Friday, January 9, 2009

Dattebayo Drops Naruto: Picked Up By Other Groups?

Months ago, Dattebayo said they are dropping Naruto after reports that the said anime will be streamed legally in Crunchyroll. Yesterday, Crunchyroll premiered Naruto Shippudden episode 91 to paid users worldwide. For those who can't afford it, they must wait for a week to get hold of the show. Due to a large number ignorant posters in Crunchyroll, uproar ensued (e.g. why Jan.15?). My advice to them is READ THE UPDATES!!! But this is not the subject of my post. In an effort to show its reported respect for copyright and since the show is legally streamed in CR, Dattebayo stopped subbing Naruto Shippuden which is right considering the damage they caused to Masashi Kishimoto - financially. They even had the gall to use his coined expression "Dattebayo". The good thing is at least their subbing is understandable and is 1000x better than Viz. Forget the DUBS.

(I really want to support the Mangaka (comic book artist) but in our country no entrepreneuer ever thought of distributing official DVDs and the manga - either it is unavailable or incomplete. I tried collecting comic books once but here it is almost impossible to complete a set unless you have relatives in the United States who can faithfully send you the latest issue.)

There are two rag tag fansub groups subtitling Naruto right now. The first one I encountered is Horrible Subs and the second one Hussdawg Subs. I haven't seen any of their dubs but I saw a comment which alleged the sub was taken from Crunchyroll LOL.

Crunchyroll subs are poor. Their Westernization efforts is an epic failure. Naruto has no color and I don't mean the hues - Naruto-kun is gone despite the fact millions of fans already know what -kun means. C'mon Naruto is not Japantoday - it is a Japanese creation therefore their culture will be highlighted. The opening and closing songs aren't subbed. Gee, the free DB subs have more class than the CR paid one. What I'm saying is -- they can do better!

Speaking of pathetic translations, in Pokemon the Japantoday-like translators used the word "donut" to describe "rice ball". Just because they have the same shape they used donuts --- nuts. I don't know much Japanese but I know a donut and riceball when I see one including in anime esp when it doesn't have a hole in the middle.

Addicted To Worms

I got addicted to WORMS this week. I was so engrossed that I skipped writing for a while. Those trash talking creatures really give PAIN and VIOLENCE though I find it very amusing.

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