Sunday, September 27, 2009

Klitschko vs Arreola Results / Klitschko Stops Arreola

Klitschko vs Arreola Result - I think I've seen this fight before where Klitschko basically pummels his opponent down to submission. Vitali Klitschko systematically destroyed Cristobal "Chris" Arreola and the match ended via tenth round TKO. The Ukrainian's long reach was too much for Arreola to overcome. Klitschko's successfully avoided Arreola's attacks and at the same time unleashing those jabs that troubled Arreola IN THE ENTIRE MATCH. To his credit, Arreola didn't give up and managed to hurt Klitschko in the fourth. But that was it. Klitschko stuck to his gameplan and clinically began dismantling Arreola - with jabs then followed by straights, or combos that violently sways the latter's head backwards. In the seventh round, Arreola was bloody and looks wretched. The Mexican-American ate a lot of jabs. It was a beating and Arreola's corner saw enough and surrendered. Arreola burst into tears but for his safety and well-being, the fight must be stopped.

Klitschko at 38 never grew old in this match and was in fact still quick, and his experience is still a huge factor in winning the fight.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mayweather vs Marquez: Boxing Resurrected / PPV Buyrate

Yup, Mayweather vs Marquez generated 1 million pay per view buys. HBO confirmed the news. As a boxing fan, I'm happy. I do hope there will be no more "boxing is dead" write ups. Some say most people who bought the fights were Mexicans hopeful that Marquez, their man, would beat Floyd Mayweather Jr. I don't think this figure will be broken down. It doesn't matter, it is clear that Floyd Mayweather is boxing's main attraction at the moment. This is his third fight to breach the 1 million pay per view mark. I also noticed how humble Mayweather was after the victory over Marquez. I hope he keeps it up. He has all the right to gloat about these numbers but he didn't. He told Espn's Brian Kenney that he will change himself for the better and no more of that lavish lifestyle. His keeping only one Rolls Royce, a brand new one. Congratulations, Floyd!

Update 9 -27 - 09

Let's give Marquez his credit too...I can't say how much he contributed to the PPV sales but the most important thing is he did. He is half of the attraction / fight card. This is in reaction to Dr. Ed de la Vega's article in Philboxing. I will give Marquez his due.

Mizukage Has Hots For Sasuke / Mizukage vs Sasuke / Yondaime Mizukage

It seems Mizukage still likes men, despite her aversion of the word earlier in the Naruto manga (Japanese comic) chapter. She complimented Sasuke as "handsome" but her hatred for Atsuki didn't diminish. Again, Sasuke's in trouble I reckon the Mizukage is one tough woman. Nah, Sasuke can handle her, but his target is Danzo who seems to have escaped.

If Mizukage vs Sasuke occurs, the fight won't be concluded much like in the Raikage match up. Sasuke just wants to finish off Danzo.

Raikage, Mizukage, Deidara, & Orochimaru - Sasuke's opponents are formidable. Presently, he is 2 -0 and one, not yet concluded. I can't wait for the Raikage vs Sasuke in anime and watching it on television.

Why do they have to fight? I kinda like the Mizukage, she retains her feminine charm despite being the strongest Ninja in her village. The good news is, we will see what her techniques are.

Naruto manga issue 45 is second in New York Times manga list (Sept 13 - 19). I missed every weeks of the anime already.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Boxing Watch Vitali Klitschko vs Chris Arreola Online / Prediction / Analysis

I'm going to watch Vitali Klitschko (37 - 2, 36 KOs) vs Cristobal "Chris" Arreola (27 - 0, 24 KOs) next week (boxing). No joke I think this is a great fight! But where can we watch Klitschko vs Arreola online / live streaming? Yeah, hold on. I'm not sure whether Yahoo will stream some of the fights in this card. I'll update the article soon if I get more info. The match will be on the 26th of September, 2009 at the Staples Center, Los Angeles. This is good news as I missed most of Klitschko's fights recently because of time difference between Asia and Europe. And no, I don't like waking up early. Since this is in the USA, I will watch this he he.

