Thursday, March 27, 2008

Quinito Henson

Joaquin "Quinito" Henson is not just an expert in boxing matters but an expert in human relations. His great ability to wade through precarious waters during the last Manny Pacquiao-JMM fight earned him my respect again. Instead of putting Pacquiao down and praising the enemy, Quinito asked for prayers to help strengthen Manny in that one dangerous round in which our fighter was caught with a punch. He knows how to adjust himself with his audience. He still calls things frankly of course but with more tact and class obviously absent from his co-commentators (Donaire sarcastically said" Incredible! Incredible! Incredible!" after Pacman's victory was announced earning the ire of the entire Pacland. When his fight in Dubai was cancelled some Paclander said "Karma!" Chino Trinidad tends to get awed by Mexican boxers whether justified or not and focuses on them too much.) Mr. Henson doesn't resort to name-calling and sweeping generalizations like that P---- F---. Instead, Quinito always gives detailed explanations to prove or disprove his point like his column "Why Castigate Manny?" In short, this guy knows what he is, where he stands, and who his audience is. Mr. Henson is a world-class writer.

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