Monday, October 12, 2009

Philippine Patriots Asean Basketball League Schedule

Here is the Philippine Patriots schedule in the Asean Basketball League.

Philippine Patriots Schedule

10 6:00 PM @ Satria Muda Britama
18 4:00 PM @ Singapore Slingers
25 4:00 PM Thailand Tigers
31 4:00 PM Brunei Barracudas

7 4:00 PM Singapore Slingers
15 4:00 PM @ KL Dragons
21 4:00 PM Satria Muda Britama

1 4:00 PM Thailand Tigers
5 4:00 PM Satria Muda Britama
13 4:00 PM @ Brunei Barracudas
19 4:00 PM KL Dragons

6 8:00 PM @ Singapore Slingers
9 8:00 PM @ KL Dragons
17 4:00 PM @ Thailand Tigers
24 4:00 PM Brunei Barracudas

Source: Anthony Servinio
Note: Skeds subject to change without prior notice

I saw the Singapore Slingers against Brunei Barracudas game yesterday and I thought the Philippine Patriots have a chance of winning the championship. Some people say the Slingers are one of the strong favorites to win the first ABL championship along with Satria Muda and the Philippine Patriots are just the dark horses. Why do I think the Patriots can win it all? Against Singapore, Brandon Powell and Jason Dixon can neutralize Jeffers and Leblanc (Slingers' imports) which is important because the Slingers tend to rely on them for scoring most of the time, the locals are still raw. Pathman and Ng didn't deliver much in the game against the Barracudas. The Patriots' local players are stronger and more experienced than the Slingers. Not only that I think they are motivated to win. I saw that against Satria Muda where the Philippine defense is intense (almost all shots are challenged) and players dive for loose balls including the imports. If the Patriots continue with this attitude, they can win it all.

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