Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cristine Reyes Maxim Philippines December 2008 Cover Girl

It seems Maxim Philippines wants to end 2008 with a bang by featuring Cristine Reyes in its December issue. She has been a staple of some magazines and if you've seen her you won't have to wonder why. Cristine Reyes will be very busy come December as she will reportedly topbill a new TV series called "Eva Fonda" in ABS-CBN. Good luck to her. This will be the first time she appears as cover girl of Maxim.

I first saw Cristine Reyes back in Starstruck. In the show, she didn't reveal any showbiz connection and was the first one to be booted out. It was only later she divulged that she was Ara Mina's sister. I never heard anything from Cristine again until she became FHM's cover girl last year. It was reportedly her first for a men's magazine. Ms. Reyes was initially hesitant but with the encouragement of her sister, she managed to pull it off(?).

I can tell you looking from a distance Cristine Reyes looks like Katrina Halili. I'm not kidding. There are angles where she looks like Katrina and this is not just me noticing it but other people as well. If I recall correctly Cristine and Katrina had a showdown on another men's magazine.

It seems Maxim prefers to get fresh beauties to grace their magazine cover. Two months ago, it featured Regine Angeles.

(10- 13-09 I removed the picture)

Sugarland Notes

I do remember Andres Bonifacio - today is his day. It was Emilio Aguinaldo who had him killed. Unlike in the north, our revolution was more successful though not celebrated due to strong bias against regional people.

Today is the last day of November? My goodness...Time really flies fast. I could vividly recall my first post this November about Korean guys trying to look like girls as if I made yesterday. I can't believe that tomorrow will be the official start of Christmas Season in the Philippines!!!

Well, I'm going to take a break now. Please continue to read my blog.

I will feature Christine Reyes - the Maxim's December 2008 Cover girl.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Korean Women Skirts are Getting Shorter...Why is it news again?

Yes,Korean Women skirts are getting shorter. But why did it make the news anyway? I almost fell off my chair when I first read the news item. Yes, Korean women hanging around here do wear shorter skirts than the rest of the native female population and I often wonder how they are looked upon in their country which has a reputation of being conservative. Also, I wondered if they wear very short skirts in Korea too when their parents could see them. It turns out they do too. Korean women in very short skirts made a strong impact it made the news in Chosunilbo.

Miniskirts Get Even Shorter Miniskirts which are so short that passersby feel embarrassed just to see them are hitting the street in Korea in the spring season of 2006. They are not just mini. They are super-miniskirts with their total length less than 25 cm. Such super-miniskirts, which got some 10 cm shorter from 10 years ago, are selling like hot cakes, some 2,500-3,000 units on average a day in G-Market, a local online shopping mall, and Auction, the trading site. They account for some 30 percent of women’s clothes sold. “Miniskirts have been here all the time, but this year it seems they reached the point where they can’t get any shorter,” a buyer of women’s clothes at Hyundai Department Store said. “Just several years ago, only those with long, beautiful legs wore such miniskirts, but these days they have become so popular that almost everyone wears them.”

“In a situation where the nation’s share prices and the number of people living in poverty increase at the same time, the popularity of super-miniskirts has little to do with the economic situation and more to do with celebrities who wear such short skirts and appear on TV,” says Prof. Lee Yun-jung of Gyeongin National University of Education. The time when the Dongdaemun Market and online shopping malls overflow with super-miniskirts and hot pants coincides with a time when female stars like Lee Hyo-lee, Ko So-young and Kim Tae-hee appear in front of the public wearing such garments.

It is still true today at least to some Korean women
I see here. Their specialty is either very short skirt or short shorts. Not that I'm picking them out - it is just that most women here don't wear skirts THAT SHORT. The professor is right - Korean women are emulating their favorite stars - and they will stick to it especially if it looks good on them. Actually skirts do make the women look more feminine.

