Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Nonito Donaire

Pacland fans are up in arms against Nonito Donaire whose comments came across to them as arrogant in Pacquiao-Marquez II fight several days ago. I agree Nonito sounded like a know-it-all prick and worse he insisted Pacquiao lost. He may sound like a jerk but I'll still support him not only because he is a Filipino but he is a talented boxer. Besides I really like to see him beat the **** out of that Hussein. I REALLY ENJOY SEEING FILIPINO BOXERS WIN PERIOD. I don't want to relive the emotions I felt seeing Pacquiao lose to Morales in their first fight March, 2005. I don't want to see a Filipino boxer lose. I had to emotionally detach myself in the recent Boxing World Cup so I won't get hurt too much seeing Boom Boom Bautista fall like a deck of cards. I will support Filipino boxers prick or not!

Donaire knocking out all-bull Darchinyan

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