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Naruhina - Hinata's Confessions

originally written February 27, 2009

Well, the love month is about to end and I'll feature another anime couple - Naruto & Hinata or Naruhina to some fans. Will their love story that never even started end in a tragedy?

Hinata has always LOVED Naruto ever since they were in the Academy. She was there secretly hoping for her guy to at least decently complete a technique and finally pass as a ninja. Hinata's support was silent but sincere. Of course, Naruto didn't pull off the Kage Bunshin properly - his clone was malnourished and couldn't even stand. Despite that, Hinata's admiration never wavered. She still likes him - even if the whole village of Konoha despises Naruto. She hears them - their harsh words and their backstabbing. It doesn't matter to her. Slowly, Naruhina movement grew as the underdog persevered.

What does Naruto think about Hinata? Well, he initially thought she is weird (see early episode the start of Chuunin Exams). She couldn't look him in the eye and gets embarrassed at his gaze. Luckily for her, Naruto is a good guy - and is still friendly towards her. In the Chuunin Exams, it was Naruto's turn to support her. Hinata was getting mauled by her cousin Neji and Naruto cheered and encouraged her. His actions gave her strength and she fought on. Although she lost the match, it gave Hinata the motivation to do better and get acknowledged by her man. So, she trained hard. She finally got her chance to prove her worth to Naruto when she singlehandedly defeated the huge Hornet sent against her. She got his attention - and respect.

In the Naruto love triangle, Hinata is the underdog. If this was another anime series, she would be the other girl. Why? Her personality - demure, shy, and good is almost the stereotype of the losing party ---- in any anime (for reference - Orihime and the other girl in Shakugan No Shana). Unlike those unfortunate anime girls, Hinata has a decent chance -- esp. if Naruto gets over Sakura. Too bad for Naruto, Sakura doesn't like him. However, Naruto is clueless about Hinata's feelings.

Naruhina will go a long way if only Hinata can talk to Naruto. When they were young, they had decent conversations. Now, Hinata can barely control herself. Her shyness has completely controlled her. She couldn't talk to him without passing out first. LOL! Naruhina fans are screaming hoarse everytime in happens. Haha funny pair!

Hinata prepared a chocolate cake for Naruto last Valentine's day. I'm sure you guys saw it. Sakura ruined it of course - she added some inedible things . Tsk! Tsk! It has to happen, right? The anti-Narusaku clubs were seething in pure anger at that one.

There is a possibility Naruhina will fade away and end in tragedy. I said possibility. There are no indispensable characters in Naruto. When it is their time to go, they go. Hinata is in bad shape both in the manga (437) and anime (trapped in crystal). Hinata confessed - it was late but she did. She couldn't bear to see him getting punished. A tragedy is about to happen, will it be averted? The Naruhina supporters are hoping for a positive outcome. Is their romance (alleged) this short?


My take: Hinata will live.

Rumor: Kishimoto is a NaruSaku

No evidence yet to prove that.

Naruto says he wants Hinata with Sakura in view
I'm serious - not a fan video

Note: due to time contraints I'll review this post later. I'm sorry for the possible grammatical errors in it.

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