Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Has Manny Met His Match?

By implication and by suggestion, this seems to be the talk of the town. I disagree with the assessment. In reality, it was Pacquiao who stood firm and he never left the ground (unlike Superman Marquez). Pacquiao fought Marquez toe-to-toe and unafraid like the legendary Filipino warriors of ancient times. In fact, the Pacman decked Marquez in the third round the Mexican was lucky to survive. I see no one who could match Pacquiao at the moment.

The judges were correct. Pacquiao did win – no one could change what happened.

Respect the decision, please. I'm disappointed by some sports columnists insisting Pacman won because of beyond the ring considerations. Absurd. I bet they couldn't even back up their claims.

Respect the decision! I thought they are old enough to understand that. Obviously, for some advancing in age doesn't equate to advanced wisdom.

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