Monday, December 29, 2008

Great Year!

Another great year has passed and though there were things that I want to do but I haven't done yet. I pray next year will be different. Like most people in this country, I want a better life for my family and I will do the best that I can to accomplish that next year. Yes, 2009 will be a tough year economically esp. in the Philippines but what else is new? There are basically no challenges our country and us its people can handle. As for doomsayers, don't forget we live in the Philippines. It means every year is a financial crisis lol. I don't believe in Feng Shui as all things in the world - even the falling of the leaves - is controlled by our Maker. Pray that He will show us Mercy to not just survive but thrive next year. HE is the only one we can RELY on.

There are many things I want to correct in my life and all of it will start NOW. I want to live in a future that I will enjoy and to do that certain things must change TODAY to make way for a better tomorrow. I don't want riches though if it comes my way I'll be thankful for it. I want the same things every year - good health and long life for me and my family.


Yes, Life is Hard but it could be ENJOYED.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Well Merry Christmas everyone! I want to enjoy the holidays so I refrained from writing. Starting today, I'll write as often as I can. Next stop, end of the year festivities! Despite the simplicity of our celebrations, I still enjoyed it - as long as my family is here and complete.

Here's my present for you: Girls in beautiful Christmas dress. Ahn So Hee looks nice.

Snsd ChristmasSnsd

Oh, there are better pics. It is just that my site is PG lol. This is a wholesome site. Classy Girls Only

Monday, December 22, 2008

Third Bleach Movie: Bleach Fade to Black I Call Your Name

I got interested in this Bleach Movie as it gets promoted in the opening and closing credits of the series. I'm not into anime movies as it is irrelevant to the main theme of the series but the story of the Bleach Movie: Fade to Black I Call Your Name captured my attention. Initially called "Sayonara, Rukia", the movie is about a strange reiatsu that exploded off Seireitei. When Urahara Kisuke asked Kurosaki Ichigo to investigate it, he was attacked by fellow Shinigamis who don't recall him and Rukia. Worse, even Kuchiki Rukia doesn't remember him - OUCH!!! Kurosaki Ichigo gets to fight the VCs and the Captains again.

Bleach Movie: Fade to Black is interesting indeed. It's just in time as I've finished my Bleach marathon (Arrancar arc) last week. I'm updated now.

Bleach Fade to Black
Bleach: Fade to Black - I Call Your Name earned
US$1,679,634 on 239 screens in its theatrical release in Japan last week. Judging from the reaction in some forums Ichiruki fans are happy too. I can't wait to see this one myself. Does it have some romance in it? It seems that way but I will still watch it whether it has one or not.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pacquiao vs Hatton Set For May 2, 2009; De La Hoya's Bravado

It seems Ricky Hatton's worst dream isn't coming true as Bob Arum, Manny Pacquiao's promoter told that the Manny Pacquiao vs Ricky Hatton match up will be on May 2, 2009 and in Vegas. PPV numbers is the major consideration for the upcoming bout and the unpredictable English weather didn't help.

Oscar De La Hoya's Pre-fight Bravado

"I'm scared, I'm scared . . . I'm scared of what I can do to him"

"A knockout, that's my goal," De La Hoya says. "I can knock you out with one punch. My left is lethal. I can cut you up with a straight jab. If I land an uppercut with full force, the fight's over."

Oscar De La Hoya is the recent addition to the No Mas Club which Manny Pacquiao established back in January of 1995. All the pre-fight bravado and tough talk dished out by Oscar was reduced to nothing as the quiet and little Filipino let his fist do the talking and made the Giant's face into a punching bag for eight rounds. Oscar ate all his words. He thought he made a great and intelligent decision. He thought Pacquiao was easy picking. He knew he can knock Pacquiao out and even predicted the round - fifth. However, Pacquiao refused to join the De La Hoya Redemption Show and bombarded him with left and combos to submission. Pacquiao's left was so fast De La Hoya looked like a statute. The fight was De La Hoya's supposed ego-booster but turned into ego-buster. He was battered and bruised. He was SHOCKED. He was OWNED. This midget is supposed to lose but...that must be running in Oscar's head the entire fight. A small man whom he underestimated put him in the hospital. He would have gone out in a much better way had he fought Margarito. Instead, Oscar De La Hoya took the easy road and got pummeled. Boxers who do that deserved to be punished.

