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More Pacquiao vs Hatton; Give Manny His Due Respect!!!

The hullaboo in the negotiations for the Manny Pacquiao vs Ricky Hatton fight isn't over. Many thought Arum has successfully convinced Pacquiao to accept the deal but last night Manny Pacquiao told the press - it's 60-40 or Hatton can find a new opponent (Who could generate this much cash for him? Good luck with that Ricky!).The proud British won't accept it thinking the world revolves around UK PPV. What about the rest of the world? The non-British fans who know Manny, what about them?

Bob Arum negotiated with Hatton's people and fought to get the UK Pay-per-view rights something which Mayweather reportedly didn't take (it is now clarified that Mayweather got all US PPV share!). I don't know what's with Arum recently instead of working for a better deal with Manny; he got stuck with 50-50. He seems not very enthusiastic pushing for his ward to get a much bigger share. I wonder why when it is obvious Manny Pacquiao has the leverage here. Yes, you hear know-it-all boxing columnists making noises again and most of them are the ones Manny Pacquiao OWNED last December. To be honest, it was Hatton who made it appear he is the next opponent for Pacquiao when the Filipino has many fighters to choose from.

By the way, Manny said anything but 50-50 and not necessarily a 60-40 split - in favor of him of course. Manny wants respect! There are people who accuse him of being greedy. If Manny was greedy, he could've accepted this fight early on. With his statements, there is a possibility this match won't continue. Manny is willing to risk that something a "greedy" person wouldn't do. Branding Manny as greedy is the last resort of some psychologically challenged people who couldn't find anything to throw at the pound-for-pound king anymore. Boxing is a profession. Manny joined it as a source of living. All people in the planet are entitled to pursue what they think is best for them esp if the records show they are entitled to it and not just some personal observation. I don't know why some people are upright about this issue and project a "holier than thou" attitude in the controversy when this is just part of the negotiation process. Grow UP!

"If it’s 50-50, forget about it (the fight)," said Pacquiao, sounding bitter that nobody’s paying attention to his standing as the flag-bearer of the sport.

"Oras na tanggapin ko ang offer na ‘yan, masyado ko namang pabababain ang aking sarili. Nag-paubaya na ako when I fought Oscar De La Hoya last year kaya this time ako naman ang humihiling sa kanila," Pacquiao told the Bulletin yesterday." Manny Pacquiao told Manila Bulletin.

Manny is correct. He deserves more than 50% of the purse.

Pacquiao Per Per View Performance

Pacquiao vs De La Hoya: 1,250,000

Pacquiao vs Marquez II: 405,000

Pacquiao vs Morales I: 340,000

Pacquiao vs Morales II:350,000

Pacquiao vs Barrera II: 200,000

Pacquiao vs Diaz: 250,000

Hatton vs Mayweather: 850,000 (US figures) Result: Loss via Knockout

Hatton vs Malignaggi: 125,000 to 250,000

Numbers don't lie. Who's the bigger draw?

Seven vs Two PPV fights?

Hatton only performed twice in US PPV and he got knocked out in one. Manny Pacquiao as a testament to his popularity has seven PPV fights. In my book, he has every right to ask for more. The guy who was blasted in his first and only PPV fight gets half against a consistent and proven PPV King? Some say "Well Hatton is the champion! He deserves 50-50." Yes, he is the champion of some alphabet boxing organization called IBO. Experts suggested giving a 60-40 split in favor of Hatton for the UK PPV and 60-40 to Manny for the Rest of the World. Yes, Manny is known worldwide now. With such a strong leverage, I can't believe Arum immediately agreed to a 50 - 50 split. What I'm wondering now is instead of backing his fighter up, Bob agreed with Golden Boy Promotions. Gee, what gives? Manny saved Arum's *** months ago after his favorite fighter Kelly Pavlik got schooled. By the way, I hope Margarito loses so Bob will realize who his prize fighter really is.

Manny Pacquiao will not back down on this one.


Manny Pacquiao rejected a 52 - 48 offer from Hatton insisting it's either 55 - 45 or no deal. "You see they changed their minds." Manny reportedly said. It seems to me the Hatton camp knows who the REAL DRAW is. I wonder why they are so proud of the UK PPV sales against Mayweather when the end result was a humiliating knockout!

Who cares what Arum says? It is Manny's body on the line every time he fights and Marley of BC is right - a boxer's career is short unlike these promoters who last longer than Methuselah. Manny Pacquiao has to look out for himself and ensure he gets the best on offer even if his "manager" doesn't want to do it. It turns out Manny is much smarter than Arum - Pacquiao knows his value. He will not sell himself short just to appease anyone nor flip-flops when pressured. The man is the same in and out of the ring.

Latest Update:

Manny Pacquiao got what he wanted (better than 50 - 50) 52 -48 split plus $ 13 million according to Philippine Star. The choices he was given was:

a. 52 - 48 $13 million

b.55 - 45 $12 million

Hatton's offer was 52-48, $ 12m...

Arum sweetened the pot. English newspapers report otherwise which is normal since they would like to print what they want to believe. Neutral American newspapers such as Los Angeles Times floats a 52 -48 split.

Confirmed by The Sweet Science boxing site and Philippine Star columnist Henson

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