Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Han Yeo Reum Sweetens Maxim Korea March 2009 Issue

Han Yeo Reum is looking sweet for Maxim Korea's March 2009 issue. I saw the cover and she does look angelic! Her name is romanized as Han Yeo Reum but Maxim Korea uses Han Yeo Rum, so to be safe I'll use the former as it is the more popular interpretation.

Han Yeo Reum Maxim Korea March 2009

Han Yeo Reum starred in the movie Samaritan Girl playing the role of a harlot. It was a critically acclaimed film which won second place in the Berlin International Film Festival. Han Yeo Reum recently appeared in the Korean drama City of Glass. What can I say? She looks very fragile and delicate.

Han Yeo Reum

Born: October 25, 1983
Height: 163 cm
Weight: 40 kg.
Agency: Namoo Actors

(10-13-09 Removed photo)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Japeth Aguilar Update: He Will Play for Yeng Guiao's Team Pilipinas

Japeth Aguilar will most likely play for Yeng Guiao-coached Team Pilipinas. I think he will be a great addition to the team provided he passes the tryout. He is tall and agile unlike most big men in the country. The PBA Team Pilipinas has many problems recently - reports of players skipping practices and one player allegedly wanting out. I think this news is a huge morale booster to the fans of the Nationals. Japeth's father Peter Aguilar - a former pro himself - has already committed his son to play for Guiao's team according to internet reports.

There are fans who would like to see Japeth Aguilar play for Toroman's squad but I think it is impossible now. Rajko Toroman's squad needs a tall forward which is Japeth's position in Western Kentucky University basketball team. Japeth is even invited to play in Europe! Wow! It would have been nice if he tries that option out even for a year. But PBA is the safer choice. However, the quality of basketball is low. No, I'm not dissing the PBA that's the reality. The competition isn't top notch at least compared to the European leagues. We know where Rudy Fernandez, Manu Ginobili, and Pau Gasol honed their skills.

Despite that, I still admire Japeth Aguilar. There are still people bitter about his move to the United States but he chose the road less traveled, so to speak. If it weren't for his injuries, we would have seen a much improved Japeth.

Team Pilipinas update:

SBP Team Pilipinas (Smart Gilas) defeated Smart Pampanga 98 - 95 in the exhibition match prior to the Manila Leg of the 2009 Smart Liga Pilipinas Conference II. Smart Gilas held a PBA team to a draw weeks ago. This team composed of amateur standouts is doing well against so-called professionals.

Rico Maierhoffer, Ogie Menor and Marcy Arellano rejected the contracts offered by SBP.

SBP Team Pilipinas will play in the FIBA Asia Champions Cup on May 12 - 20, 2009. The tourney is a qualifying event for World Champions Cup where the best basketball club teams in the world will play (except the NBA). Our team will reportedly tap the services of Chris Taft, a 6-10 former NBA player as reinforcement. Right now the squad is practicing SIX DAYS A WEEK. They want to win the tournament and represent Asia in the World Champions Cup. I admire these kids.

“The World Champions Cup will feature strong teams from Euro League, South America and Australia and it’s a big opportunity for this team to play the best teams in the world." Rajko Toroman explains.

The Philippines has won the FIBA Asia Champions Cup four times!

Update April 29, 2009
Much to the delight of Smart Gilas fans, Japeth Aguilar is now with the SBP team. Two days ago, he led the country to a victory over a Las Vegas team as import CJ Giles didn't play due to injury. Gian Chiu is also practicing with the team.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Who's Sky chord? (English Translation)

"Don't leave me, Sky chord!" a young woman cries in her song. But who is Sky chord? Most probably the singer's loved one and as for Orihime - Ishida er, Ichigo. I wonder if Orihime wants to turn back the pendulum and win Ichigo (by the way February's not over yet). Who's your Sky chord? I do hope you don't have one.

Ichigo is making Orihime love him more because of his stance against Ulqiorra. I can't wait to see the Arrancar get pawned. Ichigo's getting all the main female characters in Bleach - girl hog. I'm kidding.

