Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Japeth Aguilar Update: He Will Play for Yeng Guiao's Team Pilipinas

Japeth Aguilar will most likely play for Yeng Guiao-coached Team Pilipinas. I think he will be a great addition to the team provided he passes the tryout. He is tall and agile unlike most big men in the country. The PBA Team Pilipinas has many problems recently - reports of players skipping practices and one player allegedly wanting out. I think this news is a huge morale booster to the fans of the Nationals. Japeth's father Peter Aguilar - a former pro himself - has already committed his son to play for Guiao's team according to internet reports.

There are fans who would like to see Japeth Aguilar play for Toroman's squad but I think it is impossible now. Rajko Toroman's squad needs a tall forward which is Japeth's position in Western Kentucky University basketball team. Japeth is even invited to play in Europe! Wow! It would have been nice if he tries that option out even for a year. But PBA is the safer choice. However, the quality of basketball is low. No, I'm not dissing the PBA that's the reality. The competition isn't top notch at least compared to the European leagues. We know where Rudy Fernandez, Manu Ginobili, and Pau Gasol honed their skills.

Despite that, I still admire Japeth Aguilar. There are still people bitter about his move to the United States but he chose the road less traveled, so to speak. If it weren't for his injuries, we would have seen a much improved Japeth.

Team Pilipinas update:

SBP Team Pilipinas (Smart Gilas) defeated Smart Pampanga 98 - 95 in the exhibition match prior to the Manila Leg of the 2009 Smart Liga Pilipinas Conference II. Smart Gilas held a PBA team to a draw weeks ago. This team composed of amateur standouts is doing well against so-called professionals.

Rico Maierhoffer, Ogie Menor and Marcy Arellano rejected the contracts offered by SBP.

SBP Team Pilipinas will play in the FIBA Asia Champions Cup on May 12 - 20, 2009. The tourney is a qualifying event for World Champions Cup where the best basketball club teams in the world will play (except the NBA). Our team will reportedly tap the services of Chris Taft, a 6-10 former NBA player as reinforcement. Right now the squad is practicing SIX DAYS A WEEK. They want to win the tournament and represent Asia in the World Champions Cup. I admire these kids.

“The World Champions Cup will feature strong teams from Euro League, South America and Australia and it’s a big opportunity for this team to play the best teams in the world." Rajko Toroman explains.

The Philippines has won the FIBA Asia Champions Cup four times!

Update April 29, 2009
Much to the delight of Smart Gilas fans, Japeth Aguilar is now with the SBP team. Two days ago, he led the country to a victory over a Las Vegas team as import CJ Giles didn't play due to injury. Gian Chiu is also practicing with the team.

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