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Favorite Bleach Soundtracks

Here are some of my favorite Bleach tracks:

Asterisk by Orange Range

First time I heard the song I instantly loved it. I think I've discussed this before but whatever. Asterisk is found in the opening credits of episode one. The fact that Ichigo and co. were hearing hip hop clothes made the song even cooler. The stars look like asterisk from where we are standing.

Here are some facts regarding the song Asterisk:

It was used as the first opening to the anime Bleach. This song stayed on the top 20 in Japan for 22 weeks and spent most of it at number one. This became the number four single of 2005 and the number one single of the year from Orange Range, selling 628,329 copies.

In Japan market where pop acts rule, this is a very significant achievement for Orange Range indeed.

First Opening Theme

Bleach Soundtrack

Rolling Star - Yui

The opening line is enough to catch my attention when I was watching this opening song in Bleach at the Bounto arc. The cuteness of the voice intrigued me but seriously it is the catchy tone and the rocking beat that got me. Yui is a Japanese superstar and I'm not surprised for she has other songs included in the Bleach soundtrack.

Fifth Opening Theme

Bleach Soundtrack

Tsumasaki - Ore Ska Band

Bleach cliffhangers usually piss or irritate me but not when this song is playing. Ska is one of my favorite genres of music and I liked it when Tite Kubo included this in the Bleach Soundtrack. Every time I hear Tsumasaki I feel like dancing - with matching elbow movements that tries to hit my bro and sister sitting beside me watching the anime. Because of Hollywood emphasis on flash, there are many asinine comments in YT hitting the girl's weight. I'm glad the superficial people tend to be few and Americans - please indulge on the Jonas Brothers and leave the real musicians alone okay?

Eleventh Ending Theme

Bleach Soundtrack

Velonica - Aqua Timez

I got my brother interested in Jrock when I introduce the video of this song to him. No, this is Velonica! Not Veronica. Watch the opening of Bleach episode (the ones currently showing 200 -201), it says Velonica on the credits LOL. The Japanese people's inability to pronounce "L" isn't the issue here. (Interviewer: What can you say about Imelda? Japanese Man: Imelda ... the Filipino people.) Listen to the Bass. Listen to the riffs...unbelievable! I should have been singing this song already had it been in English but I can't.

Ninth Opening Theme

Bleach Soundtrack


Need I say more? I first heard this at the Arrancar Arc but this was the soundtrack of the first Bleach movie: Memories of Nobody. The violin is having an or----. Honestly, I get pumped up whenever I hear Senna and the Arrancars are on-screen. Senna for an anime character is beautiful and has a cheery personality. She's better than Rukia (no offense to Ichiruki fans).

Bleach Soundtrack

The Precipice of Defeat

We all hear this in battle situations. The track is very effective in pumping the audience for an upcoming battle or signals a change in momentum - who really has the upper hand in a fight. To make it simple, we call it Bleach Battle Theme although there was actually a track with that title. "The Precipice of Defeat" sounds cool.

Bleach Soundtrack

Tonight Tonight Tonight - Beat Crusaders

This is the only song in Bleach I could sing a long with from start to finish. An upbeat track with positive message - what is not to like about the song? Maybe the singers as they cover their faces when performing. Rumor has it they don't want their faces to be seen by their office mates so they put masks.

Fourth Opening Theme

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