Monday, January 12, 2009

Bernabe Concepcion defeats Sande Otieno via KO

Concepcion vs Otieno Fight Chronicle

Bernabe Concepcion defeated Sande Otieno of Kenya via technical knockout with the African's corner stopping the fight at the end of fifth round last night at the Araneta Coliseum, Manila, Philippines. It was a great fight for Concepcion who won the WBC International Featherweight Title in the process. The match started slowly for Abe who was a bit cautious at the start. But as the first round wore on his powerful rights started connecting and Otieno was greatly bothered by it. The second and third round were very much the same and Bernabe Concepcion became too comfortable and began showboating instead of finishing off Otieno. (C'mon Abe, you're not Joe Calzaghe fighting a washed up boxer here.) Concepcion's right hands continue to inflict damage to the African with the latter's nose bleeding from the blows by the fifth round. Concepcion also began targeting the cut on above Otieno's right eye - bloodying it. Otieno's corner saw enough and called it quits at the end of fifth round.

Fight Impressions
Next time, Concepcion should stop showboating and his bad habit of keeping his hands down for it makes him susceptible to lucky punches. If possible Bernabe should finish his opponent as quickly as he can. Concepcion's performance was okay but he needs to brush up on his defense. He let himself open at times which is a bad habit esp. against world-class oppositions such as Luevano and Daniel Ponce De Leon - Concepcion's next possible opponents.

Bernabe Concepcion is a former WBC Youth Bantamweight and NABF Super Bantamweight champion. If you hear people say he's a bum - they don't know their boxing and probably works for rival promotions.

Rounds 2-3: No complete video yet

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cointry said...

Abe was not comfortable with the southpaw stance of Otieno. If Otieno knows how to jab he could had given Abe a good fight. Abe has not improved his defense. If this was a tuneup fight, Abe gained nothing from it aside the lefty issue.
Abe is not yet ready for Luevano.