Saturday, November 29, 2008

Korean Women Skirts are Getting Shorter...Why is it news again?

Yes,Korean Women skirts are getting shorter. But why did it make the news anyway? I almost fell off my chair when I first read the news item. Yes, Korean women hanging around here do wear shorter skirts than the rest of the native female population and I often wonder how they are looked upon in their country which has a reputation of being conservative. Also, I wondered if they wear very short skirts in Korea too when their parents could see them. It turns out they do too. Korean women in very short skirts made a strong impact it made the news in Chosunilbo.

Miniskirts Get Even Shorter Miniskirts which are so short that passersby feel embarrassed just to see them are hitting the street in Korea in the spring season of 2006. They are not just mini. They are super-miniskirts with their total length less than 25 cm. Such super-miniskirts, which got some 10 cm shorter from 10 years ago, are selling like hot cakes, some 2,500-3,000 units on average a day in G-Market, a local online shopping mall, and Auction, the trading site. They account for some 30 percent of women’s clothes sold. “Miniskirts have been here all the time, but this year it seems they reached the point where they can’t get any shorter,” a buyer of women’s clothes at Hyundai Department Store said. “Just several years ago, only those with long, beautiful legs wore such miniskirts, but these days they have become so popular that almost everyone wears them.”

“In a situation where the nation’s share prices and the number of people living in poverty increase at the same time, the popularity of super-miniskirts has little to do with the economic situation and more to do with celebrities who wear such short skirts and appear on TV,” says Prof. Lee Yun-jung of Gyeongin National University of Education. The time when the Dongdaemun Market and online shopping malls overflow with super-miniskirts and hot pants coincides with a time when female stars like Lee Hyo-lee, Ko So-young and Kim Tae-hee appear in front of the public wearing such garments.

It is still true today at least to some Korean women
I see here. Their specialty is either very short skirt or short shorts. Not that I'm picking them out - it is just that most women here don't wear skirts THAT SHORT. The professor is right - Korean women are emulating their favorite stars - and they will stick to it especially if it looks good on them. Actually skirts do make the women look more feminine.

Wonder Girls in JeansWhat's wrong with jeans? Wonder Girls in Jeans

Even Ahn So Hee isn't immune to the trend. This is what she said to a TV show months ago:

"After entering high school, the thing I wanted to do most was wearing my skirt very short. I was jealous of my friends who did that while I couldn’t. But I wanted to do the same so I shortened my skirt and wore it without anyone knowing. I would like to confess about this to my principal and teachers through this program. I’m sorry."

Some pervy ESL teachers in Korea must be jumping for joy reading this...according to her fans she was only kidding. Some of the ESL teachers have reactions (to the Chosunilbo article) akin to perverts that they should be separated far from their female students as possible.

Short skirts probably add more confidence to some Korean women. Why not esp. if they can handle it well?

I don't know what I'm going to say. I'm not going to lecture if that's what you're thinking. Besides, I have no right to, try as I might. I sure hope when these Korean women wear their short skirts they know how to sit properly or don't have scars littered all over their legs.

Hana Yori Dango Korean VersionUnrealistically short Korean schoolgirl skirt!


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