Monday, October 20, 2008

Nailin Pailin becomes Nailin Paylin!

Hollywood decided to get into the Nailin Pailin bandwagon and made a movie called "Nailin Paylin" loosely based on a woman called Sarah Palin. The video clip is rather titillating to say the least.

The story is something about Sarah Palin or in the movie - Serra Paylin's professor teaching her about the Big Bang theory and throw in Condoleeza Rice and Hilary Clinton lookalikes. Yikes!!!

I'm not surprised at all!

Check out O'Reilly!!! LOL

So who's Nailin Pailin? I surmise:
  1. The Russians?
  2. Condoleeza Rice with Hilary Clinton?
  3. Her professor?
  4. McCaint?
  5. All of them?
I bet you know the answer already anyway.

The Nailin Pailin tag was supposed to embarrass Sarah Palin instead the VP candidate earned sympathy from some women political pundits. It stars Lisa Ann as the lead nailer....

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