Wonder Girls in JeansWhat's wrong with jeans? Wonder Girls in Jeans

Even Ahn So Hee isn't immune to the trend. This is what she said to a TV show months ago:

"After entering high school, the thing I wanted to do most was wearing my skirt very short. I was jealous of my friends who did that while I couldn’t. But I wanted to do the same so I shortened my skirt and wore it without anyone knowing. I would like to confess about this to my principal and teachers through this program. I’m sorry."

Some pervy ESL teachers in Korea must be jumping for joy reading this...according to her fans she was only kidding. Some of the ESL teachers have reactions (to the Chosunilbo article) akin to perverts that they should be separated far from their female students as possible.

Short skirts probably add more confidence to some Korean women. Why not esp. if they can handle it well?

I don't know what I'm going to say. I'm not going to lecture if that's what you're thinking. Besides, I have no right to, try as I might. I sure hope when these Korean women wear their short skirts they know how to sit properly or don't have scars littered all over their legs.

Hana Yori Dango Korean VersionUnrealistically short Korean schoolgirl skirt!


Friday, November 28, 2008

So there's a Skip Beat Live Action / Extravagant Challenge?

Reports say Taiwan will do a Skip Beat Live Action (Extravagant Challenge - their title) starring Ariel Lin and Jerry Yan. However, knowledgeable and sensible fans everywhere are already up in arms fearing Skip Beat Live Action (Extravagant Challenge) will destroy both the manga and anime like what the Taiwanese did to Yamada Taro Monogatari (known as Poor Prince the Taiwanese Version) and Marmalade Boy. If you've seen the Poor Prince, you know how the Taiwanese completely missed the point of the author. In fact, I think the series made fun of the poor and made them look weird (Yamada Taro Monogatari is a story of a high school boy raising his huge family and his incompetent mother). Thankfully, the Japanese live action version saved the manga.

Coming back to Skip Beat, it is about Kyoko Mogami who vowed revenge against her old childhood friend Sho Fuwa, a rising pop star, for tricking and mistreating her by joining show business and become a pop idol herself. The story's very intriguing
, right?

Not much reliable information going around at the moment and don't believe posters in various forums as they are usually as clueless as you and me. We'll wait for the actual and verified news on the matter. The information regarding Skip Beat Live Action (Extravagant Challenge) is already confirmed.

Objections to Skip Beat Live Action/ Extravagant Challenge are numerous. The biggest complaint is with the actors, Jerry Yan and Ariel Lin, who the Skip Beat manga and anime fans think are unsuited for the roles. Fans say Ariel Lin's reputation of portraying Low IQ and obssessive characters don't match Kyoko. Jerry Yan is a poor actor and I don't mean financially strapped.

Reactions to Skip Beat Live Action / Extravagant Challenge (Crunchyroll)


I can't believe those people! I don't like the fact that the Taiwanese are planning to do this at all! They should find their own stories to direct and produce instead of always taking the Japanese manga's plot! And they had to cast ariel lin and worst of all Jerry Yan! Are you serious?!! This is a huge offense and its the most horrible thing that can be done to "Skip Beat!" They should learn how to back off. The storyline doesn't fit with Taiwanese lifestyle. It's much better for the Japanese to produce since that is where it originated. I don't like how the Taiwanese versions always over exaggerate the acting. The Japanese version never gets a chance. Whenever they make their own version after the Taiwanese one, they are always overlooked. Just like Hana Kimi, and Meteor Garden (Hana Yori Dango). After I saw the Japanese series of Hana Yori Dango, the ways situations were handled better. You can't just have so much gut to stand up to the bad guys. No matter how angry you are, there is always hesitation. Taiwanese dramas are just too much for me. Just when the Anime is finally released, they had to go ahead and spoil it with their version. I'm already at my peak of anguish. If it really comes out, I just might really lose it and destroy the DVD anywhere it is selling."

