Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Team Pilipinas coach Rajko Toroman thinks top Cebuano amateur basketball standouts Gregory Slaughter and Junmar Fajardo could be the pillars of his team in the future according to a report from Sunstar Cebu. He was impressed by the performance of the two during the CESAFI Final Four playoff matches on Sunday. In addition, eight to twelve Cebuano players caught the eye of the Serbian and were invited to his three-day workshop in November which would serve as a tryout for the national team pool. The SBP's long-term program reportedly covers the 2016 Olympics. Thank you for the vision Mr. Noli Eala sir. You are the right man for the job.

Slaughter is only showing 15 - 20% of his ability according to Toroman. The Serbian said the Cebuano lad must better his game and develop his rebounding skills.

I think Slaughter should learn how to play against cagers taller than him. In CESAFI, he is probably the tallest player so going against someone bigger than him could be an unfamiliar experience for the guy. In Asia, there are many players taller than him like Haddadi, Yao, and Yi. I think Toroman will work on that so Slaughter could match up better with those players in the future. It's a given, he will meet those players soon as a national team player.

You know what Toroman's team is more intriguing than Yeng Guiao's team! Aguilar, Slaughter, Fajardo, Buenafe, and Bringas are some of the players already on Toroman's wish list. Just look at the talent oozing in this team! We have a glimpse of
future Team Pilipinas! And I just can't hide my excitement! Wow, I overused the exclamation points again LOL.


Maxim Philippines unveiled its cover girl for October 2008 - Regine Angeles. She was Be Bench/The Model Search Grand Winner in 2007 and has appeared on television shows such as Palos and My Girl. It is reportedly her first appearance for a men's magazine. She looks fit and gorgeous on red swimsuit. Frankly speaking, I have never heard of her before until now.

Oh, I regularly feature beauties in this site for I know my readers appreciate beauty.

(10-13-09 I removed the photo)

Monday, September 29, 2008


Junmar Fajardo

Team: University of Cebu Webmasters

Height: 6-9 according to Sunstar Cebu
Position: Center
Notes: (please excuse my info if incomplete)
  • Voted to the 2008 CESAFI All-Star Game in which he scored 18 pts.
  • Selected in the Mythical Five in the same all-star
  • Scored 30 points in the 85 - 80 loss to University of San Jose - Recoletos in CESAFI Final Four yesterday
  • Also scored 30 points, grabbed 13 rebounds and 9 blocks in the first game of the season back in August against Southwestern University
  • Had a dominating performance chalking up 50 points 17 rebounds in a game against USPF-R in the Reinforced Partner's Cup last January 16, 2008!
Credits: Freeman & Sunstar Cebu Archives

Tremendous potential! I do hope Coach Rajko Toroman will be impressed and pick him in the national pool of the SBP-led squad.

His Final Four performance reportedly impressed Coach Junel Baculi and Letran assistant coach Mel Alas so he must be good. Well, I'm looking forward to seeing this young man play and see what he's got. There's so much promise in many young Filipino cagers nowadays (Bringas, Buenafe and Slaughter) I fervently wish they get developed and trained correctly.

If you like this story please credit or link me. I really appreciate it. Thank you very much.

update 2 -8 -09

Junmar Fajardo will not play for SBP Team Pilipinas. He wants to concentrate on his studies at the moment


Junmar and UC changed their minds. He will play for Smart Gilas squad.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas (SBP) hired Serbian Rajko Toroman to coach the Philippine national team to the 2012 London Olympics according to an article from the Philippine Star. The contract will take effect on October 15. His job is to handle the non-PBA national team and to assist in the development of local coaches. Coach Toroman will go to Cebu to scout for more talents. So far the opposition hasn't railed the decision at the moment.

The PBA will stop representing the country after 2010 World Championship. So we will be the only basketball-loving country in the world whose professional league doesn't want to represent their country...

Saturday, September 27, 2008


A North Korean waitress who sparked comments such as these:

Why do I like North Korean girls? Because you get to see what a hot Korean girl looks like WITHOUT any plastic surgery.
Wangkon936 from Youtube

She really looks like Kim Tae Hee. Even the skin tone and the hair style. If an average waistress is this much, imagine what the real one would be like.

In the Korean peninsula, they have a saying that the "ultimate women are in the north..." Intrigued by the saying I searched the net for some collaboration. I mean the Korean women we usually see on TV are beautiful but they are from the South...if the saying is true then the North Korean women should be better looking! (At the investigation of South Korean fans themselves, several of their beautiful female actresses were later discredited as man-made beauties).

dancing waitresses

Since its suicide going to North Korea and their citizens are tightly controlled by their government, the only way to get a glimpse of these alleged beauties is to go to various DPRK restaurants proliferating in South East Asia. Rumor has it the waitresses were carefully culled from the population. Only beautiful women were selected and judging from the videos, I reckon the tale has some basis.

I think the North Korean girls would rather sing in restaurants abroad than be part of Kim Jong Il's pleasure brigade (Gimppeumjo) or modern day kisaengs made famous here by Hwang Jin-yi. It's just too bad for these North Korean beauties. Their state exploits them either as overseas-based waitress or pleasure ladies.

When Asian Guys Get The Girls


Here are some of the players Coach Yeng is seriously considering to include in the national team, Mark...

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Coach Yeng Guiao has revealed several names
on his wish list.

Friday, September 26, 2008


In a supreme example of a jealous coward, some clubhouse personnel has been spreading ugly rumors towards Ichiro on the press but not when the nihonjin is around. Rumor has it one of Ichiro Suzuki's "team mate" reportedly wants the "knock out" the Japanese 200-hit a year player. Pitcher JJ Putz and Marines Manager denied there ever was a confrontation.

The root of this conflict lies on the supposed belief of some players that Ichiro is more concerned on getting hits and padding his hits record than winning (Mariners had another 100-loss season! Baseball is a 120-game season) which doesn't make sense since to win a team needs to score more runs than the opposition. This is nothing but petty jealously. Worse the culprit has been hiding under the press' skirts and won't identify himself. Coward.

