Saturday, February 21, 2009

Who's Sky chord? (English Translation)

"Don't leave me, Sky chord!" a young woman cries in her song. But who is Sky chord? Most probably the singer's loved one and as for Orihime - Ishida er, Ichigo. I wonder if Orihime wants to turn back the pendulum and win Ichigo (by the way February's not over yet). Who's your Sky chord? I do hope you don't have one.

Ichigo is making Orihime love him more because of his stance against Ulqiorra. I can't wait to see the Arrancar get pawned. Ichigo's getting all the main female characters in Bleach - girl hog. I'm kidding.

Initially my reaction was WHAAAAAT Sky chord? What kind of guy would want a pseudonym like that? I was surprised by the name but I liked the song the moment I heard it. It is now included in my favorite Bleach Soundtracks

Here's Sky chord Otona Ni Naru Kimi He unofficial English translation:

I can’t sing a song with a honest lyrics
because I always end up sugar coating the words
When someone as laid-back as me
realize he had something worth protecting?

Don’t leave me, Sky Chord,
You would’ve stayed here back then, yeah yeah…
I’ve lost you, Sky Chord,
It’s not anyone’s fault, but…

I know there are things more important to me
than becoming an adult.
But I’ll be growing up the whole time
I’m trying to figure out what they are.

You say we can’t stay like this forever?
I know.. so let’s take that first step.

Sky chord otona ni naru kimi he (acoustic)

The song is as beautiful as Orihime. I'm still Ichiruki though.

Somebody please kick Hiyori's rear. Yachiru is enough! I wonder what will happen if the two ever meet - the two of Soul Society's most spoiled rotten brats (too bad for Lurichiyo - she's a filler character."We are not happy!"LOL!). Most likely, they'll be best of friends and will tear up Seireitei. Kubo Forbid. Seriously. Both of them will dominate Shinigami Cup - imagine the horror among the other characters.

All these mushiness will disappear come next month but for now...

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