"Oohhh, this will only ruin
the fame of skip beat (both manga and anime), taiwanese movies are famous (some, not all) just because the actors and and actresses have good looks, but their acting are really really horrible! I believe no taiwanese actress is suitable to take kyoko's role, cuz it's really really hard, but it's totally another thing if it's acted by korean actress, (I forgot her name, but she's the main character in princess hour and coffee prince), I believe she's the most suitable to take the role u noe. Lastly, I just hope Skip Beat will be famous and not ruined by the show, and I dun mind the movie as long as Skip Beat ain't ruined by it! (I'm going to post this over and over again so everyone can READ this!)"

Taiwanese live action versions of mangas Hana Yori Dango, Yamada Taro Monogatari, Itazura Na Kiss (It Started With A Kiss - an angry girl commented that this series was a "setback to women's rights"), and Hana Kimi were said to have turned out bad and the fans have every reason to fear the damage Skip Beat Live Action or Extravagant Challenge will do to their beloved anime and manga. Poor acting, weird camera shots, shallow story lines, cheap production values and convoluted plots from TWDramas are turning off many fans already. Will their worst fears come true with this drama? Time will tell.

Why don't the Japanese do the Skip Beat Live Action?

That's what I'm wondering too. The Japanese are just too slow in seizing opportunities. If you've seen the Dorama line up for winter, there isn't much to look forward too. I think if anyone could make Skip Beat Live Action drama work it would be the Japanese. Why? First, they don't scrimp on cost and the production value is high and it doesn't look like it was hurried. Second, they take time to understand what the mangaka is trying to say - his or her message. This is where the Taiwanese fail I think. Finally, the Japanese make the actors resemble the manga characters (see Kimi Wa Petto and Nodame Cantabile). In addition, the acting and pace is just right.

Update as of February 2009

The drama is shelved for now.

Update as of March 13, 2009

GTV did try to continue the drama but Ariel Lin reportedly left the show crying discrimination. It turns out the male lead is paid more than her! Despite the fact both are equally bad actors one gets more money. Tsk!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

BBC is about Light, Refreshing Fun -- Also Racism!

Many Koreans may simply know the BBC as a television channel from Britain, perhaps more as a news channel than an entertainment one, but Ryan Shiotani, the programming director of BBC Worldwide, explained otherwise.

``Sometimes people are not aware of the huge range of services and programs BBC offers in the U.K. The BBC is actually the largest public service broadcaster in the world and it produces a whole range of programming, from children to comedy, drama, reality and mini series,'' he told The Korea Times during an interview last week.

``We actually offer light entertainment like drama and comedy, and those are the key genres for us. Light entertainment is something that is accessible for all viewers regardless of the level of English comprehension. BBC actually produced the number one internationally distributed format in the world and it's a form called `Strictly Come Dancing.' It's been distributed throughout the world in 38 countries. It's very fun and glamorous and even if you are not using English it's dance and music based so (everyone) can really enjoy it,'' he said

So reports the Koreatimes. This is some press release to inform Koreans about British Broadcasting Corporation. What it did not say is BBC also has tinge of racism and hypocrisy. It tends to be racist against Asians. By the way, isn't it a BBC car show that insulted Korean automakers? I wonder when BBC
will change its attitude towards East Asians.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I didn't know Sohee was this shy!

Take a look at Ahn Sohee - she running away from her partner after their dance routine! It appears she wants to get away from him fast. Fans said Sohee did it for was a bit embarrassed. Probably it was because of the teasing she received when the guy ran his hands on her side. Ahn Sohee's actions are bound to be misinterpreted if you don't know her well. I think I would be distressed if I were the guy. Girls running away... an all too familiar experience to some boys out there.

Ahn Sohee really is shy despite the fact she has performed in front of thousands of people and appeared in various Television shows and acted in movies. She reminds of an American singer who still has stage fright despite more than twenty years of performing. There are people who really can't get the hang of it.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pacquiao vs De La Hoya Update II: Pacquiao Freeloaders' Dream

Wow, showing his generosity, Manny Pacquiao spent 27.5 million pesos or $550,000 on tickets to be given away to his friends who will be watching the upcoming Manny Pacquiao vs Oscar De La Hoya Dream Match. These tickets will be handed out to already rich & cheapskate politician and actor friends of him. This is not just any ticket but ringside ones which has a face value of $ 1,500. It doesn't cover the traveling and lodging costs Manny Pacquiao will provide other freeloaders. I think Manny Pacquiao's entourage just increased from 100 to 1,000 after hearing this news. As usual, the politicians expect others to foot their bill whether it is the taxpayers or their businessmen friends.