Ichiro sssssshh is a punk...sssh. He wants to score more runs for the team. What a selfish punk

"It's hard to comprehend that someone is looking at 200-plus hits and it's not helping the ballclub," he said. "It's seventh-grade mentality. It's pettiness, jealousy, pointing fingers, deflecting responsibility, lack of accountability, lack of character. People takes shots at people in the paper. You get a feeling for who those people are and you try to eliminate those people." Riggleman told the Associated Press.

The rats have been warned. If this is true, then speak up!!! Yeah I thought so...rat.

I hope Ichiro moves to better teams like the Red Sox, Yankees, White Sox or any team with a chance of winning the World Series.
I hate to be on a team with rats.


Josseler "Yeng" Guiao was appointed as the Philippine national team coach yesterday according to a report from the Philippine Star. His main responsibility is to guide the country in qualifying for the 2010 World Championship in Turkey. He knows the formidability of the task at hand but is willing to take it...

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Thursday, September 25, 2008


Can you believe this news? A congressman asked GAB to revoke Manny Pacquiao's boxing license!

The world's top pound-for-pound boxer Manny Pacquiao is "clearly mismatched" with Oscar de la Hoya. That's why Cagayan de Oro Rep. Rufus Rodriguez wants his license temporarily suspended by the Games and Amusements Board (GAB).

"I don’t think that Manny can even shake Oscar," Rodriguez told GMANews.TV in a telephone interview on Wednesday. "But I’m afraid that Oscar can hurt Manny very badly."

The reactions from PACLAND or Philboxing.com as expected is anger.


If there's anything that needs revoking...it's the "license" of corrupt individuals to run for government posts just to satisfy their greed for money and to further drag down our country towards hell


This two funny guys, both Mr.Rodriguez and Mr. Buhain would help the other Filipino boxers fighting in Thailand...Not this Dream Match!!! this two m----- just want public exposure!!

Some posters were more collected upon reading the news.


i admire you for being a good swimmer(butterfly) when i was in elementary, till the day you became GAB chair.but i will not agree with you in your actions. only Manny Pacquiao knows the limitations of his body he will not agree on a boxing match just to be a Dead, Disabled/handicapped multi millionaire. if Manny cant carry Oscars punch he will not continue the fight, he has 3 kids and a preggy wife he still thinks of them together. and GAB you should know that Manny possesses extraordinary ability, dont worry too much kumpare. you are a Filipino you should believe in Manny.

Recah Trinidad's earlier Inquirer column about "Boxing Crimes" must have stung some people to extra vigilance. In the column, Trinidad enumerated Filipino boxers who were sent abroad to be slaughtered because of glaring mismatches:

Joan de Guia, 6-8-2, was knocked out by undefeated Chonlatorn Pinyapinyo, 27-0, in Ayutthaya, Thailand, on Aug. 31. De Guia was dropped by a right hook to the head before he was crushed by another left shot to the body in the third round.

The final word goes to another poster in Philboxing.com

or maybe they just dont want to be blamed if something bad happens to the bout. maybe they just want to show that they are doing their job. they have done it for filipino boxers fighting in thailand so they might as well do it with pacquiao's. i think it wont prosper. its just a publicity stunt. they are washing their hands this early for any untoward incidents

thats just my speculation

Since the call comes from a politician, people thought of it as another grandstanding or attention-grabbing ploy. It means nobody takes politicians seriously in this country. I can't blame the Filipino people though.

Games and Amusement Board (GAB) is a government body in charge of professional boxing matters (among others) in the country, has reportedly registered its opposition to De La Hoya - Pacquiao match as early as July. However, several mismatches between Filipino boxers and Thai ones happened this month (as reported in Philboxing.com) that evaded GAB's radar. Why on earth did Joan de Guia and Jason Lyson got to fight in Thailand despite glaring difference in quality is beyond me! It's GAB's inability to prevent these kinds of fights from happening which leads people to question its sincerity regarding Manny's case. Maybe GAB should pay attention to lesser known Filipino boxers who are more susceptible to exploitation and not focus only on a well-known one thereby getting accused of seeking attention. Justified or not, the agency should prove it is really doing its job.

No offense meant to Mr. Eric Buhain, chairman of the Games and Amusement Board. In fairness to him, he decided not to press the matter too much as it might distract Pacquiao in his training. Thank you very much sir for your understanding.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Whenever courts intervene in an issue of dispute involving sports, it’s never good news. Can you imagine the chaos if a losing boxer goes to court and tries to reverse a decision on the basis of the judges’ alleged incompetence? There are avenues of arbitration available within the sports hierarchy to resolve issues of conflict. Bringing in government or the church or some other third party to settle a dispute in sports just isn’t sporting.

Joaquin Henson from Philstar

Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) Commissioner Sonny Barrios changed his mind yesterday and would name the RP coach after all. This following the Court of Appeals issued a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) to prevent Manila Regional Trial Court Branch 24 from nullifying the election of Manny Pangilinan as Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas President according to a report from the Philippine Star. It means Team Pilipinas will be formed as soon as possible (Oct. 1 reports other newspapers)

Thank goodness! I look forward to seeing the make up of this team.

“If it means there’s no legal impediment, I’ll now proceed with my assignment. I’ll work on it as agreed upon – the sooner the better,” said Barrios.

Barrios on Monday put on hold the formation of the team, wary on a possible legal trouble with the two groups claiming to be the legitimate national cage body engaged in a legal tussle.

PBA board chairman Joaqui Trillo yesterday reiterated their full support to the Pangilinan group and stressed they’re not backing out of their commitment to form the national team for the FIBA-Asia championship next year.

For Full Story

The PBA came across as a fair-weather friend to SBP, bailing out when the latter needs its support the most (PBA is a member of SBP). Full support means the PBA should stand by SBP in this leadership tussle and not when it finds convenient to do so. Actions speak louder than words.

San Beda Wins Game One of the NCAA Finals

San Beda College defeated Jose Rizal University 72 - 68 in the first game of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Season 84 Finals at the Araneta Coliseum today. San Beda did it with stifling defense and huge size advantage esp. in their frontline. Borgie Hermida scored 14 points for the Red Lions to lead his team to victory.


Waray Music Video - pride is still present among Waray youth. Hurray!

