sure whether he can make it in time. I won't discount the Spanish team of choking though (no offense to Spanish fans). The Spanish fans expect their team to win this time,. However Paul Gasol said they must take it one game at a time. It is a sound advice as it prevents complacency from setting in.

Other teams to watch are Russia (the defending Eurobasket champions), Greece (2006 World Championship runner up), and Lithuania. These teams are title contenders.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Viloria vs Iribe Results / Boxing Match

Viloria vs Iribe Result (boxing) - The fight was very technical at the beginning with very few spurts of sustained attack. Brian Viloria was cautious and I don't blame him as Iribe looked bigger but when opportunity presented itself the former took advantage of it. Viloria delivered three-four punch combo consistently throughout the fight troubling J. Iribe.

In the later rounds, the fight became more action-packed. Viloria almost brought trouble to himself when he engaged Iribe close in the final round. It was unnecessary anyway. Spectacular shots were exchanged and the crowd was up on their feet. But Viloria came out the clear winner at the end. The Filipino dominated the earlier rounds with crisp combination punching usually forcing Iribe to back down in the ropes.

No more lapsing to complacency this time for Brian. He is more consistent with his attack in fact the further the boxing match went the stronger he gets.

Viloria vs Iribe Result (boxing): Unanimous decision for Viloria
118 -110, 117 -112, 117 - 111 (boxingscene)

Viloria retains the International Boxing Federation junior flyweight championship

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bleach 371 The Real King of Hueco Mundo? / King of Hollows

Bleach 371(comics) So who's the King of Hueco Mundo / King of Hollows? I'm surprised too, it is - Barragan Luisenbarn. No wonder he wants to lead even disregarding Stark. Hueco Mundo is so disorganized anyway. There's this popular question: If Barragan Luisenbarn is the King, then what does that make Stark and Halibel? I don't know, perhaps Prince Charming and Fairy Godmother LOL. If Stark is more powerful than the King then what is he? We'll know soon.

This revelation answers many questions.
  1. Why Barragan is so arrogant and haughty.
  2. Why He loves to order people around.
Aizen Sousuke orders the so-called King around, you can only do that if you are more powerful than him. So, he is the real King of Hollows / King of Hueco Mundo now. We all know that but so far nobody ever addressed him that. Maybe because he doesn't like the sound of it. Is there no limit to what Aizen can do? How easy was it for him to take over in Hueco Mundo? He seems to be unstoppable at the moment.

Bleach - available in anime (cartoon) and manga (comics)

Japeth Aguilar: Smart Gilas- Burger King

Japeth Aguilar's saga is not yet over. Oh my! Japeth Aguilar, the 6-10 Western Kentucky University alumni, now wants to join Smart Gilas after participating in the Philippine Basketball Association draft weeks ago. As a result, he became the no.1 draft pick (by Burger King Whoopers). Now, most people thought Japeth's going to sign the contract but he didn't and instead expressed his intention to join the national team.Japeth could have made his life a lot easier if he'd only stuck with Smart Gilas Basketball. Oh well, luckily for Japeth, no contract was signed. As far as I know, the team and the draftee should work out the contract (negotiate terms) for specified number of days and if nothing happened the player will become a free agent. There are people who say even three years from now, Burger King will still own the rights to Japeth and he can't sign with any professional team without their approval. I don't know about that since PBA rules aren't posted in cyberspace where we can verify it ourselves unlike the National Basketball Association rules.

There were many cases of players who got drafted but wasn't offered a contract but I hadn't heard of no.1 pick refusing to play for the team that drafted him. Some people cite Victor Pablo and the Cok
e guy but I'm not familiar with their cases. I don't want to comment on them.

Points To Consider:
What Japeth Aguilar did really surprised me but legally speaking as long as he hadn't signed any contract, he has no obligation just like a Philippine Basketball Association team is has no obligation to hire its draftees.

Aguilar should've seriously considered his options. Now, he finds himself in a controversy that is avoidable. His reputation is taking a beating.

When I was in college I was taught nobody can force you to work if you don't want to or it will be tantamount to involuntary servitude and is unconstitutional.

