Monday, January 19, 2009

Is Manny Pacquiao Overrated?

Manny Pacquiao is Overrated. So says some blogger. Are you even a boxing fan? Don't discount a person's ability because you hate them or hate their race. Nah...Need I explain? If you are a boxing fan, there's no need. Just as there are superstar boxers and bums, there are boxing experts and EGGPERTS. The term Overrated is easily dished out by people convinced of their expertise nowadays. Nah...Maybe it's a desperate attempt to smack some hits.

Future Hall of Famers Manny Pacquiao Defeated:

Marco Antonio Barrera - TKO, UD the only TKO defeat in his historic career

Erik Morales - Loss, KO, KO same as the above (only KO loss in his career)

Juan Manuel Marquez- D, SD went down four times against Pacquiao

Oscar De La Hoya - TKO never been pummeled for eight straight rounds - not by Hopkins nor Mayweather - jumped up two weight divisions and shocked 99% of boxing know-it-alls and experts
in the process.

I mean if you think otherwise, you don't know boxing. Man, there are so many wannabe experts out there. I'm just a fan but the facts above speak volumes to what the man has achieved - facts is superior to some guy's opinion. Facts present the truth and not some interpretation skewed by bias. Some boxing "experts" remind of lawyers - if given the chance they will twist the facts.

The only thing OVERRATED here is the UK PPV sales.

Manny Pacquiao is now a six-weight division world champion and four-time lineal world champion. The facts don't lie when his newest victim was a guy previous unbeaten in his division. Manny went to that division and inflicted that guy's first loss - in humiliating fashion. Manny Pacquiao is overrated...dream on. It is safe to say that on the internet where one's real identity could be hidden. Say that in public and you will sound like an ------.

Hate him or Love Him you still Remember the Name

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