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So there's a Skip Beat Live Action / Extravagant Challenge?

Reports say Taiwan will do a Skip Beat Live Action (Extravagant Challenge - their title) starring Ariel Lin and Jerry Yan. However, knowledgeable and sensible fans everywhere are already up in arms fearing Skip Beat Live Action (Extravagant Challenge) will destroy both the manga and anime like what the Taiwanese did to Yamada Taro Monogatari (known as Poor Prince the Taiwanese Version) and Marmalade Boy. If you've seen the Poor Prince, you know how the Taiwanese completely missed the point of the author. In fact, I think the series made fun of the poor and made them look weird (Yamada Taro Monogatari is a story of a high school boy raising his huge family and his incompetent mother). Thankfully, the Japanese live action version saved the manga.

Coming back to Skip Beat, it is about Kyoko Mogami who vowed revenge against her old childhood friend Sho Fuwa, a rising pop star, for tricking and mistreating her by joining show business and become a pop idol herself. The story's very intriguing
, right?

Not much reliable information going around at the moment and don't believe posters in various forums as they are usually as clueless as you and me. We'll wait for the actual and verified news on the matter. The information regarding Skip Beat Live Action (Extravagant Challenge) is already confirmed.

Objections to Skip Beat Live Action/ Extravagant Challenge are numerous. The biggest complaint is with the actors, Jerry Yan and Ariel Lin, who the Skip Beat manga and anime fans think are unsuited for the roles. Fans say Ariel Lin's reputation of portraying Low IQ and obssessive characters don't match Kyoko. Jerry Yan is a poor actor and I don't mean financially strapped.

Reactions to Skip Beat Live Action / Extravagant Challenge (Crunchyroll)


I can't believe those people! I don't like the fact that the Taiwanese are planning to do this at all! They should find their own stories to direct and produce instead of always taking the Japanese manga's plot! And they had to cast ariel lin and worst of all Jerry Yan! Are you serious?!! This is a huge offense and its the most horrible thing that can be done to "Skip Beat!" They should learn how to back off. The storyline doesn't fit with Taiwanese lifestyle. It's much better for the Japanese to produce since that is where it originated. I don't like how the Taiwanese versions always over exaggerate the acting. The Japanese version never gets a chance. Whenever they make their own version after the Taiwanese one, they are always overlooked. Just like Hana Kimi, and Meteor Garden (Hana Yori Dango). After I saw the Japanese series of Hana Yori Dango, the ways situations were handled better. You can't just have so much gut to stand up to the bad guys. No matter how angry you are, there is always hesitation. Taiwanese dramas are just too much for me. Just when the Anime is finally released, they had to go ahead and spoil it with their version. I'm already at my peak of anguish. If it really comes out, I just might really lose it and destroy the DVD anywhere it is selling."

"Oohhh, this will only ruin
the fame of skip beat (both manga and anime), taiwanese movies are famous (some, not all) just because the actors and and actresses have good looks, but their acting are really really horrible! I believe no taiwanese actress is suitable to take kyoko's role, cuz it's really really hard, but it's totally another thing if it's acted by korean actress, (I forgot her name, but she's the main character in princess hour and coffee prince), I believe she's the most suitable to take the role u noe. Lastly, I just hope Skip Beat will be famous and not ruined by the show, and I dun mind the movie as long as Skip Beat ain't ruined by it! (I'm going to post this over and over again so everyone can READ this!)"

Taiwanese live action versions of mangas Hana Yori Dango, Yamada Taro Monogatari, Itazura Na Kiss (It Started With A Kiss - an angry girl commented that this series was a "setback to women's rights"), and Hana Kimi were said to have turned out bad and the fans have every reason to fear the damage Skip Beat Live Action or Extravagant Challenge will do to their beloved anime and manga. Poor acting, weird camera shots, shallow story lines, cheap production values and convoluted plots from TWDramas are turning off many fans already. Will their worst fears come true with this drama? Time will tell.

Why don't the Japanese do the Skip Beat Live Action?

That's what I'm wondering too. The Japanese are just too slow in seizing opportunities. If you've seen the Dorama line up for winter, there isn't much to look forward too. I think if anyone could make Skip Beat Live Action drama work it would be the Japanese. Why? First, they don't scrimp on cost and the production value is high and it doesn't look like it was hurried. Second, they take time to understand what the mangaka is trying to say - his or her message. This is where the Taiwanese fail I think. Finally, the Japanese make the actors resemble the manga characters (see Kimi Wa Petto and Nodame Cantabile). In addition, the acting and pace is just right.

Update as of February 2009

The drama is shelved for now.

Update as of March 13, 2009

GTV did try to continue the drama but Ariel Lin reportedly left the show crying discrimination. It turns out the male lead is paid more than her! Despite the fact both are equally bad actors one gets more money. Tsk!

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lilyrose85 said...

I dont like Japanese features. I would rather prefer the taiwanese since they are much better looking. But I hope korea would do the live action since they features is the best. Just look at their Hana yori dango version the actors are much much better to be called f4 means pretty flower four than the taiwanese and japanese. koreans picked cast well so I hope they will have skip beat live version.

anti-anime? said...

i like the taiwan version of hana yori dango but after watching the Jdrama, i realized that they change quite alot and love the Jdrama more.The korean version of hana yori dango also change a few stuff.

The taiwan version of hana kimi sucks, the craziness was gone.

I just hope they leave Japan in making the live action of any anime/manga

I will show you what death is like... said...

whoever thinks that the taiwanese people cant do skip beat live action better than the japanese should go n watch ISWAK live action in japanese, n then in taiwanese..
the japanese action is too low key, they completely spoiled ISWAK in the live action. joe cheng n ariel lin carried of the roles perfectly!! n i think Lin will do it again for skip beat... dunno abt jerry yan, but hey! he cant be worse than the japanese actors of ISWAK XD

i'm all for ariel lin as kyoko!! shez an excellent actress n i'm sure the taiwanese version will b great!

Oresama said...

I saw Ariel Lin's acting in ISWAK nothing special just generic acting just my opinion. No offense.

It is not just in acting but in writing. Superiority in writing that's why Japanese versions of HYD, & Poor Prince are better. Worse if the series is a hit the Taiwanese TV extends it then the series loses its focus and it becomes a HUGE BORE (same with Korean ones). Case in point, Meteor Garden was extended for the sake of earning more.

The Japanese had to pack a story in the usual 11 episodes concentrating on the key story eliminating nonsense - that's why I prefer it. They are not perfect of course but the storytelling is excellent. Sometimes the Taiwanese TV networks prefer glitter instead of the strengthening the story - superficiality over depth. What the use of pretty characters who can't act? This is acting not Modeling.

Ariel Lin may be a great actress, we'll see when Skip Beat airs -- Kyoko is not a dummy and far different from most of the roles Ariel played in.

For me I prefer watching dramas with plain looking actors that can act and have a well-written story than pretty actors with story going nowhere. I'm over gross superficiality -- esp in Television dramas.

Oresama said...

If anything Taiwanese entertainment producers turn anime gems into Initial D anime and that Taiwanese movie remake. They tinkered with a perfectly good script to add their own trash...sorry but that's the truth. Hey Jay Chou...Takumi's not abnormal...your interpretation of the character is way off.

Oresama said...

I'm not dissing Taiwanese drama producers in fact I view this post as an advocacy for them to do better as they always prefer profit maximization over well made series. They should make shows like The Outsiders. It was simple drama but it was wonderfully done. They can do it of course produce series of superior quality. Just get arid of that unabashed commercialization. The word here is UNABASHED.