In fairness to BK, they said they will allow Japeth to play for Smart Gilas. If Japeth talked personally to Burger King owners, I think this fiasco could have been prevented as long as they make a deal that would benefit both parties. We Filipinos are good in sorting things out through heart to heart talk.

Why the sudden change of heart?

When I returned home after graduating from Western Kentucky University it was mainly because I wanted the chance to play for the Philippines in the FIBA Asia Championships and feel the pride that comes from playing for my country.

Unfortunately it didn’t go too well. But having seen first hand what it was like, how the teams from the Middle-East played and the system they followed, I felt the challenge to try again and to take them on, confident that we could surely do better the next time with hard work, dedication and the willingness to sacrifice and learn.

I am prepared to do just that. My father Peter who also played for the Northern Consolidated national team wants me to do that and so do the other members of our family.

The only way I can achieve this goal is by playing for the Smart Gilas development team under coach Rajko Toroman provided of course that they accept me since I had initially decided to enter the PBA Annual Draft.

I am confident that they will.

The experience of Tinajin, China, opened my eyes and told me that if I truly want to help my country in international basketball I will have to sacrifice a career in the pro league with all the glamour and all the perks, and join the national pool for the present time.

I will always be grateful to coach Yeng Guiao for the opportunity he gave me to play for the Philippines, Powerade Team Filipinas manager JB Baylon and PBA Commissioner Sonny Barrios for their kindness, understanding and support.

I wish to extend my deep sense of gratitude to coach Yeng, Burger King team owner Mr. Bert Lina and team manager and PBA chairman Lito Alvarez for their confidence in my ability by making me their No.1 draft pick.

I trust they will understand that my desire to play for my country means more to me and my family than anything else.

I have made the choice with my family’s blessings and encouragement.

I hope and pray that my countrymen will support me in the effort to help strengthen the Philippine Team in its continuing quest for respect and redemption in international basketball.
SGD. Japeth Aguilar


The controversy led many people to unfairly judge Japeth Aguilar. Unfortunately, most of them are misinformed. Why are they so angry? Remember this person - Manny V. Pangilinan. He owns Smart Gilas team and has shares in Burger King. He WILL sort this thing out. For an accomplished business executive, this conflict is nothing new to him. He will solve this crisis, most likely behind the scenes. Trust me. Everything will turn out fine in the end.

Update: 9 -1 -09

Since we can't check the PBA rules online we are left in the dark. Now it turns out if a draftee refuses to sign the contract, he will have to sit out for two years and in the third year he becomes a free agent. There's no rule about banning. It will look bad to the public if the PBA bans Japeth for it will look like the league is forcing the young man to sign his contract. You ban someone because he doesn't want to sign a contract? How will it look it to the public? Worse, fans would question the fairness of the league. A PBA team HAS NO LIABILITY if it doesn't sign the player it drafted but it is not the same when the players won't. It will be a public relations nightmare and put the spotlight on the league. Burger King still has the rights to Japeth though for two years. I think it would be better if the sides try to settle this PRIVATELY and not talk to each other in the press.

Update 9 - 2 - 09
When a PBA team dumps a draftee, it's called a business decision when it's the other way around the draftee is called unprofessional. Yes, I know PBA teams spend millions but is this fair? One thing we Filipinos hate is inequality.

I still don't understand Japeth's decision-making. There must be something wrong with the contract Burger King offered to him. This is the root of the controversy anyway.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Naruto 461 What Is Suiton Mizujinheki or Is It Suiton Suijinheki? / Raiton Kangekiha

Naruto 461(comics). The new manga (comics) chapter is interesting. Darui's power is transliterated in as Suiton Suijinheki (Water Encampment Wall) while Sleepyfans had it as Suiton Mizujinheki. Suiton Suijinheki is Water Encampment Wall in English and if you look at the illustration of Suiton Mizujinheki in Sleepyfans (onemanga) Darui's jutsu (water) encircled the Raikage to shield him from Sasuke's attack. I hope later we will know if this is just incorrect transliteration or Suiton Mizujinheki is a newly introduced jutsu. I don't pretend to know much about these things so hopefully these matter will be sorted out. Whatever the name of that Water Wall Technique, it is effective as it stopped Sasuke.