Despite the national policy of suppression of non-Tagalog Philippine languages (Verbal and expressed note of purported support is not enough but real monetary help plus serious effort of intellectualizing other non-Tagalog languages. We can always say I support this or that), it is good to note there are proud people willing to stand up and help their tongue survive and thrive.

A book of Waray poems, Inintokan, by Victor N. Sugbo was launched last Friday under the auspices of the University of the Philippines Tacloban College. It was published by the UP Press as one of its centennial books. Professor Sugbo is a PhD (Communication) from UP Diliman and teaches with the UPTC.

According to the author the root word of the title, intok, means "to knock against or into something," and this is the process through which he wrote the poems: be "hit by something — a thought, a memory, a wave of feeling — that takes a small chip out of our humanity, and changes us." His honesty is arresting: "The poems... were never easy to write because I had always been uncomfortable writing in my mother tongue. My knowledge of Waray was limited to what I used in everyday conversation... My university education taught me to think, speak, and write in English, a matter that later became a way of viewing things.

"Today when I write in Waray, I still grope for the appropriate, if not precise, words. Each poem’s unfolding becomes always an invocation of the many rivers of words I shared with Inday Damiana, my father, my mother, Mano Busio, Mana Maria, Mano Mundo, Mano Poren, neighbors, and people I had met... In the end, one is left with his own well of memory and lexicon."

This is the struggle of any poet writing in neo-colonial times, especially of one highly schooled in English — of course, because he is the product of a long, oppressive and repressive history of colonization. But there is the well of memory and lexicon, the seldom tapped mine that each of us carries deep in us like a chalice. The author’s tone is conversational. And he speaks of the immensely local, the world of the everyday in which he is rooted, like the title of the volume.


Just how important is this very act of coming up with a "minor language" poetry?

every verse line written neither in English nor in Tagalog is an assertion of our pre-colonial state; a valiant act of claiming our right to our own past that was interrupted by the intrusion of the western colonials; an assertion that yes, indeed, our poetic souls prevailed as all our languages triumphed over the horrendous abuses of the Spaniards and the Americans and Manila.

Long live the language resistance movement!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Team Pilipinas coach was supposed to be announced this week but a court ruling has ordered SBP, the FIBA recognized basketball governing body in the Philippines, to cease and desist from functioning prompted the PBA commissioner to put on hold the team's formation.

PBA commissioner Sonny Barrios put on hold yesterday the formation of the RP team for the 2009 FIBA Asia championship with the Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas and the Basketball Association of the Philippines (BAP) engaged in a legal battle on which is the legitimate national federation in the country.

Manila Regional Trial Court Branch 24 Judge Antonio Eugenio ordered last week the SBP under president Manny Pangilinan to cease and desist from functioning as a national cage body, granting the petition filed by the BAP...

SBP executive director Noli Eala has said they will appeal the Eugenio ruling that nullified the SBP election of officers last June 12 where Pangilinan was voted as president.

“Prudence dictates we put on hold the formation of the national team starting with the naming of the coach. If we go on, the court might say ‘who ordered you so.’ Worse, we might be cited for contempt,” added Barrios. “Hopefully, this legal matter is resolved immediately.”

But the PBA chief made it clear that the PBA is not abandoning the SBP, remaining loyal to its cause.

Barrios, who has just returned from a two-week vacation in the United States, was to announce his choice as national coach on Oct. 1. The coach would be given the blanket authority to form his team vying for a slot in the 2010 World Championship in the regional qualifier set in September next year.

crab mentality
The reactions from fans were anger and frustration. From Philstar

This rotten ------ is such a nuisance... Just when the national team program is starting to move, he yanks it back again to chaos... This guy obviously just wants power and is not interested in genuine basketball development in the country...

Politicians should be banned in basketball affairs (or in any sports program) because they haven't done anything to improve it in the first place. All they do is squabble among themselves...

Of course, posters also gave great suggestions and one of it is this

Politicians should be banned in basketball affairs (or in any sports program) because they haven't done anything to improve it in the first place. All they do is squabble among themselves...

Frustrated fans hit out on the PBA Commissioner:

There is no such thing as playing it safe if you are a responsible leader ,you must be decisive and willing to send a strong signal to the Pichay group to abandon their shameless act. Time is of the essence here FIBA-ASIA tourney is near we might end up cramming again if you are willing to help the Philippine Team then act now you must be willing to take the risk.

Another view:

Barrios is playing safe because he doesn't have the guts to get involved and admit where his loyalties really are.

Thank goodness, not all is lost. It seems the SBP has secured a restraining order from the Court of Appeals to prevent the lower court from executing its decision.

BAP-SBP executive director Noli Eala said the federation has secured a temporary restraining order on the Sept. 3 decision of Judge Antonio Eugenio (Manila RTC Branch 24) from Justice Juan Enriquez Jr. of Division 11 in the Court of Appeals.

Eala Questions Barrios' Decision

Eala isn't so happy with Barrios' decision as it shows division within the SBP which the PBA is a member!

“It’s totally not a related issue. It also shows inconsistency within the SBP where the PBA is a member,” said Eala.

“We’re confident with the case which the SBP appealed. I don’t know where that feeling of his (Barrios) is coming from but that decision doesn’t speak well. It’s not his concern,” added Eala.

So, there was really no reason for Barrios to put on hold Team Pilipinas' formation. Barrios is unpopular with national team fans for many reasons and one of them is his reported dislike for the PBA to represent the country internationally.

From a basketball forum

The decision of Barrios to withhold the naming of the coach shows a timid unimaginative leader content to watch from the fence and afraid to take sides. The PBA as a member of SBP and with all its money and power should have taken the SBP's side. Barrios reminds me somewhat of cesafi leader tiuhinkoy. Mr. Barrios showed the kind of decision-making he has previously when he made his unpopular decisions regarding the pba national team. I hope he gets replaced soon.

From another poster, an even worse charge:

Barrios at the moment is trying to bring back the greedy PBA era... I don't care if the PBA is enjoying something from his Commissionership but this guy, like ------, is ruining Philippine Basketball...

In various internet basketball forums, the general consensus has been both the PBA and the BAP are responsible for the massive decline of Philippine basketball. This impression shows no sign of ending.

Monday, September 22, 2008


I'm glad this is not another "The Greatest" hyperbole their press is known for in branding performances.