This was Manny's response to Oscar tirades:

"Don't just say it. Do it."

He did it and Oscar was sent to the Hospital - no talk just all action...


Quote of the Day from

In responding to transfer speculation about players on his squad, Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis told reporters, "If these players piss me off, then, OK, they can piss off to England. But they need to understand this: The English live badly, eat badly and their women do not wash their [private parts]. To them, a bidet is a mystery.",0,3475563.story

Monday, December 15, 2008

Pacquiao vs De La Hoya - Post Fight Wrap Up

For historical purposes I will publish this entry from my journal (with some additions)

Manny Pacquiao demolished Oscar De La Hoya in nine rounds of the welterweight match up in Las Vegas, USA. Manny Pacquiao descredited more than 98% of so-called boxing pundits and made them eat their words and some humble pie. Mayweather Sr., Angelo Dundee and many wannabees got pawned but some of them seem not to get it still. The much vaunted left hook couldn't find its target and Manny Pacquiao's relentless attack "reconfigured Oscar's beautiful face". Repeated head shots made De La Hoya look like jack in the box - his head springing out
after receiving a blow and back again to get more punishment. The fight was so mismatched I thought Manny was fighting David Diaz again.

When the camera panned closely at the two boxers, the size difference was astonishingly huge! Despite my reservations toward the Dream Match, I supported Manny I don't want him to lose like some Filipinos I know (so they would be proven right). In the first few rounds, I was a bit apprehensive and wary of De La Hoya's left but I cheered when Manny punches connected and when he got out of possible trap ODLH set. Relief set in when Oscar De La Hoya was being battered to the pulp I just can't wait to see him fall. By round 7, I can't believe Oscar was still standing - this is boxing - all it takes is one lucky punch. Thank God, none came. My family was ecstatic after Oscar gave up. I cannot believe Oscar gave up.

After the fight, Manny Pacquiao is being compared with all-time boxing greats like Sugar Ray Robinson and Henry Armstrong which is rightly so - anyone who denies this is either a racist or jealous of him. Pacquiao went up from 106 to fight at 147 and beat the guy who used to reign in that division. Say all you want about Oscar but he knew he could handle Manny. Thanks to Pacquiao's speed, Pacquiao made De La Hoya look old and incompetent. I doubt any 106-pounder jumping up to challenge De La Hoya can beat him. Most likely they'll lose their speed. A great victory by Manny - this is the most satisfying boxing match I've EVER seen.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Pacquiao as Object of Desire: Why are some Filipinos Racist against Pacquiao?

A columnist from the described Pacquiao as "beautiful" and some Filipinos protested saying to the effect that native-looking Filipino has no right to be depicted as "beautiful". It seems 110 years after the Spanish propaganda of belittling native Filipinos and describing them as monkeys is still believed upon and taken as gospel truth by some of my countrymen. The colonial stereotype is very much alive worse it is perpetuated by the very people victimized by it. Pacquiao is as Filipino as it gets. Forget the ads and television shows. It has long been established here that only Caucasian-looking people have the right to be called pretty. My goodness in the twisted way even Screech could be a s!x symbol here as long as the person looks Caucasian. I came across many Filipinos repulsed by the sight of Manny. Some even went as far as supporting the more handsome Mexican fighters esp. Erik Morales.(Don't believe the cliche that all Filipinos support Manny. Visit Philboxing forum and you will see the truth. I think it must be 70-30 still in favor of Manny. Some rumor monger even said De La Hoya threw away the fight and it was rigged. The accusation didn't come from Mexicans but from a Filipino.) Oh yes believe me! In fact we don't need foreigners to pull us down as other Filipinos will and are more gung-ho in doing so.