Physically, Klitschko is taller than Arreola and has longer reach too. In addition to, the Ukrainian has far more ring experience than the young upstart. Most boxing experts reckon Klitschko might become "old" come fight night. At 38, he has had his share of ring battles. Maybe, although I think Klitschko's ring smarts and experience may mitigate that, if ever he becomes "old" all of a sudden. Besides, he is not naive. Klitschko's main weapon is his pesky jabs which serves to make his opponents weary (try eating jabs all night, it's not fun) and to set up his right. For Arreola to win, he needs to neutralize the jab or it will be a very LONG night for him.

Chris Arreola wants to become the first Mexican and Mexican-American World Heavyweight Champion and his record is spectacular 27 wins 24 via KO, in a division accused of being the most boring in boxing recently. He is aggressive and offensive-minded, which is good. Arreola has this explosive quickness which makes it easy for him to suddenly unleash a barrage of punches to his opponents - overwhelming them. However, his defense is porous that Williams and McCline hurt him although the Chicano recovered and destroyed the two. He can't do that against Klitshcko or he'll find himself sprawling on the canvas come fight night.

Klitshko vs Arreola is more exciting than the mismatch that happened yesterday. This is a Heavyweight vs Heavyweight fight and hopefully (knowing the win-loss records of the two) a KO will occur.


Where to Watch Klitschko vs Arreola?
On HBO Sept. 26 @ 10:00pm ET / 7:00 pm Pacific also available on HBO Latino. I'm not sure whether this fight will be streamed in the US.

If ever some legal streaming happens in other countries (like in the UK) I'll update this post.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mayweather vs Marquez Result: The Rib vs Pee-Pee

So, what will be the Mayweather vs Marquez result (boxing)? Most people predict Mayweather will win this match EASILY. The keyword there is easily. I think Floyd Mayweather Jr. may beat Juan Manuel Marquez but it will be hard. Give the lightweight champion of the world some credit. Yes, I agree with most assessments Mayweather is bigger, stronger, and faster than Marquez. Worse, I wonder if Marquez can carry his power two weight divisions up from his normal one. Juan Manuel Marquez won't surrender though, oh he will fight to the bitter end.

Floyd Mayweather is still the overwhelming favorite in this fight and maybe this is what is wrong with this fight. Most casual boxing fans tend to agree that's why they won't buy the match on pay-per-view according to some experts. Not even Golden Boy Promotions exhortations of a competitive fight, Mayweather's fragile rib and his long layoff didn't convince many fans about the match's balance. Despite that Mayweather has a lot to lose. It will be a disaster if Marquez beats him and in defeating a smaller guy, where's the glory? People say Marquez has a lot to lose too. I say nah. At least in my book, he has nothing to lose. He fought a bigger guy - that's courage.

Marquez will get knocked down in this fight. It will be great if he survives but Mayweather is not as naive as Juan Diaz. The American will finish him off if that happens. Remember Juan Diaz hurt Marquez badly in their encounter, but the latter survived and beat the former.

If Marquez does catch Mayweather and lands punches on the American's ribs, it will be interesting to see what will happen though I think he will eat a lot of jabs before coming anywhere near Money's body.

The two maybe counterpunchers but I feel Marquez will push the action esp. if he finds himself behind in the latter rounds. If none of them press the fight, this will be a boring match. Mayweather promised to be offensive-minded though.

I will post the Mayweather vs Marquez Result after the fight. I don't mind posting play by play action come fight night.

The UFC is trying to convince me to watch Franklin vs Belfort. I'm sure one of them will sprawl on the canvass, but I'm not sure who.
I think I can watch two fight cards in one day. I'm a fight fan.

Update 9 - 20 -09

Mayweather vs Marquez Results

Katsidis defeated Escobeda via split decision. Whew! It is a fair result. Katsidis still a warrior. Congratulations Katsidis!

John vs Juarez

John systematically destroyed Juarez. Although the Indonesian's legs gave away in the last round. Luckily, he survived, but still John dominated the fight from the start. He boxed magnificently, kept distance from Juarez but attacked when opportunity came. Congratulations Chris John!

114-113 (?), 119-109, 117-111 for Chris John. What on earth is this 114 - 113 score? It wasn't a close fight!