Last Sunday, Manny Pacquiao's camp gave away 500 turkeys. This time they are giving out $500,000 to TURKEYS.

I hope he knows what he is doing. For I've seen many athletes, rise from poverty to fortune and crash back again due to financial mismanagement - half a million dollars is a huge amount of cash. I will not cite Manny's outreach programs like giving goodies to his provincemates on his birthday as it is for a good cause -- in fact I commend it. But doling out on people who can afford it in the first place is just unconscionable. I wonder how many of these so-called friends will still be there for him when times go bad. In these uncertain economic times, I can't believe $500,000 is given away very conveniently.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Laos Ok'd Basketball for SEA Games; Rajko Toroman Team Pilipinas

After initial hesitation, Laos has reportedly approved basketball as one of the sports in the upcoming SEA games next year. Many Philippine sports officials are stated to have worked hard to have basketball reinstated after the Laos South East Asian Games Organizing Committee excluded the sport months ago - citing poor infrastructure and low interest. Besides the country, Thailand the reigning women's champion, also lobbied to reinstate Basketball.

Laos was being practical. It cannot afford to organize the costly sport of basketball. Thankfully, Fiba-Asia offered to foot the operational expenses. I'm not sure if it will help in the construction of the basketball gym though.

It will be Rajko Toroman's Team Pilipinas which will represent the country in the Laos South East Asian Games next year. This is good news to the squad as it seeks more competition to prepare for the 2011 Fiba-Asia Men's Championship.

Speaking of 2011 Fiba-Asia Men's Championship, the Philippines is making a strong bid to host it. Yesterday, news reports stated Samahang Basketball ng Pilipinas is willing to partner with the PBA to build a new basketball facility just for the said event! I haven't read any response from the PBA yet. I'll keep you guys updated.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Japan was invaded by a powerful empire named Britannia. Using robots called Knightmare Frames, the Holy Empire easily subjugated the country in less than a month. Japan was renamed Area 11 and the people elevens. The Japanese were forced to live in ghettos but resistance movement is few but still fighting.

But the biggest threat against the Britannia comes from within. A young Britannian prince named Lelouch vowed to destroy the empire after an attack killed his mother and left her sister wounded without receiving help from his father, the Emperor.

Arriving to a scene of an accident, Lelouch got entangled with "terrorists". Lelouch was caught by an old friend Suzaku when the rest of the manhunt squad arrived. Suzaku's refusal to "rub out" Lelouch got the Japanese shot. The Task Force (might be related to PNP) took him as such and was about to kill him when he got Geass - a mind control-like power using eye to eye contact. He ordered them to kill themselves. Upon receiving the power, Lelouch started his plan to destroy Britannia.

Code Geass: Lelouch of the RebellionLelouch and Suzaku

I think the best episode in Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion so far was when Lelouch rescued Suzaku Kururugi from execution. Though I cannot believe the self-righteousness emanating from Kururugi. The writers never failed to include the press and their sound bite crazy audience in this episode...I was very impressed.

The anti-war dialogue reminds me so much of Gundam. I will give a review once I finish this series.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Wall Street CEO John Rogers Jr. defeats Michael Jordan in one-on-one

Yahoo reported today that some Wall Street CEO by the name of John Rogers Jr. defeated Michael Jordan in a one-on-one basketball game on August 2003. Here's the video:

Here's the first hand account from Espn

The game begins, fittingly, with Jordan still ribbing a previous victim. "Don't be mad at me, I'm just too good," he booms. "What, you think I had this camp just so you all could beat me?" Taking the ball first, Rogers drives right and lofts in a runner. Then he goes left to hit a leaner. The crowd of 150 or so -- campers but also coaches like John Thompson and Mike Krzyzewski -- begins to murmur. Predictably, Jordan evens it, and the end appears imminent until... Michael misses a jumper. Then he clangs another!

