Saturday, January 2, 2010

Kpop Invades Philippines? I Hope Jpop Won't

I really want Jpop to be a big thing in the Philippines, however my sister is against it. She doesn't want Jpop to suddenly explode in the country and fizzle out --- like the Taiwanese fad years ago. I think she has a strong point. Her opinion is shared by some fans see: I'm starting to agree with them. My sister and I aren't the snobbish type of fans but the fear of Jpop being devalued once it reaches the masses is real. Let me make this clear, its not people's fault but the television networks and radio stations which tend to overdo anything they can make money off.

Today, the country is allegedly being invaded by the Kpop wave. A newspaper and some bloggers began touting it. There was even a Kpop convention to prove it. However, I have a feeling it would follow the way of F4 though it will last longer since a local music channel called Myx launched a show specifically promoting Asian (mostly Korean) music videos. There's an overdose of Korean pop music on radio esp. in MOR radio stations nationwide. I was even forced to dance "Nobody" at a Christmas party. Luckily, I was in a good mood and it's for fun. Few days ago, I heard "So Hot" and "Gara Gara Go". It seems the Kpop craze won't end. But it will. Why? Most people in the country will get tired of Kpop except of course the die hard fans. Don't be sore about it. It will happen after all, waves have crests (highest point) and troughs (lows). I'm sure the Kpop wave has hit its crest months ago, when will hit its trough? I don't know but soon it will, j
ust like any foreign invaders who came in the Philippines, it will be turned back suffering tremendous defeat in the process. Next time use more diplomatic terms in describing the Kpop phenomenon in the country. Besides, I know some Kpop fans who will welcome that since they think their idols are being high-jacked by the masses --- cheapening them in the process.

So based on what's happening right now, I don't want Jpop to experience that unstable rise and fall.

Imagine the masses dancing to this? COOL!!!

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