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Bleach 368 Review: The Fearless Child / Who and What is Fura?

Bleach 368 Review the Fearless Child. First stop, is the huge hollow coming out in the last issue is called "Fura"? Yes, it also happens to be Wonderweiss favorite! I think Mashiro pissed Wonderweiss good!

Finally, Hisagi and Tousen had their reunion. Hisagi is one of those Vice -captains totally hurt by their Captain's defection. But is Hisagi good enough? Will their pairing (with Captain Komamura) enough? Tousen really looks formidable and strong (cut Grimmjow's arm easily). Kenpachi gave him a handful though in their fight in the first Bleach story arc. Most bleach observers say Tousen might be holding back in that fight. Now, we will see Tousen's power now and how much he held back against Kenpachi (assuming it was true)

Man, I'll review and re-examine Bleach 368 (manga) G.W. again. I've ran out of time. So we will look forward to the next Bleach both in anime and manga. By the way, this piece is not yet finished.

Updated: Japanese comics = manga
Japanese cartoons= anime

Soi Fon's attitude typified why the rest of the Vizard are not warm about this reunion with the Shinigami. Hiyori has this great ability to piss people off and now irritates Toushirou - not Akon (not the singer) can pawn her.

Bleach's getting better. According to internet reports, Bleach manga is tenth in the best sellers list manga category. This year it even surpassed the Watchmen to become the best selling as the number 1 graphic novel in the United States. Great news right? You bet since the animation market in Japan shrunk this year.

Naruto 458 / Sai Tells Sakura That Naruto Loves Her / Danzo Will Lead The Five-Village Alliance? / Naruhina Is In Big Trouble

In today's explosive Naruto issue 458, Sai tells Sakura that Naruto loves her!!! The promise Naruto gave her years ago has become his curse. Both Sakura and Sasuke are hurting Naruto! These are the statements a pissed off Sai hurled at Sakura. Seeing Naruto beaten to a pulp is enough for Sai. Seriously, Sai has to tell her? Is she dense or something? I hope she is NOT that clueless! For a guy who doesn't know much about people, Sai did a good job.

Naruto promised Sakura he'll bring Sasuke back years ago. This pledge made Naruto unbecoming of a ninja when he begged the Raikage for forgiveness. It was a sad sight -- all of these for Sakura.

So what will it mean? Most likely Sakura will soften on Naruto maybe even tell him to stop. Knowing Naruto, he definitely won't do it - that's his Ninja Way. Complete with dramatic background music (in the anime soon), Naruto will declare his intention to get Sasuke back with a smile and a thumbs up, of course.

Now that Sakura knows Naruto's feelings, then what?

Naruhina fans don't give up. Though the aftermath of Hinata's confession was almost forgotten by Kishimoto it will return soon. Seriously, in real life seeing someone confess and almost die in front of you is an unforgettable experience!

The Five Kages Meeting

Agenda: The Akatsuki Threat

Now back to the meeting, the Tsuchikage is a cantankerous old man he must be English (joking). He picks on Gaara the Kazekage because of his age. Luckily, Gaara has sharp tongue too. The Kages began blaming each other for the rise of Akatsuki. In their discussions it became apparent that:

Kumokagure (Hidden Cloud Village) is still massing and building up its military (remember the Hyuga incident? The village tried to obtain the secret of the Byakugan from Konoha).

The Beautiful Mizukage (Hidden Mist) revealed there are suspicions her predecessor was under the control of someone.

With the loss of tailed beasts, other villages are sitting ducks to the Akatsuki threat.

The power and respect the Ninja Villages give to Land / Country of Iron and its leader Mifune is amazing. Yes, it is neutral but you can't just impose your will on a ninja village esp. if it's not yours!

Then, Danzo revealed the Akatsuki's true leader which is Uchiha Madara. The four other Kages seem to have NO IDEA about it at All. They were surprised at the revelation (at least that's what they projected, they are Ninjas after all).

A five-village military alliance was proposed and the Mifune of the Land of Iron nominated Danzo to lead it (Tsunade's in trouble no way he'll give reins of power back to her now even if she suddenly revives).

The Sixth Hokage Danzo is getting more powerful with each passing week. He was chosen NOT for his exemplary leadership skills but due to Konoha's military weapon - the nine-tails. Most likely other ninja villages will agree with the nomination. Do they have any choice? Disarmament and peaceful era weakened some Ninja villages strength. Worse, Akatsuki have several tailed-beasts in the arsenal.

This week Naruto # 45 ranks 70th in the list of best-selling books in the USA (July 13 - 19) according to USA Today.

Mad Surfer By Kenichi Asai (20th Bleach Ending)

The 20th Bleach ending starts in episode 230 - yup the new arc Zanpakutou Unknown Tales. With the new arc comes new Bleach ending song called Mad Surfer by Kenichi Asai. Mad Surfer has very American sound but the song is still incomplete. The full version will soon be released.

The English subs / translation

Mad Surfer English Translation:

Credits: xFlame990


I saw this game Wonder King and I am intrigued by it. I'm looking for more info about the game and hopefully I could play it soon. My favorite PC game is the Age of Empires - I love building things up and conquering other territories.

There's a Bleach game too by the way.

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Bleach Episode 230: Who Is Muramasa? / Materialization of Zanpakutou /

You saw Bleach episode 230? Yes, interesting episode isn't it? Too bad it's filler. Then, you have encountered Muramasa - the guy who forgot to cut his nails in the episode. Apparently a fan of Nine-Inch Nails, Muramasa also seems to lead the Zanpakutou rebellion. Man, the Shinigamis are really dependent on them and looked powerless - at least in the first episode of the arc (The Captains and VCs have other weapons like Kidou). Many Bleach Fans like the dude even comparing him to Aizen (he makes Aizen look like a saint). Just because of the nails? LOL I'm kidding. I hope HE HAS VALID ISSUES rebelling or he'll look like a wimp.

Most Interesting Theory on Muramasa:

(Sob) Muramasa is Kenpachi's Zanpakutou - he is allegedly Kenpachi's would have been Zanpakutou - too bad the guy doesn't know how to release it - that's why he is rebelling (bo-ho). He's bored and felt useless.

First Impression of Muramasa:

Emo. What goth rock band does he play in? LOL. Why are bad guys so cool (at least in looks)? Asked an anime fan. Bad guys have all the fun some people say but good guys win in the end - that's all that matters.


My Theory on Muramasa

I don't want to predict as its the easiest way to getting PAWNED but...maybe he is a maltreated Zanpakutou out to deliver his vengeance on the Shinigami or self-styled Freedom Fighter who got sick of what he perceives to be Shinigami oppression of his kind. Any theories on Muramasa's origin is acceptable right now but come next episodes I hope more info will be available about him. This is assuming he is a Soul Slayer too.

Ichigo will most likely go back to Soul Society (again) and fight the Zanpakotou rebels with Kenpachi (he can fight without releasing his sword anyway). Ichigo to the rescue!

Notes On Materialization of Zanpakutou:

Rukia has the most beautiful humanoid Zanpakutou as she has the most beautiful Soul Slayer in all of Soul Society.

Tobiume (Hinamori's Soul Slayer) resembles a Jigouko Shoujo character and looks compassionate but enjoys harming people.

Kazeshini & Houzukimaru are doing most of the damage in the first episode of the arc and seems to love violence. Kazeshini & Hisagi are complete opposites and Houzukimaru and Ikkaku are made for each other.

Haineko has the same personality as her wielder Rangiku Matsumoto (lazy, impatient etc.,)

Ashisogi Jizou looks creepy....mommy

Ukitake's Soul Slayer is a twin kid. Hmmmm

Suzumebachi is like Tinkerbell...a straight one.

Mr. Tite Kubo - this is one interesting filler arc! More filler arcs like this sir! (In the future of course, as I want to see Ichigo vs Ulquiorra.) Most likely it will be twenty plus (20+) filler arc episodes again or a span of five months one episode a week. So the anime will return to the main story in November-December 2009? I don't know but I do hope it will be shorter than the Bounto and Amagai fillers. If this filler arc is that GOOD, then I won't mind. In fact, as of now, I excited about the next episode.

Bleach is available both in manga (comics) and anime (cartoon). Created by Tite Kubo

Muramasa famous Japanese swordsmith of the 16th century. Remember Mifune of the Land of Iron? They are based on real life people or inspired by them.

My bad, I typed swordsman instead of swordsmith -- Thanks Chris.