So Rogers again hurtles left and, nearing the hoop, jumps off both feet. Jordan, clearly into it now, times his leap to swallow up the shot. Only Rogers, in a move he's practiced a thousand times but that still appears impossibly awkward, leans away from MJ as if eluding the curl of a crashing wave. He spins the ball up, up, up and over Jordan's fingertips, off the glass and in. On the video the first thing you hear is Jordan ("Oh, no!"), followed by comedian and camper Damon Wayans, who jumps at the chance to mock MJ. (Lest you think Jordan had lost his edge, he ­immediately brought Wayans onto the court and ­humiliated him 3-0.)

Naturally, Jordan demanded a rematch with Rogers, right? Actually, he didn't. ­Instead he hugged Rogers -- the two go back a ways from Jordan's days in Chicago -- and said, not so huggably, "Next time we're on the court together, I'll show you what it's like to play in the NBA." But that has yet to happen. Rogers ­hasn't been back to Flight School, and MJ stopped playing campers a few years ago. As for Rogers, he had DVDs made from the tape and dispensed them to friends and employees, because, well, wouldn't you?

My analysis:

If you see the video you know Michael Jordan didn't take it seriously. Can an amateur basketball player beat a professional one? Not just a professional one but is considered the Greatest Ever? Seriously, I can't believe some people bought this... lol.

The aging Michael Jordan took a jumper against Shawn Marion few months earlier in the 2003 All-Star Game to take two point lead and almost won the game for the East but one of his team mates committed a useless foul that sent the game into overtime. Michael Jordan didn't take this one-on-one match seriously. Let the executive have his day. Michael Jordan is a nice guy indeed.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ahn So Hee is a Wonder Girl indeed!!!

I'm thinking of featuring some Korean cuties in this blog. Not just Korean beauties but also cuties. The description fits Ahn So Hee - the youngest member of the Korean girl band Wonder Girls. When I first saw her I like her...she's very cute. So Hee stood out from her band mates - probably because of her baby face. Due to the intense perfectionism imposed on showbiz people, there are fans who don't like her face because of the baby fat on it. I reckon that's exactly what makes her cute. I don't like gaunt actresses or models for they look unnatural.

It's not just her kawaiiness that got my attention but her dancing skills. Ahn So Hee is a power dancer and could move her body violently and gracefully at the same time! Obviously, she's more than a pretty face. No, she's not Mylie Cyrus-like. Ahn So Hee just loves to dance and she doesn't have cheap Myspace photos floating around the internet too.

For the uninitiated

Full name:Ahn So Hee (안소희)
Stage name:So Hee (소희)
Birthdate:June 27th ,1992
Favorite color:Pink
Group:Wonder girls
Company:JYP entertainment
School:Chang Dam Middle School
Cuteness for:"Omona!" and other things
Movies played in:Some like it hot/I like it hot
Zodiac sign:Cancer
Blood type:AB
Height:163 cm
Weight:43 kg
Duration of Training: 1 year 6 months

Ahn So Hee is also suspected of being a plastic beauty though I couldn't find any evidence to support the accusation.

Other suprising facts:
  • So Hee likes FART jokes
  • She thinks she has nice legs.
  • She had a kissing scene with a guy and her old fans attacked the poor fellow LOL.
Ahn So Hee
Ahn So Hee is a wonder girl alright - so young yet has achieved a lot of things already.

Why did I write this? Because I want to and today Sarah Palin blamed Bush's policies as the culprit to Republican's spectacular defeat. However, we all know that!

Right now I want to write about beautiful things or people. I'm in the mood for it.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

US Comedians Sad that Bush's Gone

Yes, US comedians like John Leno, Jon Stewart, and Bill Mahler have expressed sadness over George Bush's leaving the White House. They say they may have a hard time writing jokes in the Obama Administration whose leader Barack Obama has a reputation of seriousness and intelligence unlike if it was the John McCain and Sarah Palin ticket who won. On the bright side John Leno said if one door closes another opens and there is a reason why Obama picked Joe Biden for his Vice-President. Trust me, as long as there are politicians there'll be unlimited supply of jokes available to comedians.