Mayweather vs Marquez

Floyd Mayweather wins via unanimous decision.

The world lightweight champion gave it his all but it wasn't enough. Most predictions of Marquez getting KO'd didn't happen but the so-called boxing experts still got it right. Man, Marquez was knocked down in the second round (just as I predicted) but didn't give up. Juan Manuel Marquez fought ferociously but Mayweather was too much. Mayweather should have finished Marquez but it doesn't matter now as the American still won. Congratulations to Floyd Mayweather Jr.

The fight of the night?
John vs Juarez
Chris John displayed his boxing skills and was too much for Juarez. Today, he was a prime example of accurate punching and shot selection...and also carelessness or courage since he was almost knocked down. I could have ran away and elude Juarez in the last round like other boxers but he didn't. He was still aggressive even in the last round. Chris John is deserves a fight against another excellent technical fighter, Steven Luevano. John vs Luevano...hmmm interesting fight, right?

Thanks to Chris John's excellent performance I ignored the UFC main event LOL.

Donnie Nietes: Deserves A Title Defense In His Country

All this news about Bautista, Banal and Gorres will not deter me from praising the BEST BOXER in ALA stable - Donnie Nietes. The underrated and often overlooked four time World Boxing Organization minimumweight champion, has yet to defend his title here in the Philippines. Nietes deserves a lot of praise as HE SURVIVED BLATANT CHEATING IN MEXICO (when the round suddenly went more than three minutes against Ramirez, this is not the UFC folks) and he has to defend his title twice in enemy territory. How's that for mental toughness? Not even Pacquiao did that. FYI, Nietes is undefeated in FOUR YEARS. Yes, I know his boxing division (minimumweight) gets the minimum attention and probably minimum return but it is not an excuse as he is a World Champion. I do hope his handlers do something about it. The publicity and write up is so few that I didn't know he was fighting until last Saturday when it was too late to write an article. I think Donnie Nietes deserves a title defense in his homeland. If it's not economically viable even as a undercard fight, I will accept that.

Congratulations to Donnie Nietes!

Here is the account of the desperate cheating in Mexico:
"Starting in the first round, Nietes sent Ramirez to the canvas, yet Ramirez survived the count. There was a slight delay when the challenger spit out his mouthpiece. Boxer AJ Banal in Nietes’ corner was using a timer who alerted main trainer Edmund Villamor that the round had lasted 4 minutes and 30 seconds. In the second round, he timed it again, lasting this round 3 minutes and 23 seconds. AJ notified the boxing commissioner after which the correct time was being done. Assistant trainer Jeremiah Quijano calmly told the team not to worry but to concentrate on the fight. All action packed rounds ensued including a 5th round rally by Nietes who sent the challenger down for the second time."

Seriously, Nietes deserves to defend his title in the Philippines.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Boom Boom Bautista vs Rachamongkol Sor Pleonchit / Watch Bautista vs Pleonchit / Result

Bautista vs Pleonchit: Hamon Sa Kampeon. Rey "Boom Boom" Bautista has another opportunity to redeem himself and win a world boxing championship. I know its cliche, but that's the situation. Bautista lost to a Heriberto Ruiz last November and he was effectively ostracized by some people as "bum". He said his hands hurt and was again easily dismissed by some as an excuse. It turns out, it was the truth as doctors soon discovered a rotting bone in his left hand. Ronnie Nathanielz reported that it was replaced using a bone from his hip. According to him, Bautista's hand wasn't completely healed though he was booked to fight on the 16th of October, 2009 in Waterfront Hotel and Casino, Cebu. Boom Boom's opponent is Rachamongkol Sor Pleonchit, the reigning World Boxing Council International Featherweight champion. It means he is the top guy for boxers ranked below the top ten in that division. The Thai has an eight wins, one loss record with five knockouts. His record surprised me, Pleonchit earned the title by knocking out the Korean, in the latter's hometown. He may be inexperienced, but the victory shows the fighter has the power and courage to win. Boom Boom should be wary as he gets excited easily.