Theo Walcott is an English football player who earned national approbation for scoring three goals in England's 4-1 victory over Croatia in a World Cup qualifying game weeks ago. A commentator from Espn said he is being build up by the overly optimistic English media again:

All of a sudden we are forced to endure countless tabloid articles about how good he was at school, his preferred breakfast or what his other half's favourite soap is. It is arguably what we in Britain do better than anywhere else on earth. Build them up, build them up, build them up ... wait until he shanks a pen in the quarter-finals of the World Cup then dismantle the kid like he was a sideboard from Ikea. Then it'll be wasted talent this, WAG-obsessed that and before you know it he'll be drinking white spirit and begging outside White Hart Lane...

It's true - the same media singing praises to this young talent will the same ones which will rail him on his future failure esp. at the World Cup. The guy is talented alright but the English media has to temper their expectations. They can't handle disappointment very well. Their ruthlessness comes out every defeat. More so if they consider their opponent as beneath them. To their press, England is never beaten by the strong team just a lucky one LOL. I hope Theo doesn't swallow these sweet words easily as it has a painful catch. What is it? Ask David Beckham.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


LIVE BLOGGING 10:30 pm Mst

64th minute: Manchester United still leading 1-0.

66th minute: Joe Cole strike saved by Man U keeper

Oh no...It seems Ferguson is getting the better of Scolari. I want to see a second goal. C'mon the game's getting defensive. Fans at Stamford Bridge are singing out of tune as usual.

68th Chelsea's acting casually at the penalty box. They deserve to be punished.

79th Kalou header ties the score 1-1. Manchester United's defense very porous.

92nd Ronaldo's spectacular Bicycle kick saved by the Gk

Match ends 1-1

Park Ji-Sung scored for United on the 18th minute via rebound off Derbatov shot

Thank you for reading. See you tomorrow!

Saturday, September 20, 2008


The bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers will have minimal impact on the country's economy according to the report from the Inquirer as the country's banks have low exposure on the said financial firm:

As a percentage of total assets of the individual banks, the exposures are as low as 0.5 percent and as high as 1.7 percent, according to the estimates, which were discussed at a meeting of the BSP policymaking body, the Monetary Board, on Thursday.

The real problem for the Philippines however are the large number of rural banks going kaput! From the Inquirer again:

Taxpayers will have to shoulder billions of pesos worth of deposit insurance payments should a set of rural banks across the country--controlled by one man--close due to insolvency. According to bank regulators, the total bill that the state-owned Philippine Deposit Insurance Corp. (PDIC) will have to foot should these rural banks cease to do business is "over P12 billion" as of the latest data available.

When this report came out, I wondered why this problem wasn't explored or even hit the headlines of the TV news programs when many small depositors were affected is beyond me. I got hold of this issue at pinoymoneytalk.com and I think this is big news. But it didn't get the much coverage. Pity. This is not the first time a rural bank collapsed in our country. As a small-time depositor, my rule has always been to put my money in big banks only. It is better to be safe than sorry. I alone can protect myself from harm. Yes, my deposit is small but at least its safe or liquid. It's not like the regulators would come swiftly to the rescue and even if they do you can't recover your money quickly anymore. Several legal processes have to be done. In short, you will get your money again after many hassles.

Friday, September 19, 2008


So what is the world's stupidest bank? The answer is kfW Bank in Germany of course. The state-owned German bank transferred 300 million euros ($ 435.2 m) to Lehman Brothers on the day the later filed for bankruptcy protection. Two management board members were promptly suspended for the embarrassing fiasco. Oh yes?


"I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

Letter to the Secretary of the Treasury Albert Gallatin (1802)

courtesy: alby711 Youtube

The United States has a bailout plan for other banks involved in the credit crunch and automakers are also asking for some financial relief to the tune of $ 25 B. It remains to be seen whether it would be granted or not. And if those problems aren't enough the jobless claims are also on the rise.

It will be the U.S. taxpayers who will bear the brunt of these bailouts but doing nothing would cripple their economy.

A crippled US economy would be a disaster to our exporters and remittance senders.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


the controversial video

"The Star Spangled Banner’s going on right now and I don’t celebrate that [expletive]. I’m black"

This unintelligent stunt (to put it mildly) embroiled Josh Howard (J.Ho) of the Dallas Mavericks into controversy. It has become fashionable in the land of the free and the home of the brave to do stupid things with the camera on so BWAHAHA what a ---- ---. It just so happens most Americans believe the lyrics of the song and sing it with all of their heart (whether in tune or not it doesn't matter. No Spanish version tolerated). They love it so much that coming from their own it must be a huge shock! Now, he is being bashed both by some racists and his own people (read Youtube comments).

Nice J. Ho. Keep up the good work!

Keeping it in the 'hood bro! Daym you're stupid!

Here is Josh Howard's side of the story:

Few weeks ago, two NBA rookies were caught allegedly with women and smoking pot in their hotel room during the NBA Rookie Orientation program. Though they apologized the players denied drug use. The NBA doesn't need these controversies right now after the league is still reeling from the Tim Donaghy officiating scandal. It does reflect on the NBA whether we like it or not for Howard works and represents that institution. For objectivity's sake it doesn't have to be, but perception is all that matters most of the time and most people know Josh Howard as a NBA player.

Josh Howard admits NBA players smoke Marijuana - an echo of Dennis Rodman's statement a long time ago.

Wherever there's money, there's drugs, so to say drugs don't exist in the NBA would be stupid.

Back in the days of the Metropolitan Basketball Association, Matt Mitchell, an American, was booted out of the country for dancing while the Philippine national anthem is being played. Recalling the incident make me want to reconsider the answer to my earlier post.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Unofficial video presentation of 2018 Manila Asian Games

Unlike the supposed Manila Olympic Games bid, this one is actually doable if you believe the Philippine Olympic Committee official who said so. I think some people were spurred by the fact that two other Southeast Asian nations are bidding to stage the event - Singapore and Vietnam.

However, the 2014 Asian Games was given to Incheon, Korea so the 2014 Manila Asian Games is erroneous.

