Thursday, December 11, 2008

Manny Pacquiao vs Ricky Hatton

"Pacquiao vs Hatton!" "Pacquiao vs. Hatton!" Pacquiao vs Hatton!" There seems to be an outcry for Manny Pacquiao (the fighting pride of the Philippines) to fight Ricky Hatton of England. In fact, news reports from has it that Manny will fight Ricky next year. Good. I have nothing against this fight. In fact I think Pacquiao vs Hatton will be an exciting one as both fighters love action and would press for it. People in Pacland ( are pumped up for the match and one has already prepared a banner plus a title "Never Back Down". So true, both fighters are aggressive and always moving forward.

There are observations that Ricky Hatton is tailored fit for Manny - it means Ricky's style is very much suited to Pacquiao and I agree. Others think Hatton is a moving target...I agree but not an easy one as he pushes, shoves, and wrestles his opponent when needed. Against Mayweather, Hatton used it - the Englishman used it so much that the boxing match almost turned into a wrestling one. Ricky uses it to put off his opponent's rhythm but it didn't work against Mayweather as the latter could handle it. I believe Manny will study on how to counter Ricky's tendency to roughouse his opponent. Other than that I reckon it will be good for Manny and his camp not to underestimate this guy as it leads to complacency and disaster. Manny is at his best when he is the underdog and odds are stacked against him (Ledwaba, Barrera 2003, De La Hoya). No, I'm not saying that Manny's underestimating Hatton but some people in his entourage might convince him otherwise. It is important for the Pound for Pound king to stay level-headed and work hard to win. Ricky Hatton holds a 140-pound title belt from IBO by no means he is a pushover and this should be an extra motivation to Pacquiao - to win a junior welterweight crown. Same goes for English fans. If they know what's good for them they shouldn't belittle Manny Pacquiao's punching power.

List of boxers Manny "reconfigured"
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I prefer the fight in the United States not England. Why give Hatton the home court advantage right? I like the match venue to be in neutral ground.

The clamor for Manny Pacquiao vs Ricky Hatton pales in comparison to Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather. More fans want to see a Pacquiao vs Mayweather. Mayweather who ducked Margarito and Cotto pounced in and is coming out of retirement. Like De La Hoya initially, Floyd thinks Pacquiao is easy. Many underestimated Manny before and paid the price. I hope Floyd does too.

But Manny's trainer Freddie Roach prefers Ricky Hatton. "Regardless of money, I want Hatton to be the next fight for Manny. I don't want a boring fight. Look at what happened when Dela Hoya fought Mayweather. If we didn't came to fight no fight will gonna be happening. I'd rather let Manny fight Hatton. It may be in England or here as long as it is a guaranteed good fight." Roach told

Floyd Mayweather should wait his turn. Most likely his match will come after Pacquiao vs Hatton which in all likelihood will happen in June 2009.

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sonofaditch said...

"Reconfigured"? Nice! Manny keeps the plastic surgery industry happy haha

Oresama said...

To fans of the Mexican boxers I don't mean to gloat but some of these boxers Manny defeated kept on delivering blows to Manny like Erik Morales. Erik Morales is very embittered with his Manny's experience.

Lol@sonofaditch...partnership with Bello or Mendez would be nice. Manny refers the clients HEHE.

Adonis said...

Pacman will come out winner in his brawl with hatton. Pacman will inflict severe punishment against hatton that will result in the early retirement of hatton due to physical deformity he will suffer in this fight. I suggest that hatton backout in this fight to avoid injuries while he has still time.