Those criticizing Manny's looks think they are good-looking but most likely NOT. They add racist remarks too to prove their point. Thank you for the openly racist attitude. Thank you for ensuring and reinforcing Spanish era ideology of beauty, our heroes Jose Rizal and Andres Bonifacio is very proud of you. Thank you for putting their sacrifice for nothing. Congratulations! Keep up the good work.

You know what; I think criticizing Manny's looks (why they do that?) makes them feel better or superior to him. They instantly assume the role of a Spaniard or traitorous Mestizos (remember Miguel Vicos assassinated Filipino hero Diego Silang) in the olden days and disassociate themselves from the rest of the population. Yes, Manny's face is the only "weakness" they see in the guy and one that could make them feel better than him since in their lifetime they will never amount to anything close to him.

Their saying Pacquiao is ugly because he is Filipino-looking really pisses me off coming from Filipinos. Nobody does white-worshiping better than Filipinos.

Updated: Eva Longoria on Manny Pacquiao

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Manny Pacquiao vs Ricky Hatton

"Pacquiao vs Hatton!" "Pacquiao vs. Hatton!" Pacquiao vs Hatton!" There seems to be an outcry for Manny Pacquiao (the fighting pride of the Philippines) to fight Ricky Hatton of England. In fact, news reports from has it that Manny will fight Ricky next year. Good. I have nothing against this fight. In fact I think Pacquiao vs Hatton will be an exciting one as both fighters love action and would press for it. People in Pacland ( are pumped up for the match and one has already prepared a banner plus a title "Never Back Down". So true, both fighters are aggressive and always moving forward.

There are observations that Ricky Hatton is tailored fit for Manny - it means Ricky's style is very much suited to Pacquiao and I agree. Others think Hatton is a moving target...I agree but not an easy one as he pushes, shoves, and wrestles his opponent when needed. Against Mayweather, Hatton used it - the Englishman used it so much that the boxing match almost turned into a wrestling one. Ricky uses it to put off his opponent's rhythm but it didn't work against Mayweather as the latter could handle it. I believe Manny will study on how to counter Ricky's tendency to roughouse his opponent. Other than that I reckon it will be good for Manny and his camp not to underestimate this guy as it leads to complacency and disaster. Manny is at his best when he is the underdog and odds are stacked against him (Ledwaba, Barrera 2003, De La Hoya). No, I'm not saying that Manny's underestimating Hatton but some people in his entourage might convince him otherwise. It is important for the Pound for Pound king to stay level-headed and work hard to win. Ricky Hatton holds a 140-pound title belt from IBO by no means he is a pushover and this should be an extra motivation to Pacquiao - to win a junior welterweight crown. Same goes for English fans. If they know what's good for them they shouldn't belittle Manny Pacquiao's punching power.

List of boxers Manny "reconfigured"
credit: forums

I prefer the fight in the United States not England. Why give Hatton the home court advantage right? I like the match venue to be in neutral ground.

The clamor for Manny Pacquiao vs Ricky Hatton pales in comparison to Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather. More fans want to see a Pacquiao vs Mayweather. Mayweather who ducked Margarito and Cotto pounced in and is coming out of retirement. Like De La Hoya initially, Floyd thinks Pacquiao is easy. Many underestimated Manny before and paid the price. I hope Floyd does too.

But Manny's trainer Freddie Roach prefers Ricky Hatton. "Regardless of money, I want Hatton to be the next fight for Manny. I don't want a boring fight. Look at what happened when Dela Hoya fought Mayweather. If we didn't came to fight no fight will gonna be happening. I'd rather let Manny fight Hatton. It may be in England or here as long as it is a guaranteed good fight." Roach told

Floyd Mayweather should wait his turn. Most likely his match will come after Pacquiao vs Hatton which in all likelihood will happen in June 2009.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

World Meet Manny Pacquiao

If you've been living in a cave and hasn't heard of the best boxer in the planet. Let me introduce him to you courtesy of HBO:

This unfortunately was before the De La Hoya which most of us enjoyed. But nonetheless look at the punishment he delivered to Mexican legends Marco Antonio Barrera and Erik Morales. The loss to Morales was the most painful defeat I've ever experienced as a sports fan and hoped that Manny would never be beaten again. Thank the Lord, he still is.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

List of So-Called Boxing Experts Humiliated By Manny Pacquiao: Pacquiao vs De La Hoya Post Fight Analysis

Here are the Boxing EGGPERTS and ANALysts that Manny Pacquiao PAWNED last Sunday:

David Avila, Riverside Press-Enterprise
Tim Dahlberg, Associated Press
Tim Smith, New York Daily News
Dan Rafael,
George Willis, New York Post
Kevin Iole,
Lance Pugmire, Los Angeles Times
Chris Mannix,
John Whisler, San Antonio Express-News
Graham Houston,
Manuel Perez,
Floyd Mayweather Sr.
Roger Mayweather
Jeff Mayweather
Antonio Margarito
Paul Williams
Marco Antonio Barrera
Juan Manuel Marquez
Erik Morales
Steve Forbes
Nate Campbell
Tommy Hearns
Julio Cesar Chavez Sr.
Paulie Malignaggi
Ricky Hatton
Roy Jones Jr.
Vernon Forrest
Derrick Gainer
Joel Casamayor
Dan Goossen
Lou DiBella
Artie Petullo
Mike Tyson
Leon Margules
Kassim Ouma
Verno Phillips
Winky Wright
Antonio Tarver
Clive Bernath
Gregory Juckett
Michael Norby
Mark Butcher
Jerry Glick
Juan Pablo Manfredi
Sean Waisglass
James Smith
Harry Rosenbluth
Craig Phillips
Mike Sloan
Jason Pribila
Lwazi Ndzobongo
Ray Kilgore
Geno McGahee
Brian Wilbur
Brad Berkwitt
Jose Antonio Rivera
Eileen Teran
Sunset Thomas
Mike Withers
Vinnie Johnson
Dan Hernandez
Antonio Santiago
Mike Plunkett
Daniel Cohen
Geoff Poundes
Pedro Fernandez
Brian Gorman
Frances Martel
Marc Abrams
Michael Swann
Norm Frauenheim
Johnny Schulz
Matt Yanofsky
Mario Ortega Jr.
Anson Wainwright
Thomas Marriott
Joon Lee
Robert Morales
Dave Sholler
Cliff Rold
Mitch Abramson
Bob Cannobio
TK Stewart
Lyle Fitzsimmons
Lem Satterfield
Brent Matteo Alderson
Michael Doss
Alphonso Costello
James Blears
Joe Harrisson
Don Colgan
Rick Reeno
Garth Weaver
Ken Hissner
Benny Henderson Jr.
Barry Mcguigan
Debbie Duran
Gabriel Montoya
Eric Marks
Rob Scott


I wonder if some of them made the same mistake in picking Pavlik over Hopkins a month ago. A boxer builds credibility by defying the odds... thank God Manny did it. Pacquiao proved these people wrong... lol. It turns out some so-called experts' guess were as good as ours! Experts...phooey! They only analyzed the obvious. Some of them were being prick about it and THAT DISGUSTED ME enough to bring this issue up.

Some of them don't have a clue on what they are talking about their only advantage they have a website.

So boxing experts, how does it feel getting embarrassed by Manny? LOL

These wannabees will still spew out nonsense in the future but we know better now don't we? Being a boxing expert is a comfortable job since a wrong prediction won't cost them anything. Great job.