“He is ready for Oct. 16. He is close to 80 percent in hitting the bag. On Saturday he’ll go full blast. He’s sparring now mainly to improve his footwork and defense. Next week, we will up the intensity,” said ALA Promotions president Michael Aldeguer told SunStar Cebu a week ago.

If Rey Bautista wins, he might get a crack at the legitimate WBC featherweight belt soon (not necessarily after winning). I'm hoping his handlers have worked on Bautista's weaknesses which are poor head movement and poor defense. He gets excited easily in exchanges. He is willing to trade, but sometimes his chin can't take it and he falls down [against Medina, Ponce De Leon (KO loss), Ruiz for example]. Bautista should be wary of these exchanges and improve on his defense. His offense is still okay. The power is still there and I noticed he is a lot quicker now than before. Bautista can win this fight provided, he patiently works on his offense and doesn't get desperate for a KO win which often that not leaves him vulnerable. It will come. Bautista should be fighting smart right now. ALA fighters who suffered cruel setbacks like Banal & Gorres are now bouncing back I think its time Boom Boom should join them too.

Bautista vs Pleonchit Notes:
  1. Pleonchit is taller ( 5 - 9 vs 5-6) than Bautista
  2. Bautista moved up from 122 to 126 lbs (super bantam to featherweight)
  3. Bautista should be careful of the Thai's left as that reportedly KO'd his Korean opponent to win the vacant WBC Int'l Featherweight title.
Bautista vs Pleonchit
Time: 5pm
Date: Oct.16
Venue: Waterfront Hotel & Casino

Where can we watch Bautista vs Pleonchit online / live streaming? So far, even the broadcaster hasn't been announced. Stay tuned.

Update: 9 - 16 -09
Pleonchit got injured and Bautista is now looking for a new opponent.

Monday, September 14, 2009

The 2009 Eurobasket on Basketball TV Schedule / Will France Win It All?

As usual, Basketball TV will cover the 2009 Eurobasket starting in the quarterfinals and I diligently got the schedule for our benefit. Yes, the games are pretty intense and high quality. Man, I just like the way the Europeans play basketball. It is the passing game that excites me. There are about three to four passes per play. I don't see this much passing in the National Basketball Association (NBA) anymore esp if Lebron James is on the floor. France, as of press time, is still undefeated. Diaw, Turiaf and Parker are leading the country back in basketball glory. Yes, France reorganized as more than a year ago even Lebanon defeated it. So, it's nice to see the 2000 Olympic silver medalist back in the groove. Will France will it all this year? I'm not sure, anything can happen in one-game playoff matches (starting in the quarters). France will play another serious championship contender, Greece tomorrow G.w. We'll see what France is really made of.

Sept. 19
2009 Eurobasket Quarterfinals

03:00 live

11:00 replay

21:00s second replay

Sept.20 & 21 (Semifinals/ 3rd place playoff & Finals)

03:00 live

11:00 replay

21:00 replay

Friday, September 11, 2009

Chapter 463 Sasuke vs Raikage

Sasuke vs Raikage - Naruto doesn't have to worry about Sasuke. He can perfectly handle himself. He is giving the Raikage a hard time in this Japanese comic (manga) chapter of Naruto. Sasuke has two class S ninja victims - Orochimaru and Deidara. He is pretty confident and fueled wonderfully by rage. Man, Raikage just made a World Wrestling Entertainment move and Sasuke's still OK. Yeah I'm rooting for Sasuke. Raikage needs to be taught a lesson - on humility.

Due to time constraints, I'll update this post tomorrow G.W.

9 - 12 - 09
Okay. The Raikage's all talk, all muscle and Sasuke will surprise him. I think the Uchiha boy will beat him though not kill the Raikage. I also reckon Masashi Kishimoto (Naruto's author / artist) will not put him in deeper mess than he is already now.

The New York Times Manga Best Seller List (Aug. 30 - Sept 5) puts Bleach Issue #28 on top while Naruto issue # 45 is third. Manga (Japanese comic) has attained enough popularity to have its own list separated from Graphic Novel and other art forms category.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Watch Mayweather vs Marquez Online Live Streaming / Skycable Season Pass Schedule / Where To Watch

If you are in the United States, why would you want to watch Mayweather vs Marquez online / live streaming when it is available via HBO Pay-Per-View (boxing)? No matter, during Pacquiao vs Hatton fight streamed some undercard fights free worldwide! I'll try checking that out, come fight night. The quality depends on your internet connection.