You recently issued one of your new rules decreeing that Obama must give comedians something to work with. Any suggestions?

Maher: No. It's very difficult. We have been spoiled, first with Bill Clinton and then George Bush. And here's a president now who -- he's not stupid. He's not angry. He's not a phony. He's not fat. He's not cheating on his wife. But look, he's going to be the president and we're going to have to get over our nervousness about making fun of a black person. He's not a black person. He's the president.

It's hard to see the supplier of jokes gone. Adios Dubya. Frankly speaking, I admire the persona of this guy but not his policies.

I saw Barack Obama make jokes today and unfortunately, he is not good at it yet. He had to apologize for one of his cracks. Man, I think he called himself "mutt". Mr. Obama please stop the depreciating humor. It doesn't inspire respect. Actually, I was surprised at his mutt joke. Anyway, he has four years to straighthen his comic ability. Barack Obama has no natural comic ability like George Bush who is funny whether he intends to or not. Even nature makes fun of him (Sparrow owns George Bush).

Barack Obama has a lot of things to fix thanks to George Bush.

"Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we." LOL

Obama can't possibly top that!!!

There were some Bush policies that I agree with and I don't think this guy is really evil or not bright. I won't definitely underestimate this guy. It takes a lot of cunning and guile to make it to the top.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Nailin Palin part 2: Africa & Nafta Boo-boo

It was reported today that Governor Sarah Palin doesn't know that Africa is a continent. (Observers thought she got nailed again) She thought it was country. Of course, she denied the reports saying it is a smear job. Worse, Fox News also said Palin doesn't know the countries in NAFTA. All this information was reportedly leaked by Republicans themselves. Some within party thought she caused McCain's defeat. Tsk. The Fox News reporter revealed more smear jobs or inside reports whichever you prefer to call it are coming.

There's a lot of soul-searching in the Republican Party nowadays but there's a reason to be hopeful. Politics is cyclical. All they need to do is wait for the upcoming Barack Obama screw up - that's the reality in politics.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Don't be afraid of BARACK OBAMA!

Yeah Barack Obama got elected today. Unfortunately for us, he is against OUTSOURCING. This is what he told Los Angeles Times today:

"And I will invest $15 billion a year in renewable sources of energy to create 5 million new energy jobs over the next decade -- jobs that pay well and can't be

Obviously, Obama has a problem with outsourcing. His stand worried the Indians and some of our countrymen. But don't be alarmed. Even if Barack Obama prohibits or limits outsourcing he will only hurt US companies. Today's economic realities will slap Obama in the face if he does that. Outsourcing happens because all companies (at least sane ones) want to minimize costs and maximize profits. It is a natural business consequence. Why would a US company spend $7 an hour to an employee on a minimum wage when they could fork 15 cents an hour in some third world country? It will be a foolhardy decision if Barack Obama insists on his plan. Worse, other European countries are starting to outsource some of their jobs outside the continent. USA really needs to be competitive right now. Obama will be forced to retract his position once business executives complain and the reality of the situation seeps in to his consciousness. Politicians shouldn't interfere with economic realities to please certain constituencies -- its suicide.

Here's the Onion take on Barack Obama's derision towards outsourcing

Happy Cinco De Novembre

This is the day when we remember a group of humble people which managed to defeat the Spanish power through sheer use of brain power. The Sugar Islanders owned the Spaniards LOL. We defeated them once and for all unlike Aguinaldo who spent most of his time running away from the Spaniards or killing other heroes like Bonifacio and Antonio Luna LOL. Our Negrense ancestors were tough people. Despite some moves to "rethink the revolution", we should at least remember the famous victory and give due to a hero who needs it most, Papa Isio. Despite failures, only Luzon revolutionaries are given credit in history books. Those people can't hold a candle to what our ancestors did in our little island.

