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Chavez vs Cuello Fight Result: All Violence In The Ring

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. 38 (29) - 0 - 1 of Mexico defeated Luciano Leonel Cuello 23 (10) - 0 of Argentina via unanimous decision to win the WBO Latino Light Middleweight Championship in Plaza de Toros, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico

Chavez vs Cuello is the fight Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. wants to win badly to prove he's par with the big boys as critics are unconvinced of him, alleging his career is being artificially boosted with cherry-picked bum opponents. Reports of Mexico is fast becoming a failed state scared off many American boxing scribes and fans from going to Tijuana. The fight made headlines initially for the wrong reasons, Chavez's promoter Bob Arum defended Tijuana and his decision to stage the fight there. Thankfully, all the violence happened in the ring not outside of it.

Chavez vs Cuello Fight Result Round 1
Round starts slowly then Chavez began peppering Cuello with well-placed body shots. Cuello hits Chavez that momentarily stunned Jr. Still Chavez recovers and connects with more shots.

Chavez vs Cuello Fight Result Round 2
Cuello stalks Chavez but Jr. traps him and unloads more shots and combos. Cuello escapes and continues to aggressively move forward but he looks tired.

Chavez vs Cuello Fight Result Round 3
Cuello corners Chavez and connects with a left and right body shots.

Chavez vs Cuello Fight Result Round 4
Cuello gains confidence and launches an offensive...Chavez looks clueless. Cuello connects a variety of punches...lead jabs are effective. Chavez wakes up and retaliates but it's too late.

39 - 37 in all judges after Round 4 official scorecards

Chavez vs Cuello Fight Result Round 5
Chavez changes gameplan - maintaining safe distance and jabbing. He catches Cuello with several combos and body shots.

Chavez vs Cuello Fight Result Round 6
Chavez continues to dominate Cuello with combos and well-placed body shots. Chavez is faster than Cuello in the draw beating him in the jab. Cuello cuts Chavez. Chavez is unfazed.

Chavez vs Cuello Fight Result Round 7
Cuello jabs are so effective the rowdy Mexican crowd is silenced. Cuello is still attacking ---jabs are making Chavez look clueless ---again but Cuello needs a KO to win. Chavez's team is panicking

Chavez vs Cuello Fight Result Round 8
Chavez uppercut stuns Cuello and the Mexican follows it with another uppercut, left and right to the body. Chavez intensity rises but most of his shots don't connect. The crowd still cheers however.

Chavez vs Cuello Fight Result Round 9
Both fighters work on the body. Chavez pours it on with more combos most hitting Cuello's arms...Cuello has slowed down.

Chavez vs Cuello Fight Result Round 10
Chavez's uppercut and the left-right combo got Senior jumping up and down...Chavez repeated body shots rack up points...another left stuns Cuello again. Fight is over and Chavez wins.

Mexican fans are booing despiter their boy winning. They expect a spectacular KO but didn't happen...Cuello can withstand Chavez's body shots. He has repeatedly received them since the first round but didn't fall.

Judges scorecards:
Stephen Blea 96 - 95 Lou Filippo 96 - 94 Monique Rendon 98 - 92 for Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

In the interview, Bob Arum mentions Oscar De La Hoya, John Duddy and Manny Pacquiao as next possible opponents for Chavez Jr. I think he should fight Duddy first to see if he's the real deal.

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