I'm still waiting for Bleach Fade To Black I Call Your Name, are you too? I hope our long wait will be worth it.

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Japeth Aguilar Heading To The PBA / SBP Matched PBA's Offer But To No Avail

Just to complete my Japeth Aguilar series, as all of you know by now he is going to the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) - that's his decision and we will respect that. It doesn't matter what motivated him -- he made his decision. We are just observers and we can't possibly tell him what to do. Most hardcore basketball fans want Japeth Aguilar to join Smart Gilas as they want him to hone his skills under the expert tutelage of Rajko Toroman. The Serbian is credited for developing Hamed Haddadi of Iran who made it to the NBA. Those fans expect Toroman to do the same with Japeth.

Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas did its best to lure Japeth Aguilar to the national team (in other countries it's the opposite just ask David Beckham). According to a Manila Bulletin report dated July 22 bylined by Waylon Galvez "Smart-Gilas under Serbian coach Rajko Toroman, has offered a three-year deal to Aguilar, who, if he had agreed, would have a similar contract to a PBA rookie. He played several games with Gilas in the US few months back." Let it be known that Smart Gilas is willing to pay more for talent and is not bound to any salary cap as long as the player is worth it.

Some are still begging Japeth Aguilar to reconsider. Forget it. The guy made his decision. There are plenty of talented local big men: Junmar Fajardo (will join Gilas), Greg Slaughter, Rabeh Al-Hussaini, and even Ian Sangalang the former RP youth player (6-6 or 6-7). All they need is a competent trainer who will equip them with basketball skills needed to excel in international play. Rajko Toroman is the man for that as long as they do their part too. There is hope after all. Some people will say, "But Japeth plays differently from those you mentioned!" Yes I know but what can we do? Japeth is turning pro - we have to make use of what we have.

My message to Japeth Aguilar is ---Congratulations for making it to the PBA! He's not yet officially drafted but we know it's a no-brainer - he'll be in the PBA.

Smart Gilas is losing many talented cagers. It's disturbing. Why? Our country's talent pool is not that BIG.

Spice and Wolf Season 2 Opening / Mitsu No Yoake (Honey Dawn) / English

Mitsu No Yoake (Honey Dawn) is the opening song for the second season of the anime Spice and Wolf sung by Akino Arai. This anime is one of few decent ones coming out lately -- others are pure nonsense. The song sounds nice - too bad I don't have the English translation --- yet. I hope someone will post for I want to know what the song wants to convey.

I hoping I could study Japanese and I'll translate it myself.

For the uninitiated manga = comics
anime = cartoons

Buzzer Beat Opening Song / Yamapi's in the PBA? (Ichibutozenbu By B'z)

Ichibutozenbu (Ichibu To Zenbu) by B'z is the theme / opening song of the new Japanese dorama Buzzer beat. I told you Yamapi is in the PBA...don't believe me? Check out the drama. Yamashita Tomohisa plays in the Professional Basketball Association or PBA.

Basketball sequences don't look realistic. Man, I think they blew it. Good thing it is just a TV show. As long as nobody flies like a bird in Buzzer Beat I think this is fine.

Ichibutozenbu English Translation / Lyrics Not Yet Available

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The Tenth One Piece Film Strong World Teaser Trailer / Luffy Looks Fat

Trailer for the upcoming One Piece Film Strong World coming this December 12, 2009. Luffy looks fat probably because of what he is wearing.

One Piece is a story about a band of pirates and the quest of their captain to become the Pirate King -- available both in anime and manga (Japanese comics).

The Mizukage Is A Man? Oh Please Who Can Think of This?

When the female Mizukage first appeared in Naruto weeks ago, most people were raving about how "hot" she is (or well-drawn accurately put). To my amazement, others speculated that she might be a man! Her disgust at the term "man" stems from the fact she doesn't want to remember her past as a guy -- according to their theory. Although wild speculations are common in manga and anime boards, it stumped me too. Well I made a mistake thinking Yuukimaru is a girl when he first appeared on the filler episodes of Naruto and I was surprised he was a HE lol. But his appearance and clothing resembles that of a girl. So I waited for another issue for confirmation but I bet the Mizukage is a girl. Two weeks ago, it was clear the Mizukage is a woman. Hopefully, it will stay that way. However, it is never too late to surprise the readers as far as some manga (for the uninitiated Japanese comics) creators are concerned (mangaka).

In Rurouni Kenshin, one of Shishio Makoto minions is a guy who dresses like a girl - Kamatari. He is voiced by a woman too who wouldn't be confused.

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Powerade Team Pilipinas Fiba-Asia 2009 Schedule /

Fiba-Asia Schedule for Powerade Team Pilipinas

Aug 6. Thursday 0900H vs. Sri Lanka
Aug 7. Friday 2100H vs. Japan
Aug 8. Saturday 2100H vs. South Korea

Tianjin, China

Yes, when you are reading this, maybe the Fiba-Asia 2009 Championship has already begun. There were many things said about the performance of Powerade Team Pilipinas. As much as I don't want to add anything to their agony and risk being called a traitor, crab or anything like that I will say what I want to say. There are only three things I could give as unsolicited advice. They are simple and I know that the coaching staff is aware of this but the players still keep on making these mistakes. First, it is humiliating for professionals but Powerade Team Pilipinas should practice passing - playing possum or whatever excuse they have will not spare them from this advice. I saw Raymundo, Dillinger, Aguilar, Baguio, Miller, Norwood, Santos and others who can't properly handle passes in the recently concluded Jones Cup that it's so frustrating to watch! For pros like them, it should be routine to catch the ball easily. Many easy opportunities were wasted by mishandling of the ball. Second, Powerade Team Pilipinas should practice their lay-ups. Blown lay-ups look funny --- ask Japeth against Korea --- and regrettable. Finally, They should practice shooting -- esp. three-point shooting. In the game against Jordan, the team threw - A LOT OF BRICKS. I saw the team execute a set play wonderfully but the shot was missed --- get my drift? Of course I know Team Pilipinas practices these things but why do they still commit these errors. If I'm not mistaken they averaged 20 Turnovers / game. Yes, I know they still lack familiarity but its no excuse to blow a lay-up or make an INBOUND turnover. There are people who can make better assessments but I'll stick to basics.

Powerade Team Pilipinas has nine days left before the Tianjin wars. Can they suddenly morph from a disorganized, rag-tag squad to a cohesive unit as some defenders believe? I hope so. Anything less than a third place is not acceptable. If it's not doable, three wins in Tianjin would be enough (for me -- as a supporter please read my previous posts for clarification. If Team Pilipinas want to advance further then they should win all their games in the first and second round to avoid a confrontation with China).

Don't underestimate Sri Lanka, Team Pilipinas! After the Jones Cup fiasco, you are in no position look down on any team - it might come back and bit you like CT-B. Thankfully we won against them.
If its possible dispose the opponents early because in Fiba-Asia Championship accidents happen! Remember the 2007 Team Pilipinas and the Greek referee? Anyways, Good luck to Powerade Team Pilipinas!

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Manny Pacquiao vs Miguel Cotto Update / Analysis / Prediction / Result

Pacquiao vs Cotto Fight Update, Analysis, Prediction, and Result of the most anticipated fight of the year (or the last half of the year) is here...

Pacquiao vs Cotto was tentatively called "Power Surge" (this reminds people of Systems Losses). Others in Pacland have great titles like: Pacquiao vs Cotto The Real One (real number one that is), Pacquiao vs Cotto Thunder in November (MEG) and Pacquiao vs Cotto Top Dogs (seniorchief). Or the old title a Paclander gave Pac's previous fight "Never Back Down". Well, Bob Arum and his staff has came up with a much better title "Fire Power" than what they previously floated around. It means expect fireworks or explosions come fight night.

So who's going to win Pacquiao vs Cotto? After spectacular victories over the bigger Oscar De La Hoya and the former 140 pound king (some English dude who fell like Michael Bisping last May), made him a clear favorite in the fight for most fans -- forget those wannabe experts. Why will Pacquiao win the fight? First, his speed. Pacquiao was so fast he made Oscar De La Hoya, David Diaz, Erik Morales, Marco Antonio Barrera look like punching bags. But speed without direction is useless and that's where Team Pacquiao comes in. Yes, the boxer, the trainer and his assistants form a Team - a bitter Brit in Bangkok doesn't understand that. The biggest asset to Team Pacquiao is Coach Freddie Roach. His strategies are effective and Cotto doesn't have that ---- a top caliber coach yet (as of July). In addition, Pacquiao has power in BOTH HANDS now as he showed against that Englishman and has developed patience - no more careless all out attack which is suicide against Cotto.