Initially my reaction was WHAAAAAT Sky chord? What kind of guy would want a pseudonym like that? I was surprised by the name but I liked the song the moment I heard it. It is now included in my favorite Bleach Soundtracks

Here's Sky chord Otona Ni Naru Kimi He unofficial English translation:

I can’t sing a song with a honest lyrics
because I always end up sugar coating the words
When someone as laid-back as me
realize he had something worth protecting?

Don’t leave me, Sky Chord,
You would’ve stayed here back then, yeah yeah…
I’ve lost you, Sky Chord,
It’s not anyone’s fault, but…

I know there are things more important to me
than becoming an adult.
But I’ll be growing up the whole time
I’m trying to figure out what they are.

You say we can’t stay like this forever?
I know.. so let’s take that first step.

Sky chord otona ni naru kimi he (acoustic)

The song is as beautiful as Orihime. I'm still Ichiruki though.

Somebody please kick Hiyori's rear. Yachiru is enough! I wonder what will happen if the two ever meet - the two of Soul Society's most spoiled rotten brats (too bad for Lurichiyo - she's a filler character."We are not happy!"LOL!). Most likely, they'll be best of friends and will tear up Seireitei. Kubo Forbid. Seriously. Both of them will dominate Shinigami Cup - imagine the horror among the other characters.

All these mushiness will disappear come next month but for now...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Kwon Yuri Virus: Are You Infected?

I never really noticed Kwon Yuri at first. It was Tiffany, Yoona, Taeyeon and Seohyun who caught my attention initially. I don't know why. Did Kwon Yuri's antifans influence me? She has been all over the news recently and one can't help but notice. Watching her in Gee with the green top mesmerized me too. Wow! The antifans immunity injection got overwhelmed by the Yuri Happy Virus.

Kwon Yuri is nicknamed the Black Pearl by some fans. Maybe personally she is tan. It is not that evident in most of her photos and video shots though. Who is Kwon Yuri anyway and why am I babbling about her? She is the number 3 girl of the nine member girl band Girls Generation SNSD of Korea. Kwon Yuri is a bit hyper and never runs out of energy. Fans tend to joke around her "violent nature". It's not that violent just some girl teasing probably. If anything Kwon Yuri is more of a dork, does something outrageous and laughs at her own mischief. Detractors call her "hypocrite" and the cutesy image she supposedly projects doesn't fit arrogant demeanor. Yuri was at the center of a controversy months back when someone took a photo of her throwing fan gifts and letters in the trash can. It was the only controversy she got involved in. Thank goodness.

As I've said before I never noticed her until the Gee video came out. Yuri really looked hot in that green top (whatever it is). She's fit. Her slightly darker skin color accentuates her beauty to be honest. Ms. Kwon Yuri's strongest point besides her beautiful face and body is her amazing dancing skills. She dances explosively too.

Stage Name: 유리 Yuri
Real Name: 권유리 Kwon Yuri
Birthday: December 5, 1989
Age: 19
Height: 1.67m
Weight: 45kg
Group: So Nyuh Shi Dae / Girls' Generation
Position: Supporting Vocalist, Lead Dancer
Training Period:: 5 Years 11 Months
Specialty: Chinese, Swimming
School: NeungGok High School, Graduated
Favorite Number: 19
Favorite Song from Girls' Generation: Baby, Baby
Hobbies: Dancing, Ballet, Piano, Swimming, Violin
Roommate/s: Sunny

Casted: 2001 SM 1st Annual Youth Best Contest
-2005 KM Super Junior Show 'The King's Boyfriend'
-2006 DBSK's Beautiful Life MV
-2006 Orion Chocopie Chinese CF w/ Jang Donggun
-2006 Dongil Highvill CF
-2007 DBSK's Second Concert guest appearance
-Hot Choco Mite CF
-2007 Attack on the Flower Boys Movie
-Debuted on August 3, 2007 with Single, Into the New World, along with So Nyuh Shi Dae
-Released their first album, So Nyuh Shi Dae, on November 1, 2007
-2007 Starring in sitcom, Unstoppable Marriage with fellow SNSD member, SooYoung and other idol like F.T Island's Jae Jin

source: Crunchyroll

Kwon Yuri loves
a. To play pranks with her SNSD Girls Generation band mates.

