Wednesday, November 26, 2008

BBC is about Light, Refreshing Fun -- Also Racism!

Many Koreans may simply know the BBC as a television channel from Britain, perhaps more as a news channel than an entertainment one, but Ryan Shiotani, the programming director of BBC Worldwide, explained otherwise.

``Sometimes people are not aware of the huge range of services and programs BBC offers in the U.K. The BBC is actually the largest public service broadcaster in the world and it produces a whole range of programming, from children to comedy, drama, reality and mini series,'' he told The Korea Times during an interview last week.

``We actually offer light entertainment like drama and comedy, and those are the key genres for us. Light entertainment is something that is accessible for all viewers regardless of the level of English comprehension. BBC actually produced the number one internationally distributed format in the world and it's a form called `Strictly Come Dancing.' It's been distributed throughout the world in 38 countries. It's very fun and glamorous and even if you are not using English it's dance and music based so (everyone) can really enjoy it,'' he said

So reports the Koreatimes. This is some press release to inform Koreans about British Broadcasting Corporation. What it did not say is BBC also has tinge of racism and hypocrisy. It tends to be racist against Asians. By the way, isn't it a BBC car show that insulted Korean automakers? I wonder when BBC
will change its attitude towards East Asians.

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