Manila hosted the 1954 Asian Games and the country won 14 Golds 14 Silvers 17 Bronzes - its best performance EVER. The Asian Games has more events than the Olympics by the way. By 2012, the Olympics will have 26 sports in its line-up while the Asian Games by 2010 will have 42 including uniquely Asian sports like Sepak Takraw, Kabaddi, Dragon Boat racing and others. Not to mention, China dominates these games and the games only attract few guests (fewer than the Olympics). It doesn't make financial sense for us

Most likely, this is just another fanciful thinking from some people but it's okay, nothing wrong with that. I hope it won't get pushed so some people could get rich. At the moment, I'm contented with hosting the Southeast Asian Games.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Steve Bunce taking potshots against U.S. boxing id...commentators. No butt-kissing here.

Joaquin "Quinito" Henson is one of the best and most objective sports writers in the country. He also happens to be one of the most courageous. He took on the establishment recently when he lashed out on the Philippine National Youth Coach (for what he calls treason) for leaving his wards while a tournament was on-going. Other so-called sports writers kept quiet fearing backlash, preferring instead to dish out propaganda and taking on the "government". In this country, nobody defends government actions in sports anyway. My respect for Henson grew even more (for I already admired him when I was young). I remembered when he defended Manny from outrageous attacks from crabs and jealous people putting Pacquiao down after the boxer's close win against Marquez. It was a classic rebuttal.

Now, he is in the limelight again for calling someone to task. He is a relief from too much butt-kissing in sports media today.

What La Salle is all about

Today, he admitted his error on calling the coach's action as "treason".

Perhaps, it was also an error in my judgment to call Pumaren’s departure from Tehran an act of treason. Pumaren and I go back a long way and I’ve never known him to be unpatriotic. I hope Pumaren and the La Sallian community accept my admission.

He also regretted to being the cause for dividing his community:

I regret being a cause of dissension within the La Sallian community but as a writer, there are obligations I must honor, sometimes at the risk of creating enmity. I only hope that I am more understood and less chastised for taking positions which may appear to be contrary to my school’s interests.

In fact, I am most proud when trying to discern what is right and what is wrong, beyond school partisan interests, because that is something I attribute to my La Sallian education as a Christian gentleman.

For Full Story

La Salle is a school that "endeavors to develop Christian men and women who are committed to excellence, competent in their professions, and actively involved in the service of the fellow men towards a more peaceful, just and humane Filipino society"

Henson was just doing what he was taught in school. Funny, he turned out to be the real La Sallian.

Why is there a dissension? If we are on the same wavelength, there wouldn't be any. If we all believe the country's the top priority and others are only secondary - there should not be any dissension at all.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Nate Campbell expressed his frustration over Joan Guzman's no-show in the fight on Sunday.

I can’t begin to tell you how disappointed I am in Joan Guzman. So much went into this fight. My preparation, my time away from my family. So much. And for him to pull this stunt shows a complete lack of respect for the sport, the fans, the network, and myself. I wanted my pound of flesh. I wanted his “0″. I found out he had pulled out of the fight while on my way to the dressing room. I found out later that this nonsense had been going back and forth all day. He was gonna fight, he wasnt gonna fight, he was gonna fight, etc. Terry had kept me pretty insulated from most of it though, so I didnt know until on my way to the dressing room what was up. I really feel bad for the fans who came out, and for DKP, Showtime, and the Beau Rivage, who put so much effort into making this fight happen. Alot of money and effort went down the drain due to the unprofessional conduct of this ------."

Nate believes Guzman avoided him.

Guzman and his people made allegations against me regarding steroid use, yet it is Guzman who bulked up so much mass that he couldnt even make 135. And to get sympathy, they are claiming that he was throwing up blood. This is not a symptom of dehydration to make weight. Throwing up blood is a symptom of using too much diuretics. He didn’t even try to lose any weight after weighing 138.5 on his first try. He went back to his room and watched tv. And all this “rushed to the hospital” nonsense is just -------- spin from his people. They only took him to the hospital after the weigh-in because getting an IV is a quicker way to re-hydrate than naturally taking in fluids. But thats besides the point. This wasnt a case of someone getting the flu, or an injury during fight week. Those things legitimately happen sometimes. They knew at least 3 or 4 days ago that the weight was gonna be a problem. But instead of letting people know, and making another deal or something for the fight to move forward, they pulled this ---- at the last second. I’ve also heard a few stories saying that it was the doctor that pulled the plug on the fight. I don’t believe that is true. Terry asked the commissioner what his ruling was, and if it was medical related, or what. The commissioner told him “I advised the fighter of the consequences of not participating in the fight, and the fighter elected not to participate”. I even told them I didn’t care what he weighed. He could have came in at 160 for all I care. I just wanted that --- and that “0″. I’m very disappointed.

For Full Statement
(Edited for strong language)

Guzman claims he is the most avoided boxer in the world? Is it true?

He reportedly avoided a fight with Katsidis citing training injury (broken hand or as Nate said, broken nail). He supposedly avoided a 130-pound match with Arthur citing visa issues. And now avoided another fight with Campbell for health reasons. That's all I can say.

But Guzman is a dangerous fighter right?

Of course, he is dangerous to promoters and others involved in the boxing business because of his routine inability to fulfill contractual obligations (how many canceled fights this dude's involved with?)

Should Juan Manuel Marquez meet Nate Campbell next?

Yes, I hope so. This is another exciting lightweight match-up to decide who is the best lightweight in the world right now. Debate over this matter has sprung up over boxing forums all over the internet. As for Juan Diaz, he should wait his turn - that's the price he has to pay for losing to Nate. However, Campbell said he has an IBF mandatory fight against Funeka so hopefully Campbell - Marquez will materialize in the near future.
Joan is overweight!!!
Joan went to her room!!!
Joan coughed up blood!!!
Congratulations Pedro!!!

Pedro apologized.
Now he hates Joan.
Joan's life devastated
comment from Philboxing.com

Joan can thank ------- for the massive groundswell of haters against him. For months, Pacquiao fans endured taunts from Guzman's camp insinuating Manny's afraid of him. They were the ones who started this mess. It has no basis of course. Manny met and beat the best there are and were in his division. In fact, Pacquiao will be taking on a boxer two-weight classes above him. How's that for courage (or foolhardiness whatever)?