The EXPERTS who got it right:

Nick Cafardo, Boston Globe -- Pacquiao by TKO 8
Bill Dwyre, Los Angeles Times -- Pacquiao by decision
Ed Graney, Las Vegas Review-Journal -- Pacquiao by decision
Dave Cokin, ESPNRadio1100 -- Pacquiao by decision
William Trillo --

Edwin Valero
Roberto Duran
Busta Rhymes
Rashad Holloway
Dennis Guillermo ---
Joaquin Henson --Philippine Star

Mayweather Sr. said Oscar will rearrange Manny's face he should have seen what Manny did to Oscar. One thing about the Mayweathers, they really hate Manny - a combination of jealousy and racism on their part maybe...since they never really acknowledged him. Manny never said anything bad about Floyd Mayweather. The problem with the Mayweathers is they talk too much but can't back it up. I remember Margarito challenging Mayweather IN HIS FACE yet nothing the guy smiled sheepishly. Floyd won't even fight Cotto or Margarito. Human nature has it that you will take advantage if you think you are better that your opponent. Mayweather has said he is better than those two boxers but never challenged them. I thought you are better than them. Sheesh.

On my part, I was against the Fight but I supported Manny win or lose. You may check the earlier posts and my readers will testify in my behalf.

Here were the Headlines then courtesy of

Wrong for Boxing: Oscar De La Hoya Vs Manny Pacquiao--RingSideReport
-Is De La Hoya A Genius or Just Dumb?
-De La Hoya Mismatch Signed
-Why Oscar De La Hoya vs. Manny Pacquiao could be bad for boxing--
-Oscar-Pacquiao a match that shouldn’t happen--YahooSport
-Oscar takes low road in fighting Pacquiao
-Ten Top Things Oscar De La Hoya Will NOT Announce:-- Michael Marley
-Fight with Pacquiao makes a lot of cents to De La Hoya
-Yes, It's Real Circus But Oscar And Manny Won't Be Clowning Around!-- Michael Marley
-Advertise This! Oscar De La Hoya vs Manny Pacquiao - Throw Some money on the Fire!-- DogHouseBoxing
-ESPN's Brian Kenny Calls Oscar De La Hoya vs. Manny Pacquiao 'Like a Handicap Match'--AOL Sport

I still agree that this was a mismatch but I'm glad Manny is just super boxer. I'm happy too that Oscar took the "LOW ROAD" and got punished for it. He thought Manny is easy picking and was rightfully pummeled by the Filipino.

Manny will take a rest. He will fight again in June either with Hatton or Mayweather. Right now, he will take a long deserved vacation. It's not like he takes his time reading his critics. Even God has critics.

Mayweather is excited to come back in the ring. To fight Margarito? Of course NOT!!! Mayweather wants to fight Pacquiao of course he he he. This is according to a report from

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Thank you Lord!!! Manny Pacquiao the Little Man destroys Oscar King Kong De La Hoya. Unbelievable! I'm speechless and overwhelmed with EMOTIONS. Unbelievable. Congratulations Manny!!! I'm going to watch the replay and gather my thoughts. Manny WINS!!! Thank you Lord!

De La Hoya quit. Manny. MANNY. You're unbelievable! You proved many people wrong. Thank you Manny!


10:06 am - An hour before the fight...oh my Lord please HELP Manny. With you, everything is possible. Give our country a little something to cheer about...Thank you Lord. Don't let the BULLY win. Hah!

Go Manny! Go Manny!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

How to Avoid Being Beaten Up in Korea

Ahhhh...You want to go to Korea. You want to go there ever since you started watching their melodramatic soap operas. You save money and have finished all the necessary documents. But before jumping into that country here are some tips that will be useful if you are in Korea.

I read so many blog entries commenting about Koreans being xenophobic but this blog article really disturbed me. It seems foreigners could get randomly beaten up in Korea! Yes, even when you are just sightseeing - someone might not like your race and physically assault you. Worse if you fight back the Korean police will arrest you instead of the perpetrators! Unbelievable.

Here's the article from the Metropolitician:

I'm serious. I've had enough experience with this, as have my many foreign friends, with being verbally and physically assaulted in Korea without provocation. To help those new to Korea, especially non-Korean Americans, I've compiled a list of little things to do to help reduce your chance of being attacked.