I have to look for some legal sites which streams Mayweather vs Marquez online. You can actually watch Ultimate Fighting Championship online for a fee, but not boxing. It seems promoters are still not taking advantage of modern technology. For Filipinos, Mayweather vs Marquez will also available on Pay-Per-View via Sky Cable Season Pass. The fight will air on the 20th of September at 8:00 am. UFC 103 is free on Balls Television (yes, that's the name of the channel). I can't assure you that the fight is worth it though.

Mayweather vs Marquez Pay Per View Telecast will be on HBO and aired on Sept 19th at 9:00 pm ET / 6:00 PT.
Suggested Retail Price: $ 49.95
Available: 71 million homes

Mayweather vs Marquez is also available on select theaters with ticket prices ranging from $12 - $15!

Chris John vs. Rocky Juarez II

Michael Katsidis vs. Vicente Escobedo

Zab Judah vs. Antonio Diaz

Well, whenever there's Michael Katsidis, there's blood and it won't be any different when he meets Vicente Escobedo on 19th of September! I'm expecting one of them will be knocked out (most likely Katsidis).

Chris John vies for a second win against Rocky Juarez hopefully the judges will see it this time. If John can pound Juarez to smithereens, he should do it as there is no assurance the Indonesian will win on the scorecards in enemy's territory.

My message to John and Katsidis is to knock out your opponent guys. You saw what happened to Paulie Malignaggi weeks ago, right? Make your victory so obvious nobody can deny it esp. the judges. For reference, see Pacquiao vs Barrera, that's the way to win a fight in hostile territory!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Rodel Mayol vs Ivan Calderon 2 Rematch / Result / Mayol In Lions Den

Mayol vs Calderon 2 Rematch / Result (boxing) - Rodel Mayol is given another chance to put Ivan Calderon to sleep, but it won't be easy as the degree of difficulty went up. Ivan Calderon is already hard to beat, but can anyone beat him in his hometown? Yes, Mayol vs Calderon 2 is in Coliseum de Puerto Rico "Jose Miguel Agrelot"on the 12th of September for the World Boxing Organization light flyweight division. Most boxing fans and expert agree the only way Rodel Mayol can win this match is to destroy Ivan Calderon - meaning knock him out. Mayol can do it, of course, but he must penetrate that fortress-like defense that the Puerto Rican has.


Where can we Watch Mayol vs Calderon 2? I'm looking for some legal online streaming sites where we can watch boxing.


In their first fight, it was so obvious Mayol won rounds 1 to 3. Ivan Calderon was busy evading Mayol during those rounds anyway so how can he possibly win those rounds? The Ring Magazine, Top Rank and Boxingscene scorecards had Mayol ahead. Mayol had the Puerto Rican in the ropes, but couldn't put him anyway. It is perfectly understandable as this is Calderon and not some any other boxer. Clash of heads in the fifth round really bothered Calderon and it seemed he lost interest in the fight, he was barely punching. According to Boxingscene, the TV panel suggested Calderon was initiating the contact and he got what he wanted when he and Mayol clashed again. The accidental headbutt stopped the fight in the sixth round. When the scores came in, it was a technical draw ( Paolilio 58 -56 for Calderon, Schreck 58- 56 Mayol, Weisfeld 57 -57). Mayol should use this as a motivation to win the fight in Puerto Rico. I'm sure Puerto Rican fight fans appreciate warriors and hate injustice.

I'm sure Team Mayol knows what to do, but I'll add my own:
  1. Mayol should open the cut Cazares inflicted once on Calderon. Though its more than a year, repeated blows should open the cut again. Calderon, like Cotto, seems to have extreme aversion seeing his own blood like the first match.
  2. Mayol's right lead, left hook troubled Calderon in the first match and he should keep this up barring adjustments, of course, from Calderon. The Filipino should continue to be aggressive like in the first match though it is a much different Calderon he will be facing as it is the Puerto Rican's turf.
Ivan Calderon is confident as they are fighting in Puerto Rico, but don't be too sure, Mayol's fist of vengeance and power is waiting to surprise "Iron Boy". Roach is plotting Iron Boy's downfall and its up to Mayol to carry it out. Iron is vulnerable to rust too.


