Friday, October 24, 2008

BBC apologizes to the Filipino people

BBC is Racist campaign by FilipinosFilipino campaign against the BBC's racist show

BBC apologized for airing a tasteless and sexist joke aimed at Filipino workers in Britain. This is the second time a BBC show threw a racist joke against Filipinos. Why do I have the feeling that as long as its jokes aren't aimed at Blacks and Muslims BBC won't consider it offensive? The company thought it was getting away with it by having a news blackout on the matter but British-Filipinos made their presence felt with a vigil and petition that probably caught the company bosses off guard. This time BBC paid.

TYPICAL ENGLISH BLOKEBritish humor as lame as this guy

Firstly, we’re sorry if you were in any way offended by the program as this wasn’t our intention.

It in no way represents real people and was never intended to offend or demean any viewer.

We recognize that you were personally offended by the sketch and would like to assure you that your complaint has been registered on our audience log.

BBC letter

This joke came after Black English players were racially abused in Croatia and the British press condemned the racist Croat fans actions. Hypocrites! BBC should be fined too like Croatia. Their apology isn't even public. BBC's double standard is AMAZING!

I am not instigating hatred against the BBC I'm only expressing my opinion on the matter. When there are people who discriminate or belittle my people I will counter it at the earliest so it won't be repeated again.

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