Raiton Kangekiha - Lightning Style: Impression Wave (courtesy of Mangavolume)

Darui's Suiton whatever and Raiton Kangekiha - a mix of water and lightning attack smacks Sasuke back.

Conclusion: Mangavolume's scan transliterated it as Suiton Suijinheki. So right now I'm partial to the Suiton Suijinheki transliteration.

Naruto is on the 11th place in the Japanese Comic Ranking (Aug. 17 -23). It is available both in anime (cartoons) and manga.

*the explanations are for readers which might be unfamiliar with the terms.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Brian Viloria vs Jesus Iribe Island Assault / Result

Brian Viloria vs Jesus Iribe:Island Assault....Viloria, the reigning International Boxing Federation light flyweight champion, will defend his crown against Jesus Iribe of Mexico in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA on August the 29. The fight was originally scheduled in the Philippines.

Brian Viloria (25 - 2, 15 KOs) has improved a lot under trainer Roberto Garcia. He brought the old and aggressive Viloria back and it showed against Ulises Solis last April. Although there were times Viloria lapse into complacency Garcia was there to motivate him. Here's the account:

Viloria's corner reminded him not to throw away his fight. Taking the advice to heart, Viloria relentlessly attacked Solis at the start of the eleventh much to the delight of the crowd. Then, a well-placed right from Viloria decked Solis winning the title in the process.

Yes, Viloria is one talented boxer. He was once the World Amateur boxing champion in 1999. Viloria's weakness is the tendency to be complacent - it happened against Solis when his work rate suddenly dropped and the latter took advantage. Fortunately for Viloria, he recovered and KO'd Solis. The Hawaiian Punch should not do that again. He must finish his opponent off quickly. Iribe is the World Boxing Council FECOMBOX champion with 15 -5 - 5 9 KOs record. The Mexican has two straight knockout victories coming into the fight, though the quality of his opponents isn't as high as that of Viloria's. Both have a common opponent in Edgar Sosa and both lost to him. But this isn't the old Viloria that lost to Sosa. The Filipino racked up six straight wins since then and has set his sight on a possible rematch.

Viloria's boxing skills is superb. He has power and speed, but what keeps him from unleashing his full potential is his mental state, his tendency to stop punching out of the blue in a winnable boxing match. He seems to be afraid of giving it all. Once, Viloria punched a guy into coma. The experience must have scarred him. He is a boxer not a killer. His victim was Ruben Contreras -- he is better now. Obviously, this incident still has an effect on Viloria. If it still bothers him a lot, he should consult a trained professional about it.

You can watch Viloria vs Iribe boxing match on GMA network and in Pay Per View in the United States.

Honolulu adviser

Update: 8 - 30 - 09

Dennis Laurente defeated his Mexican opponent - a complete shutout.

Boxing coverage on Television in the Philippines will be on GMA 3:00pm. SuperRadyo networks is covering the matches live.

AJ Banal defeated Beranza...

Now, the main event is starting! I'll continue the updates...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bleach 234: Renji Surprised The Two Zabimarus?

Bleach 234 (anime) Renji's Surprised and Two Zabimarus? The great thing to look forward to in this episode is the fight between Ichigo and Muramasa. Do you know where they are fighting? I bet you do ---- inside Ichigo. The Hollow Ichigo is really powerful, he easily pummeled Byakuya in the Soul Society Arc, pawned Zangetsu I mean its good that Ichigo could at least control him. He's dangerous.

I remember clearly what Renji's zanpakutou looked like - a snake and a baboon. Now it's a woman. I recall a Bleach shinigami cup joke wherein Captain Kurotsuchi boasted he can change the zanpakutous gender which got Renji REALLY interested. I wonder if he really changed his. No matter.