Joan's fanboys also irritated Juan Manuel Marquez, and Nate Campbell. Guzman's initial tirades against Nate was uncalled for and he is now paying the price of his big mouth

Pacfans only DEFEND not INSTIGATE.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Marquez finishing off Casamayor

While Manny Pacquiao is busy organizing fights that defy common sense, Juan Manuel Marquez is busy establishing credibility for himself in the lightweights. Thank goodness, there was a knockout. The fight, as I've said before, was too close to call! A knockout is the best way to win in boxing.

Juan Manuel Marquez of Mexico defeated Joel Casamayor of Cuba via an eleventh round KO in the main event of the barely filled MGM Arena, Las Vegas, USA. A massive Marquez right staggered Casamayor with 34 seconds left in the said round. The defending Ring Magazine champion (Ring Magazine owned by Golden Boy the fight's promoter) got up and continued. Casa tried to hold on and finish the round but Marquez unleashed flurries with another right connecting on the Cuban effectively dropping the latter. The referee had seen enough and stopped the match. Congratulations Juan Manuel Marquez!

So two knockouts occurred today, the first one happened BEFORE the fight as Guzman was taken to the hospital canceling his match with Campbell and Marvin Gaye look-a-like Casa showed he has such a weak chin by kissing the canvass.

I told you Marquez is such a smart fighter. Casamayor could barely hit him relying most of the time on his left and his age (37 years old) really slowed him and it showed first against Katsidis. But he was lucky to finish Katsidis last March.

Boy, I want to see a Campbell-Marquez showdown. It is the next logical move I think. Forget Guzman. He should just stick to patsies. With world championship match and three titles at stake, Guzman forgot about it and failed the weigh-in.


Guzman highlight reel when he is actually in the ring lol

Guzman-Campbell fight is off because Guzman was hospitalized for dehydration as a result of trying to meet the weight limit yesterday.
Campbell reportedly still want to fight Guzman despite being overweight but since the latter was dehydrated and reportedly coughing blood he was sent to the hospital for monitoring. Guzman effectively wasted our time!

He reportedly missed fighting Katsidis too with a broken hand as the alibi.

Fan Comments:

Guzman is SO FAT, he went UP in weight and is still OVERWEIGHT.

Guzman Ko'd in Zero rounds.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Guzman vs Soto

Tomorrow will be another blockbuster day as two potentially exciting fights will take place: Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Joel Casamayor and Joan (he's a guy) Guzman vs. Nate Campbell. At stake for Marquez and Casamayor is the Ring Magazine lightweight title while NONE for Guzman and Campbell. Guzman was three and a half pounds overweight earlier at weigh-in today (LOL) so all three lightweight titles (WBA, WBO & IBF) are safe in Campbell's hands unless he loses the match tomorrow and it will be declared vacant. Not that it matters since I'm more interested in Marquez-Casamayor match. These fights have the tendency to become a sleep fest knowing the boxers involved (smart and technically sound ring warriors) but I hope somebody will get knocked out tomorrow. I really do.

In reality, I think I'm dreaming that knock outs will occur, but who knows right? These fights have the potential to be fight of the year but it depends on the boxers. I'm speaking as a fan of course.

OBJECTIVE PICKS (Mind, disinterested observation)
Campbell via unanimous decision
Casamayor via split decision (taking to account the Sta. Ana fight)

Personal (Heart, Boxers I want to win)
Campbell via unanimous decision
Marquez via split decision

Guzrun (as his detractors call him, generated many enemies due to his mouth and his number no.1 fanboy / lover named Pedro the bogus boxer) blew his chance of fighting for a world title thanks to his lack of discipline - three and a half pounds overweight - that's a lot in boxing. Even if he has a trainer, shouldn't he watch himself too?

Not that Campbell's decision-making skills are perfect. As one poster in Youtube said, "He is Amir Khan's best mate" LOL

"Unlike her, I actually try and do my mandatories, and not "forget" to get my visa to get out of the fight. And didn't she sign for a fight with Katsidis, only to break a nail or something and pull out? And she is questioning my willingness to fight? That's a laugh. My message to Joanie is this: Chill out." This is Campbell reacting to diatribes thrown at him by Joan Guzman (the Latino instigated the Word War first).

I just want to see just how good Casamayor will be against an intelligent counterpuncher like Marquez. Unlike Katsidis, who pressed the fight against Casa despite leading in the scorecards and getting KO'd in the process, Marquez won't do that - he's too smart for that. I think he will wear down Casamayor and frustrate him with his counterpunching. This fight will be decided by the judges and it will be close. If this goes to the judges, pray that the right decision be handed. (Remember Casamayor vs. Santa Cruz? Most experts thought Santa Cruz won as the guy really boxed well but the judges scored it for Casa - the crowd booed both Casa and the judges.)

I have featured Juan Manuel Marquez and Casa videos often its time to give the other boxers the chance.

http://www.fighthype.com/pages/content3417.html/ - Guzman's overweight
http://www.boxingscene.com/?m=show&id=14080/ - Campbell's statement


Make it two GK. In this video, the GK scored to tie the game!

9:50 pm This is a live blog read from the bottom up ok? Its fun doing this. The game's all hype. It has been fun. I'll do this in another "El Classico" type match. TV pundits are talking about the game trying to put a microscope on every little thing that happened. YAWN. I've got to go.

9:45 pm Just finished dinner
Game over. LOLERPOOL wins 2-1. I saw one disturbing moment in this match. On the 84th minute Rafa Benitez was shaking his booty for some reason. I thought I discovered who the guy in Barney suit is. It turns out he was telling his player that he won't be replaced. Tell that to the touchline official man. Nice booty shake beats Beyonce LOL. Derbatov just got a reality check though he just arrived. Good luck to him in his English football career.

Another LOL moment. Man Utd GK Van Der Sar joined in the last-ditch attempt to score a goal. It didn't materialize. I only saw one game in which the GK joined in the Corner Kick attack and scored. It happened in South America and the GK scored a header!

9:26 pm I'm having dinner - fried chicken.

9:24 pm I'm going to concentrate on the game now.

9:22 pm 76th Babel scored. It is 2-1 for LOLERPOOL!