November 6 in the morning, the rebels advanced upon Bacolod. Lacson and Golez approached from the north, crossing the Mandalagan River. Araneta with a thousand bolo
-men took positions at the Lupit River in the south-east of Bacolod. The wily revolutionaries augmented their lightly-armed men with "cannon" made of bamboo and rolled amakan, and "rifles" carved out of wood and coconut fronds. The bluff worked; Governor Castro was persuaded that it was useless to defend the capital.

Jose Luis de Luzuriaga, a rich businessman who was deemed acceptable to both rebels and Spanish authorities was sent to mediate. At noon, a delegation from each of the major belligerents met at the house of Luzuriaga. The rebel delegation included Lacson, Araneta, Golez, Locsin, Simon Lizares, Julio Diaz and Jose Montilla. In an hour, it was agreed by both sides that "Spanish troops both European and native surrendered the town and its defenses uncondionally, turning over arms and communication" and the "public funds would be turned over to the new government".

November 6, 1898, therefore, is the day that the revolution in Negros triumphed.

Let us give our ancestors a BREAK. We should at least celebrate the courage, the guts, the hardwork, they displayed 110 years ago. Put yourself in their shoes. Its scary going against Spain but our ancestors TOOK THE RISK, FOUGHT and WON. For that alone, it's enough reason for me to celebrate Cinco De Novembre.

Wikipedia entry in Italics

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Will the Philippines benefit from a Barack Obama win?

There are people running their mouths on TV telling everyone our country will benefit from Barack Obama's election. Please get a life. Don't make it obvious that the Philippines is still a US colony. As far as I know US politicians only care and protect the interest of their country and nothing else. When they do help here it is because there's something in it for them.

Barack Obama is no different. He will pursue the interests of the United States. Do they know this guy is against outsourcing? Barack Hussein Obama is even perceived to be a protectionist. I feel sorry for people who think the Philippines will benefit from Obama. Maybe it's time to hold our leaders accountable. What have they been doing all these years? Yes, we know they love kissing American a-- and show strong desire for it but don't they ever get sick of it? Although I do hope Barack will continue to support the Philippine war veterans who fought for the United States back in World War II when he becomes President. Republicans have been fighting hard to prevent Filipino war veterans from receiving their benefits and recognition and tried to pit one group of veterans against another.

What I'm saying is it is wrong to look to a leader of another country to be the answer to our problems! It helps our leaders dodge their responsibility. I can't believe this discussion even came up.

Will the Philippines benefit from a Barack Obama win? NO. It is the United States of America which will benefit from Barack Obama.

With regards to the veterans issue, I fervently hope Barack Obama will help our aging warriors get their due.

Monday, November 3, 2008

WHAT'S WRONG with McCaint? What Straight Talk Express?

What's wrong with John McCain? I hope this is not him being senile (God forbid). Is he lying? I thought all along he's a straight shooter. I think he is being a Republican - like most Republican presidents. How should our own leaders deal with this person if he happens to get elected? Yes, there's only too much butt kissing can do.

More like Straight Talk Express got derailed!

Before you say anything...NO, Barrack Obama is not a saint too. We'll examine Mr. HOPE tomorrow. This guy started to believe in America when it was convenient for him to do so. At least that is the accusation hurled against him by his critics.

The US Presidential elections is two days away and there are indications Obama will win. I don't know how long this guy will last since White nationalists are threatening to cut his term short once elected and I don't mean Barack Obama's resignation.

There are journalists in this country who think US elections is like NIRVANA or something. I'll show later why it isn't.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

When Guys Try to Look Like Girls


Wheesung girly look in his new album
Gdragon girl look - Korean girl look

Taeyeon beautiful Korean girl

When guys try to look like girls, it is an early Halloween treat. Unfortunately, there were some pics of Korean guys who are allegedly prettier than Korean women -that's SAD - a real horror story if I may say so myself. Although in the third pic, Taeyeon (right) is prettier than the guy on the left.