Update 9 - 14 - 09

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I didn't see the fight. Mayol lost again. Calderon got cut and won again! Thankfully, underrated and often ignored Filipino fighter, Donnie Nietes won in Mexico via split decision and Z Gorres thrashed his opponent. Maybe its time for Donnie to defend his crown in the Philippines. He deserves it.

Boom Boom will also be back in action and I will write about that.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Marvin Sonsona vs Jose Carita Lopez Analysis / Result / How "Marvelous" Is Sonsona?

Marvin "Marvelous" Sonsona, allegedly one of the rising stars of Philippine boxing, will go up against veteran Jose Carita Lopez (39 - 2 32 KOs) of Puerto Rico in Ontario, Canada on September the 4th (Sonsona vs Lopez: Rumble at Rama IX). Yes, I want to believe that he is for real. With a 13 - 0, 12 knockout record, the 19 year old kid has the potential. However, has he bitten off more than he can chew? There are many so-called next "Manny Pacquiaos" out there, however, most have been a disappointment. Sometimes, the promoter's public relations machine is stronger than the actual product. Though tempted, I refuse to turn against the boxer if he doesn't live up to the potential or hype, whatever you prefer to call it, I'll just have to be a bit skeptical until he proves himself. Sonsona has the chance to prove himself not just to Filipino boxer fans, but most importantly to himself as victory over highly touted Lopez will do wonders to his career.

Jose Lopez is not a bum or a journeyman, he is the defending World Boxing Organization junior bantamweight champion (115 lb). He was set to fight another Filipino, Nonito Donaire, but Carita bolted out of the match. Some say Carita avoided Donaire. Lopez is said to be a formidable fighter (last defeat was in 2001) but his main asset over Sonsona, is experience. If Sonsona does trouble Lopez, Carita will definitely use all the boxing tricks (not necessarily dirty) he knows to throw off the challenger. Is Sonsona prepared for it? Most Filipino boxers don't know how to counter or react to "rough" boxers (I'm not saying Lopez is one just to clarify). Can Sonsona neutralize Lopez's tricks when it comes down to it? Marvin Sonsona hasn't gone past five rounds so far in his career, Carita said he will exploit that inexperience.

I admire Marvin Sonsona for taking on a real fighter unlike other boxers who pad their records using journeymen and bums which backfire on them in the end. Lopez described Sonsona has a "technical fighter" which is a good compliment, but what stands out for me, is the latter's power. Hopefully, it will come out on fight night. Most people say Sonsona should get more experience and I AGREE, but since opportunity came he should also take advantage of it. The kid has a lot of heart and Filipino boxing fans wish the gamble will pay off.

Sonsona vs Lopez
Date: Sept 4 (Sept 5 Phils)
Stake: World Boxing Organization's Junior Bantamweight
Place: Rama, Ontario, Canada

The post will be updated on fight night....

Update: 9 - 05 - 09

Unconfirmed reports say Jose Carita Lopez KO'd Marvin Sonsona in the 2nd round.

Do you want to see the fight? It's now showing on CS9. Right now.

I'm looking for more details...

Second Update 9 -05 -09

I should've known better than to listen my countrymen on these matters. I'm glad I wrote "unconfirmed reports". You know how many people get banned in Pacland before a Pacquiao fight for spreading misleading information?

I'm watching it on CS9.

Round Three: Sonsona's jabs troubling Lopez!

Round Four: Sonsona KD's Lopez

Round Five: Sonsona's power is real but he can't seem to finish off Lopez. The action mellowed down a bit. Sonsona should be more aggressive. We have a potential here!

Round Six: Lopez's tricks now appear, gives Sonsona a low blow. Why am I not surprised? Sonsona trapped Lopez in the corner and PUNISHES Lopez severely.