9:19 pm The crowd started singing again after screaming their lungs out!

9:18 pm Some Man U fan called Liverpool LOLERPOOL. LOL

9:16 pm 69 min. Man Utd corner kick failed. Baldy GK of Liverpool saved a shot. The resulting corner produced nothing. Benitez taking down notes as he usually has for years.

9:14 pm 67th minute Gerrard's on as if He mattered. We'll see.

9:12 pm 65th minute The crowd is singing awfully. They are probably bored like me.

9:09 pm 63rd minute - Some Man Utd player took a piss lol. Sorry, I'm bored maybe he went to the locker room.

9:06 pm 60th minute The hype's exposed. The game's boring. There is lack of creativity with some players resorting to long range shots. Liverpool - Luckypool

8:50 pm Second half begins.

8:37 pm There are some sectors in England that want to limit foreigners as I've wrote in my blog before I'm watching the EPL because of these talented imports. I don't have any special loyalty towards English football. If that happens, I'll just switch leagues.
The score is 1 a piece with Manchester United players scoring all the goals.

8:36 pm Half-time.

8:34 pm 45th minute - The game's getting boring.

8:14 pm Wes Brown on the 27th minute scored an own goal. Liverpool is such a lucky team! There was a defensive mix-up on Manchester Utd. penalty box! Score: 1-1

7:57 pm It has been a very long time since I watched an EPL derby live such as this. I really want to take advantage of the opportunity. So far Manchester United is leading 1-0 with 9 minutes on the clock. I decided to finish the Australia - New Zealand rugby match so I missed the opening minutes
. I've got to go.

Teves scored on the 3rd minute.

Friday, September 12, 2008


Good news, it seems the SBP can form the National Team as early as December (though it would have been prudent to organize much earlier). Team Pilipinas will participate in the Haarlem Tournament in Holland where other teams like 2008 Olympic qualifier - Angola - will also join.

Eala also bared plans of organizing a National Team management group, similar to the USA Basketball model, to lay the groundwork for representation in international competitions.

The management group will be headed by Bernie Atienza, concurrently SBP chairman of the competition committee. Members will be two from the pro sector, three from the collegiate sector (NCAA, UAAP and CESAFI), two from the amateur commercial sector (PBL, Liga), two national coaches (Chot Reyes, Norman Black), two coaches (Yayoy Alcoseba will be one) and Eala as executive director.

Eala said a national pool will be assembled soon and a team formed to play at the Haarlem invitationals in Amsterdam in December. Angola and Holland will participate in the tournament.

FIBA-Asia prefers either China or Japan to host its senior tournaments from 2009 - 2011. Talk about fairness.

While in Tehran for the recent under-18 Youth Championships, Eala conferred with FIBA-Asia deputy secretary-general Hagop Khajirian of Lebanon on the possibility of Manila hosting the 2011 men’s tournament, which will be the regional qualifier for the London Olympics.

“Mr. Khajirian welcomed our offer,” said Eala. “However, I was told the preference is for China or Japan to host in 2009 or 2011 because of marketing considerations. If China declines to host in 2009, it will be given priority to host in 2011.”

For Full Story

What's the end of marketing? It is to earn money, lots of it. Is it all about money? What a lousy organization FIBA-Asia is! It didn't even give its other members the chance to bid for the senior men's tournament. China has hosted the FIBA-Asia U18 Championship two years ago and the Olympics this year while the site of the 2006 World Championship was Japan. I think they organized one too many FIBA tournaments already. Come on - its time to give other willing nations the chance! Those countries aren't the only ones who love basketball in Asia.

What about fairness? As I've said no bidding took place. There are countries serious in hosting the event and to give it to some country on a silver platter is inequitable! It would be better to lose in the bidding than to give the hosting job on a whim. Yes, China or Japan may have great facilities but does that mean they can just pass it among themselves the right to host a FIBA-Asia seniors' men tournament? Geesh.

Give other nations a chance!

National Team Coach

PBA Commissioner Sonny Barrios will announce the coach of Team Pilipinas by month-end according to GMA news.

Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) commissioner Sonny Barrios will be returning from a three-week US trip carrying with him a special package.

The league commissioner returns to the country two weeks from now and will announce a few days his choice for the RP team mentor.

Red Bull’s Yeng Guiao has been the leading candidate for the job, although also being considered are Barangay Ginebra’s Jong Uichico, Tim Cone of Alaska and Talk `N Text’s Chot Reyes, the same coach who handled the PBA-backed national team that saw action in the FIBA-Asia Olympic qualifying tournament in Tokushima, Japan last year.

For Full Story

It seems a foreign coach for the national team won't materialize at all!


Ryan Wetherell is a Filipino-Canadian from Calgary, Alberta. His basketball skills didn't go unnoticed in his home country as there were two Canadian university teams after him but decided to play in the United States with the University of Southern California Trojans squad...

For Full Story

Thursday, September 11, 2008


This news item showed the local coaches' opposition to the plan by SBP to hire a foreign coach. This was the day after SBP bared their proposal to recruit one.

LOCAL coaches collectively expressed their views opposing the Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas’ plan to hire a foreign coach that will handle the Philippine men’s basketball squad seeing action in the 2011 FIBA Asia Men’s Basketball Championship, a qualifying event for the 2012 London Olympics.

Red Bull coach Yeng Guiao, Nokia Pilipinas Youth and La Salle Green Archers mentor Franz Pumaren and former Welcoat coach and now Adamson Falcons mentor Leo Austria disagreed with the SBP’s plan on tapping the services of Serbian coach Rajko Toroman.

Toroman steered the Iranian squad to the FIBA Asia Men’s Basketball Championship in Tokushima, Japan last year.

But Pumaren, Guiao and Austria unanimously agreed that the Philippine team that will compete in major Asian basketball tournaments and possibly in the Olympics should be handled by no less than our very own.

“There are many competent coaches here and I believe success comes within the program,” said Pumaren, also the head of the Philippine Basketball Association’s Players Union.

Guiao, the top candidate for the head coaching post for the national team that will see action in the 2009 FIBA Asia Men’s Basketball Championship, is not convinced about the need to get a foreign coach.

