Friday, March 28, 2008

Dance Drill

the girls of Dance Drill

Dance Drill is a cheer dance dorama. It is about a group of Japanese high school girls who started a cheer dance club in their school from scratch. The young heroine Kaname Aikawa (Nana Eikura), as usual in doramas, is a tough one – never gives up and gutsy. Episode four is very inspiring as the characters made things happen - they don't wait around. They create conditions so they could reach their goal successfully. Kaname is assisted by her best friend and personal cheerer Futaba Sueyoshi (Rosa Kato) and three other friends. The dorama emphasizes relationship between characters and in meeting challenges together they end up overcoming it. This is not "Bring It On" Japanese version as the story was based on a real Japanese cheer dance team which won a tournament in the United States. The Japanese don't use formula characters like the nerds, the jocks and those other things Americans use ad nauseam. There are instances where the series gets boring. Frankly speaking, the series could have been better but overall this series is better than the staples local television is offering nowadays. And yeah if you like girls in skirts too ha ha!

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