Because the police will likely not help you, since you are a foreigner, and might even arrest YOU if any Korean simply accuses you of being the instigator, even if you were the victim. And also included are some tips to avoid sexual harrassment and attacks on foreign women as well, at least from what I have seen and heard as a man.

There will necessarily be generalizations made here, not so much about people, but about probabilities that things will happen. But I think it's like wearing a seatbelt: it only helps if you do it consistently, not once-in-a-while. So, in order to prevent bad things from occurring, you have to just avoid doing certain things, or condition yourself to behave in slightly different ways in certain situations.

--- Foreign men, specifically men who do not look like they may be migrant or factory workers. Those people are generally socially invisible, which is another problem and issue, but not what we're discussing here.
--- If you are or look like an American GI.
--- If you are part of a foreign male/Korean female couple. If you and/or your female companion would be considered more attractive than usual by Korean standards, you have an even higher likelihood of being harrassed.
--- If you are in a group of foreigners, especially speaking English loudly.
--- In certain areas, just being foreign.

View the full post here

So, you could get beaten up even if you're not dating Korean women. The only foreigners less likely to get assaulted are the physically imposing which shows you the nature of the attackers - cowards. Getting attacked or physically assaulted could happen to any foreigner in any country so it pays to be careful and mindful of your surroundings whenever you are abroad.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Manny Pacquiao vs Oscar De La Hoya Rant

Manny PacquiaoManny Pacquiao

This is the prize Manny Pacquiao will get once he defeats Oscar De La Hoya come December 7 - very few people are giving Manny the chance of beating De La Hoya. I'm glad boxing is not a popularity contest. Besides, most of these so-called experts are nothing but quacks anyway. In boxing anything can happen. No one can be 100% sure. Though the match up is far from ideal (why do you think Oscar agreed to this?) I know I will support Manny - win or lose.

The Manny Pacquiao vs Oscar De La Hoya match up was the brainchild of HBO commentator Larry Merchant and no one took it seriously until several months ago. Only when the De La Hoya camp conceded that Manny agreed to this fight. Pacquiao initially rejected it as he didn't like the terms - the guy had nothing to lose anyway while the aging Oscar needs a fight that can restore some of his credibility as a boxer. He doesn't want to fight boxers his size like Trinidad, Margarito or Cotto (it is this cynical attitude Oscar brings to boxing that pisses me off I. I have nothing against him in fact I prefer him to fight either Margarito or Cotto - a much balanced match up for him to say the least). Of course, no boxer would like to end his career with a loss or worse a knock out which would likely happen if Oscar De La Hoya fights those pugs. So in August, the boxers agreed to fight - much to my surprise and chagrin. So it will happen...what was Pacquiao thinking? Why would he fight a guy six inches taller than him? For me it was an obvious mismatch. But what I think doesn't matter anyway. The match was set and all I have to do is to support him.

I wish Manny the best and that he'll be safe come fight night and not do the chicken dance as infantile blogger Ricardo Lois delightfully wished. What bothers me beside Oscar De La Hoya allegedly wearing lingerie (joke) is his six-inch advantage against Manny Pacquiao. How will Manny overcome that? For weeks, reports have been surfacing on how Manny will surmount the problems presented by Oscar. Things are easier said than done.

Many questions will be answered come December 7. Will Manny Pacquiao handle De La Hoya's power and his vaunted left hook? Will the weight loss adversely affect Oscar? Will Manny's speed and power retained as he moved up in weight? Experts have answered these questions but we will all know the answer this Sunday.

This blog has been covering Manny Pacquiao for months already (and for years in my Journal) and I'm glad I get to chronicle the career of the best Filipino boxer at the moment. I'm hoping for the best and I want to see history. Oscar De La Hoya will get nothing if he wins the Dream Match other than prove to the world that he is a bully and probably get some needed ego-boost by beating a small boxer.

Good luck Manny! In taking the challenge of the bigger man, Manny Pacquiao is the only warrior in the ring come fight night.

Note: please excuse this post if it has some grammatical errors as I have no time to review it. Once I review it - the note will be removed. Thank you for your patience and understanding.