Some say Miguel Cotto is a tune up for Floyd Mayweather or he is just a tailor made fighter for Pac. I disagree -- a match up with Miguel Cotto is a fight in itself. One of the world's top pound for pound boxers he doesn't deserve to be disrespected. He is also a gentleman and will talk trash when necessary but a warrior in the ring. Obviously, Miguel Cotto is bigger than Pacquiao (HBO Commentary team can attest to that). Pacquiao only reached 148 lbs maximum in fight night against that Englishman last May and come fight night Cotto might go as high as 154 lbs (from 145 lb catchweight). The Puerto Rican has sheer size advantage. It remains to be seen whether Pacquiao can take a punch of a legitimate Welterweight. As I've said before Miguel Cotto is also one of the best body punchers in the boxing business and inflicted some incredible body shot knockouts in his career. However, close examination shows Miguel Cotto's punching power fizzles out against top opponents - Malignaggi (as jr. welter), Margarito, Mosley and Clottey survived the Puerto Rican. Besides, Cotto was so slow in his last match against Clottey I can't believe the Ghanian his beating him to the punch! He is getting a dose of his own medicine. Clottey didn't throw enough punches in that fight though and he lost.

A Ring Magazine writer said if Pacquiao wins against Cotto there'll be no question and the Filipino effectively cements his legacy. This guy is naive. As I've said before, you can find a loophole in a boxer you don't like. But I agree with him Cotto is the toughest boxer Manny Pacquiao has faced so far in his career and Freddie Roach has set up an eight-week training camp to put his ward into fighting shape.

Pacquiao vs Cotto is a non-title fight as the latter won't stake his crowns despite that the match is generating more buzz than Mayweather vs Marquez. Fight fans expect a war and most likely they will get it - this is the drawing power of Pacquiao vs Cotto.



It is now a title fight after an uproar from Pacquiao's fans forced Arum to reconsider. Cotto's welterweight titles are now at stake.

Wolverine & Iron Man Anime Trailers / This Is Not Wolverine!!!

Wolverine and Iron Man anime versions are coming and I have the trailers. Let me clear things up - first of all this was Marvel's idea so they could break into the Japanese market. Here's a report from

Marvel Entertainment announced today that they're partnering up with the well known Madhouse to create some new series based off of Marvel Comics characters for the Japanese market. Similar to what was done by Gonzo with Witchblade, the series will be done in a way that fits into the Japanese anime sensibilities which means they may not retain a lot of familiar elements that the comics fans are familiar with.

So why anime? This is Marvel's way of making more money - reaching out to a new market. It's not a sin anyway.

Of course some people reacted negatively but the show wasn't made for them anyway. Here are some reactions from youtube:

"This is a very good quality video, a lot of time and effort has obviously been spent on it, it's just a damn shame It Doesn't Have Wolverine. Would watch it otherwise."

Many agreed with him.

"I Agree this is not Wolverine at all. Wolverine is a YELLOW SPANDEX WEARING Canadian!"

Yeah, also the guy who wears briefs outside his pants. This is NOT Wolverine at ALL LOL.

Wolverine Anime

Iron Man Anime

I don't know what to say but I got to see these shows first before reacting.

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Powerade Team Pilipinas Fiba-Asia 2009 Line Up

Team Pilipinas Fiba-Asia 2009 Line Up

Asi Taulava
Mick Pennisi
Japeth Aguilar
Sonny Thoss
Kerby Raymundo
Arwind Santos
Jarred Dillinger
Gabe Norwood
Cyrus Baguio
James Yap
Willie Miller
Jayjay Helterbrand

Ryan Reyes
Ranidel De Ocampo

Coach: Yeng Guiao

Remember their names!

Three teams I'm sure they can beat
Sri Lanka > 1st round
Uzbekistan > both 2nd round

I told you my readers that we will beat Japan. But judging from our inability to break down Japanese type basketball it's 50 -50 now.

Practice Matches

Powerade Team Pilipinas defeated North and South All-stars and AIA, but lost to PBA All-Stars

Short History

Invited in Qatar Invitationals = Powerade Team Pilipinas didn't join as the season was ongoing. All expenses paid for by organizers and they get to play the best West Asian teams.

Exhibition with Puerto Rican club = Didn't materialize there was problem with arrangements as in who will pay the cost of inviting the club.

Rajko Toroman Coach of 2007 Fiba-Asia champions team offered to scout opponents for Coach Yeng was TURNED DOWN spectacularly in the newspapers or in basketball terms - Toroman was rejected!!!

people with no sense of humor stop reading

Jones Cup

Practice Tournament (according to some people NOT me)

Mission: To pack 10-months worth of training in an eight-day tournament

Time left: BARELY TWO WEEKS huhuhu...

Strengths: Defense effective if they take it seriously, Excellent hide and seek practitioners (again according to defenders)

Weaknesses: Never mind. Enumerate their weaknesses and you're a traitor to the country LOL. Headband....

Monicker: Possums (as of Jones Cup), Lions (in Fiba Asia)....according to defenders

Result: quarter finalist

Quote of the Week:
with due respect with the Sri Lankans .... if for some reason POWERADE does lose to their team at FIBA-Asia, I would really lose my respect for the PBA as that means our basketball really detoriated bigtime. That also means we truly deserve the 63rd FIBA World ranking.

nardy, interbasket day 2 of the Jones Cup with 0 -2 record

This post disturbed me. Is our Team that worse? Luckily I still hang on to the belief we can win against Sri Lanka. Even now, I believe.

I believe we can win against Sri Lanka, Taiwan and Uzbekistan and I'm saying this again and again so I could convince you to believe too. So I wrote my expectations OK? It will save you from extreme disappointment if our team underachieved (meaning we lose God forbid to Taiwan or Uzbekistan or both) and give us tremendous joy if our team suddenly overachieved (beat Iran in the second round!). I'm not underestimating these teams mentioned but I think we have the defense that could rattle them plus the talent to boot.

This is assuming Taiwan qualifies for the second round.

Powerade Team Pilipinas

Bleach 367 Your Enemy Is My Enemy / Payback

Bleach 367 Your Enemy is My Enemy

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend"

Its payback time - the Vizards (ones deceived by Aizen) and Shinigami (ones betrayed by Aizen's gang) fight side by side against the Arrancars and Renegade Shinigamis. They have no choice. Two weeks ago, we saw some Vizards were still bitter with their former Shiningami colleagues. As Shinji told Captain Yamamoto,"We're not on your side. We're on Ichigo's side." Pretty understandable considering 110 years ago, Soul Society wanted them DEAD. The Vizards are bitter but not vengeful. The target of their ire is Aizen and his minions.

Captain Komamura broke the ice and declared he's there to help the masked ones. Yup, he was convinced they were allies after the Vizards destroyed the Menos Grandes coming out. Ironically, he saved Shinji from Aizen's underling and his ex-bestfriend Tousen. Hisagi wants to join in too.

Komamura + Hisagi vs Tousen

I think Yamamoto is still out so her fight against Ichimaru Gin will probably be later. I still want to know more about their relationship and how they got to know each other.

Aizen has many enemies. Who will fight him?

Lisa Yadomaru was the only one who bothered to check on her former captain Shunsui who was on the ground after Stark outsmarted him and Ukitake. Lisa is a hottie (or correctly put well-drawn).

By the way, Payback is soooooo sweet.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Naruto Chapter 457 / Naruto Begs For Sasuke / The Meeting of The Five Kages Begin

In Naruto 457, Naruto begged the Raikage to spare Sasuke. It didn't work. The Raikage has the Ninja view of the world. Forgiveness and nonviolence is an alien concept in the Ninja universe. It goes to show Naruto has a long way in becoming like Mahatma Gandhi and change the ninja world. Besides, Sasuke should be the one begging anyway. He is the one at fault.

By the way the meeting of the Kages is about to start and Mifune - the leader of the land of iron is the moderator. The agenda is how to deal with Akatsuki.

Boy, I'll discuss this issue more G.W. tomorrow due to time constraints.

