Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Watch Bernabe Concepcion vs Yuriorkis Gamboa (Where) / Another Huge Test For Bernabe

Oh no, it seems after fighting Steven Luevano, Bernabe Concepcion (27 wins 3 losses 15 Kos) will face another formidable opponent, former Olympic gold medalist (Cuba) Yuriorkis Gamboa (16 wins 0 loss 14 Kos) on the 23rd of January, 2010 for the World Boxing Association World Featherweight Title. Concepcion vs Gamboa looks promising, and this will be the Filipino's second chance to win a Featherweight title and I do hope he takes advantage of this opportunity or he'll find up like Mayol and Rubillar, perennial title contenders and never the winners.

For Concepcion vs Gamboa, if the fight does materialize, the former should work on his defense as Yuriorkis Gamboa is one offensive-minded boxer and a powerful puncher (only two opponents survived him rest were kayoed). The good news for Concepcion is he won't have to chase Gamboa around as he can be sure the Cuban will confront him head-on. Besides, Concepcion has power too. He staggered Luevano in the last fight though he wasn't able to follow it up and finish the title holder. In his career, Gamboa has shown propensity to go down - Adailtan De Jesus, Darling Jimenez, and Marcos Ramirez (elbow) have knocked down the Cuban. However, Gamboa has shown resiliency to come back and win the fight. But, the point is Gamboa can be exposed. Unlike Gamboa's previous opponents, Concepcion fists' can end the fight fast.

Concepcion has many things to worry about Gamboa, the latter has speed, quickness, power and all other physical gifts. But in the ring, it only takes one good punch to finish your opponent off. Yes, this is a huge test for Bernabe Concepcion, but winning a world boxing title is never easy and he has to be confident with his ability. He can do it.

Where can we watch Concepcion vs Gamboa? So far, nothing has been finalized yet.

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