Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I'll Be Back With Vengeance

I still haven't checked my post about an ANIME COUPLE. I'll be doing that G.W. tomorrow. Please wait it out.

I saw Georges St. Pierre hump BJ Penn for three rounds and win but allegations that his corner cheated overshadowed GSP's victory. I'm hoping for a rematch without the Vaseline. No wonder BJ Penn can't set up a triangle - GSP's so slippery!

I watched the Super Bowl replay and saw Arnel Pineda of Journey performing at the pre-game show. What a great exposure! Congratulations! The team I'm partial for also won a very close one. Pittsburgh won the game 27 - 23 via a Santonio Holmes spectacular catch. Most thought the Steelers are out - NOT!!!!

Nino Alcantara won in Australian Open Juniors Doubles Competition becoming the first Filipino to win a Grandslam event on all levels!

I read my friend's blog too. I'm so busy I'm starting to miss blogging. I'll be back with a vengeance.


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