This is what happened before:

Actually, the Raikage was talking about Neji's father. When Hinata was kidnapped, the kidnapper was killed by Hiashi, Hinata's father. The kidnapper was a representative from the Cloud, Raikage's village. Since their representative was killed, they DEMANDED Hiashi's dead body so they wont start a war against the Leaf. So Sarutobi did was, he quickly decided to give Hizashi(Neji's father) instead of Hiashi(Hinata's father). Hiashi is from the Main family and Hizashi is from the branch family but since they are twins, the cloud wont noticed the differences. Of course, the curse seal on Hizashi's head vanished after his death. It wasnt a bad decision for Sarutobi since the branch family's responsibility is to solely protect the Main family who is holding the secrets of their bloodline.

Narutokun, mangafox

This is what Yamato was talking about in Naruto Chapter 457.


What is Sai going to tell Sakura?
Maybe NOT what you're thinking. It's too obvious.

Naruto manga from Weekly Shonen Jump it also has anime version seen legally on Crunchyroll.

Of Powerade Team Pilipinas & Possum / The Naivety of Foreign Scout / Chot & Yeng Are The Same

Powerade Team Pilipinas mascot should be the Possum as the creature is often used to describe the team's performance as in "Playing Possum".

One of the most cited defense for playing possum is Kazakhstan which placed 9th place in the 2007 Jones Cup basketball tournament but 4th in the Fiba-Asia tournament. As if it was OK, but they didn't qualify right? Their target wasn't achieved, diplomatically put. Lebanon and Korea played possum in the same tournament but did enough to secure victory in winnable games and never made a fool of themselves. Lebanon was second both in Jones Cup and Fiba-Asia championship in 2007 qualifying for the Beijing Olympics in the process. Korea finished third (Tied with Phils) both in the Jones Cup and in Fiba-Asia. It means when your team is good, it is good. If a team has a coaching staff which KNOWS HOW TO ADJUST and PLAYERS WHO PLAY SMART, then there's no problem even scouting can be neutralized.

But there will be a problem if one underestimates foreign scouts as if they don't know how to tell some team's holding back or not. If an average spectator notices it, then how much more an experienced scout. They know whose "diving" or "playing possum". I don't think they are THAT NAIVE and clueless.

THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO INSIST CHOT REYES was gung-ho and didn't hold back in the 2007 Jones Cup which resulted to our poor performance in that year's Fiba-Asia Championship. It is unfair to Mr. Reyes.

Bill Velasco, The Game of My Life, Philippine Star July 9, 2007 issue

Needless to say, local fans are not too happy with the performance of the Philippine team to the Jones Cup in Taipei. Considering that the Centennial Team topped the tournament without as much support as the current team. But before we cast stones, let’s look at the big picture.

Against the Athletes In Action (representing the US), Jimmy Alapag was flawless with 5-of-5 from the field on his way to 19 points. Mark Caguioa scored nine straight for the Philippines down the stretch. Our players used their experience against the young American selection and knocked off the defending champions.

With less than four seconds remaining and looking at overtime, El Fadi Khatib led a mad dash to Lebanon’s basket and passed off to Rony Fahed, whose awkward desperation heave banked and rolled in for a come-from-behind 65-62 victory. We were outscored, 21-10, in the fourth quarter. Khatib had a monster game with 26 points on 7 of 10 field goals attempts and 12 of 14 free throws.

The following day, the Philippines allowed Yusutake Oatada to score the winning fastbreak off Dondon Hontiveros only turnover with one second left. Japan upset the Philippines, 86-84. Once again, we were outscored in the fourth quarter, 26-13, this time. Even after referees reset the clock back to one second, the Philippines wasn’t able to tie the score. Renren Ritualo hit seven of 10 three-pointers.

Against South Korea, the Philippines held on to preserve the win, 88-84. Gabe Norwood dunked with 10.5 seconds to go for a six-point lead. Mark Caguioa led the Filipinos with 19.

Jordan, meanwhile, used size against us, as Team Pilipinas countered with its backcourt. Caguioa and Alapag combined for 42 points in another loss, 74-70. Jamal Almaaytah had 18 points and five rebounds, while Ayman Idais had 15 points and seven rebounds.

Facing Iran, the Philippines bombed away from outside, knocking down 10 three-pointers in an 89-79 win. The Pinoys burst away with a 32-22 second quarter. James Yap led with 18 points, followed by Alapag’s 14 points and eight assists.

The big picture is that, although we may be unhappy with the losses, the Philippines is still a work in progress, and experimenting is part of the strategy. Head coach Chot Reyes has used different combinations of players, because this is the only way he can study combinations in actual combat, as it were. Second, we are still missing Danny Seigle, who is probably the best closer on the team. The final composition of the team has not been determined, and whose hands to put the ball into when the game is on the line is still a question mark.

So what Yeng is doing now isn't much different to what Chot Reyes was doing, I'm hoping the result is different - very much different. Stop using Chot Reyes to contrast this year's Team Pilipinas and the 2007 one.

After our loss to Japan in 2007 Jones Cup, Chot Reyes was man enough to admit his mistake. "It's the story of our lives," Reyes said in a statement released shortly after the game. "We can't execute in the endgame. We can't close out the game. It's my fault. I did not give them good shots."


Powerade Team Pilipinas / Philippines vs Chinese-Taipei / Powerade vs Korea Recap / Result

Powerade Team Pilipinas / Philippines vs Chinese - Taipei / Taiwan B 3:00 pm Saturday July 25

Chinese-Taipei B team is a developmental team although they have one US NCAA basketball player with the English name Jet Chang from Brigham Young University - Hawaii. The B team was competitive against Korea and Jordan but couldn't sustain its offense and it usually falters in the fourth quarter. It basically plays like Korea with plenty of drive and kickout plays. Chinese-Taipei B is mostly accurate in the three-point arc so Powerade Team Pilipinas better take note.


Powerade Team Pilipinas / Philippines vs Korea Recap / Result

South Korea 83 - 80 Team Pilipinas

According to internet reports, Team Pilipinas pulled their did Korea in my opinion but did enough to win.

From their Jones Cup games, one worrying trend I noticed is Team Pilipinas' ability to choke in the endgame. I hope it won't be a habit come Fiba-Asia. For example at the start of the fourth quarter the score was 59 -57 in favor of Korea. Korea sets up a play and scored an uncontested three (defense scrambled but to no avail). Then, an inbound turnover happened (I don't know how but Miller seems to have lost control of the ball again). Korea shot another three. In just few minutes at the start of the fourth quarter, Korea had a 6-0 run which was enough of a buffer for them to take the game. Three straight turnovers put the game out of reach against Lebanon. Turnovers and questionable decisions led to blown lead against Japan. I do hope choking hasn't become a habit yet of Team Pilipinas

Powerade Team Pilipinas vs Korea Positives
-First half defense was intense and put the Koreans in trouble but wasn't sustained in the 2nd half
- Three point shooting improved (very valuable!)

Powerade Team Pilipinas vs Korea Negatives
- Turnovers (commiting TOs and playing possum is not the same see how Lebanon plays)
-Poor Three Point Shooting Defense (The score is deceptive as Korea uncharacteristically missed many uncontested three point shots. I sure hope it improves come Fiba-Asia I meant our defense not Korea's three point shooting LOL.)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

2nd Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood Ending Let It Out English Video

Here's the Second Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood ending song "Let It Out" By Miho Fukuhara in English (video only - subbers didn't explicitly allow anything)

Let It Out Lyrics

Let it all out, let it all out
tsuyogaranakute iin' da ne
dare ka ga kaiteta kabe no rakugaki no hana ga yureru.

Jibun rashisa nante dare mo wakaranai yo
nagai nagai michi no tochuu de nakushitari hirottari
kyuu ni sabishiku natte naichau hi mo aru kedo...

Namida mo itami mo hoshi ni kaeyou
ashita o terasu hikari o tomosou
chiisana te o zashite futari tsukurou hoshikuzu o
tsuyoku hikaru eien o sasagasou.

Sayonara itsuka wa kuru kamoshirenai
kisetsu wa sore de mo meguri megutteku
chiisaku mayotte mo
aruiteku kimi to aruiteku
sore dake wa kawaranaide you ne.

transcribed by RanMD81

Full Metal Alchemist is available in manga (Japanese comics) and anime, originated from the mind of Hiromu Arakawa - wonderful storytelling. I got hooked the moment I watched an episode - gripping stuff and makes you think about morality and the boundary of science.