“Why hire a foreign coach? Will he cry alongside the players everytime we suffer a setback? Or how compassionate he is compared to a Filipino coach while handling the Philippine team? I mean, there are a lot of talented coaches here who will stick to the team win or lose. ” said Guiao.


As the events previously unfolded showed, having a Filipino coach doesn't mean he will stick around win or lose. Besides, it will not hurt as much.

Despite the opposition to the proposal, the SBP will try to convince the PBA to consider hiring a foreign coach to the national team.

Meanwhile, the BAP-Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas will persuade the Philippine Basketball Association to consider employing the services of a foreign coach when the professional league spearheads the formation of a team to the FIBA-Asia Championship next year.

If the PBA insists on a local to coach the national team, then it should be Yeng Guiao and he should resign from Red Bull. I think Coach Yeng is capable. Back in 1990, he led the Philippine Light All-Stars to a ten-point victory against China (though PBA rules were used and an import was employed). He steered his Red Bull team to PBA semifinals stint without big name stars believing in the system rather than star power. I admire the guy and he deserves to be the national team coach but only as a full-time one. No more part-time coach - one bad experience is enough! Our national team needs a full time coach!

However, the PBA should be open-minded on this matter. I really prefer a foreign one esp. with vast international basketball experience like Toroman (Toro=Bull, they have something in common with Coach Yeng) but I think PBA will not bend to SBP's request. I just hope, this wouldn't result in another impasse and stall our preparation again.

The issue of SBP hiring a foreign coach would have been averted had Commissioner Barrios chose one a long time ago. This month, exactly one year before FIBA-Asia, would have been a great start for Team Pilipinas to start training. Another three-month preparation and I can assure you - our players will be crying again in another first round exit. You may say what about other Asian teams - they too train for three months. Yes, you have a point but the players know each other since they were young as they get to represent their countries in age-group competitions. Besides, they are very familiar with FIBA rules - our PBA players are not.

Quinito Henson should be the national team coach, he seems to know a lot!

I don't recall Mr. Henson criticize Coach Pumaren's basketball strategies and tactics during the FIBA-Asia Under 18 Championship. The former deplored the action that he thought was wrong!

I respect Coach Pumaren by the way don't get me wrong. In fact I was happy that he instilled mental toughness on the RP boys in the game against Taiwan (and Iran). I think he is the perfect coach for the national youth team. Though we lost a close game against Lebanon it was due to a lousy call. We would've won the game.

SBP could be faulted too for not synchronizing college competitions with the international schedule.

As I've said yesterday, local college leagues are independent of SBP. There's no need for SBP to impose. I think it is more commendable if those leagues change schedules in their own volition not because they were ordered to.

Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country.

The local college league officials already know their schedules' conflict with FIBA's. It would be better for them to take the initiative much like the then PBA Commissioner Eala's cutting of PBA Conferences from three to two and changing the association's time table to allow the PBA to represent the country. If there's a will, there's a way! It will only happen if the leagues concerned share the Filipino people's dream of regaining basketball supremacy in Asia. Actions speak louder than words, so to speak.


A year ago, I started my blogging hobby from another blogspot address. My first entry was about the UAAP specifically my impression about the then rookie Nonoy Baclao and my thoughts about the league. Unfortunately, due to the many personal posts I wrote on that blog, I hid it for only a few people to read (mostly family). Later, I decided to look outward rather than looking inward, always about myself and my problems so I wrote about other things developing a strong liking for it. Besides, I prefer to act now on my problems than whine on it.

My blog posts are about my reflection about life and society in general and I decided to dwell more on things I like and issues I really care though with less vitriol than before as it is bad for the health. This blog will still continue to focus on:

Asian pop culture
Language Issues

Felicitas! Happy Anniversary from your SECOND favorite Boxer - Juanny. When you need something to cheer you up think of me!
I wrote the name of this blog on a bond paper and after scribbling many titles I chose holding-on still. (I forgot where I put that paper I want to file it for historical purposes.)

You may guess why this is my blog's address.




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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


the "abandonados"
courtesy of rhk111@Pinoyexchange.com

Respected Philippine Star sports journalist and commentator, Joaquin "Quinito" Henson slammed Franz Pumaren's action of leaving the national youth team in Iran today calling it "an act of treason".

As for Franz’ desertion, there is absolutely no excuse for abandoning the national team. The fact that the Philippines had already been eliminated from title contention only made it even more important for Franz to stay in Tehran – to be with his boys in their hour of defeat.

When Franz accepted the job to coach in Tehran, he knew there would be a conflict with La Salle’s schedule. He didn’t agree to take on the responsibility for flag and country blindly. It was an unconditional commitment through thick and thin. There was no escape clause to allow Franz an excuse slip in case things turned sour.

Like Franz, I am a La Salle graduate. I was taught by the Christian Brothers to be a man of my word, to honor my obligations, to live the Word of God, to stand by my principles and to love my country.

What Franz did was against the principles that we learned at La Salle. It was an act of treason because whether you like it or not, Franz was guilty of desertion. To compromise his commitment to the country for a school game is not only unpatriotic but also unconscionable. It smacked of a poor sense of priorities. I am surprised that the Christian Brothers allowed him to come back and appalled that no one in the school raised this moral issue against Franz.

For Full Story

Schools that refuse their students to play for the country should also be denounced like UST. Contrary to what Quinito wrote in his piece, UST doesn't release its players to the national team anymore or at the moment.


On why the RP Youth Team didn't select Bringas, Pascua and Salva.

As it is reported, the schools won't release these players. Please read carefully the news item before blabbering.

On why SBP didn't change UAAP and NCAA schedule

SBP has no direct control of the UAAP and NCAA. These leagues are independent.

On why SBP gave the job to Franz Pumaren

SBP offered the job to Pumaren in which the guy has the right not to accept. According to posters at Gameface.ph, Pumaren signed in so he could recruit the players for his school.

On why is Noli Eala too harsh on Franz when the SBP boss Manny Pangilinan doesn't even say a word

Simple, Manny Pangilinan supports Ateneo De Manila University (La Salle's alleged rival). For sake of propriety and to prevent misunderstanding, the guy just kept silent. The supporters of both school are fond of concocting conspiracy theories on what their rival is doing to derail their championship goal so staying quiet is a best option.

Get it?