Tuesday, December 9, 2008

List of So-Called Boxing Experts Humiliated By Manny Pacquiao: Pacquiao vs De La Hoya Post Fight Analysis

Here are the Boxing EGGPERTS and ANALysts that Manny Pacquiao PAWNED last Sunday:

David Avila, Riverside Press-Enterprise
Tim Dahlberg, Associated Press
Tim Smith, New York Daily News
Dan Rafael, ESPN.com
George Willis, New York Post
Kevin Iole, Yahoo.com
Lance Pugmire, Los Angeles Times
Chris Mannix, SI.com
John Whisler, San Antonio Express-News
Graham Houston, Fightwriter.com
Manuel Perez, Boxingnews24.com
Floyd Mayweather Sr.
Roger Mayweather
Jeff Mayweather
Antonio Margarito
Paul Williams
Marco Antonio Barrera
Juan Manuel Marquez
Erik Morales
Steve Forbes
Nate Campbell
Tommy Hearns
Julio Cesar Chavez Sr.
Paulie Malignaggi
Ricky Hatton
Roy Jones Jr.
Vernon Forrest
Derrick Gainer
Joel Casamayor
Dan Goossen
Lou DiBella
Artie Petullo
Mike Tyson
Leon Margules
Kassim Ouma
Verno Phillips
Winky Wright
Antonio Tarver

Clive Bernath
Gregory Juckett
Michael Norby
Mark Butcher
Jerry Glick
Juan Pablo Manfredi
Sean Waisglass
James Smith
Harry Rosenbluth
Craig Phillips
Mike Sloan
Jason Pribila
Lwazi Ndzobongo
Ray Kilgore

Geno McGahee
Brian Wilbur
Brad Berkwitt
Jose Antonio Rivera
Eileen Teran
Sunset Thomas
Mike Withers
Vinnie Johnson
Dan Hernandez
Antonio Santiago
Mike Plunkett
Daniel Cohen
Geoff Poundes

Pedro Fernandez
Brian Gorman
Frances Martel

Marc Abrams
Michael Swann
Norm Frauenheim
Johnny Schulz
Matt Yanofsky
Mario Ortega Jr.
Anson Wainwright
Thomas Marriott
Joon Lee

Robert Morales
Dave Sholler
Cliff Rold
Mitch Abramson
Bob Cannobio
TK Stewart
Lyle Fitzsimmons
Lem Satterfield
Brent Matteo Alderson
Michael Doss
Alphonso Costello
James Blears
Joe Harrisson
Don Colgan
Rick Reeno

Garth Weaver
Ken Hissner
Benny Henderson Jr.
Barry Mcguigan
Debbie Duran
Gabriel Montoya
Eric Marks
Rob Scott

source: viel_mervic@philboxing.com

I wonder if some of them made the same mistake in picking Pavlik over Hopkins a month ago. A boxer builds credibility by defying the odds... thank God Manny did it. Pacquiao proved these people wrong... lol. It turns out some so-called experts' guess were as good as ours! Experts...phooey! They only analyzed the obvious. Some of them were being prick about it and THAT DISGUSTED ME enough to bring this issue up.

Some of them don't have a clue on what they are talking about their only advantage they have a website.

So boxing experts, how does it feel getting embarrassed by Manny? LOL

These wannabees will still spew out nonsense in the future but we know better now don't we? Being a boxing expert is a comfortable job since a wrong prediction won't cost them anything. Great job.

The EXPERTS who got it right:

Nick Cafardo, Boston Globe -- Pacquiao by TKO 8
Bill Dwyre, Los Angeles Times -- Pacquiao by decision
Ed Graney, Las Vegas Review-Journal -- Pacquiao by decision
Dave Cokin, ESPNRadio1100 -- Pacquiao by decision
William Trillo -- Pound4Pound.com

Edwin Valero
Roberto Duran
Busta Rhymes
Rashad Holloway
Dennis Guillermo --- 8countnews.com
Joaquin Henson --Philippine Star

Mayweather Sr. said Oscar will rearrange Manny's face he should have seen what Manny did to Oscar. One thing about the Mayweathers, they really hate Manny - a combination of jealousy and racism on their part maybe...since they never really acknowledged him. Manny never said anything bad about Floyd Mayweather. The problem with the Mayweathers is they talk too much but can't back it up. I remember Margarito challenging Mayweather IN HIS FACE yet nothing the guy smiled sheepishly. Floyd won't even fight Cotto or Margarito. Human nature has it that you will take advantage if you think you are better that your opponent. Mayweather has said he is better than those two boxers but never challenged them. I thought you are better than them. Sheesh.

On my part, I was against the Fight but I supported Manny win or lose. You may check the earlier posts and my readers will testify in my behalf.

Here were the Headlines then courtesy of Philboxing.com

Wrong for Boxing: Oscar De La Hoya Vs Manny Pacquiao--RingSideReport
-Is De La Hoya A Genius or Just Dumb?--EastSideReport--BleacherReport.com
-De La Hoya Mismatch Signed
-Why Oscar De La Hoya vs. Manny Pacquiao could be bad for boxing--
-Oscar-Pacquiao a match that shouldn’t happen--YahooSport
-Oscar takes low road in fighting Pacquiao
-Ten Top Things Oscar De La Hoya Will NOT Announce:-- Michael Marley
-Fight with Pacquiao makes a lot of cents to De La Hoya
-Yes, It's Real Circus But Oscar And Manny Won't Be Clowning Around!-- Michael Marley
-Advertise This! Oscar De La Hoya vs Manny Pacquiao - Throw Some money on the Fire!-- DogHouseBoxing
-ESPN's Brian Kenny Calls Oscar De La Hoya vs. Manny Pacquiao 'Like a Handicap Match'--AOL Sport

I still agree that this was a mismatch but I'm glad Manny is just super boxer. I'm happy too that Oscar took the "LOW ROAD" and got punished for it. He thought Manny is easy picking and was rightfully pummeled by the Filipino.

Manny will take a rest. He will fight again in June either with Hatton or Mayweather. Right now, he will take a long deserved vacation. It's not like he takes his time reading his critics. Even God has critics.

Mayweather is excited to come back in the ring. To fight Margarito? Of course NOT!!! Mayweather wants to fight Pacquiao of course he he he. This is according to a report from Mlive.com.

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emer said...

brian gorman predicted a pac TKO6 not the other way around...


Oresama said...

Bro, Gorman's prediction of a Pacquiao TKO victory was for Pacquiao vs Hatton match.

This post is about Pacquiao vs De La Hoya and the extensive list of writers who ate humble pie. I'm talking about the Pacquiao vs De La Hoya match in this post.

Brian Gorman then thought De La Hoya would give "overwhelm" Manny Pacquiao


Brian Gorman was wrong...dead wrong.

Oresama said...

I meant overwhelm