Here's the video:

Jordan Crawford PAWNS / POSTERIZES / DUNKS ON LeBron James Video

This is the video LeBron James allegedly tried to hide from fans worldwide. In his camp, a collegiate player in the name Jordan Crawford slams /posterizes LeBron James! After the embarrasing play, LeBron reportedly had the tapes containing the ownage confiscated. However the news leaked out and public interest soared. Too bad for LeBron! Yesterday, TMZ showed the video but it was ebaumnation who had the best quality video of Jordan Crawford posterizing / dunks on Lebron James. The dunk is not that good...LeBron made a big deal over nothing. In ebaumnation, the footage has more than a million hits already. If anything, its LeBron James' fault why public interest is high.

Powerade Team Pilipinas / Philippines vs Korea Jones Cup / Martial Law Imposed On Opposing Views

Powerade Team Pilipinas vs Korea 5 pm July 23, 2009

Another tough test for Team Pilipinas is this match against Korea. Korea is a fast team with excellent teamwork but it lacks physical presence inside. Another worry about Korea is its accuracy in the three point arc. Seriously, Team Pilipinas players should clamp down on its three-point shooters which is basically the entire Team Korea. Don't give them space. I only ask for a much better display of offense and defense for our team. Man, stop turning the ball over so many times! I reckon the real Ryan Reyes (not Jayjay) will play today along with Dillinger.

Players to watch out for:
Kim Min Soo - rebounder and scorer, a workhorse
Kim Joo Sung - 7 foot Center / shot blocker

Plays to watch out for:
drive and kick out for three (staple for Team Korea)
drive and cut
pick and roll

I do hope they revert back to the kind of defense they brought out against Kazakhstan. Yes I know Kazakhstan isn't a strong team but what I want to see is determined type of defense and we need that against Korea whose own brand of run and gun offense is very effective (almost error free too).

In Team Pilipinas discussion, there are people dissing other people for expressing their opinions calling them geniuses. LOL grow up! That why its called "discussion". Why are they so afraid to talk about it? It's a discussion - what? Should we stop talking about it? NO!

Some brats still don't get it. Criticizing Team Pilipinas is not necessarily hating on them - that's childish thinking. Unless you are related to the players of Team Pilipinas why stop the discussion? By the way, Team Pilipinas is lucky their matches are being talked about - other meager paid national team players from other sports wished Filipinos talk about them too. Our much competitive softball team lost their second game against Japan - in the World Championship yet few people care.

Some even say we should be thankful they represent us. I say THEY should be thankful for they are given the PRIVILEGE of playing for our country. Only a chosen few get to do that.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ignorant Korean Press Thought Lee Hyori Was Illegal Immigrant

There is no boundary to the ignorance of Korean press. Initially they thought Lee Hyori was an "illegal Filipino immigrant". Here's Lee Hyori:

"When I first debuted my skin color was dark and there was an article that was saying I was an illegal Filipino immigrant. Because of that article, a lot of rumors started. The paparazzi photographed me a lot and I was hurt because of that... but now that I've been out for 10 years, those rumors don't bother me anymore."

The controversial description here is "illegal immigrant". If the Korean press described her as "Filipino" only then there'll be no uproar.

There are illegal Korean immigrants here too by the way. Yes, the owner of that Korean restaurant -- the one that doesn't let Filipinos in might be illegal too. I will not be surprised if the LA Riots HAPPEN here soon esp. if you are being discriminated IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY!

Powerade Team Pilipinas vs Lebanon / Thought Communists

Powerade Team Pilipinas vs Lebanon 7:00 pm July 22, 2009

Jackson Vroman, naturalized Lebanese, had 24 points, 8 rebounds and 3 blocks in Lebanon's win over Kazakhstan yesterday (77 -73 final score) and might play against Powerade Team Pilipinas tonight. Fadi El-Khatib according to news reports didn't play in that match. Team Pilipinas will still test player combinations and feel out the opponent as they won't do it much earlier or in some tournament where they are not seen Asia-wide. Whatever, they can do whatever they want I just hope it all works out well in the end.

I've seen this tactic before from Chot Reyes. Contrary to what some people believe, Chot Reyes never really took Jones Cup 2007 seriously too. He was also busy trying new player combinations and other stuff.

Bill Velasco, The Game of My Life, Philippine Star July 9, 2007

The big picture is that, although we may be unhappy with the losses, the Philippines is still a work in progress, and experimenting is part of the strategy. Head coach Chot Reyes has used different combinations of players, because this is the only way he can study combinations in actual combat, as it were...

Update 7 - 24 - 2009

I forgot to say why I wrote Thought Communist in the title. Simple, for the are people trying to silence criticism - any kind of criticism even if it is meant for the well-being of the team. Not everyone who criticizes Team Pilipinas wants them to fail. Those people want uniform thinking - I don't buy that and it won't happen. I want to say what I want to say.

I believe most of them haven't read this

Even though the team won the game, I am still not confident with the way POWERADE practices are being conducted. There seems to be no sense of urgency even though we know time is running out. I do not like to compare but the practice being made by our PBA Professionals pales in comparison with the way SMART GILAS practices. Before Toroman left for Serbia, even though the last practices of GILAS only have 5 players, it was still done in a serious manner. But at POWERADE, as a certain player said to me "Laro-laro lang". Am giving them upto next week to get to work, if not .... I have no choice but to be convinced on what the other forumers are saying that the PBA is not really that dedicated to this year's FIBA-Asia and are just riding thru with it's last commitment to the National Team.

Nardy, SBP insider interbasket July 2, 2009

I don't want to interpret what he wrote (16 days before Jones Cup) judge for yourselves my dear readers.

Lebanon took us seriously parading Vroman, Khatib and Feghali. Vroman and Feghali did most of the damage as Khatib was cruising along saving himself up for next month. Team Pilipinas fought back and was within striking distance in the 4th when three straight turnovers increased the lead and Lebanon never looked back.

Team Pilipinas Positives:
Outrebounded Lebanon 36 -28 team rebounding
Shot more 3s ( 11 but we need more)
Raymundo held his own against Vroman
Dillinger will probably guard Khatib in Fiba-Asia

same old problem - turnovers, lack of teamwork...yada yada.

Where was the intense defense they put up against Kazakhstan?

Seriously, any more ball handling errors and I will put glue in their hands lol. Miller seems to have problems grabbing the ball.

Come Fiba-Asia (as I've said before) Powerade Team Pilipinas will beat Sri Lanka - it is enough to qualify for the second round. The Nationals can beat Taiwan in the rematch and Uzbekistan also. I believe this team can reach the quarterfinals though their fate in the tournament depends on their performance. I mean, they should win as many games as they can so they avoid China in the quarterfinals and survive longer in the tournament. Most people predict a 5th to 8th place finish for the Nationals. I don't know we'll see.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rei or Asuka? I Will Chose Ms Evangelion / Maki Horikita as Rei / Erika Toda as Asuka

Between Rei or Asuka I chose Rei as Miss Evangelion. She doesn't talk much, obedient but can defend herself when necessary, has great ability to piss people off and besides she just looks good as far as I'm concerned (correctly put she is drawn magnificently - she is a drawing after all). Watching Neon Genesis Evangelion is great esp. for men. Rei Ayanami is like Yuki Nagato of Haruhi Suzumiya. Both happens to be my favorites.

Of all Japanese actress I think Maki Horikita is perfect of Rei. Her role in Japanese dorama Nobuta Wo Produce - a silent, troubled young woman with very weird personality is much like Rei in the anime -- and don't get me started about physical attributes.
Maki Horikita looks beautiful even in short hair.

Asuka is spoiled rotten kid but with issues too. I don't know who will play her. The Japanese public wants Erika Toda to play the part. Hmmm...she's a bad girl in Gal Circle. Maybe she can play the role.

Rei Ayanami - Bring Her To Life

Powerade Team Pilipinas vs Japan / Respect

Powerade Team Pilipinas vs Japan schedule 3:00 pm July 21, 2009 Jones Cup Basketball Competition

Oh yes after that emotional win (at least for me) Powerade Team Pilipinas needs another victory - just to earn respect. Yes, respect! Japan never considers Pilipinas as a threat. I'm not offended by it just that Team Pilipinas does have a hard time against Japan. Man, even their Universiade team defeated the Nationals in 2007 Jones Cup, remember that? I know this is not the strongest Japanese lineup yet but it is not our fault. Powerade Team Pilipinas should win. There are rumors our Team will lose again. What for? Japan is so weak! I saw the game against Taiwan they don't hustle hard. Japan is hiding something whatever it is we should be ready. You know what it is better to lose to a strong team than a weak one.

