Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It was not only Otieno who got hurt last Sunday

It was not only Sande Otieno who got hurt by Bernabe Concepcion last Sunday but some crabs in forums. Whenever a Filipino boxer wins - it is low tide in Pacland with crabs coming out from every corner (few but very noisy). The former NABF and WBC World Youth champion is insulted as bum by bum handles brave enough not to give out their real names in the forum. Thanks to Bernabe Concepcion's win -- he Kayoed those haters and paid hacks from other promotions who use Philboxing as venue for their venom. HA! HA! HA! Concepcion won spectacularly! Does it hurt falling in your chair? Nothing pleases me more than seeing Abe or any other Filipino boxer proving their haters' wrong.

The number of crabs in Philboxing forums is getting out of hand. It is not only Bernabe Concepcion who get the diss but Boom Boom Bautista (no.1 haters' target), and AJ Bazooka Banal. This is how it works - if these boxers lose - they are called bums. But if our boxers win their opponents are called bums in the vain attempt to take away the glory. Is Otieno a bum? No, he is a former WBC International Superbantamweight champion. Don't take the credit away from Concepcion who was just too fast and strong for the Kenyan.

There's also a conscious attempt to pit Bautista and Concepcion. There's nothing wrong with that as long as it is done in the boxing ring. Some people in Pacland suspect rival promotions are using Philboxing forums to dish out venom against fighters whom they consider a huge threat to their own. It could be possible. Some handles praising the heavens and glorifying Bautista are usually the ones bringing down Concepcion vice versa. If the Pacland handles' assertions are true, then I think it would be better for them to concentrate on honing their boxers' skills than spend time bringing other people's fighters down. The Philippines will have more world champions in the process. Think about it.

By the way, I know the difference between criticism (either constructive or not) and plain hating. What some people are doing to Concepcion and other Filipino boxers is just pure hating and I don't like that!

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