Round Seven:

Round Eight: I smell victory for Sonsona! Lopez is waiting as if getting wary of Sonsona's power. Lopez deducted for low blow. Canadian commentators pro-Lopez.

Round Nine: Lopez hits Sonsona with another low blow! Sonsona still delivering straights to Lopez's face LOL. The Filipino kinda lost steam but still fighting.

Round Ten: Sonsona traps Lopez delivering left and right. Sonsona hammering Lopez to a pulp. Biased TSN commentator scores it for Lopez for getting hit.

Round Eleven: Sonsona toying with Lopez. His reach advantage is too much for Lopez LOL. Lopez shots mostly missed. TSN should stick to hockey coverage they seem to be blind on who's winning.

Round Twelve: Yeah, I notice too he fights like Donaire. Sonsona picks his shots hurting Lopez. He looks like a veteran. He is so well-prepared. Sonsona is the real deal. Lopez is a legitimate champion. Scores to be announced...

114 - 111, 115 - 110, 116 - 109 (

Sonsona wins by unanimous decision. YAHOOO!!!! Sonsona is the second youngest Filipino World Boxing Champion. yahoo!!! Praise the Lord!

Marvin Sonsona YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! World Boxing Organization super flyweight (jr bantam) world champion.

Sonsona vs Lopez Analysis

What can I say? Sonsona is the real thing. Yes, he still has many weakness but at this age he is smart, punches hard and has a lot of heart. He didn't let his age be a liability, he attacks when he sees opportunity but the thing that impresses me most is his ability to see where Lopez's punches are coming and ducks at the right time, as if Lopez's telegraphing most of it. Sonsona is hard to hit and has the chin to withstand Lopez. This guy should have been with the Amateur Boxing Association of the Philippines for he has the making of an Olympic gold medalist - tall kid with long reach and technically sound fighter. Too bad the new management of ABAP didn't get him or missed him as they only took over the organization recently. Manny Pangilian would have gotten this guy. Unlike other young Filipino boxers, Sonsona will not force the issue if not warranted, he moves away then comes back for another onslaught. As a result, he made Lopez wary.

So it is 1 - 1 -1 as far as Philippines vs Puerto Rico (boxing) is concerned. The next match up for the two countries is Mayol vs Calderon this September 13.

Lopez def Penalosa
Calderon Mayol draw
Sonsona def Lopez

So will Marvin Sonsona move up or stay in superfly division? If he stays in the division, will the Japanese boxers fight him? They tend to fight each other so the title will stay in the country. They are afraid to go out of their country. It's a fact. Donaire repeatedly challenged them but unlike in ninja or martial arts movies where the one being challenged respond, they are mum.

The camera shot of Sonsona shows it all (see Philboxing).

Marvin Sonsona is indeed "Marvelous".

For being the world champion, Sonsona has his own separate thread in WOW! Congratulations!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Watch World Cup of Pool on CS9 For It Is A Devastating Experience

Yes, watch the 2009 World Cup of Pool on CS9...if you can. Calling the attention of people from Solar Entertainment, what is wrong with CS9? Please tell the government television station to fix their signal. Pretty please. I missed the first day of the World Cup of Pool thanks to CS9. It has been a long time since I saw Francisco Bustamante and Efren Reyes, the two billiards legend, together. I also missed out watching Team Korea in action yesterday. Yes, they are women but they play great pool.

Why is CS9 perennially broke?

Let me enumerate the sporting events I missed due to CS9:
  1. Games 5,6 & 7 of last month's PBA Finals
  2. Powerade Team Pilipinas first round matches
  3. 2009 Philippine Basketball Association Draft
  4. 2008 Olympics and many more I can't remember
You know what, CS9 tends to break down just in time for a big event. I'm calling your attention sirs so you could do something about it. I think I reached my limit. Don't give me that beggars can't be choosers argument since I have cable television now and it doesn't carry Solar Sports. I know how responsive Solar Entertainment is to its public and I'm confident the problem will be solved soon. Thank you very much in advance.

Solar Entertainment has block time slots in the government station called RPN now renamed CS9 if it carries its shows.


Broke again