Tuesday, January 20, 2009

So NOT Excited Over Obama's Inauguration!!!

I don't understand the excitement and hysteria some Filipinos feel (esp. the TV networks) over Barack Obama's inauguration tonight. Big deal! If anything change will happen in the US - not here where it is awfully needed. Some of my friends and family members are joining the EXODUS - however this time not led by MOSES - after they realized their future is abroad. They think better life could be achieved going overseas. What I'm saying is why would I be excited over the inauguration of another country's president? My feeling is the same as the Americans feel whenever we sworn a new president into office. This guy hates outsourcing - one of few remaining bright spots for our economy. He views it as stealing from American jobs. Why would I be excited over a guy who will wipe out approximately 200,000 jobs if given a chance? YES HE CAN!!!

I don't understand the fuss over strengthening US-RP relations since MASTER - SLAVE relationship never really changed. This is just a new master taking his crown. What's to be excited all about?

Congratulations to Barack Obama though. I tend to look at him as an inspiration from a personal standpoint - how he sets goals and accomplishes it and I also like his speeches. His speeches supposedly give hope - to his constituents of course. I'm not forgetting he is a politician though and we have a share of great swi...speakers. Let's see if he can fulfill his promise to Filipino war veterans who fought for the United States but were ostracized after it. The proof of the pudding is in the eating so to speak. He is an inspiration but he is not our hope.

Note: Due to time constraints, I wasn't able to proofread this. Sorry my readers for possible grammatical errors.

To be fair 75% of the Filipino people don't care about him and his inauguration. It just these networks who want to show off in their coverage! GMA 7 didn't even bother to cover the flooding in Mindanao until it got hold of the situation from ABS-CBN footages but sent correspondents to the US inauguration.

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