"She’s so mischievous and just never stop pulling pranks on us. She would always put a fake bug on our beds. Once, she even tied all our shoes and ran away”, said Soo Young

b. sports - baseball, basketball

This is what I wrote in the draft last month:

Kwon Yuri's group mates have branched out into something besides singing and dancing, preparing for their eventual solo act. Hopefully, the Black Pearl is smart enough to hone her marketable skills and go to college so she won't be left behind in this rat race called life and showbiz.

"I wanted to try out everything: acting, singing, and dancing. That’s because I’m curious about what my limit is. I want to try out something, which people don’t expect me to try out. Also, I would like to be in an unimaginable situation." Kwon Yuri said.

It turns out there's nothing to worry about. She should get her college education.

"If you didn’t know, I’m a happy virus. I think you’re already infected by it. Are you ok?"

Obviously not Yuri since I'm writing about you. Thanks for the concern lol. I thought I was safe!

Kwon Yuri in Action

Dear Readers,

Please excuse any grammatical errors. I'll check this post again as I ran out of time. I always ensure my articles are of the highest quality. Thank you very much.




translations courtesy of - where SNSD fans congregate..a great Korean entertainment and other Kpop news site too.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Concepcion vs Luevano

Bernabe Concepcion vs Steven Luevano

It has been confirmed that Bernabe Concepcion (28 - 1 - 1 16 kos) of the Philippines will fight Steven Luevano (36 - 1 - 1 15 kos) for the WBO Featherweight title in the undercard of the Manny Pacquiao vs Ricky Hatton match. What a great opportunity for Concepcion! Although many boxing fans in the country say he is still a bit raw fighting a very technical and world-class boxer like Luevano. Yes, Steven Luevano is world-class by virtue of his World Championship belt. Whatever.

Concepcion is given a rare opportunity to showcase his talents and he took it. Obviously, many good things will happen if Concepcion beats Luevano. However can he do it? Roach said Concepcion has a "puncher's chance" of winning the fight. Yes, Abe can win but he needs to fix his defense first. He has a bad habit of keeping his hands down and if keeps on doing it against Luevano he'll be in trouble. Luevano can box his way into victory - his speed might trouble Concepcion as the Filipino seem to be slow esp. in his recent fight against Otieno. Freddie Roach has many things to correct in Concepcion but not his power. His last four fights ended up with a knock out win in his favor. On paper, Concepcion has the advantage in punching power and we will see how effective it is once he meets a top caliber opponent in Luevano. Concepcion can win.

Concepcion vs Luevano is a great undercard esp. as most pre-main event fights have been boring recently save for Juan Ma Lopez vs Sergio Manuel Medina which ended abruptly.

Update 4 - 1 - 2009
Concepcion vs Luevano is cancelled after the latter got injured in training. My goodness! I hope they reschedule the match.

Update 4-29-2009
Concepcion will still fight in the Pacquiao vs Hatton undercard against Yogli Herrera according to Steve Kim of

Concepcion vs Luevano will be in the undercard of Donaire vs Concepcion fight on August 15, 2009.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Smile Dorama: Jun Matsumoto is Half-Filipino

Yes, Jun Matsumoto is half-Filipino, at least in the Japanese Dorama - Smile - which will air on April nights at 10:00 pm in Japan. According to reports, Jun Matsumoto - a well-known Japanese actor -will play a half-Filipino man whose father died and his mother has disappeared. Like a real Filipino, the character faces hardship with a smile and has a positive outlook in life. Paired with Matsumoto is Yui Aragaki. Aragaki plays a woman with speaking disability but lives her life positively.

I think Smile Dorama will tackle an issue faced by most half-Filipinos in Japan - racism. Despite being part Japanese, they are still racially discriminated. I've heard horror stories and accounts about this. The Japinoy (Japanese-Filipino) kids are being bullied in school but authorities seem not to care. It gotten so bad some Filipino - Japanese parents are thinking of building schools specifically to their kids to avoid the trauma of being abused. There was one proposal but I don't know whether it actually materialized. I hope the series will put these things to light. Though, it will not guarantee any changes, it is better than being invisible.

I will update this post as soon as the Smile Dorama airs.

