Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Japeth Aguilar Is Finally With Smart Gilas

The longest running basketball soap opera known as Japeth Aguilar is now solved! A week ago, many were shocked when Aguilar signed a one-year contract with Burger King but some experts already know what's going on. They reckon Japeth will sign with BK and will be traded to Talk N Text. It is actually one of the proposals fans came up when the hullabaloo broke out two months ago. So, it has come to fruition. Now, we waiting for the trade. Red Bull will allegedly act as the third party as direct trade between sister teams is not allowed in the Philippine Basketball Association. What will happen then? Talk N Text will release Japeth Aguilar, then he will be free to play for his favorite team, the Smart Gilas. No, this is the last part of Japeth Aguilar's long journey.

This is what I said back in August:

Remember this person - Manny V. Pangilinan. He owns Smart Gilas team and has shares in Burger King. He WILL sort this thing out. For an accomplished business executive, this conflict is nothing new to him. He will solve this crisis, most likely behind the scenes. Trust me. Everything will turn out fine in the end.

MVP convinced Japeth to sign the contract with BK as the young man is at fault too. I think MVP assured Aguilar that in the end he will get to play for Smart Gilas so he signed the contract and ta-da his dream of playing for his country is now fulfilled. In conclusion, the plan SAVED THE FACES OF EVERYONE! Congratulations to the person who came up with the plan! Why didn't they do this much earlier? There was so much vitriol thrown around because of this mess. *sigh*

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