Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sakura Confesses / Naruto Has Talked To Hinata Already

Sakura confessed to Naruto, but it only pissed the fans and several Naruto characters too. Too bad for Sakura, it all sounded wrong and deceptive! So, there's a strong chance, it will be a Naruhina pairing. Hinata plays her cards right.

Yes, I know Sakura want to spare Naruto from further pain, but it sounded wrong. There's also a possibility she is starting to like Naruto too and doesn't know it.

By the way, Naruto has talked to Hinata (after her confession) and it will be explained in the manga (comic book) soon. The UNDERDOG HAS A STRONG CHANCE!

Updated: 11 - 7 -09 Last paragraph. No evidence yet to support it sorry Naruhina fans. I was caught up.

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