Monday, December 15, 2008

Pacquiao vs De La Hoya - Post Fight Wrap Up

For historical purposes I will publish this entry from my journal (with some additions)

Manny Pacquiao demolished Oscar De La Hoya in nine rounds of the welterweight match up in Las Vegas, USA. Manny Pacquiao descredited more than 98% of so-called boxing pundits and made them eat their words and some humble pie. Mayweather Sr., Angelo Dundee and many wannabees got pawned but some of them seem not to get it still. The much vaunted left hook couldn't find its target and Manny Pacquiao's relentless attack "reconfigured Oscar's beautiful face". Repeated head shots made De La Hoya look like jack in the box - his head springing out
after receiving a blow and back again to get more punishment. The fight was so mismatched I thought Manny was fighting David Diaz again.

When the camera panned closely at the two boxers, the size difference was astonishingly huge! Despite my reservations toward the Dream Match, I supported Manny I don't want him to lose like some Filipinos I know (so they would be proven right). In the first few rounds, I was a bit apprehensive and wary of De La Hoya's left but I cheered when Manny punches connected and when he got out of possible trap ODLH set. Relief set in when Oscar De La Hoya was being battered to the pulp I just can't wait to see him fall. By round 7, I can't believe Oscar was still standing - this is boxing - all it takes is one lucky punch. Thank God, none came. My family was ecstatic after Oscar gave up. I cannot believe Oscar gave up.

After the fight, Manny Pacquiao is being compared with all-time boxing greats like Sugar Ray Robinson and Henry Armstrong which is rightly so - anyone who denies this is either a racist or jealous of him. Pacquiao went up from 106 to fight at 147 and beat the guy who used to reign in that division. Say all you want about Oscar but he knew he could handle Manny. Thanks to Pacquiao's speed, Pacquiao made De La Hoya look old and incompetent. I doubt any 106-pounder jumping up to challenge De La Hoya can beat him. Most likely they'll lose their speed. A great victory by Manny - this is the most satisfying boxing match I've EVER seen.

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