Powerade Team Pilipinas vs Kazakhstan Post Match Analysis

"Korea defeated Kazakhstan using speed and accuracy. Every opportunity it gets the East Asian team runs. Any sane small team should as the Central Asian republic is full of giants."

I'm so happy we won yesterday. Our bread and butter one-on-one plays worked and most especially we ran at every opportunity like Korea - that's why we won! Yes, Japeth Aguilar showed flashes of brilliance and his defense made the Kazakhs worry. Some people say we won as Kazakhs are shorthanded - NBA prospect Pomonarev is not with the team -maybe. We will know if we ever meet again in the Fiba-Asia Championship.

If you criticize Team Pilipinas you are a crab.

I only criticize Powerade Team Pilipinas because I have basis. I'm not a mouthpiece of somebody I want to say what I want to say. I'm not pollyanaish either. First, Powerade Team Pilipinas never really took their crusade seriously. If you follow the team you will know they turned down the chance to play in the Qatar tournament (last June) because the season is on-going. It's free - the organizers will shoulder the cost. Team Pilipinas could've done all the adjustments starting from there - not now when there are three weeks left. You can't possibly unlearn all their bad habits in that short span of time. Some people are starting to brag again after the Kazakhstan victory our record is still...1 -2! Our bread and butter plays are one-on-one but we are not as athletic as Team USA. Some of our players can't handle the ball as if their hands have oil or something. Kazakhstan is a perennial Jones Cup doormat yet placed 4th in the last Fiba-Asia championship. The problem with some people is they just love propaganda. So we are all "Yes men!" now? Go live in your own world. Other people just want to view things on a balanced perspective.

I'm happy though - at least we won.

We won because...

...their defense is better is time. I see determination.
...three point shooting is much, much better. No more brick-shooting contest plays worked. I think Team Pilipinas will never change so might as well make the most of these one-on-one plays. But will it work against better teams like Iran, Korea, & Lebanon.
...Jayjay Helterbrand is back.

update July 22, 2009

Yes Japan is weak that we built a 19-point and a 12-point lead only to blow it away LOL. I never realized Powerade is that soft! Nineteen points up some players began throwing away possessions. I remember Willie Miller forcing his shots. I don't know why some of our players (Norwood esp.) seem to be anxious on showboating. Team Pilipinas is NOT THE HARLEM GLOBETROTTERS. Slowly Japan clawed back using slash and kickout for three and other slash and cut play. It was effective they kept on using it. Our defenders get sucked by the slasher leaving some of the Japanese players open. The problem is the Nihonjin just shoot better from three. Team Pilipinas three-point shooting also disappeared along with the lead. I thought they had learned their lesson. I thought their defense has improved esp after clamping on Kazakhstan. As it turns out this is an on-and-off team! No consistency - oh my bad they consistently throw the ball away since game 1 in the Jones Cup. This is definitely NOT playing possum.

Yes, Coach Yeng Guiao shuffled players in the 2nd quarter but its no excuse to commit turnovers!

They had an opportunity to win but it slipped away. No matter at least this is the Jones Cup - this is what some people want us to believe. I really hope the Team Pilipinas players actually LEARN from this. I don't mind losing now as it grew on me.

There are people who say Team Pilipinas didn't take the game seriously. Really? How about Japan you think they took the game seriously too? They used basic plays to score and never really revealed anything. Kei Igarashi, their main man, barely played. The other half of the Takeuchi twins didn't come to Taiwan. Can you be sure they took the game seriously too?

Team Pilipinas needs to win one game in Tianjin and they are in the second round or qualifying round anyway and that's where the real test begins. Even if they lose to Japan and Korea in Fiba-Asia they can win against Sri Lanka. No offense meant to the Sri Lankan people.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Miso Soup English Version / Video Tegomass / Come Fangirls Come

I've got Tegomass' Miso Soup English Version so fangirls come!!! Come in your thousands - Tegoshi Yuya and Masuda Takahisa fans. I'm hoping they would. This song was released in Sweden where Tegomass has a huge fanbase.

Unfortunately, this is just a fan-made vid but if you look closely it seems as though they really speak English. I thought I had a SCOOP. I was wrong. Don't worry I got pawned too but I'll feature it anyway I do hope you fangirls enjoy esp those who haven't heard of it.

Powerade Team Pilipinas vs Kazakhstan / Gigantic Problems In Jones Cup Again

Powerade Team Pilipinas vs Kazakhstan schedule 3:00 pm July 20, 2009

Powerade Team Pilipinas (some people say Poorade) will face a team we last beat in 1998 when Jojo Lastimosa was still playing. Kazakhstan since then has mastered the PBA powered squad who were having a hard time against the tall and fundamentally sound Kazakhs. Both teams have yet to win. Kazakhstan has three teenagers in the team and played in the recently concluded FIBA World Under 19 Championship. It has one player playing in Europe - Anton Ponomarev. Korea defeated Kazakhstan using speed and accuracy. Every opportunity it gets the East Asian team runs. Any sane small team should as the Central Asian republic is full of giants. Powerade Team Pilipinas can do that but most of the time in the Jones Cup - the player is faster than the ball resulting in turnover. All I can say is good luck to Team Pilipinas. One of their weaknesses is their inability to play against tall squads. I don't know if their bread and butter one-on-one plays will work against Kazakhstan. I do hope it won't be another whitewash.

They need it. It's NOT LIKE THE PBA is affected with these embarrassing losses to Jordan and Team White-whatever.

Powerade Team Pilipinas comments

Gabe Norwood tried to show-off last night giving an alley-oop pass to Dillinger who mishandled the ball anyway. Despite trailing in double-digits against Team CTA, Norwood had the nerve to do that. He was replaced and never played again.

After the jumpball at the start of the game, Team Pilipinas didn't even know what court they are going to defend and they went to the other side, the Taiwanese scored an easy two.

Enough of this...our national players (save for Japeth Aguilar who will soon be) are millionaires anyway. It's not worth it. They'll forget this as easy as they forget their season (at least for some).

Powerade Team Pilipinas look like amateurs at one point I was so embarrassed by their performance. I don't know if they were too - I don't mean the players but the Philippine Basketball Association management.

The wake up call happened eons ago that's why SBP formed Smart Gilas. The PBA will stop representing the country after this tournament.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Powerade Team Pilipinas vs Chinese-Taipei A / Practice Winning Not Losing!

It's Powerade Team Pilipinas vs Chinese Taipei A Tonight and boy there are two things that will happen tonight - either our team unleash their full fury on Taiwan or get blown away --- again. Jayjay Heltebrand and Mick Pennisi will be in the lineup after missing the first game however these two haven't practiced with the team for three weeks according to Yeng Guiao. I saw Chinese Taipei play against Japan last night and I can tell you most of the players can shoot the three (even Tien Lei), quick and they are always in motion. Powerade better take this seriously as the Taiwanese commentators were laughing everytime their team stretch the lead. Some people say don't take these practice games seriously. You want to practice winning not losing and definitely not losing by 30 + points.

I will not blame Yeng or the players. I know Yeng is a competitive guy and doesn't like to lose. I think he wants the best preparation possible for Powerade Team Pilipinas but THE PBA didn't make it happen. In fact, it stretched the season so far that the day before the Jones Cup the Championship is still on-going! Ever tried reasonable scheduling?

How can we stop the Taiwanese? By actually playing defense. There's too much one-on-one basketball. PBA style basketball doesn't work in world-class tournaments.

I hope Team Pilipinas win against Chinese-Taipei - any team but them!!!

Don't Say Lazy Live Action

Don't Say Lazy live action from random Japanese girls. I told you before Live-action is a-ok. I'm not really interested in shoujo and I prefer action ones - but K-ON has been everywhere and one can't help but be drawn into it.

K-on! is one of the hottest animes right now and one of its songs reached the Oricon top ten months ago. But really I prefer a K-on live action drama! Hopefully it will come soon.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Donaire vs Concepcion: Filipino Power Update / Analysis / Prediction / Live Streaming

Donaire vs Concepcion Update / Analysis / Prediction - Okay let us focus our attention on another important thing the upcoming Donaire vs Concepcion match on August 15, 2009 at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. It's going to be a great fight esp. for Nonito Donaire fans.