Updated 3 - 22 - 09

Smile Dorama Trailer

Manny Pacquiao in Twilight! (Pacquiao as Edward Cullen)

How many blockbusters should Manny Pacquiao be? First, he was in the Lord of the Rings both as Aragorn and Gollum and now he is EDWARD CULLEN! WOW! LOL! He is the P4P Vampire King! I saw this in Philboxing and it deserves a place here lol. AWESOME!

Manny Pacquiao as Edward CullenManny Pacquiao as Edward Cullen

A phenomenon indeed!

Update 8 - 27 - 09
Twilight is a vampire romance novel which became a big hit years ago. Last year, it became the biggest selling book in the United States and a movie version came out. The second movie of the Twilight saga: New Moon is now showing.

photo courtesy of Dagul

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ichihime Unrequited

Ichihime (ICHIgo + oriHIME)

In reality, Inoue Orihime could be every boy's dream girl. She is polite, nice and helpful. Although Orihime is a bit of a scatterbrain, bad cook, and has a weird sense of humor her overall good qualities shut out the bad ones. She's also very supportive of Ichigo. Unfortunately, it seems her care and attention is unrequited. Ichigo seems to have hots for someone else.

I wonder when did the Ichihime movement started since it was obvious from the start who Ichigo wanted - but that's alright. My bro prefers the Ichihime pair. The duo first met (TV appearance) in Bleach episode 2 when Ichigo accidentally bumped into Orihime. Leaning over to help, Ichigo face's embarrassed Orihime and she ran away. I just assumed Orihime was just shy. It couldn't be, I thought then. When Byakuya was fighting Ichigo, Orihime wanted to help the latter. But she restrained herself. It was the confirmation as far as I'm concerned (of my suspicion that she admires/loves/adore Ichigo). To make it clear to those who didn't get it, Ichigo is the only person Orihime said farewell to before going to Hueco Mundo.

Orihime is not at loss at all. She is the only female character linked to many like Ishida (Ishihime), Sado (Sadohime), Ulquiorra (Ulqihime), and even Tatsuki (Tatsuhime).

The prospect for the Ichihime pair is dim but still possible. Ichigo still cares for a friend (showbiz answer). Being friends is a great way to spark something.


There has been a lot of hating between Ichihime and Ichiruki fractions (not the Arrancar type but tend to act like one) but please relax! I wrote this for fun okay? Don't take it seriously geesh. Enjoy the article...

Scheduled post

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Vic Darchinyan TKOs Jorge Arce; wants Donaire

Vic Darchinyan (Australia) defeated Jorge Arce (Mexico) via eleventh round TKO in their WBA/WBC/IBF Superflyweight title showdown at The Honda Center, Anaheim, California, USA. Arce is the second high profile Mexican boxer to lose by knockout this month. Basically, Darchinyan was too much for Arce as the latter doesn't know how to counter the Aussie's awkward style. Darchinyan dominated most of the rounds with his 1-2 combos finding its way to Arce but it's the Australian's power punches doing the most damage. Arce's only creditable round was the third when his left hook cuts Darchinyan. The action slowed considerably in the fifth and sixth rounds. By eleventh round, Arce had nothing left. Vic Darchinyan continued the hammering buoyed on by Armenian crowd egging him to finish off the Mexican. He did. The ringside doctor put a stop to the carnage.

Darchinyan wants to fight Nonito Donaire again. Fortunately for him, Gary Shaw won't allow it.

"I would love to fight him," stated Vic Darchinyan in regards to a possible rematch with Nonito Donaire. "Not a chance," promoter Gary Shaw said. He said he won't reward disloyalty (he was Donaire's promoter and the boxer's career decayed because of Shaw).

Gary Shaw was a consultant of an MMA organization
EliteXC and got entangled in an alleged match-fixing scandal.

I know Vic Darchinyan is ethnic Armenian like Karo Parisyan but I refer to his citizenship. The Raging Bull became Australian citizen on July, 2004. I don't want to get technical - I don't care where he comes from only winners get to be featured here. So to be accurate, he is ethnic Armenian with Australian citizenship.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ichiruki - Proof of Love? Kurosaki Ichigo & Kuchiki Rukia

Ichiruki is the name given to the main couple of the Japanese anime Bleach. Hints of alleged love affair spew out from mushy fans but are they for real or just for show? Since this is the month of love as some overly sentimental people insist, we'll examine the some of the Bleach "love" pair starting first with the most popular "ICHIRUKI" or the tandem of Kurosaki ICHIgo and Kuchiki RUKia.

