Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy Cinco De Novembre

This is the day when we remember a group of humble people which managed to defeat the Spanish power through sheer use of brain power. The Sugar Islanders owned the Spaniards LOL. We defeated them once and for all unlike Aguinaldo who spent most of his time running away from the Spaniards or killing other heroes like Bonifacio and Antonio Luna LOL. Our Negrense ancestors were tough people. Despite some moves to "rethink the revolution", we should at least remember the famous victory and give due to a hero who needs it most, Papa Isio. Despite failures, only Luzon revolutionaries are given credit in history books. Those people can't hold a candle to what our ancestors did in our little island.

November 6 in the morning, the rebels advanced upon Bacolod. Lacson and Golez approached from the north, crossing the Mandalagan River. Araneta with a thousand bolo
-men took positions at the Lupit River in the south-east of Bacolod. The wily revolutionaries augmented their lightly-armed men with "cannon" made of bamboo and rolled amakan, and "rifles" carved out of wood and coconut fronds. The bluff worked; Governor Castro was persuaded that it was useless to defend the capital.

Jose Luis de Luzuriaga, a rich businessman who was deemed acceptable to both rebels and Spanish authorities was sent to mediate. At noon, a delegation from each of the major belligerents met at the house of Luzuriaga. The rebel delegation included Lacson, Araneta, Golez, Locsin, Simon Lizares, Julio Diaz and Jose Montilla. In an hour, it was agreed by both sides that "Spanish troops both European and native surrendered the town and its defenses uncondionally, turning over arms and communication" and the "public funds would be turned over to the new government".

November 6, 1898, therefore, is the day that the revolution in Negros triumphed.

Let us give our ancestors a BREAK. We should at least celebrate the courage, the guts, the hardwork, they displayed 110 years ago. Put yourself in their shoes. Its scary going against Spain but our ancestors TOOK THE RISK, FOUGHT and WON. For that alone, it's enough reason for me to celebrate Cinco De Novembre.

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