No disrespect to Rafael Concepcion (13 - 3 - 1 8 KOs) but Nonito Donaire ( 21 - 1 - 0 14 KOs) is the overwhelming favorite in the fight. Why? The Filipino Flash is undefeated since 2001 and won last his last five fights via KO OVER top opposition such as Vic Darchinyan and highly regarded Raul Martinez. His achievements earned him a spot in Ring Magazine's Pound for Pound list thereby affirming his status as one of the world's best boxers. Donaire has power and is a technically sound boxer - he knows when to wait and when to unleash. The Filipino Flash's training with the Penalosa brothers further honed his skills --- making him more deadly. He is truly a complete fighter. This will be the first match for Donaire in the 115 lb category - hopefully his power remains intact in his new weight class.

So what about Rafael Concepcion? Is he a sacrificial lamb so to speak? That's what people thought of him when he faced young prospect AJ Banal in Cebu, Philippines back in July last year. Concepcion is a durable boxer - he survived AJ's onslaught in the earlier rounds . He hang on, boxed, used his veteran smarts until the tenth round when he disposed of the young boxer. Concepcion won a World title as a result but then lost it to Arce months later. The Panamanian is now on a two-match winning streak and seeks to continue it with Donaire. Unlike AJ though, Donaire is prepared for any tricks Rafael Concepcion will display come fight night.

Donaire vs Concepcion Prediction: Donaire via KO (boxing experts' assessment)

Donaire vs Concepcion is a mismatch to some people but its not Donaire's fault. The Filipino flash was paired with Carita Lopez months back but the Puerto Rican seems to be avoiding the former like a plague. Then, Hugo Cazares name came out however the match up also fizzled out. Donaire was even lucky to get this fight as boxers in his old and new weight class are obviously avoiding him (Ask the Japanese flyweights. Not even a challenge could convince them to FIGHT him.)

If he wins, Nonito Donaire says will move up in weight again (118lb) and challenge Jorge Arce next.

Donaire vs Concepcion Live Streaming:

TBA - legit ones only if available


Khan vs Kotelnik G.W. tomorrow - Who will be exposed?

Update: 8-16-09

Donaire vs Concepcion:

Donaire wins via unanimous decision. I'll update this please hang on.

Hologram - Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood Second Opening English

Hologram by NICO Touches The Walls is the second opening song of Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. Second opening already? Time flies fast huh?

Hologram - English Translation

NICO Touches The Walls

English Translation:
Invited by a pure white scenery now
Ill go to a world that I still havent seen
As a lost child, I journeyed
Under the slate-gray sky
Many dreams blotted through the map that changes daily
Even with my strides as I am tiny
I wonder if I can get to the other side of those clouds
I pretended to be strong and got hurt
As if looking through my heart
The raindrops that started to fall
Repeatedly bounce off and get scattered everywhere
The direct light intersects itself
And without even announcing my destination
I pierce through everywhere
The faint afterimage is burnt into my eyes
Under this sky
No matter where I am
I should be able to reach
The world that I still havent seen

credits: King0Mik

Without these translators how are we going to understand the song? Thank you for their hardwork.

Hologram - Full Version was just released days ago

Friday, July 17, 2009

Naruto 456: Land / Country of Iron

In the Naruto world, the Land / Country of Iron is a neutral country with no ninjas but guarded by tough looking Samurais. It is formed from three mountains called "three wolves". The Land / Country of Iron's location is currently being debated by hardcore fans LOL. The country is cold and resembles most Western countries in Winter. It seems the country isn't bothered by the ninjas so it must be a very powerful country.

Land / Country of Iron is a neutral one eh? So it is like Switzerland! I wonder if ill-gotten wealth from shady some Feudal Lords get deposited there too. I ponder on why the Land / Country of Iron hosted the Summit of the Five Kages. Does it have a catch or the place is bastion of peace?

Summary Land / Country of Iron
Leader: Mifune (probably from famous Samurai actor Toshiro Mifune)
Military: Samurai
Location: Will Be Identified Soon

Is Naruto 456 a waste? Geesh...writers have to build up a story too. Grow Up!

The Mizukage was most likely traumatized by a guy. We will confirm soon. The Mizukage apparently has a sweet personality and cares about her underlings. Although she's menacing when she's angry. I hope she gets appears more in the manga. You have to remember there aren't many well-drawn female anime characters or in lay men's terms "pretty anime characters" in Naruto.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Powerade Team Pilipinas Schedule Jones Cup / Powerade vs Jordan

Powerade Team Pilipinas Jones Cup Schedule
July 18 (Saturday) 5PM vs Jordan
July 19 (Sunday) 7PM vs Chinese-Taipei A
July 20 (Monday) 3PM vs Kazakhstan
July 21 (Tuesday) 3PM vs Japan
July 22 (Wednesday) 7PM vs Lebanon
July 23 (Thursday) 5PM vs South Korea
July 24 (Friday) Rest Day
July 25 (Saturday) 3PM vs Chinese-Taipei B
July 26 (Sunday) 1PM vs Iran

2009 William Jones Cup Men’s Competition Schedule

Time Match No. Teams Competition Format Remarks

13:00 1 LIB~TWN-B Single Round- Robin
15:00 2 KOR~KAZ Single Round- Robin ESPN LIVE
17:00 3 JOR~PHI Single Round- Robin ESPN LIVE
19:00 Opening Ceremony ESPN LIVE
19:30 4 TWN~JPN Single Round- Robin ESPN LIVE

13:00 5 KAZ~IRI Single Round- Robin
15:00 6 JPN~LIB Single Round- Robin ESPN LIVE
17:00 7 TWN -B~KOR Single Round- Robin ESPN LIVE
19:00 8 PHI~TWN Single Round- Robin ESPN LIVE

13:00 9 LIB~JOR Single Round- Robin
15:00 10 PHI~KAZ Single Round- Robin ESPN LIVE
17:00 11 IRI~KOR Single Round- Robin ESPN LIVE
19:00 12 TWN~TWN -B Single Round- Robin ESPN LIVE

13:00 13 KAZ~LIB Single Round- Robin
15:00 14 JPN~PHI Single Round- Robin ESPN LIVE
17:00 15 TWN -B~IRI Single Round- Robin ESPN LIVE
19:00 16 JOR~TWN Single Round- Robin ESPN LIVE

13:00 17 JPN~IRI Single Round- Robin
15:00 18 KOR~JOR Single Round- Robin ESPN LIVE
17:00 19 TWN -B~KAZ Single Round- Robin ESPN LIVE
19:00 20 LIB~PHI Single Round- Robin ESPN LIVE

13:00 21 KAZ~JPN Single Round- Robin
15:00 22 IRI~JOR Single Round- Robin ESPN LIVE
17:00 23 PHI~KOR Single Round- Robin ESPN LIVE
19:00 24 TWN~LIB Single Round- Robin ESPN LIVE

13:00 25 JOR~TWN -B Single Round- Robin
15:00 26 KOR~JPN Single Round- Robin ESPN LIVE
17:00 27 IRI~LIB Single Round- Robin ESPN LIVE
19:00 28 TWN~KAZ Single Round- Robin ESPN LIVE

13:00 29 JPN~JOR Single Round- Robin
15:00 30 TWN -B~PHI Single Round- Robin ESPN LIVE
17:00 31 LIB~KOR Single Round- Robin ESPN LIVE
19:00 32 IRI~TWN Single Round- Robin ESPN LIVE

11:00 33 TWN -B~JPN Single Round- Robin ESPN LIVE
13:00 34 IRI~PHI Single Round- Robin ESPN LIVE
15:00 35 TWN~KOR Single Round- Robin ESPN LIVE
17:00 36 JOR~KAZ Single Round- Robin

Award Ceremony

Our first two games will not be seen on ESPN Philippines that irrelevant anglo-centric channel. This schedule is from ESPN Taiwan.

Powerade Team Pilipinas will face Jordan in the first game of this year's Jones Cup. Notable players in that team are Rashim Wright and Sam Daghlas. Jordan is known for its tough defense (limited us to single digit scoring in the first quarter back in 2007 Jones Cup). The West Asian team did beat us again in that year's Fiba-Asia Championship too.

Jordan is gunning for its third successive Jones Cup title. I do hope this team can solve the Jordanian's defensive puzzle. The Nationals' poor shooting also did us in. Unlike before height-wise, Powerade Team Pilipinas can match up well with big Jordanian guards. While Rashim Wright orchestrates the play, it was Sam Daghlas who did most of the damage.

Philippines did not play in the 2008 Jones Cup after the infantile Taiwanese organizers, frustrated with their failure to invite a Philippine Basketball Association-powered squad, told SBP
it should “keep discipline, as it happened before that your team had fight against other teams." In reality it is the Taiwanese team who instigate riots in that tournament. After the infamous 1999 brawl between Philippines and Taiwan, the home team followed it up with another war in 2000 against Korea.

