Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Will the Philippines benefit from a Barack Obama win?

There are people running their mouths on TV telling everyone our country will benefit from Barack Obama's election. Please get a life. Don't make it obvious that the Philippines is still a US colony. As far as I know US politicians only care and protect the interest of their country and nothing else. When they do help here it is because there's something in it for them.

Barack Obama is no different. He will pursue the interests of the United States. Do they know this guy is against outsourcing? Barack Hussein Obama is even perceived to be a protectionist. I feel sorry for people who think the Philippines will benefit from Obama. Maybe it's time to hold our leaders accountable. What have they been doing all these years? Yes, we know they love kissing American a-- and show strong desire for it but don't they ever get sick of it? Although I do hope Barack will continue to support the Philippine war veterans who fought for the United States back in World War II when he becomes President. Republicans have been fighting hard to prevent Filipino war veterans from receiving their benefits and recognition and tried to pit one group of veterans against another.

What I'm saying is it is wrong to look to a leader of another country to be the answer to our problems! It helps our leaders dodge their responsibility. I can't believe this discussion even came up.

Will the Philippines benefit from a Barack Obama win? NO. It is the United States of America which will benefit from Barack Obama.

With regards to the veterans issue, I fervently hope Barack Obama will help our aging warriors get their due.

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Hmmm... you have a point. But if he'd be able to find a solution to the US economic crisis now, it could start a domino effect. I hope.