Friday, February 13, 2009

Manny Pacquiao in Twilight! (Pacquiao as Edward Cullen)

How many blockbusters should Manny Pacquiao be? First, he was in the Lord of the Rings both as Aragorn and Gollum and now he is EDWARD CULLEN! WOW! LOL! He is the P4P Vampire King! I saw this in Philboxing and it deserves a place here lol. AWESOME!

Manny Pacquiao as Edward CullenManny Pacquiao as Edward Cullen

A phenomenon indeed!

Update 8 - 27 - 09
Twilight is a vampire romance novel which became a big hit years ago. Last year, it became the biggest selling book in the United States and a movie version came out. The second movie of the Twilight saga: New Moon is now showing.

photo courtesy of Dagul

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