Powerade Team Pilipinas vs Jordan Highlights / Video

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Zankoku Na Tenshi No Thesis

I didn't know the simple opening song for Neon Genesis Evangelion is highly regarded like the anime. In the release of Neon Genesis Evangelion 2.0 a new version of the song was also released BUT the most people think the original is better. So DO I.

I'll post the new version G.W. tomorrow.

Cagayake! Girls English Translation / What's Up With K-On?

Cagayake! Girls English

Chatting Now
With grace we have a noisy and Never Ending Girls Talk
We cant wait for the final bell!
Although were late, skipping school is a No no no!
With all our might, well Study After School

My excitement wont stop! Thoughts go at Full Throttle!
Wrap hope, desires, and passion with a ribbon!
Gather all the materials and immerse yourself in the New Type Version!
The book prohibited from the guys are our diary of Love!

If we shorten our skirts by 2cm, we can fly
further than yesterday, higher than the day before yesterdays Octave!

Jumping Now
With grace we have a wonderful Never Ending Girls Life!
We must be serious everyday or our Live will be now or never!
Although you wake up early, sleeping early is a No No No!
With all our might were shouting Wasshoi!
With grace we have a wonderful and Never Ending Girls Song!
Bring on afternoon Tea Time!
Even with unrequited love, with honorable defeat Here We Go!
If we sing well be Shining After School

Are we living too relaxed? We have trouble everyday!
Differential and Integral Calculus are supplementary, so no love for now
I sing for two hours, my stomach is a fourth dimension.
Oh no! Suddenly Im limitedwait was written in my secret book.

I cut 3mm from my hair bangs and saw it,
although my test paper is completely white, its ok if my future is Rose colored right?

Chatting Now
With grace we have a noisy and Never Ending Girls Talk
We cant wait for the final bell!
Although were late, skipping school is a No no no!
With all our might we Study to Enjoy!
With grace we have a wonderful and Never Ending Girls Song!
Bring on afternoon Tea Time!
With an unusual Chord Here We Go!
If we sing well be Shining After School

Well infinitely loop it!
Size down up down up,
but our mood is always
up up up & up!
Gathering just for smiles,
and singing only for happiness
it fairly echoes tenderness to the world!

Jumping Now
With grace we have a wonderful Never Ending Girls Life!
We must be serious everyday or our Live will be now or never!
Although you wake up early, sleeping early is a No No No!
With all our might were shouting Wasshoi!
With grace we have a wonderful and Never Ending Girls Song!
Bring on afternoon Tea Time!
Even with unrequited love, with honorable defeat Here We Go!
If we sing well be Shining After School

「Shining Shiner Shinyest
Girls be ambitious & shine」 (x 6)

Credits: anaraquelKOST

K-ON is like the most talked about anime right now. Whatever website I go people talk about K-ON and it is about several high school girls starting a band. Frankly speaking, a live-action version would be nice too.

My site is turning into...well nah.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Super Driver English Translation / Haruhi Suzumiya Season 2 Opening

In celebration of Haruhi Suzumiya's arrival in this country, I'll feature at least one song from that hit anime. Frankly speaking, Haruhi's personality is pffft initially but....

Super Driver English Translation

Day by Day,
Getting sick of it all, I tell you, that if you just, act like yourself, all your worries soon will pass,
Oh my boy, if I don't do it once and for all
We cannot be, keeping secrets, in this narrow world of ours

And so finally, I found my sense, naturally, Id fall in love!
Kicking away all the boring methods,
Dont you know that, I decide, on everything!

(I say, I say, My Heaven!)

Super Driver, Dash!Leave it to me, whatever, just keep going!
We will jump over all of it, Take it easy go!
Winning is the only thing that I will ever ever accept!
Dont look back, Theres so much to do, we gotta hurry!

Never done never done this thing or that,
but it seems to feel so forced,

Almost like almost like weve never done, that but we can give it a go!

Never done never done this thing or that,
Its always coming out of the blue!
Almost like almost like weve never done, that but do I even care?

Credits (it means all praises, salutations, thanks should be given to) sonicmaster08@youtube - thanks for the hard work

The Melancholy Haruhi Suzumiya is a Japanese anime about a girl who wants to seek adventure and having interest with aliens, espers and others. If you're not any of the above don't talk to her.

Super Driver is sang by Aya Hirano (wowowee!) and is the opening song for this anime's second season.

10th Naruto Shippuuden Ending - My Answer By Seamo

If you're wondering what's the name of the new Naruto Shippuuden Ending song it is called "My Answer" By Seamo. The full version of the song will be released next month.

My Answer by Seamo is a laid-back hiphop song and tends to stand out. So far many Naruto fans already liked the song. By the way, there's nothing wrong with liking Japanese songs from anime - not every country in the world has a radio devoted to Japanese music - grow up and stop being such a snob. I think the Japanese themselves don't mind.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Where To Watch UFC 100 Lesnar vs Mir / Live Streaming UK

I have a list on where to watch UFC 100 Lesnar vs Mir this weekend esp to those in Britain / UK (after Setanta's demise) and TV schedules in USA and Balls TV.

Lesnar vs Mir

In Balls (who named this channel?) coverage starts 10:00 am Sunday July 12

UK Sky Channel 433 3:00 am Sunday July 12

UK Live Streaming Free Legit

"United Kingdom and Ireland UFC fans can watch UFC® 100 LIVE FREE-OF-CHARGE on this player. It is also airing free-of-charge on television on Sky 433 in the UK and Setanta Ireland"

US PPV 10 pm ET / 7:00 pm PT Saturday July 11

Friday, July 10, 2009

Naruto Chapter 455: Danzo Has Sharingan!!

Well surprise, surprise Danzo has Sharingan and he said he hasn't used it for a while. So what are the implications? Many...

This is the Update 7 -11 -09
Naruto Beaten Up Good

Naruto has beaten badly eh? Were you angry...don't worry many people were to. Man, they pummelled him good tsk I'm glad its over now.

How Come Danzo Has Sharingan?

a. He might have gotten it from other Uchihas (like Kakashi)

b. He's an Uchiha too (apart from the other three. Another unknown survivor who lusted for power and had other Uchihas eliminated to eliminate competition.)

c. Danzo is Uchiha Madara

d. Danzo is Izuna (theory from another blog)

e. Danzo is Obito (far-fetched/ theory from another blog)

The development literally rocked the internet world. As for me I'm going to wait and see what and who Danzo really is.

Visual confirmation: see the video

Koyoi, Tsuki ga Miezu tomo (Tonight, Even if You Cant See the Moon) English / Bleach Fade To Black Theme Song

I told you I can't wait for the movie Bleach Fade To Black to come out. So I checked out its soundtrack and I found this - the song is Koyoi, Tsuki ga Miezu tomo by Porno Graffiti and thanks to someone from youtube we now have the english translation. Check out the song - its catchy. Bleach Fade To Black DVD release is said to be on September 30th in Japan but I can't confirm that. I will update this if something comes up.

Koyoi, Tsuki ga Miezu tomo (English Translation)

Tonight, where does the moon shine on? From the sky covered in thick clouds
Tonight, who are you embraced by? Are you going to cry alone in the rain?

If you're ashamed of yourself for thinking that you can share everything and having anticipated so
Then take your authority into your hands, get onto your rooftop, and show me that you're worried about this world
You got yourself when you spat into the sky

Even though you want to pretend to be a traveler, you hate stray paths and detours
So under the roof braving the storm, you look at the world through Google Search
Words of love don't reach you

Tonight, where does the moon shine on? From the sky covered in thick clouds
Tonight, who are you embraced by? Are you going to cry alone in the rain?

The bravado and vanity that you clung onto showed their faces even in your love affairs
And even grasping your separated hand was made into a very hard thing
Even though I knew that I cant meet you

Tonight, if you cant see the moon, then lets wait earnestly for the breaks in the clouds
Tonight, I wonder if you can see the moon in the sky that you looked up at

If I aim, I'm fine with the wilderness; I want to see a flawless light

If you find yourself, your true identity disagreeable

You lied about it being insignificant, bore a face that seemed to know just about everything
Hid yourself who cant do anything, and lost the truth
If you're to see the invisible things, its okay that you have your eyelids shut
Even if you're not here, even if you cant see the moon tonight

credits to DudeHent

Enjoy the music!!!