I hope Bleach 234 finally answer two important questions:
  1. Who "owns" Muramasa?
  2. Why did he rebel?
Most likely Muramasa will tell his sob story interspersed while fighting Ichigo (in short story telling and fighting combo). Obviously, the rebel won't go away or get destroyed easily. I expect the animation to be better than last week. The fights are more enjoyable if they are fluid and not like its done hurriedly or just for the sake of making fillers.


Bleach anime - airs every Tuesday in Japan. Its manga is one of the most popular titles both in Japan and North America.

anime - simply put is Japanese cartoon though it makes you think and marvel at its story telling.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Bleach 370 Barragan Luisenbarn The False god of Hueco Mundo

Bleach 370 manga: Meet Barragan Luisenbarn, the self-proclaimed deity / god of Hueco Mundo. He seemed to have overestimated himself too much after he survived the attacks from a current vice-captain and a former one. He started spewing nonsense while the Vizard is busy hatching up a plan to PAWN him. Barragan had no idea what's coming. Hachigen rises up to the occasion and he cut his arm, put it on a barrier and transferred it to Barragan's stomach. The Arrancar was swallowed up or destroyed (I don't understand the drawing). No matter, the Kidou Master showed us why he became a VC in the first place.

Bleach 370 review: Do you like this fight, Bleach fans? The only emotion I feel right now is gladness that this death match is over. There are other exciting fights coming up: Komamura and Hisagi vs Tousen and Shinji vs Aizen which was temporarily interrupted. I think we're all looking forward to that.


Bleach is a manga (Japanese comics) serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump which resumed publishing after taking a break last week. It is a consistent best seller in Japan and in US bookstores.

Bleach anime is shown on TV Tokyo every Tuesday.

Is Philhealth Bankrupt? Seriously, Please Protect It!

News reports came out yesterday that the Philhealth or the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation is going bankrupt but government officials deny the stories. According to Philheath executives, the company actually had an income of P 10 billion last year up 50% from 2007 figure. Its reserve fund amounts to P 63 billion. Reports of Philheath bankruptcy stems from the National Government unpaid debt of P 19 billion in unpaid contributions. So when will they pay this? The Department of Budget and Management (DBM) and the Philhealth have different computations so the two parties will have to resolve this before the government pays the government owned and controlled corporation. DBM calculated the debt at P 9 billion only.

It was a Philhealth official who first bared this disturbing news. If this remains unresolved "the life of the fund is only until 2016", Nerissa Santiago, Philhealth Vice President and Deputy Chief Actuary told the Senate Committee on Health and Demography.

Hospital fees are so expensive and Philhealth really helps assuage the high cost of it. Imagine seventeen million people in health care limbo if the corporation crashes. This is not a joke.
Seriously, please protect Philhealth.

I'm thankful for's not perfect but it's better than nothing. Many benefited from it.

Naruto 460 Sasuke Surrounded / Sasuke vs Raikage / Madara Visits Naruto

Naruto 460 Manga Sasuke Surrounded: This is what I said the last time...

Was Akatsuki setting up Sasuke? Why on earth would the Aloe Vera (LOL Naruto makes me laugh) I mean Zetsu appear right in the middle of the table where the Kages are having their meeting and say Sasuke is somewhere here? Now Danzo will probably get the idea that Sasuke's after him. Worse, the Kages will go after him. so Sasuke was set up and he is mad as hell, but why would the Akatsuki do that? He was so pissed that he revealed himself and met the Samurais head-on. I'm not sure whether he killed them for that would be very unfortunate (most likely he didn't). Sasuke has many enemies already and I'm sure he doesn't want to add the Land of Iron in the list. He is very powerful though Karin noticed his chakra is colder, darker and different than before.

Naruto 460 Manga Sasuke vs Raikage

The angry Raikage sprung into action after hearing Sasuke's near. It will be Sasuke vs Raikage in the next Naruto chapter. Do you like to see the Raikage's butt kicked? LOL. I don't like the Raikage. The leader of Kumo seems to rely on brute strength and speed but I know he has aces up his sleeve. I think Sasuke can handle him. The Raikage will be surprised at Sasuke's ability. The Uchiha kid has already defeated an S-class Ninja, Orochimaru. The Raikage is not a big problem.