It was hate at first sight when the Ichiruki pair first met. As we all know Rukia was hunting for Hollows when he strayed into Ichigo's home. Normal humans couldn't see Shinigamis like Rukia but Ichigo did. At first Rukia ignored him (she assumed she was invisible to him) the very pissed Ichigo kicked her from behind. Afterwards as Rukia was explaining her universe - the Shinigami, Plusses and Hollows - Ichigo was condescending and disbelieving. His disbelief compounded by his disdain towards her drawing angered Rukia (mostly the drawing) and bound him with a spell. It was the start of their crazy pairing.

Kuchiki Rukia saved Ichigo and his family with that she earned a place in his heart (uggghhhh lovespeak). Just how special? It is special enough for Kurosaki Ichigo to risk his neck and go to Soul Society, fight who ever it was who challenged him, and save her whether she likes it or not (Ichigo will save her whether Rukia remembers him or not). For a person he knew only for two months, it was a big deal. Orihime already knew that ever since they were in Soul Society and Ichigo was fighting Byakuya. Curiously, did you notice the way the Ichiruki pair interact with each other arouses jealously? The way they look out for each other and give glances. It was so much Ririn couldn't stand it (Bounto arc). Even though Nel didn't know Rukia and Ichigo well, Nel had a feeling and frankly asked Rukia what's her relationship with Ichigo (remember the GLARE, Nel gave to her?). It seems everyone but the Ichiruki pair notices their actions toward each other. Not to burst your bubble but Rukia denied any feelings for Ichigo when asked by his classmates. There was no denial to Nel as she was too DUMBFOUNDED to answer.

Sometimes actions speak louder than words. For the whole time, she was imprisoned all Rukia talk about was Ichigo. On the other hand, Ichigo could barely hide his sadness when Rukia chose to stay in Soul Society for a while - a week after Aizen's rebellion. The Ichiruki pair may argue a lot but the bond they have developed fighting Hollows together is strong. Their bond is so strong; some fans conclude its love. Is it? Are they in love or some people are just being mushy? So what will happen to the Ichiruki pair? Will they go the way of Kenshin and Kaoru? Will Ichigo receive chocolates from Rukia (in the Shinigami Cup not in the main arc of course! Where can you find chocolates in Hueco Mundo?) this Valentines? Will Renji or Orihime get in their way (BWAHAHAHA) and turn this anime into a Korean drama complete with a love square? I expect more meaningful exchanges and glances which could be interpreted either way, more heartfelt speeches between the pair, and more bad drawings from Rukia and more lumps for Ichigo. However, think positively Ichiruki supporters-even Kenshin and Kaoru got married in the end. Or write Tite Kubo. Joking aside, Believe!

Is it love then? I don't know. We'll see. Hopefully, it is as it adds another dimension to a great story.

Update: 7-16-09

Ichigo and Rukia are characters of the anime Bleach. I'm sure you know that but what is spectacular is weeks ago it toppled Watchmen to become the no.1 Graphic Novel in the US - not bad for a manga!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I'll Be Back With Vengeance

I still haven't checked my post about an ANIME COUPLE. I'll be doing that G.W. tomorrow. Please wait it out.

I saw Georges St. Pierre hump BJ Penn for three rounds and win but allegations that his corner cheated overshadowed GSP's victory. I'm hoping for a rematch without the Vaseline. No wonder BJ Penn can't set up a triangle - GSP's so slippery!

I watched the Super Bowl replay and saw Arnel Pineda of Journey performing at the pre-game show. What a great exposure! Congratulations! The team I'm partial for also won a very close one. Pittsburgh won the game 27 - 23 via a Santonio Holmes spectacular catch. Most thought the Steelers are out - NOT!!!!

Nino Alcantara won in Australian Open Juniors Doubles Competition becoming the first Filipino to win a Grandslam event on all levels!

I read my friend's blog too. I'm so busy I'm starting to miss blogging. I'll be back with a vengeance.