Wednesday, July 2, 2008


the infamous interview

The question was simple would he fight Cotto - his response was classic - HE'D RETIRE HIMSELF rather than boxing retire him. Look at Larry Merchant (the old guy) he can't hide his amusement at the reply. Aging warrior and his uncle Roger's No. 1 Pound for Pound fighter in the World (you can't be no.1 if you haven't boxed in a long time and in a retired state genius), Floyd Mayweather, avoids the Puerto Rican slugger Miguel Cotto by leaving the sport. Cotto is 32-0 and Mayweather 39-0. Their match-up would have been one of the most anticipated in boxing history unfortunately Mayweather retired himself and preferred not to fight Miguel. It is a very smart move - Miguel could give Mayweather the match of his life and Money could possibly lose! Or Floyd is just waiting for bigger offer we'll see as of the moment Floyd is chicken!

Mayweather's excuses...his reasons sorry for the slip
I admire Mayweather don't get me wrong but I was disappointed at his cowardice. Floyd is so talented he can turn the action in the ring on or off in short he dictates the tempo of the match. Nobody ever came close to beating him - that's why when an up and coming boxer who some people say could beat Money popped up I was excited. Instead of welcoming the challenge like a legend that he is - Mayweather retired and came up with disgusting excuses no one is buying except maybe his hardcore fans.

Watch this video and see why it is better for Floyd to retire himself than Cotto retiring him from boxing. It is a smart decision after all! The punching power of Cotto is unbelievable. His body shots are also spectacular! He and Mayweather would make a good match up. Too bad Floyd chickened out.

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mawriz said...

We'll never know because of the cowardice of that paper champ Floyd "Chicken" Gayweather. He doesn't have the desire and motivation to fight these guys? For the real champions in history, the FIGHT is the motivation, they cleaned out every division they stepped into. And is that really the legacy that you want to leave behind? If the match with Cotto or Margarito end up never happening, 100 years from now people reading the boxing archives will ask themselves could Mayweather really have beaten Cotto or Margarito? And we'll wind up back to where we started, "We'll never know".