Fact: The Samurais know how to use Chakra too.

Naruto 460 Manga Uchiha Madara Visits Naruto

Out of the blue, Uchiha Madara is already in Naruto's room. He wants to know why Nagato betrayed him. But Kakashi and Yamato seem to have captured him. But I think after Madara tells Sasuke's and Uchiha's story he will get out of their trap.

I wonder how Naruto react once he finds out the real reason beside the Uchiha clan massacre and knowing Danzo was part of that. How can Naruto stop this hatred from spiralling out of control?

I think Madara will also tell Naruto about Sasuke's whereabouts at the moment. The ever impulsive Naruto will immediately go to the Land of Iron in the hope that he could stop Sasuke and Raikage from fighting.

manga (Japanese comics)
anime (Japanese cartoons)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bleach Episode 233 Hollow Ichigo vs Zangetsu / Zanpakutou Rebellion Facts

Did you enjoy the latest Bleach episode? Yup, Hollow Ichigo vs Zangetsu excited a lot of fans. The fight ended abruptly though. The show left me hanging there. No spectacular revelations. I was waiting for Muramasa to at least say whose Zanpakutou he is. But it never happened...ugh. The prospect of Shinigami fighting their Zanpakutou really arose fans' interest.

Zangetsu becomes an enemy, indeed. He said he is sick and tired of living in Ichigo's head LOL (after the end credits).

There are many interesing facts about Zanpakutou
  1. They have their own soul.
  2. They have their own wills.
  3. Disturbingly, they desired this rebellion

So, its Ryujin Jakka that's loyal to his wielder so far. He and Yamamoto have been together for centuries so its understandable.

This is the most interesting Bleach anime filler. There are more fights in store so look forward to the next episode G.w.

Hetalia Episode 30 Review: What's So Hard To Understand In This Episode?

Now I watch Hetalia anime to get some laughs and not to be sentimental but this episode touched my heart. Watch Hetalia episode 30 man it's great.

England came to Japan to sign a treaty and he was curious about Japanese culture. He thought the mountain before him was Mt. Fuji it turns out to be just an ordinary mountain. Then, England asked about those things in Japanese mountains which is called "Tengu's Chair". The ancient Japanese made these Tengu's chairs to mark the Tengu's (roughly translated as Goblin by some people) territory so people would go near them. Out of the blue, England waved, claiming a Tengu was waving at him much to Japan's surprise.

It was night time and England was about to take a bath when he saw some creatures were there. The creatures were apparently Tengu. They prompted apologized and offered to leave. England said he doesn't mind and instead cordially asked them about Japanese culture . They had great conversation. Later, England was in bed when the grateful Tengu bade him goodbye. The creatures were happy that England treated him kindly. In the new era, the Japanese people had relegated them into superstition, He said he is leaving as their time is over and he is heading deep into the mountains. He used to talk to Japan but after some time the latter had forgotten him and his existence. The Tengu was happy that he met England and left.

This Tengu doesn't have a scary or fierce look on him usually found in other Japanese artworks. Obviously, the writer was sympathetic to them.

Modernity and Westernization have taken its toll on Japan but I think its even worse in my country. It's not yet over by the way. It really saddens me to see what is happening. Yes, I know I could do something too that's why when there's an opportunity I feature it - the cultural gems of my native land. Yes, I learned about my culture by asking the elderly, listening to radio and searching the net. There are many things I know that I don't know. It was only this year when I discovered the rich musical tradition of my people. We were taught Mozart, Beethoven and Liszt. Our history lessons are about some far away place most of us don't even care about. By the way, it's not wrong in itself but you've got to start in your own place. You don't know where you're going 'til you know where you've been.

There's some people who don't get the episode and I guess they have no idea or experience living in a country where the culture is slowly being eroded away. Outsiders never understand so be careful in choosing who and what you read. Well, in the anime, the foreigner understood right? But cases like these are RARE in real life.

The Hetalia episode is sad...for it shows Japan doesn't care anymore about his heritage. He lost a part of himself. What's so hard to understand in this episode?