Friday, December 12, 2008

Pacquiao as Object of Desire: Why are some Filipinos Racist against Pacquiao?

A columnist from the described Pacquiao as "beautiful" and some Filipinos protested saying to the effect that native-looking Filipino has no right to be depicted as "beautiful". It seems 110 years after the Spanish propaganda of belittling native Filipinos and describing them as monkeys is still believed upon and taken as gospel truth by some of my countrymen. The colonial stereotype is very much alive worse it is perpetuated by the very people victimized by it. Pacquiao is as Filipino as it gets. Forget the ads and television shows. It has long been established here that only Caucasian-looking people have the right to be called pretty. My goodness in the twisted way even Screech could be a s!x symbol here as long as the person looks Caucasian. I came across many Filipinos repulsed by the sight of Manny. Some even went as far as supporting the more handsome Mexican fighters esp. Erik Morales.(Don't believe the cliche that all Filipinos support Manny. Visit Philboxing forum and you will see the truth. I think it must be 70-30 still in favor of Manny. Some rumor monger even said De La Hoya threw away the fight and it was rigged. The accusation didn't come from Mexicans but from a Filipino.) Oh yes believe me! In fact we don't need foreigners to pull us down as other Filipinos will and are more gung-ho in doing so.

Those criticizing Manny's looks think they are good-looking but most likely NOT. They add racist remarks too to prove their point. Thank you for the openly racist attitude. Thank you for ensuring and reinforcing Spanish era ideology of beauty, our heroes Jose Rizal and Andres Bonifacio is very proud of you. Thank you for putting their sacrifice for nothing. Congratulations! Keep up the good work.

You know what; I think criticizing Manny's looks (why they do that?) makes them feel better or superior to him. They instantly assume the role of a Spaniard or traitorous Mestizos (remember Miguel Vicos assassinated Filipino hero Diego Silang) in the olden days and disassociate themselves from the rest of the population. Yes, Manny's face is the only "weakness" they see in the guy and one that could make them feel better than him since in their lifetime they will never amount to anything close to him.

Their saying Pacquiao is ugly because he is Filipino-looking really pisses me off coming from Filipinos. Nobody does white-worshiping better than Filipinos.

Updated: Eva Longoria on Manny Pacquiao

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